09.11.19 #92

Bressay parkrun #92 was cold! 35 people ran, jogged and walked the course with 14 hardy volunteers making it all possible. First timers this week came from as far afield as Australia and the slightly more local, Bressay! The cool, calm conditions helped a whopping 12 people to achieve personal bests - well done to you all. Congratulations also to Bressay stalwart Elizabeth Gifford who completed her 50th parkrun today!

Fun fact of the week: 735 personal bests have now been recorded at Bressay parkrun. You lot just keep getting better and better!

Huge thank you as always to our fantastic volunteers who made it all happen and were cheery in spite of the potential frostbite! Our volunteers this week were:

Susan LINKLATER • Mervyn LINKLATER • Andrea JEROMSON • Hannah BATESON • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Anne BATESON • Derek ROSS • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Jane OUTRAM • Janice BURGESS • Tom TULLOCH • Holden HALL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Bressay parkrun Results Page.


02.11.19 #91

Very breezy day in Bressay today for the 34 people who ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom only one (Maree Simpson) was a first timer and she also managed to come in second lady, after Bressay stalwart Charlotte Black - an excellent start to a parkrunning future!  There was also only recorded new Personal Best this week - Well done Valerie Morrison! Our visitors from outwith Shetland were the Ruffells from Derbyshire whose month of visiting us comes to an end this week - we hope the sailing south is less choppy than it looks. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Andrew FOX • Mervyn LINKLATER • Ann THOMSON • Judith PINNICK • Kathy KELLY • Elizabeth GIFFORD • Anne BATESON • John BATESON • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Amanda SINCLAIR • Susie FOX • Julie JOHNSON • Janice BURGESS • Holden HALL • Juergen KURTZ • Kate WILLS


26.10.19 #90

The weather wasn’t at it best this week however 23 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 3 were first timers and well done to Juergen Kurtz who was the only person to record a new Personal Best. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part. In other news runners Val Turner and Julie Johnson were delighted to encounter an otter as they passed the Bressay Marina.
Today’s event was made possible by 20 wonderful volunteers:- Andrea JEROMSON • Jonathan PINNICK • Hannah BATESON • Ann THOMSON • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Anne BATESON • John BATESON • Kenneth GROAT • Ian THOMSON • Mairi THOMSON • Maureen BURKE • Babs ROSS • Elaine HEINRICH • Kristen JEROMSON • Julie JOHNSON • Janice BURGESS • Arthur BURGESS • Kristen SAUNDERS • Holden HALL.


I9.10.19 #89

This week 33 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 5 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 4 different clubs took part. Our first timer visitors came from Ellon, Keith, Clatt and Amsterdam. it was regular attendee Emma Morris’ last Bressay parkrun before she moves South and she celebrated this by being First female and 3rd overall. If you missed it, we were on BBC Radio Shetland giving a brief update on how Bressay parkrun is going on Monday 21.10.19.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Susan LINKLATER • Kate WILLS • Leanne GEAR • Laurence SUTHERLAND • Jonathan PINNICK • Judith PINNICK • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Adam GUEST • Bill ADAMS • Maureen BURKE • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Norrie LYALL • Moraig LYALL • Emma COURTIER • Arthur BURGESS • Fiona GRAY • Holden HALL


12.10.19 #88

It was a beautiful day for Bressay Parkrun #88. Not 1 but 2 otters greeted the run directors setting up the course, and sunshine and light winds greeted the 55 folk who ran, jogged and walked the course. The lovely day encouraged 19 First timers to Bressay, including visitors from Perth, Newcastle, Durham, Kent, Glasgow and London. We were also delighted to have new folk from Shetland support Bressay parkrun. A lack of wind and rain helped 12 runners achieve super PB's. First across the line was visitor Andrew Carey in a time of 18:28, closely followed by youngster Reece Black in a PB of 18:35. Regular Norrie Lyall was chuffed to be third in a PB of 19:28. First female was again young Layla Todd who finished in 20:48, achieving both another PB and her first sub 21 minute parkrun. Second female was Charlotte Black in 21:31 and third was Emma Morris in 21:36.  We would like to wish Emma all the best for moving on to new adventures out with Shetland - she has been a great addition to the Shetland sports scene in the time she’s been here.

