17.08.19 #80

Bressay parkrun #80 17/8/19 - provided by Lindsay Middleton-Scarr

Bressay parkrun has been on my parkrun to do list ever since it started and then when I found a school friend lived in Shetland I had even more reason to get planning a trip.  The weather on Friday was wet and windy and set to continue all weekend, but apart from a few drops of rain during the first timers briefing the rain held off and hour later the sun came out.

The ferry was all part of the adventure with lots of locals and tourists heading over to Bressay.  It was a pleasure to meet John Swinney on the way over, out on the campaign trail and doing his first parkrun, as well as a mix of locals and tourists.  After chatting to a few tourists, I have got even more ideas for parkrun travels next year.    

The first timers briefing had tourists from Hertfordshire, Colchester, South Australia, Birmingham, Somerset, Perth, Ireland, Leicester, Leeds, Inverness, Litchfield, Chesterfield and Reigate Priory.  One celebration this week for Andrea Sanchez running her 10th Bressay parkrun.

The course has a downhill start and is a lovely smooth and fast tarmac surface with a few undulations along the way.  The views are quite spectacular across the fields and out to sea with lots of wild flowers along the sides.  The café was buzzing and had an amazing selection of cakes, bacon rolls and a good cuppa.  


There were a total of 59 runners and walkers on the day.  Well done to the 12 people who did their first parkrun today, there were 4 personal bests and as always, a big thank you to the volunteers who make the event so special.

A really memorable day for me as I got to share a wonderful parkrun with two school friends reunited after 30 plus years.  


Lindsay Middleton-Scarr

The 22 volunteers this week were: Lindsay MIDDLETON-SCARR • Andrew FOX • Kate WILLS • Jonathan PINNICK • Ann THOMSON • Patricia MELVILLE • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • John BATESON • Kenneth GROAT • Ingrid SANDISON • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Susie FOX • Julie JOHNSON • Arthur BURGESS • Fiona GRAY • James ROCK • Jan HOWARD • Talia HOWARD • Esther HOWARD • Ellie HOWARD