Are you waiting for your parkrun club t shirt?

Please see below the list of shirts that have been sent to us. Correct as at 12th December.
We have been notified that certain sizes in 10 club and 50 club shirts are out of stock. If you have completed your qualifying club run since the 5th June and you are not on the list, that is most likely the reason why.

Drop us an email at and let us know when you will next be running and we will have the shirt available for you.

You have to reply to the email from parkrun to order your shirt and it is sent to us.

100 club

Ann Popovich

David McNulty

50 club

Robin Pointon

Murray Eden

Sally O'Shea

Keith Hallam

Steve Graham

10 Club

Cian Palmer-Holmes

Sam Pointon

Matilda Strange

Katie Parker

William Peet

Katie Gregory

Neve Grimes

Harrison Norton

Elliot Hodson

Ellis Alborn

Thomas Brown