As well as a glut of PB's, we had some notable milestones today. Congratulations to Bill Adams on achieving his 50th Parkrun (all in Bressay) also congratulations (and thanks) to visiting volunteer Kate Ruffell who chose Bressay for her 25th volunteering stint. We are working on persuading the Ruffells to relocate to Shetland... Many thanks also to the other 16 volunteers today, without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. Our hivis/cafe heroes were: 

Kate RUFFELL • Andrew FOX • Mervyn LINKLATER • Kate WILLS • Hannah BATESON • Lesley ROBERTS • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Mairi THOMSON • June MOULDER • Derek ROSS • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Denise NEILD • Ellie BISSET • Katie KENT


05.10.19 #87

Visiting bird watchers gave up playing hide-and-seek with the reluctant birds to run in the bright-ish and  breezy-ish Bressay Parkrun #87. Although there was an absence of wildlife (thankfully the cow was in the field and the dive bombing gull was hiding), plenty of woolly jumpers (and hats) were in evidence from our ‘Wool Week’ visitors.

Among the 51 folk who walked, jogged and ran the course were visitors from Aberdeen, Manchester, Newcastle, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Scalloway and New York (where they have to cancel their weekly runs on occasion because it's too hot!?!). There were 12 first-timers and 14 PB's. The first finisher was visitor Alasdair Blain in a time of 19:38. First female (and 4th overall) was youngster Layla Todd in a new PB of 21:15 (her dad must be delighted she’s over the magic age of 11 so he doesn’t have to try to keep up with her amazing speed).

This event was made possible by 22 fabby volunteers and new volunteers are always welcome.

The volunteers were:

Lesley ROBERTS • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Anne BATESON • John BATESON • Kayleigh GEAR • Derek ROSS • Maureen BURKE • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Amanda SINCLAIR • Janice BURGESS • John BORRILL • James MACLEOD • Arthur BURGESS • Fiona GRAY • Martin HENDERSON • Frank MILLER • Martin HENDERSON • Esther HOWARD • Ellie HOWARD • Holden HALL


28.09.19 #86

More Bressay wildlife were keen to get involved for Event No. 86 - so keen in fact that that our resident Rogue Cow made it almost all the way to the start line half an hr before kick off time. Fortunately our Run Directors (ably assisted by Anne Bateson - the woman all people should call in an emergency) dealt with this situation calmly and in plenty of time and the Cow was reminded that she should really register beforehand at the very least.

The human visitors this week came from Southend-on-sea, Sweden, Melbourne and the exotic destination of Lerwick. In total, 36 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 7 were first timers and 6 recorded new Personal Bests. One of these PBs was from Bressay stalwart volunteer Mairi Thomson and in the 'couple goals' there was PBs for both the Borrills (Wendy and John) - well done to you all.  Representatives of 5 different clubs took part.

Next week is the 15th anniversary of the first ever parkrun which was started at Bushy Park in London in 2004 by Paul Sinton-Hewitt with just 12 participants.  Parkrun events now take place every Saturday morning at over 1400 locations across 23 countries and 5 continents. We are very pleased to be the most Northerly parkrun in the UK and look forward to welcoming many more parkrun tourists to Bressay.  To date, there has only been one week when there were no visitors from outwith Shetland to Bressay parkrun.

