Brighton & Hove parkrun #597 March 9th 2019

Beware the Winds of March….

The Brighton Half Marathon already seems like a distant memory – a weekend where we were blessed with clear skies, sunshine and a fairly gentle breeze. Compare that to the weather god’s offering of a dreich looking sky as we opened our curtains to the world on Saturday morning.  The westerly wind was in attendance at Hove Park, albeit without its barcode, along with 454 of you lined up at the start, ready to battle the elements.  

We had 18 runners attending their first ever parkrun – welcome to the parkrun family. We also had our fair share of parkrun tourists, with runners from Jersey to Sydney visiting our parkrun.

Looking through the results, there were 4 parkrunners reaching milestone markers – 

Dominic BLYTHE and Paul WHELPTON - 100 runs

Steve COURT and Julie HEALY – 200 runs

Congratulations to you all.

As ever, our event wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers. This week’s high-viz superstars were -

Shawn BUCK, James CORNFORD, Dorian COTTAM, Llewellyn CURTIS, Finlay DERRY, John P DOHERTY, Lisa ELBOURNE, Darragh FINN, Claire GILES, Sam HARWOOD, Peter HARWOOD, Amy HAUSDOERFER, Edie HIBBERD, Jessamy HIBBERD, Max HIBBERD, Deborah HILLIER, Chris HIRT, Carsten HIRT, Michael HOWARD, Matthew LUI, Joel Adam LUSCOMBE, Kelvin MACDONALD, Freya MAINPRIZE, Ruth MAUGHAN, Craig MILNE, Brian RUSSELL, Tegan SCHAFER, Helen STAFFORD, Ruaridh STAFFORD, Mark STEPHENSON, Hannah SWAN, Lisa Catherine SWAN, Robert TURNER, Caroline WOOD

So onto the this week’s chart and the 1,2,3 for the Ladies & Gents - 

Paula BLACKLEDGE 20:14, Kelly TINGEY-RUSSELL 20:58, Mel ENGLISH 21:16

William CORK 16:22, Richard NERURKAR 17:11, Benn POMFRETT 17:59

And last, but no means least, a message for one of our Core Team Members, Karen CLINTON.  Karen did herself a mischief whilst running the Cambridge Half Marathon and is currently recuperating, feet up, at home.  Get well soon Karen - wishing you a speedy recovery and enjoy the boxsets!

Until next time have a great running week everyone.