Braunstone parkrun will go ahead on Saturday 4th March

We are pleased to report that Braunstone parkrun will return on Saturday 4th March.

As you are probably aware, a number of trees in the park suffered extensive damage following the visit of Storm Doris. However teams from Leicester City Council have done a massive amount of work clearing the route.

Whilst there is still damage to be repaired, we are confident that we can temporarily divert round the bits that do remain, and that we can go ahead with a fairly close to normal run!

We are however still short of volunteers, so if you are able to help please email us at

Thanks to everyone who has helped with checking out the route, and thanks to the council for their efforts.

We look forward to seeing you back on Saturday.

Mark & Julie
Event Directors


Seasonal parkrun Arrangements

Just a reminder that this year we will have additional events at Braunstone on Christmas Day at 9am, and New Years Day at 10:30am. There will also be an event at Leicester Victoria at 9am on New Years Day, giving you the chance of 2 parkruns in one day for the only time each year!

Just in case you are visiting friends and family elsewhere in the region over the Christmas period, here is a summary of when the local events are on, giving you lots of extra opportunities to volunteer or run.

Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Years Eve New Years Day
Braunstone 9am 9am 9am 10:30am
Conkers 9am 9am 9am 9am
Leicester Victoria 9am No 9am 9am
Market Harborough 9am 9am 9am No
Melton Mowbray 9am 9am 9am 10:30am
Rugby 9am No 9am No
Rutland Water 9am No 9am No

And if you are venturing even further afield, the full list of events over Christmas can be found here:

Christmas Compendium


AED Fundraising


parkrun has always been free, and always will be. You will never be asked to pay to take part in parkrun.

There is already a mechanism in place that allows you to donate, and we are very grateful for all the donations that we have received since our launch in September 2010. These have helped us buy equipment to supplement our essential kit, to host volunteer awareness events for example.

But we have never really promoted this, or actively sought donations, for the simple reason that we had pretty much everything we need.

However, we are now going to ask for your help. We would like to supplement what we already have in our donations pot, and purchase a defibrillator for Braunstone parkrun. Therefore we are looking to raise a further £800. This will enable us to purchase an easy to use AED, but also leave sufficient to factor in the need for replacement batteries and pads in future.

Whilst we do have access to an AED at the Leisure Centre, but this is at least a 10 minute return trip away, and literally every minute makes a massive difference. There is a reduction in the chance of survival by 7-10% for every minute's delay in administering defibrillation for a cardiac arrest.

In the past couple of years we have seen incidents at parkruns in Nottingham and Market Harborough, at local races, and also with one of our very own runners at the London Marathon.

The combination of CPR and an AED hugely improves the chances of survival. But often people have a real fear about whether they would be able to do what was required. Whilst Julie is a medical professional, I'm an IT Manager with very limited first aid background. But I am confident that I would be able to administer CPR and use an AED if needed.
I have had basic training in these, and now appreciate there is no need to be afraid. CPR is straightforward, and most of the recent AEDs literally talk to you to tell you exactly what you need to do.

So we are also talking to a local organisation that are willing to come along and offer any of   our runners training, which is likely to take place immediately after parkrun on a number of Saturdays. The exact dates are still to be agreed, but we are probably looking at later in the summer.

Purchasing an AED has been discussed on occasions in the past. But we are sure that the advancements in technology of the defibs, and the ability to supplement with training means that this is now a no-brainer.

So how do I donate?

There is a link to donate via PayPal here:

Please make sure that you add a comment to say this for an AED for Braunstone when you donate. Normally 85% of the donation goes to the event, and 15% goes to support the setup of new events. By adding this comment, all of your donation goes towards the AED.

Thanks for the support that we know we will receive, both in terms of donations and attendance at the training sessions.

Mark & Julie
Event Directors


Braunstone parkrun cancelled 19th & 25th December


As you may have seen, work appears to have commenced on the Hall, impacting parts of the course.
We weren't notified of this, nor do we yet have any timetable as to the plans for the forthcoming weeks.

