Event 646

The turbocharged parkrun
Ah, what to report this week? Well mainly that it was great to see 488 of you arriving in time to run, walk, jog, stroll, buggy-push, dog-pull, hop, skip, jump, cartwheel (ok, I made that last bit up) around the beautiful 5k that constitutes our parkrun. Well done, you wonderful athletes, and especially well done to those of you who poked your head above the duvet and thought “should I bother? before hauling yourself up, downing your cuppa or your energy drink or whatever is your thing, and getting on down to where it’s all at on a Saturday morning – Brighton & Hove’s very own parkrun!

I wondered about you 488 runners, walkers, joggers, strollers, buggy-pushers, dog-pullers, hoppers, skippers, jumpers, cartwheelers and wanted to find out more, so I put “488” into Professor Google to see what she had to say – and all became clear. It turns out that Ferrari has a super-fancy low-slung supercar called the 488 Pista which gave me some insight into how truly impressive you 488 are. The first clue to your running, walking, jogging, etc. prowess is in the name …. Pista is an Italian word meaning track, course, runway, speedway. Secondly, I found that you are also “ultra-focused, track ready, turbocharged, guided by aerodynamics, agile, responsive, with fast lap times, passion on the track, totally geared towards performance” and that you “go from zero to 62.5mph in 2.85 seconds, and lap the track in 1 minute 21 seconds” … which explains how you all managed to get to the end with such speed and elegance. Unfortunately, I also discovered that you have “no luxuries, a low centre of gravity, a shortened nose, and hot air directed to the underbody” which doesn’t sound so appealing, but you’ve clearly not let it get in your way.

A big thank you goes to today’s volunteers who made the run possible. They were:
John P DOHERTY • Paul RAWLINSON • Nigel SARJUDEEN • Steve SCOTT • Caroline WOOD • Mark STEPHENSON • Peter GOLTON • Bernadette KIRRANE • Cliff EVANS • Tracy Caroline EATON • Joanna HOLLAND • Andrea Elizabeth POTTER • Gary TIMMS • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Derek RAVEN • Fred DICKINSON • Darcy WHITE • Keavey DOYLE • Max PRESCOTT • Henry COPPARD • Finley KAYE • Matthew ROCKWELL WOLF • Xander TAI • Katie GUNNELL • David GUNNELL • Leigh SANDERS • Freya MAINPRIZE • Toby PRUCE • Olivia PAVLIDES • Milo HODLER • Joseph HOLLAND • Daniel HOLLAND • Marie GILL • Konstantinos MYTAFIDIS • Xiang CHEUNG

A few of you passed notable milestones today. Helen Page completed her 200th parkrun today, while the figure for Matt Wingfield was 150. Amaliya Coburn, Mike Miller, and Robin Fegan each hit their 100th, and joining the 50 club today were Uros Marolt, David Butler and Tony Denman. Big congratulations to each of you for showing such commitment to running and to parkrun.

The highest age-gradings today were at the front of the pack: the first two finishers,Ross Brocklehurst and Ferdie Parsons, each got PBs, and achieved age-gradings of 80% and 82% respectively. A further 67 of today’s runners also achieved that New PB! symbol which is always a great start to a weekend. Well done, all of you, and best of luck as you start the chase to shave off those seconds - or milliseconds - for your next PB.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Bye for now, and see you next week for your next parkrun fix.
Bernie Kirrane