Event 71 – 17/2/18

The one with the milestones!

It was a little on the chilly side as we arrived to set up for our 71st event. The finish funnel flew up in a flash, whilst I allocated the marshalling positions and ensured everyone had a hi-viz and knew their roles. This week we thank:

Pete • Chris • Phoebe • Jode • Marianne • Steph • Mel • Steve • Ann •

Edward • Adie • Alex • Roger • Laura • Ted • Jackie • Ethan • Marie

We welcomed back Edward, one of our valued regular marshals from his holidays in Canada. He is a jet setter these days, so make sure you catch him cheering you on from Edward's bench for the next couple of weeks, as he's off to South Africa then. Here he is with Jode, Adie and Alex all looking happy ready for the fun to begin.


We were able to offer full car parking again, now that our visitors have left. We do have two little requests though:

1) Please do not park on the surrounding residential streets unless absolutely necessary and then with consideration for peoples driveways


2) If you park in the second parking area after the gate, please close the gate once you're through if there are no more cars coming in after you. This will be locked late morning as always.

We had tourists from Anglesey, Cwmbran and Rushcliffe and of course our milestoners from Southbank Bar Running Club you will have seen on our FB page, if you follow us (please like our page if you haven't already). Here they all are, Des Oldham after his 50th and Ian Warren after his 150th parkrun, great achievement chaps well done.


166 people ran or walked our course, of whom 30 were first timers like Samantha below who was an absolute superstar and was so pleased to complete her first parkrun, celebrating here with her brother. See you in a couple of weeks.


We also had 39 PB's and love to hear the bell ringing, please come over for a photo and you might be like these lovely people below and make it into our report. Tag away if you recognise yourself or friends to let them know on FB post.


Ok, if you like the photos here or have some you would like to share, head over to our FLICKR page and sorry for my slightly waffley pre run brief this week, I promise to be less woolly headed - until then it's over to our lovely ED Jode.

M x