Event #647 – Dennis the Menace

Earlier in the week it looked like we could be cancelling due to the imminent storm. Luckily however, Dennis was a bit late arriving, so although it was a bit breezy, the rain stayed away and we were able to go ahead. This was fortunate given that several nearby parkruns had been cancelled for obvious reasons. John gave a good runners briefing under difficult circumstances given that our megaphone had gone missing! Even more reason to stay quiet and listen.

A special mention goes to Jim and Helen Braithwaite, Run Directors from Northampton, who were on holiday in Brighton and gave up their lie-in to come and volunteer. They did a fantastic job being time keepers – thanks very much, hope you enjoyed your break (despite the weather) and please do come again. The other brilliant volunteers are listed here:

Ali Lewis, Alison Porges, Andrew Brooks, Bernie Kiranne, Brian Russell, Cheryl Costello, Cliff Evans, Dave Harvey, Derek Raven, Finley Kaye, Fred Dickinson, Henry Coppard, John Doherty, Karen Clinton, Konstantinos Mytafidis, Matthew Rockwell Wolf, Max Prescott, Michael Howard, Milo Hodler, Nigel Sarjudeen, Olivia Pavlides, Paul Rawlinson, Toby Pruce and Tracy Eaton.

We welcomed 583 people this week, swelled by several regulars from Hove Prom!! First male this week was Toby Meanwell (Lewes AC) in 16.13, followed by Graham Godden (Run Academy Worthing) in 17.24 and Stuart Mills (Charles Derby Vitality Club) in 17.32.

First female home was Martha Coyle (Brighton and Hove City AC) in 18.56, followed by Sophie Coleman (Arena AC) in 19.26 and Chelsey Hallam (Brighton Phoenix) in 19.47 (plus a new PB!).

Eight of you completed your first parkrun and there were several noticeable milestones this week – Kate Turnbull did her 50th run, and Barry Pearson, Paul Hughes and Stefanie Ransley all did their 100th runs. Well done all of you – looking forward to seeing you in your new milestone t-shirts very soon. An amazing 80 runners achieved a new PB too!!

As you know, we had an incident where a runner fell near the playground. They were quickly attended to by some of the Core Team and some doctors and nurses. Luckily the ambulance arrived quickly and they were taken to hospital. The good news is that they are now well and left hospital the same day. I would like to thank all the medical staff who selflessly stopped half way through their run to help and to all the Core Team volunteering on Saturday for staying calm under the pressure. the community spirit is one thing that makes parkrun such an amazing weekly event. The person involved has given their permission to mention this and also sends their thanks to everyone who helped them.

We had a special guest on Saturday too – Rosie Swale-Pope stopped off at Hove Park for a quick 5K run before heading back to Istanbul. At an inspirational age of 73, Rosie is running from the UK to Kathmandu in Nepal and has already reached Istanbul, but was back in the UK for a break. Go Rosie!!! It was lovely to meet you.

That just leaves me to thank everyone for coming on Saturday and hope that the weather starts to get better soon,