Christmas Day and New Years Day

We know you all love parkrun so much that we couldn’t let you miss out on extra events! So, once again we will be holding a parkrun on Christmas Day with the usual start time of 9am and also New Years Day with the later start time of 10.30am.  It’s never too early to get your name on the volunteer roster so please let us know if you can help out on either of these days.


New Year’s Day Double

Start the year with a New Year's Day Double.

Victoria @ 9:00

Braunstone @ 10:30


Christmas 2018

Tomorrow's Christmas parkrun is at the normal parkrun start time of 9am


Braunstone parkrun #335 -18/03/2017

There was something of a special atmosphere at Braunstone Park today as two clubs - Birstall and Squirrels held graduation parties for their recent C25K programmes. Numbers were swelled to a new record level of 610 easily beating the previous high by over a hundred. The Birstall posse alone accounted for 105 participants with Squirrels bringing over 40.

For the run briefing, the trusty megaphone chose Saturday of all days, to break down, so run director and co-event director Julie Thompson had to hand the run brief over to the louder co-event director Mark Thompson. Mark had to put on his biggest shouty voice to make himself heard over the excited starters and if turnouts of this magnitude are to be the norm I think he might need a bigger megaphone!

Some innovative thinking was also needed when it came to timekeeping too. The stopwatches only go up to 500 records so between Mark and our most experienced timekeeper Richard Singer, they hatched a cunning plan. One timekeeper stopped recording at 300 and then started again at 500. Thankfully there were JUST enough tokens for everyone to get a time.

All the volunteers worked harder than ever today, but the fact that an incident free run went as smooth as clockwork was testament to all our brilliant volunteers.Thank you to you all.

On the actual running front, Kyran Roberts from Carmarthen & District Harriers, and Daniel Johnson from Gateshead, took the top two spots in 15:18 and 16:25 respectively. Both were first timers at Braunstone, 3rd podium place went to local man Alex Percy of Hermitage in 17:42. In the ladies run 1st place went to Joanna Male from West End Runners in 20:19, 2nd was Charlie Austin in 20:43 from Wigston Phoenix, and 3rd Kathy Rolington also of West End in 21:31. Local regular Simon Mayes of West End Runners was completing his London Marathon fundraising run today, and easily recognisable in a donkey costume which slowed him down a little. Local rival clubs will be saying that eeh aw, eeh aw, he ought to run in that more often!

There were 184 first timers at today's run and over 70 new pbs set. The atmosphere today epitomised everything that is good about parkrun, just an amazing sight and for all those C25K graduates, life will never be the same again.

By Dave Snutch, Braunstone parkrunner


Braunstone parkrun will go ahead on Saturday 4th March

We are pleased to report that Braunstone parkrun will return on Saturday 4th March.

As you are probably aware, a number of trees in the park suffered extensive damage following the visit of Storm Doris. However teams from Leicester City Council have done a massive amount of work clearing the route.

Whilst there is still damage to be repaired, we are confident that we can temporarily divert round the bits that do remain, and that we can go ahead with a fairly close to normal run!

We are however still short of volunteers, so if you are able to help please email us at

Thanks to everyone who has helped with checking out the route, and thanks to the council for their efforts.

We look forward to seeing you back on Saturday.

Mark & Julie
Event Directors


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We had a parkruntastic choice of a possible 3 parkruns in just over 24 hours this New Year's weekend! There was a quick turnaround of the equipment and fortunately the token sorting was fairly straight forward with only one token lost on the 31st. Please ensure that you return all finish tokens to us, as we need to use them for the following week. If you find any tokens at home, please return them to us!

On Saturday we had 361 runners, and on New Year's day we had 316 runners with 156 hardy souls doing the double with Leicester Victoria. The weather was a bit cold and wet at Leicester Victoria, but with the added wind at Braunstone, it certainly made for a chilly run! We will hopefully try to sort the weather for next week!

Milestone runs were achieved by Mark James, Nicky Whitehead and Tom Worn all doing their 100th parkruns on New Year's day. Well done to you all, and wear your new T shirts with pride!

Massive thanks to the volunteers at both events for their cheerfulness and enthusiasm despite challenging weather conditions, especially at Braunstone! A big thank you to all our runners for your support of our event too.

The hardy volunteers for the New Year's day parkrun were:

Amanda PALMER  •  Andrew PEEL  •  Ben DICKSON  •  Bruce PARRY  •  Christine PARKER  •  Christopher HOUSDEN  •  Cian PALMER-HOLMES  •  David BEALE  •  Deena INGHAM  •  Gwyn WILLIAMS  •  Helen WEBB  •  Jane FRENCH  •  Jim MITCHINSON  •  John TOBIN  •  Julie THOMPSON  •  Katherine CROSS  •  Lee VARNHAM  •  Malcolm CLARKE  •  Mark Andrew THOMPSON  •  Martin BURDER  •  Maz PRUSEK  •  Nicola ANDERSON  •  Paul HUMPHREYS  •  Rachel LOPATA  •  Rebecca PARRY  •  Simon PETTET

We had a lot of tourists this weekend and welcolmed several parkrunners from far and wide. The parkrunner who came the furthest that we know, was Nontuthuko Mashimane who came all the way from South Africa. Welcome to you and I hope you enjoyed the run! Sorry about the weather, but I think it made it 'home from home' for our tourist volunteer Gwyn Williams who came from Penrhyn in North Wales. Thank you Gwyn, you did a sterling job scanning all those soggy barcodes and not a single mis-scan! We hope you both come back and visit again soon.