The event was made possible by 20 wonderful volunteers including our parkrun tourist from Melbourne Lisa Gunn:

Susan LINKLATER • Lisa GUNN • Kate WILLS • Andrea JEROMSON • Hannah BATESON • Lesley ROBERTS • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Janice HAMER • Anne BATESON • Ingrid SANDISON • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Amanda SINCLAIR • Norrie LYALL • Julie JOHNSON • Janice BURGESS • Mandy PHILLIPS • Arthur BURGESS • Val TURNER • Lois PHILLIPS


21.09.19 #85

The sun returned after a long overdue absence this weekend and just as well because we had a large number of visitors from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Paisley, Inverness, Gloucestershire, Wales and Johannesburg, South Africa. Considering that we are edging closer to Winter now, it was very encouraging to see a high turnout of 51 parkrunners for our 85th event.  It was a first timer to Bressay parkrun - Gregor Morrison - who made it first over the line, followed closely by Bressay parkrun stalwarts Norrie Lyall and Frank Miller. Charlotte Black, Kristen Jeromson and Susan Linklater (in that order) were the fastest females and Charlotte’s now-not-so-little puppy ‘Thor’ was the first dog to arrive. There were 19 first timers and only 2 recorded new Personal Bests which was unsurprising given the strong headwind. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part. The Speldiburn cafe was very busy with most folk wisely choosing to stay until the 11.30am ferry and many enjoying sitting outside in the sun to enjoy the delicious grub (and atmosphere) provided. One of my personal favourite parts of Bressay parkrun is seeing the hardworking cafe volunteers sit down to mull over the morning with their own cuppa and roll as the parkrun invasion clears out for the ferry - they really are a dream team and make everyone feel so welcome.

We would like to make a polite reminder to future newbies that unfortunately due to safety considerations, bikes are not permitted to take part in parkruns.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Sean LEWIS • Julie Seren LEWIS • Terry LEWIS • Mervyn LINKLATER • Kate WILLS • Hannah BATESON • Lesley ROBERTS • Kathy KELLY • Noel KELLY • Mairi THOMSON • Derek ROSS • Maureen BURKE • Babs ROSS • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Amanda SINCLAIR • Moraig LYALL • Susie FOX • Elsa MANSON • Fiona GRAY • Kristen SAUNDERS


14.09.19 #85

The downpour that greeted the 20 parkrunners this past Saturday didn’t manage to dampen their spirits. In fact, some were delighted with the deluge as it meant a lower turnout and therefore being much closer to the front of the pack than usual. There were two significant milestones being celebrated this week - Bressay’s Event Director Kate Wills and stalwart Run Director Jonathan Pinnick jointly celebrated their 50th parkruns by coming in 1st female and 3rd overall overall respectively.  Jonathan also celebrated his birthday this weekend - Happy Birthday Jonathan! Thanks to Hannah B., Kayleigh and Leanne for the delicious cakes!

This week our visitors came from Skye, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Cardiff and Sydney Australia.  There were 4 were first timers and 2 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Mervyn LINKLATER • Kate WILLS • Leanne GEAR • Andrea JEROMSON • Hannah BATESON • Ann THOMSON • Anne BATESON • John BATESON • Kayleigh GEAR • Kenneth GROAT • Derek ROSS • Babs ROSS • Moraig LYALL • Julie JOHNSON • John BORRILL • Fiona GRAY • Martin HENDERSON • Jan HOWARD • Richard INGREY • Ellie HOWARD


07.09.19 #83

The wonderful Pinnick pair came to the rescue with the utmost ease this morning as our other Run Director unfortunately had to be called away at the last minute.  Despite this, event no. 83 ran perfectly smoothly with calm weather conditions and 47 participants completing the course. Of these 47, 9 were first timers and 10 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different clubs took part. Our visitors hailed from Leeds, York, Stirling, Aberdeen, High Wycombe and Scousburgh eith several staying on to enjoy exploring more of the delights of Bressay afterwards. A particular comical highlight which unfortunately not all of us got to see was Ann Thomson falling knee deep into the ditch whilst collecting signs - the things she does for the love of parkrun!

Thanks to all 16 of our volunteers (newbies and stalwarts) for their very much appreciated contribution today:

Mervyn LINKLATER • Andrea JEROMSON • Jonathan PINNICK • Ann THOMSON • Judith PINNICK • Anne BATESON • Heidi ERIKSEN • Maureen BURKE • Elizabeth EDWARDS • Amanda SINCLAIR • Susie FOX • Janice BURGESS • Mandy PHILLIPS • Caroline WATT • Fiona GRAY • Allyn SUTHERLAND • Hazel TULLOCH