We are in desperate need of people to help us with the core roles of course setup, equipment storage and especially Run Director. Without these roles covered, Braunstone parkrun cannot take place.
We were very close to having to cancel the event this coming Saturday, but Julie and I have managed to change our plans to make sure that we had a Run Director.
All of us have lives outside of parkrun, which take priority, and try as we might to plan, life unfortunately keeps throwing unexpected challenges in the way.
As summer comes along, we are inevitably going to be in a position where we are down to the bare bones of our core team. Whilst we clearly wouldn't want to cancel an event, if we don't have a team that will enable us to deliver Braunstone parkrun safely, then we would have no choice but to cancel.
With a bigger pool of people covering these key roles, people are more able to choose what they do with their Saturdays, and we also have a greater chance of a late substitution if something unexpected happens.
I can assure you that these roles are not difficult or stressful, and are actually very rewarding and enjoyable. You will get plenty of support...and if the only thing stopping you from volunteering as Run Director is the fear of speaking in front of 350 people then don't worry. Firstly, it isn't as scary as it might appear, and secondly we can always get someone else to deliver the briefing.

Please consider lending your time and support to your parkrun because volunteers are needed to help it continue to thrive. Come and see Julie or myself after the run on Saturday if you would like to know more.