Brighton & Hove parkrun
Event number 602
13th April 2019

The Brighton weekend of running got off to a flying start at Hove Park this week with 433 people running, jogging and walking the course. 62 new runners joined us for the first time including a number of families including Karin & Will Anjos and Elle & Bella Laird.
An impressive 70 people recorded new Personal Bests – congratulations to you all, but particularly to Henry Miller who came home in 1st position shaving 26 seconds from his previous PB.
With a number of visitors coming to participate in the Brighton 10km and Marathon we saw runners from over 27 different clubs including South Devon AC in Paignton, Ranelagh Harriers in Richmond, Leighton Fun Runners, Birmingham University and Cornelly Striders in Bridgend, South Wales.
The event was made possible by 43 volunteers; our thanks, as always, go to:

John P DOHERTY • Roy TAYLOR • Steve WOOD • Amanda WOODHAM • Bernadette KIRRANE • Christine GIBBONS • Marina BULLIVANT • Paula CHESSELL • Cheryl COSTELLO • Paul STRATTON • Tracy Caroline EATON • John BULLIVANT • Peter HARWOOD • Karen CLINTON • Ian WILDING • Michael HOWARD • David Joseph SIMMONS • Brian RUSSELL • Andrew BROOKS • Rosanna RAVEN • John ARCHER • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Sophie POWELL • Eva ADJARE • Paul TAYLOR • Linus TURNER • Richard CHESSELL • Robert TURNER • Julian ADJARE • Peter BOAKS • John ADAM • Jason STOAKLEY • Alex SAWBRIDGE • Sam HARWOOD • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Lyla ENGLAND • Joe WALKER • Daniel BOTELER • Katie HOFFELNER • Erin WILSON

Next weekend may be very tricky in terms of volunteers with the long Easter weekend and the sun threatening to shine… We are now a quarter of the way through the year; please consider helping if you haven’t found time to do so yet…

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page. The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84). The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Have a great week,


Hugh Foord: Still Breaking Records

You will have read in Lisa’s report about Hugh’s over 90 record, but you may not have realised that Hugh was actually the fastest man running at Hove Park on that Saturday. In fact, of the almost 20,000 runners that has graced our parkrun only Olympians Tim Hutchings, Andy Baddeley, Richard Nerurkar and Rob Mullett have run faster during their careers.

Hugh Foord

In 1956 Hugh won the Southern 3miles track title (see photo above) in 13:35.2 on cinders, a time equal to around 14:03 for 5000 metres or 5k. Two years later his 28:16 for 6 miles on the track equated to approx 29:16 for 10,000 metres or 10k. In 1956 he was desperately unlucky not to make the Olympic Games. The three British representatives in the 10,000 metres finished 5th, 8thand 10th. Hugh, as the next selection possibility would have been in Melbourne if he had been from any other country. Ken Norris, the runner wearing 10 in the photo was actually the 5thfinisher in the Olympics. Also in 1956 Hugh was second in the International Cross Country Championship, which at the time was mainly European, but later became the World Championship. He also appeared for Britain in several two country international track matches, plus an England appearance in the 1958 Commonwealth Games.


That covers the big stuff, but my association with Hugh starts in the same year of 1956, when as a 19 year old RAF National Service Radar Operator I had the good fortune to be posted to the RAF Truleigh Hill radar station and be billeted in Shoreham. Most of my colleagues wanted to be posted near to home. All I wanted was to be posted near to a decent athletic club. Brighton Athletic Club, as it was then, had a very strong distance section in which Hugh was a massive inspiration. Unlike many top runners today, Hugh appeared in practically everything that the club was involved in, track, road or cross-country.

He always appeared at Withdean on a Tuesday evening and dragged several of us round sessions that look pretty advanced for 60 years ago. He would potter round with us while we were running our socks off with sessions such as 6 x 880yds (800 metres) in 2:14 average, with 2 laps recovery, and 10 x 440yds (400 metres) in 69-70 secs average, with just 100metres for recovery. These were pretty light sessions for Hugh and I used to think that this was his ‘easy’ day among 6 much harder ones. I learned later that he had been out for a quick 10 miles before breakfast!


In those days road and cross country relays were more popular than nowadays and clubs ran about 10 of these events each year. There were prizes (usually domestic items) for the first 3 teams rather than medals. Hugh always ran the 4thstage. The first 3 had to do their best before Hugh scythed through the opposition to hand over in the first three, often in front. The last two (sometimes I was one of them) had to do their best to stay in the first three and go home with a table lamp, a holdall, a pair of sheets, a set of fruit bowls or something similar.


