Brighton & Hove parkrun 

Event number 591

26th January 2019

New Year’s Day resolutions are still flying high and we continued to see great numbers at this week’s run. A glorious 412 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers. Despite pretty damp and chilly conditions, 55 people recorded new Personal Bests including Emma Navesey, who was the first woman home shaving a further 14 seconds off her time to achieve an extremely impressive 18:21.

Congratulations also go to Dave Dunstall who completed the course in 18:48 taking just 2 seconds off his PB but racing home with an age-rating of 83.16%. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part and we welcomed Sarah Lloyd from Wakefield Triathlon Club, David Lewis from Newport Harriers and Rebecca Dunnell from the inimitable Mornington Chasers – a running club created in 1986 by post-office workers in the sorting office in Camden!

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers who are all worth their weight in gold. Without them, the run would simply not take place! Please take time to thank at least one marshal next week, particularly some of the younger marshals who are volunteering to complete their Duke of Edinburgh award. They would really appreciate it!

Thank you to John P DOHERTY • Neil WALFORD • Kevin BUSH • Mark STEPHENSON • Bernadette KIRRANE • Tracy Caroline EATON • Joan LENNON • Peter HARWOOD • Karen CLINTON • Ian WILDING • Brian RUSSELL • Michelle BLACKWELL • Kian DOYLE • Ronan DOYLE • Carol KENNEDY • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Linus TURNER • Toby SIMPKIN • Charlie BERLANGA • Leo BERLANGA • Daniel PORGES • Finlay DERRY • Sam HARWOOD • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Katie HOFFELNER • Louis MAURICE • Ben CLIFFORD • Llewellyn CURTIS • Tegan SCHAFER

Without wanting to sound too ‘health and safety’, given that a large number of people are currently suffering with coughs and colds, could we please ask that if you need to ‘get rid of some excess mucus’, (i.e. spit!) on the way round the course, can you please, please, PLEASE step onto the grass to do so. In the last couple of weeks, there have been a number of near-misses, including myself trying to dodge flying spit with the runner being completely unaware. Thank you!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84). The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528). The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Have a good week running and remember to dig out hats and gloves for next week’s run – it’s going to be chilly.