Whilst we're on the subject of thank yous, Mark and I would just like to say a humungous thank you to the core team at Braunstone for their hard work and dedication not just on the Saturdays but 'behind the scenes' too. There is equipment to sort/ reset/ charge up/ store, volunteer vests to clean and dry , emails to answer, Facebook page to maintain, volunteers to co-ordinate amonst other things.

We also have several regular volunteers at Braunstone who have been brilliant and we really really appreciate their contributions. Richard Singer has been a regular timekeeper, and has just done his 100th volunteering role at Braunstone. He has now started run directing with us too. Rebecca Parry, although now part of the core team at Leicester Victoria, continues to support Braunstone with regular timekeeping roles too. Michelle Brown has been bringing in the last parkrunners safely with tail running 26 times. Kathy Rolington, being a super speedy runner has been combining running with volunteering after her run as a number checker or funnel manager. After a year's break, we are really happy to welcome back Malcolm Clarke and his gorgeous (and huge!) Russian terrier Mr Harvey. They have a unique role of being roving marshals, popping up at different parts of the course and cheering on the runners. Please give them a cheery hello/ thank you and wave when you see them.

And lastly, but by no means least, we would like to say a huge thank you to fantastic photographers Les Brewin, Vickie Hallam, Mark Langdale and Louise Forsdyke who have done several sets of amazing photos for us this year. A lot of hard work is done after the event has finished, before these photos are published. A link to the photos is always posted on our page when they are ready, so please look out for the New Year ones which were taken by Les Brewin, they will be available soon.

We hope you continue to enjoy parkrunning and hope you all have a happy healthy and  awesome 2017

See you all next Saturday!

Julie and Mark

Event Directors


Seasonal parkrun Arrangements

Just a reminder that this year we will have additional events at Braunstone on Christmas Day at 9am, and New Years Day at 10:30am. There will also be an event at Leicester Victoria at 9am on New Years Day, giving you the chance of 2 parkruns in one day for the only time each year!

Just in case you are visiting friends and family elsewhere in the region over the Christmas period, here is a summary of when the local events are on, giving you lots of extra opportunities to volunteer or run.

Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve New Years Day
Braunstone 9am 9am 9am 10:30am
Conkers 9am 9am 9am 9am
Leicester Victoria 9am No 9am 9am
Market Harborough 9am 9am 9am No
Melton Mowbray 9am 9am 9am 10:30am
Rugby 9am No 9am No
Rutland Water 9am No 9am No

And if you are venturing even further afield, the full list of events over Christmas can be found here:

Christmas Compendium


Braunstone parkrun #321 17/12/2016

We had a volunteer takeover from city centre based club West End Runners at Braunstone parkrun this week with Simon Mayes from the club making his debut as Run Director.

The weather was cold but dry and reasonably still so some fast times were made as runners took advantage of the great conditions. The volunteers made for an encouraging crowd and we even had Leon Charikar playing the bongo drums halfway up the middle hill!

Richard Whitelegg of Leicester Coritanian was the first finisher this week in a time of 17:31, whilst Charlie Austin of Wigston Phoenix was the first female finisher in 19:17.

Overall there were 299 finishers this week, with there being 18 first timers to Braunstone parkrun, of whom 8 were first timers to parkrun completely. Well done and we hope to see you back again soon!

In addition, there were 55 PB's recorded by runners this week, which meant just under 20% of the field recorded new records! Some great achievements by those runners.

Well done to Paul Sharratt of Team Anstey, Michael Lydon, Nicky Jones of Huncote Harriers, and Kevin Pearce who all recorded their 50th runs this week. Well done all on achieving those landmark t-shirts!

Thank you to West End Runners for taking over the volunteering roles for this week. As always, Braunstone parkrun relies solely on volunteers so if you are able to help in any future weeks please contact It is great fun!

Simon Mayes, run director


Braunstone parkrun #320 – 10/12/2016

Saturday was what parkrun is all about! After 2 and a bit years of running, our very own Jill Perry was celebrating her 100th parkrun with many of her family and friends present. Jill started running a little later in life than most people, at the tender age of 79, and soon became a regular runner, volunteer and much loved member of the parkrun community here at Braunstone. She sent me this message to pass on to everyone who helped her celebrate her milestone run...

"I'd like to get a message to everybody concerned on the occasion of my 100th run, thanking you all for the support and good wishes and also decorations, flowers and cakes etc, on what was, for me, a memorable day. The friendship shown throughout the whole movement is second to none and I've made so many new friends, however I was overwhelmed by the support shown.  Thanks everybody."

We wish Jill all the very best for her next 100 runs!

Happy parkrunning!

Julie, Mark and the Core Team


Christmas Day and New Years day parkruns

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an extra parkrun on Christmas Day at 9am, and also an extra parkrun on New Years day at 10:30am.

The parkrun on New Years Day is being held at the slightly later time of 10:30am to allow runners the chance to run at both Leicester Victoria (start time 9am) AND Braunstone parkruns. This is the only day of the year that runners are allowed to do 2 parkruns in one day, with them both counting towards milestone T shirts.

With Christmas Eve and New Years Eve on Saturdays this year, this means you have the chance to run at FIVE parkruns in 8 days!!

As usual, we can only host these extra parkruns if we have enough volunteers so if you would like to help out at one of the events, please email us at or contact us through the Facebook page.

Happy parkrunning!

Julie, Mark and the Core Team

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