Event 69 – 3/2/18

The One After The Quiet One


This week we had some light rain which was most welcome as that meant the temperature was rising from the near freezing temperature that we awoke to leaving some light ice patches around the course which were negotiated supremely by all participants. We even had a light snow flurry during the run to remind everyone that winter is still with us! Not put off by that 123 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests, 10 of which are new to parkrun with 5 runs or less, proving that perseverance certainly pays off.

Each run report we usually go through the results and highlight the top finishers, but we are starting to believe if you want to see who did what you'll check out the results yourselves. A full breakdown of results can be found on the parkrun results page here....http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brierleyforest/results/latestresults/

Once again we had a selection of tourists making their debuts from Rother Valley, Wimpole and Trentham. We welcome anyone to our run as that is the spirit of parkrun, all we ask you to bring each week is a smile and your barcode! #DFYB. Please can people check that their ICE details (In Case Of Emergency) are kept up to date on the parkrun profile, it only takes a minute to update and just crosses the t's after you've dotted the i's with a scan-able barcode. I will take a moment and thank you all for adhering to our parking advice and directions during our period of restrained parking areas.

This weeks the event was made possible by our fantastic volunteers - Lauren BAKUNOWICZ • David HERBERT • Bethany HERBERT • Lesley TAYLOR • Phoebe TAYLOR • Craig FREESTONE • Simon CREAK • Katherine ROBINSON • Mia PIDCOCK • Steve HALLETT • Ann GRAHAM • Roger WIESLI • Eve ELLIOTT • Natalie HALLETT • Caroline FRITH • Lesley GOODMAN • Elaine WOODBRIDGE • Ted HALLETT • Jackie HALLETT • Ethan HALLETT • Lynsey FREESTONE • Sophie HARRISON.

If you ever feel the urge to lend a hand or just fancy a week off from running we would be happy to hear from you at the office brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com where we can work around your calender (No date is too far away!). Come and be a part of something that really can inspire and motivate you into seeing how communities make a difference.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas we can incorporate into the event we are always listening and keen to hear them. Currently at the park, things are changing slightly with the cafe and visitor centre closed. But please bear with us as we aim to not let anything spoil the events and hope to share some news very soon.

We have some takeover events happening really soon, more details will be announced very soon. If running is something that you have been doing for years or just started, there is always a running group nearby that is willing to support and accompany you or provide depth of knowledge and advice that can enhance your desire to improve or maybe you just want to be make new friends and get more involved locally. Our local running club to Brierley Forest is 'Sutton In Ashfield Harriers'. We also have 'The Huthwaite Hunnies' & 'Sutton Smilers' that get together with times available to suit most people. If you need any further information please don't hesitate to ask us. Untitled Remember we no longer have the use of our wonderful cafe. We do have access to the football grounds toilet block which has a little shelter. The cafe will open at 10.30 am if you do wish to wait around otherwise we may pop to the local golf club, a five minute walk away to process the results and we'd love you to join us.

That's it from me this week, thanks for reading, I'll be seeing you all soon.



Event 68 – 27/1/18

The One that was a Little Quiet

As many of you are aware we have a few visitors to Brierley Forest parkrun which has made our parking situation a little harder than usual. We thank you all for parking in various locations around the park to ease congestion and ask that you will repeat this again this week. Thank you all for your understanding.

Because of this it was a much quieter week than usual with many of our parkrunners decided to tour instead. We can report that everything at Brierley Forest ran as normal with little disruption from our travelling friends so please do not let their presence put you off.

This week 144 people ran and walked the course with 17 new PBs recorded. Well done to James Hoop, Dan Ellis, Gary Moss, Laura Raynor and Marie Copeland to name a few.


We had lots of first timers to parkrun this week too. Caroline Knight, Phoebe Taylor, Richard Smith and Alexander Jones were some of those who laced up their trainers for the first time to join the parkrun family. We hope you enjoyed it and you'll be back again soon.

HUGE congratulations to our lovely regular Lauren Bakunowicz who completed her 50th with us on Saturday too!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brierley Forest parkrun Results Page.

We had tourists from lots of places I can now locate such as Sheffield, Sussex and Buckingham and also Pontefract which I found out is absolutely no where near the south of England! Who knew I once scored 100% in a Geography exam? Thank to Laura, visiting from Australia who bought her family and friends from Clay Cross to run our course.


Shout out to Foxy, Mark and Jamie who all ran a good few miles to add the Mountain Goats Billies V Nannies Challenge.


