Sweatshop Prize March 2014

The Sweatshop prize winner for March 2014 is ....


Simon is one of our keenest runners and in less than three years has clocked up 100 runs at Bramhall. In the last couple of months Simon has taken 30s off his PB which is difficult when you're already running sub 19 minutes. He also volunteers regularly - this week he'll be one of the barcode scanners.

parkrun is for runners of all abilities and we like to recognise the achievements of those at the front, back and middle of the field ... and everyone in between. In March there was some decent weather and we squeezed in 5 parkrundays. So there were literally hundreds of examples of great parkrun efforts and improvements to consider for the prize. We particularly noticed Alison James (well done on breaking 27 mins), Alex Aldridge, Gareth Evans, Flynn Walsh, Louisa Whittingham, Gareth Griffiths, Helen Carroll, Mark Oxborough-Sharp and Tom Longden. Well done all of you and keep it going!

Congratulations to Simon who wins a new pair of running shoes fitted by our friends at Sweatshop. We hope the new shoes will propel him to even faster runs in the park and beyond. Our nearest Sweatshop stores are Hyde and Arndale Centre - http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/storefinder.cfm. Look out for an email with your prize certificate!

Sweatshop are a major sponsor of the parkrun organisation and every month generously provide this prize for a runner of any standard who has performed well in the month and shown overall improvement and commitment to the parkrun. Since April 2008, Sweatshop has provided over 70 pairs of running shoes to parkrunners at Bramhall alone! Many thanks to Sweatshop owner Hugh Brasher and his team for their continued support of our work in grassroots athletics.

Here is the list of Sweatshop Prize Winners at Bramhall:

May: Ken Livingstone
Jun: Ryan Charles
Jul: Marion Lester
Aug: Frances Buggy
Sep: Paul M Cooke
Oct: David Robert Brown
Nov: Suzie Flint
Dec: Tony Smith

Jan: Meshal Abushel
Feb: Josh Lister
Mar: Alex Miller
Apr: James Kemp
May: Michael Hammerton
Jun: Joanne Hunt
Jul: Kevin Acton
Aug: Frank Podd
Sep: Carol Hatch
Oct: Martin Kirk
Nov: Chris Booth
Dec: Adam Davies

Jan: Cathy Brewster
Feb: Kate Thompson
Mar: Gavin Brown
Apr: Pamela Sharp
May: Adam Langfield
Jun: Stephen Davies
Jul: Laura Bostock
Aug: Sue Brooks
Sep: John Penney
Oct: Dave Marshall
Nov: Ian Clarke
Dec: Paul Garnett

Jan: Claire Northcote
Feb: Andy Farnsworth
Mar: Jonny Downing
Apr: Peter Edkins
May: Eamonn Dunlea
Jun: Graham McCarthy
Jul: David Holmes
Aug: Nicola Lloyd
Sep: Robert Currie
Oct: Simon Armour
Nov: Neil Coulson
Dec: Becky Styles

Jan: Andrew Cordes
Feb: Martin Rutter
Mar: Mike Williams
Apr: Callum Coulson
May: Lok Li
Jun: Tony Philips
Jul: Andrew Galloway
Aug: Keith Watkinson
Sep: Adrian Jarvis
Oct: Karl Tavini
Nov: John Blampied
Dec: Simon R Smith

Jan: Rachel Singer
Feb: Rachael Benson
Mar: Clara Jarvis
Apr: Paul Norris
May: Mark Corcoran
Jun: Kathy Rogers
Jul: Eve Gibson
Aug: James Cooper
Sep: Dave Roberts
Oct: (re-awarded)
Nov: Simon Fennell
Dec: Fiona Cooke

Jan: Emma Turner
Feb: Samuel Brown
Mar: Simon Haigh

And that is a lot of trainers ... thanks again Sweatshop!