Somewhere in the early 1960s Hugh stopped running seriously to get his accountancy career established, but returned to win quality veterans events and set age group records. He has run and raced continuously ever since, as you saw on Saturday. His 80-84 record of 28:31 on the not too easy Hove Park course is particularly impressive, as is the 85-89 record of 36.52. Hugh’s aim on his 90thbirthday was to run 50 minutes or less and he did just that with a time of 49:13. So, watch this space. Next step 95-99 record?

Roy Taylor

April 2019


Brighton & Hove parkrun ‘The Big 600’ March 30th 2019

The one with significant birthdays, an age-bracket course record and glorious spring sunshine – what more could we ask for?!

Where to start?  Part of me keeps thinking back to this morning and all I can think is “WOW!”  It was a perfect spring day in Hove Park – hardly any breeze, warm sunshine (I could see runners and volunteers shedding layers left, right and centre), the blossom was looking spectacular and our friendly woodpecker was busy in the trees above us as well.

This week we celebrated our 600th run at Brighton and Hove parkrun – how lovely it was to see that chalked on the start and finish lines.  Just think, since 3rd November 2007 19,565 participants have completed 194,404 parkruns covering a total distance of 972,020 km, including 32,472 new Personal Bests.  And a total of 1,622 individuals have volunteered 13,614 times.  Give yourselves a round of applause… oh, that’s right, we did!  Well done to Run Director, Bernie Kirraine, for the epic announcements including leading us all in a chorus of ‘happy birthday’.  

Of course, we weren’t just celebrating a parkrun birthday, but also the 90th birthday of a running legend.  “Oh in the past I would have done it in about 14 minutes, and I’m hoping to do about 50 minutes now” – Hugh Foord.  How many of us could even imagine making such a statement on our 90th birthday?  But Hugh did indeed complete 5k this morning in 49:13 and proudly wearing his Brighton and Hove City AC vest too.  Obviously, Hugh is awesome and I could fill this report with his many incredible achievements.  However, I’m going to leave that to another legend – Roy Taylor – who is providing a special supplementary report this week.  But from me and all the core team: a very happy birthday, Hugh, and congratulations on setting the course record for VM90-94!

Earlier this week we heard the sad news that John Henry Ramsden passed away, aged 86.  Many Brighton and Hove runners will remember John, who was a regular at Hove Park before joining parkrunners on Hove Prom in more recent years – achieving a total of 307 parkruns.  John was a fan of milestones, for instance he did 40 miles for his 40th birthday, 50 miles for his 50th birthday, 60 miles for his 60th and wait for it...700 miles for his 70th birthday!  You can read more about John by clicking on this link:

This morning 524 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 54 were first timers and 76 recorded new Personal Bests.  Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

Of course, massive thanks to our cheery band of volunteers – we couldn’t have done it without you:

John P DOHERTY • Richard A CARTER • Claudia MARSH • Nigel SARJUDEEN • Bernadette KIRRANE • Cliff EVANS • Susie LLEWELYN • Paula CHESSELL • Mary Teresa O'ROURKE • Joan LENNON • Michael HOWARD • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Debbie DILLON • Amy HAUSDOERFER • John ELBOURNE • Kirstine Marie CARBIS • Simon PORGES • Lisa ATKINS • Richard CHESSELL • Toby SIMPKIN • Daniel PORGES • James CORNFORD • Lisa ELBOURNE • Finlay DERRY • Yao HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Katie HOFFELNER • Louis MAURICE • Ben CLIFFORD • Llewellyn CURTIS • Tegan SCHAFER • Simon LLEWELYN • Judy EATON • Julia BERTENSHAW

For today's full results and a complete event history please see the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

But in the meantime, until next Saturday, keeeep running!

Lisa Elbourne


Brighton & Hove parkrun #599 March 23rd 2019


Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough,

And stands about the woodland ride

Wearing white for Eastertide.

Now, of my threescore years and ten,

Twenty will not come again,

And take from seventy springs a score,

It only leaves me fifty more.

And since to look at things in bloom

Fifty springs are little room,

About the woodlands I will go

To see the cherry hung with snow.

Spring was definitely in the air with benign temperatures as 435 runners gathered at the start in bright late March sunshine – but I couldn’t encapsulate it any better than A. E. Housman’s beautiful 1896 poem above.  

I thought this would be the perfect tribute to one of the parkrun family, and a former Hove Park regular, John Henry Ramsden who passed away this week at the age of 86.  Mostly due to his advancing years, he most recently ran on the easier (if it’s not too windy, that is!) Hove Promenade course, but 225 of his 307 parkruns were at Hove Park.  John’s parkrun journey started on 26th July 2008, and his last run was on 10th February 2018.  He perfectly embodied the parkrun ethos; always friendly, smiling, courteous, and hugely supportive of other runners.  John also volunteered his services on 56 occasions.  Whilst he will be greatly missed by us all, he will be fondly remembered as a ’real gentleman’ – and I’m sure my parkrun committee members will pay their own tribute to John before our 600th run next Saturday.