Saturday's event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

Emma DANDO • Jenny HAYWOOD • Phoebe TAYLOR • Jodie BINCH • Marianne BURFORD • Jodie ALDERDICE • Mia PIDCOCK • Steve HALLETT • Ann GRAHAM • Roger WIESLI • Penny MARSDEN • Tracy MANN • Lesley GOODMAN • Ted HALLETT • Jackie HALLETT • David MARSDEN

As always a huge thank you to them all. Please email us as brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com if you wish to join our team. We would love your help. All roles are easy peasy and come with training.


Remember we no longer have the use of our wonderful cafe. We do have access to the football grounds toilet block which has a little shelter. The cafe will open at 10.30 am if you do wish to wait around otherwise we may pop to the local golf club, a five minute walk away to process the results and we'd love you to join us.

See you all soon

Jode x


Event 67 – 13/1/18

 The One Where Resolutions Are Shining Through

On my return to the Run Director post after the festive period I was joyous to see the mild weather allowing us to carry on our good start to the New Year but more importantly seeing so many of you supporting your local event - 180 runners we had this week which just highlights the determination by all runners that come to Brierley Forest. But of course we can’t forget the people that make it all possible every week, The Volunteers, this week we had 17 of them! But without their support each week regardless of the conditions they enable the run to go ahead each week. I know some people think there’s a lot more to it than just volunteering, sure the RD role can look a daunting task, but everyone involved with the parkrun family supports everybody there for all the best reasons.

Brierley Forest

So if you ever feel the need to step up, give it a try, all our volunteer positions are fully supported by everyone! Just speak to one of the team at an event or email the office - brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com . Even if you don't do resolutions, maybe think about making one this year ??? I won’t apologise for making frequent references about volunteers and how important they are as they are what makes parkrun ticks. Not every Saturday needs to be a running day, think about using a rest day on a Saturday morning to enable yourself the time to come down and be that voluncheer. To see the efforts of your fellow ‘parkrunners’ from the sidelines is so rewarding and inspiring, you'll agree when you've done it! From the results this week we had 7 unknown runners! Please make every effort to be registered if you attend the event and bring your barcodes with you - it makes our lives so much easier not to disappoint due to our ‘no barcode, no time’ rule! For those that asked about the wristbands and tags that are more robust try looking here https://parkrun-barcode.com/parkrun-barcodes-ra1

Brierley Forest

We had 25 first timers including tourists from Hemel Hempstead and Gedling. Showing a great start to the new year we had 34 of you sporting new PB’s.....well done everyone for your efforts and attendance, thank you for making our days so rewarding. A full breakdown of the results can be found here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brierleyforest/results/

Brierley Forest

If you see anyone taking pictures they are normally found on our Flickr page here https://www.flickr.com/groups/brierleyforest-parkrun/ or on our Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/brierleyforestparkrun/ Just one last point to bring up about the park and it’s surrounding residents - Parking, we’ve mentioned this before and just ask for our participants to utilise the car parks available rather than roadside parking outside their homes, I shall add the ‘ please’ now to show I’m trying to shy on the side of politeness. Thank-you all for taking the time to get this far in my little word rattle, look forward to seeing you all again soon.



Event 66 – 06/1/18

The First of the Year One!

Happy New Year to you all!

And what a wet and windy one the first of the year was. Still, that didn't stop 174 of you fabulous people from turning up to run and walk the course.

In a short and sweet fun report this week we can tell you that we recorded 13 personal bests, well done to Paul Castledine, Tony Baronowski, Kate Shaw and Adie Whitehead to name a few. We were visited by tourists from the 'other side of Notts' and HI to Richard Sheldrake, James Hoppe, Matthew Ratcliffe and Ruth Swain who were amongst some of the first timers to Brierley Forest - we hope to see you again soon!

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Olivia Deacon who joined us to run her 100th parkrun as well as Daryl Lacey who ran his 50th. We'd also like to shout out to fifteen of you who joined parkrun for the first time ever...we can't list you all but well done to Melissa Chesterman, Dawn Hills, Samantha Shaw, Hesta Bailey and Robert Thellmann and the rest of you too. Same time tomorrow?

All our latest results can be found HERE.

Of course a very special mention must go to Lilly Holmes, who at just 5 years old joined us for the first time on Saturday and ran the whole course! We are super duper proud of you Lilly!

As always, a huge THANK YOU to our volunteers who made it possible for this week's event to go ahead:

Claire WATSON  •  Elaine WOODBRIDGE  •  Jackie HALLETT  •  Jodie BINCH  •  Lauren BAKUNOWICZ  •  Mia PIDCOCK  •  Phoebe TAYLOR  •  Roger WIESLI  •  Sam CLARKE  •  Stephanie BIRD  •  Steve HALLETT  •  Ted HALLETT  •  Tracey CARVER

If you want to be a hi-vis hero drop us a message at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com and we'll find you the perfect role.