As a result, we have decided that there is too much uncertainty to ensure a safe parkrun on Saturday and have to cancel the event....
Additionally, the run that was scheduled for Christmas Day is also cancelled. However we have spoken to Nicky at Leicester Victoria parkrun and will hold one there instead at 9am.

Currently the scheduled run on Boxing Day is still on, but we will monitor progress over the course of next week and will announce no later than the end of Wednesday 23rd the plans for the remainder of the Christmas and New Year period.
Sorry to have to do this, particularly at this time of year when we have such a good atmosphere at Braunstone, but I'm sure you can appreciate that safety of runners and volunteers has to be our primary concern.

Please share this to anyone that may have been coming to Braunstone parkrun this Christmas period.
Thanks all for your ongoing support, particularly those people that have been to the park to find out more, and identify possible route alternatives.
We will keep you informed as and when we find out more from the City Council.

Julie, Mark & Braunstone parkrun Core Team


New Year’s Day parkrun 10:30am

We are pleased to announce there will be extra parkruns on Christmas Day at 9:00am and New Year's Day at 10:30am

There will also be the usual Saturday events at the normal time of 9am on Boxing Day and January 2nd

We will still require volunteers for the extra events so please consider helping us out. It would be nice to have a mix of people rather than relying on the same volunteers.

Happy parkrunning!

Braunstone core team


New Year’s Day 9:30am

Just to remind you that we will be running on New Year's Day at 9:30am. We have very kindly given you an extra half hour in bed, just in case you have had one too many sherries celebrating New Year.


Christmas Day 9am

Just to remind you all that we will be running on Christmas Day at 9am. Since you'll all have been up hours and opened all your presents, there's no excuse not to come down!!!


T-Shirts – 25th September 2014

We currently have the following t-shirts for collection. Well done on your achievement, next time you are at Braunstone parkrun come and see the Run Director and you will be able to sport your black, red or white t-shirt shortly afterwards!

10 T-Shirts

Lyla Mae BRYAN
Matthew HULL
Archie PAYNE

50 T-Shirts

Paul Simon BARNETT
Kingsley COOK
Brian DEAN

100 T-Shirt

David PEET
Conrad WEBBE




We are in desperate need of people to help us with the core roles of course setup, equipment storage and especially Run Director. Without these roles covered, Braunstone parkrun cannot take place.
We were very close to having to cancel the event this coming Saturday, but Julie and I have managed to change our plans to make sure that we had a Run Director.
All of us have lives outside of parkrun, which take priority, and try as we might to plan, life unfortunately keeps throwing unexpected challenges in the way.
As summer comes along, we are inevitably going to be in a position where we are down to the bare bones of our core team. Whilst we clearly wouldn't want to cancel an event, if we don't have a team that will enable us to deliver Braunstone parkrun safely, then we would have no choice but to cancel.
With a bigger pool of people covering these key roles, people are more able to choose what they do with their Saturdays, and we also have a greater chance of a late substitution if something unexpected happens.
I can assure you that these roles are not difficult or stressful, and are actually very rewarding and enjoyable. You will get plenty of support...and if the only thing stopping you from volunteering as Run Director is the fear of speaking in front of 350 people then don't worry. Firstly, it isn't as scary as it might appear, and secondly we can always get someone else to deliver the briefing.

Please consider lending your time and support to your parkrun because volunteers are needed to help it continue to thrive. Come and see Julie or myself after the run on Saturday if you would like to know more.



Are you waiting for your parkrun club t shirt?

Please see below the list of shirts that have been sent to us. Correct as at 12th December.
We have been notified that certain sizes in 10 club and 50 club shirts are out of stock. If you have completed your qualifying club run since the 5th June and you are not on the list, that is most likely the reason why.

Drop us an email at and let us know when you will next be running and we will have the shirt available for you.

You have to reply to the email from parkrun to order your shirt and it is sent to us.

100 club

Ann Popovich

David McNulty

50 club

Robin Pointon

Murray Eden

Sally O'Shea

Keith Hallam

Steve Graham

10 Club

Cian Palmer-Holmes

Sam Pointon

Matilda Strange

Katie Parker

William Peet

Katie Gregory

Neve Grimes

Harrison Norton

Elliot Hodson

Ellis Alborn

Thomas Brown



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