We had perfect calm conditions for running this week.  There were 26 new runners to Hove Park, of whom 12 were parkrun ‘virgins’.  I hope you enjoyed it and that you will become regulars – either here or at any of the multitude of parkruns around the world.  Spring must have been in everyone’s step too, as an amazing 58 PBs were recorded – that’s over 13% of all participants!  Local athletics club Portslade Hedgehoppers were out in force for their Super Series races with 25 members taking the field.

Our splendid team of volunteers this week – without whom parkrun couldn’t happen – were:

Amy HAUSDOERFER  •  Andrew THOMPSON  •  Brian RUSSELL  •  Brigitte GROVES  •  Carol TITCHENER  •  Claire GILES  •  Daniel PORGES  •  Dorian COTTAM  •  Finlay DERRY  •  Freya MAINPRIZE  •  Helen PIERPOINT  •  James CORNFORD  •  Joan LENNON  •  Joel Adam LUSCOMBE  •  John CHALLEN  •  John P DOHERTY  •  Llewellyn CURTIS  •  Lucy HARDING  •  Michael HOWARD  •  Michele SAUNDERS  •  Paula CHESSELL  •  Phil DIXON  •  Richard CHESSELL  •  Richard STADDEN  •  Sean GIBSON  •  Shawn BUCK  •  Simon PORGES  •  Stewart GREGORY  •  Sylvia TAYLOR  •  Tegan SCHAFER  •  Tracy Caroline EATON

Many thanks to you all!

Now onto the ‘scores on the doors’.  For the women it was Hedgehopper Geraldine Moffat (VW55-59) who took the spoils with a PB in 19.46, going sub-20 minutes for the first time at Hove Park, shaving an impressive 56 seconds off her previous fastest time of 20.42 set in May 2018.  Then it was Tori Miller (SM25-29) setting another PB of 19.51 bettering her hitherto fastest time of 20.50 by 59 seconds; followed by Kelly Tingley-Russell (SM30-34) in 20.27.  Amongst the men Tim Lodge (SM25-29) of Arena 80 AC was first finisher with another PB – an almost two-minute improvement to finish in a fast 16.54; who was hotly pursued by Oliver Hamson (SM25-29) with another PB on 17.01; and Luke Hunt (VM40-44) of Harrow AC in north-west London finishing in 17.14.

On the age-grading front it was the aforementioned Geraldine Moffat recording an impressive 90.39%; then another Hedgehopper, Stewart Gregory (VM50-54) with 86.31%; and Penny Retter (VW70-74) on 86.19% - and achieving a PB time of 27.38 to boot!

Finally; we welcomed a fair sprinkling of visitors from far and wide.  Amongst these we had Stephen Howard (VM55-59) of Ely Runners whose home run is in Cambridge; Andrew Thompson (VM45-49) from northern Ireland who often strides out at Waterworks parkrun in Belfast – but has run at over 100 other venues!  Lucy Booth (VW45-49), a regular at Portsmouth Lakeside (but has run at over 50 other courses); and Catherine Radford (VM55-59) who hails from Tilgate parkrun, but is often seen in the New Forest at either Brockenhurst or Lymington parkruns.

That’s all for another week.  See you all again soon – and happy running!

Shawn Buck



Brighton & Hove parkun #598 March 16th 2019

This is the unique run where we allow the parkrunners to circle the Hove Park in a clockwise direction. This gives the participants 3 nice long downhill stints with 'only' a short uphill section (*2) at the North of the course. Running it in the reverse, the opposite, direction is a nod to my Irishness, having been born in Dublin and still holding a Green passport, something that has recently become prized possession with the political situation as it is at the moment (No mention of the B word!).

I shall start with the most valued members of the massing throng -

The Volunteers. Each week we invite volunteers with surnames starting with varying letters of the alphabet, working through the whole 26 choices. This week the Letters invited were 'N' and 'O'. Each week it does illicit varying amount oF volunteers with the requisite Initial Letter. This week the uptake was not so strong but significantly the one 'O' to volunteer was a certain Diarmuid(Dee) O'Hare - very appropriate for our 'IRISH' run. Here are the all the volunteers -

Ann Eke •  John ADAM  • Calum SALMONS •  Carol KENNEDY •  Diamuid (Dee) O'HARE•  Dorian COTTAM  •  Finlay DERRY  •  Freya MAINPRIZE   •  Graeme POULTON •  Jo Jo TAYLOR • Joel Adam LUSCOMBE  •  John P DOHERTY  •  Judy POULTON •  Llewellyn CURTIS  •  Lucy HARDING •  Michael HOWARD  •   Paul STRATTON  • Paula CHESSELL  • Peter GOLTON •  Peter Harwood •  Richard CARTER •  Richard CHESSELL  • Ronan DOYLE • Sam HARWOOD •  Sarah BAGG •  Simon WILLIAMS •  Stepfanie HINTZE •  Tracy Caroline EATON

Along with Dee we had quite a multitude of Green wearing parkrunners. There were  31 runners that qualified for the 250 club that could of worn their green 250 shirts. No Pats running but a couple of TIm's ! Looking over to my home country I see the parkrun family started in 2010 in  N Ireland and 2012 in Eire and now has over 100 events taking part each week. I did visit St Anne Wells Garden in Dublin and, as you would expect, a very friendly welcome was received and the vibe was typically parkrun.