We would like to welcome our DofE volunteers Phoebe and Mia to our team and we're on the look out for some more run directors, so if you fancy taking over the reins and joining us, please drop an email to me or Dave at brierleyforestoffice@parkrun.com and we'll show you how.

For all our latest and most up to date news make sure you follow our FACEBOOK page.

See you all tomorrow.

Jode x


Event 65 – 23/12/17

The Christmas and End of the Year One

Wow! Another year of parkrun fun all over and done with! And another year of fun to come...


We've ended the year on a bit of a downside...not as much Brierley Forest parkrunning as we'd have all liked due to the weather conditions. But this has been a learning curve for the parkrun team too. There is nothing worst than letting our runners down but ultimately the safety of you all is our utmost concern. The worst spots of our course are around the back where Emma lovingly shakes her pom poms every week.


However, despite her devotion to her spot she cannot get the sun to shine the same way, to melt the ice along the train line and on the path back to the pond. The sun, unfortunately, doesn't entertain this part of the park until early evening by which time it's lost its ice melting warmth. We may look into providing ice-skates for this area in the future.


Luckily, we managed to host our Christmas parkrun and as most of you know you'd been so well behaved and supportive of our wonderful, little parkrun that Santa himself downed tools and paid you all an early visit with treats galore for remembering your barcodes (some of you!) and constantly surpassing yourselves with new PB's! We are extremely proud of you all!


This week 207 people ran and walked the course, Ben Burnham led the field for the Juniors, crossing the line in first place in 18:04 and Claire Watson, our very own Mrs. Claus, was first female in a time of 20:51.

IMG_5395 IMG-20171231-WA0010

We were visited by 34 first timers to our course...special mentions go to Kylie Weightman, Cath Hulme, Terence West, Robert Jarvis, Jodie Smith and Anna Oliver who were all COMPLETE first timers to parkrun too! Well done all of you and we hope to see you all again soon.

Congratulations to Jodie and Anna too who completed their NWR Beginners 0 to 5K course on Saturday too. Well done also to Lauren, who we featured this week on our FACEBOOK page, who ran her 50th parkrun with us!


Twenty-five brand, spanking new Personal Bests were also recorded this week. Congratulations go to Lee Purdy, Shaun Arrowsmith, Kate Ruffell, Rachel Allin and Geoff Voce to name a few. All results from last week's event can be found HERE.


As always, our event can only be held due to the hard work of all of our volunteers who turn up come rain or shine each week. This week it was made possible by 24 volunteers who assisted in the set up and close down of the event, scanned your barcodes and hi-fived and cheered you around the course. HUGE thanks go to:

Dave • Emma • Phoebe • Jode • Marianne • Grace • Stephanie • Thomas • Mia • Daniel • Steve • Penny • Leanne • Tracy • Sam • Patricia • Elaine • Carolyn • Ted • Jackie • Jack • Nicole

If you want to join our wonderful volunteer team and help us out one week just pop a message to our Volunteer Coodinator Marianne at brierleyforesthelpers@parkrun.com. Massive thank you to her for all her wonderful work this year filling our parkun roster every week.


And special thanks go to Craig, Ben and Phil who all arrived with their cameras and took a whole load of AMAZING photos of you all in your festive fancy dress, these can be found over on our FLICKR page! We are extremely lucky to have some talented photography friends and really appreciate them catching our perfect parkrun moments.


Over the past year we've been visited by hundreds of tourists. This week we had tourists from Canada - Denise is an RD at Richmond Olympic in Canada but has Brierley Forest listed as her registered home event! We love you, Denise! We also had visitors from Sheffield, Forest Rec, Gedling, Rother Valley, and Edinburgh!


Huge thanks from all of us also to our human metronome Foxy for pacing lots of you over the last year! If you're ever wanting sub anything PB'S, pop over to find him. He's always happy to help.


Looking back over the past year we can report it has been a FABULOUS one! Graduations from various NWR Beginners groups, pre wedding 'Hen Runs', takeovers especially the junior one which we will be repeating again soon, Halloween fancy dress and of course our first birthday! Not forgetting you all smashing the DEFIB fundrasising target for us...which hopefully will be being installed very soon! What a momentous year!


And with that...from myself, Dave and all the Brierley Forest team we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all a fantastic start to the New Year!

Here's to Brierley Forest parkrun 2018!

Much love
Jode x