2018 Into 2019

The One About The Last 12 Months

Firstly, myself and Jode would like to take this chance to thank everyone over the past 12 months that has either attended or helped out at our fantastic parkrun. DSC_0152

After starting the year off with our New Years Day event and using a reverse route (to help people realise its easier the normal way!) we smashed our attendance record previously at 258 with an astounding 373 runners! The big question is though, do we make this an annual event and hold the run in reverse each time? We also had a guest visit by Nicola from 'With Me Now' who tour around parkruns and collate information to share with other parkrunners on their podcasts, she also took me to one-side during the event to interview me and find out a little more about Brierley park and all it offers! Since the New Year run we have returned to normal service with numbers of runners and the route we use, although some might add that the new found potential fame I'm going through is getting to me slightly!

Looking back at the year's happenings with the run, we feel that the volunteer base is pretty strong which is very encouraging, we are supporting two Duke of Edinburgh schemes with another one currently about to start. Our core team has always been stable and present, but now we feel that maybe we should grow the team and open it up for people to come forward and take an active role in it where their ideas/plans could be put into place to help the event for the future. So if you are interested in what this could entail or have 'oodles' of stuff you think we could make use of please send us an email with your details or post on our Facebook page and we'll get back in touch with you.

So much has gone on within the park itself with the cafe having a refit to house the new caterers along with the new adventure playground that has been built alongside part of our run route. There has also been our first parkrun 'baby', little Harry, who now joins in with the runners, being pushed along by a proud dad or mum! With so many eventualities, does that mean a wedding run is the next thing that will be in our reports? Mel and Pete have particularly expressed and interest in Jode's offer to become and ordained minister to host the ceremony.

When we started out we setup a fundraiser so we could purchase and install a 'defib'. This has now been set up and fitted to the outside wall of the visitor centre so it is available for all park users at anytime of the day. We also used some of the funds to invest into providing our own storage shed to try make our equipment more accessible after some issues with storage areas. We are also looking to use some of our funds to update some signage and equipment for the benefit of everyone, all will be revealed in the coming months.

Harriers PR takeover-25 DSC_4297.jpg


We've had quite a few takeovers this year to make the year even more memorable, these events were supported by the filling of all volunteer roles by the teams involved, which was particularly nice as it gave Jode and myself time to relax and just let the event happen. So our thanks to the 'Juniors', 'Kimberly & District Running Club', 'Sutton in Ashfield Harriers', 'Huthwaite Hunnies (NWR)' and 'the Running Wilburys'. You may have noticed we have also changed the way we do our run reports, even though I am writing this on the media that is recommended I have just chosen to use this to allow me to drivel on even more than usual! We now make use of the Facebook page to report on all the goings on at our event as we try use all 6 days between the events to publicise whats been going on. Hopefully in the near future we maybe able to report on other platforms of social media, please keep an eye out for updates in the future for more information. Previously when photos were taken at the event we put them on the Flickr page for everybody's access, however things are changing with Flickr and we now find ourselves having to re-home all of our pictures on file, we will be updating the photo storage page in the near future and keep you informed about where they will be.

That about covers briefly of what there is for this report, I'd like to thank you for reading this far, its not often anyone pays that much attention to me especially all the way to the end - I do rattle on a bit, I know!

Have a Great 2019, may all your parkrun goals become reality!

Dave, Jode & the team

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