New Years Day parkrun

Not long now till our New Years Day parkrun. Parking is going to be tight so please have a read:
Important parking information - New Years Day

There must be no parking on the entrance road to the park. If you park here you will be asked to move it.

The park are allowing us access to the overflow carparks again. Please follow the directions of the parking marshals.

But you can really help us by:

Arriving early and parking in Wimbledon Avenue Industrial Estate. Parking is roadside, please be courteous to the business owners who may need access. A short walk though brings you out to the bottom of the hill, which is a 10 ish minute walk to the start. I will put out some signs to help you through, and hope to have some marshals to help too. You could use it as a warm up...

If you are local, leave your car at home - I am going to!

Car sharing, particularly if you are doing a double from another local parkrun.

Cycling - believe it or not a local parkrunner did the double with Thetford and cycled between the two. There is time...just

Many thanks