This week we welcomed tourists from Birmingham, Bristol, Aldershot, Norwich, Newcastle and from a Lonely Goat (apparently an Online club). The parkrun spreads out all over.

In keeping with the green theme the first runner home (with a barcode!) was a Brighton & Hove youngster originating from Tipperary - Well done Kevin Moore. There were 482 finishers this week.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the following link

Mislaid Barcodes
We have in our possession various laminated and plastic card versions of the valuable BARCODES
If the following would like to reclaim their missing version please see one of the management on Saturday morning.
A390890  Corrina SAFEIO;  A1889763 Ronnie SMITH ; A1931008 Gary ETTRIDGE and finally A39026 Joy DOBBS.
Well I hope you enjoyed the Irish run in the opposite direction and look forward to our 600th parkrun in a few weeks.
John Doc

Brighton & Hove parkrun #597 March 9th 2019

Beware the Winds of March….

The Brighton Half Marathon already seems like a distant memory – a weekend where we were blessed with clear skies, sunshine and a fairly gentle breeze. Compare that to the weather god’s offering of a dreich looking sky as we opened our curtains to the world on Saturday morning.  The westerly wind was in attendance at Hove Park, albeit without its barcode, along with 454 of you lined up at the start, ready to battle the elements.  

We had 18 runners attending their first ever parkrun – welcome to the parkrun family. We also had our fair share of parkrun tourists, with runners from Jersey to Sydney visiting our parkrun.

Looking through the results, there were 4 parkrunners reaching milestone markers – 

Dominic BLYTHE and Paul WHELPTON - 100 runs

Steve COURT and Julie HEALY – 200 runs

Congratulations to you all.

As ever, our event wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers. This week’s high-viz superstars were -

Shawn BUCK, James CORNFORD, Dorian COTTAM, Llewellyn CURTIS, Finlay DERRY, John P DOHERTY, Lisa ELBOURNE, Darragh FINN, Claire GILES, Sam HARWOOD, Peter HARWOOD, Amy HAUSDOERFER, Edie HIBBERD, Jessamy HIBBERD, Max HIBBERD, Deborah HILLIER, Chris HIRT, Carsten HIRT, Michael HOWARD, Matthew LUI, Joel Adam LUSCOMBE, Kelvin MACDONALD, Freya MAINPRIZE, Ruth MAUGHAN, Craig MILNE, Brian RUSSELL, Tegan SCHAFER, Helen STAFFORD, Ruaridh STAFFORD, Mark STEPHENSON, Hannah SWAN, Lisa Catherine SWAN, Robert TURNER, Caroline WOOD

So onto the this week’s chart and the 1,2,3 for the Ladies & Gents - 

Paula BLACKLEDGE 20:14, Kelly TINGEY-RUSSELL 20:58, Mel ENGLISH 21:16

William CORK 16:22, Richard NERURKAR 17:11, Benn POMFRETT 17:59

And last, but no means least, a message for one of our Core Team Members, Karen CLINTON.  Karen did herself a mischief whilst running the Cambridge Half Marathon and is currently recuperating, feet up, at home.  Get well soon Karen - wishing you a speedy recovery and enjoy the boxsets!

Until next time have a great running week everyone.



Brighton and Hove parkrun # 596

I think I chose the wrong week to be the Run Director with Claire!! Last week we had glorious weather and this week we got a wet, soggy morning but it didn't deter 453 people turning up!!

It was lovely to meet some of the 17 first timers before the run started and there were lots of questions regarding when to scan your barcode and how the times are worked out. I hope we managed to answer your questions. The weather didn't stop 66 of you getting PB's (including the first 3 home) this week – that works out as nearly 15% of you running faster than ever before!!.

Milestones this week were achieved by Andy Paterson from Arena 80 AC who has now completed 250 parkruns, Paul Smith who has now completed 100 parkruns and Rebecca Smith, Ali Willmore from Hove Hornets and Stephen King from Brighton & Hove FrontRunners all of whom have now completed 50 parkruns. Tigerliliy Baldwin and Oliver Barrows both achieved their 10th runs as juniors, with Oliver getting a new PB too. Well done to all of you!! Next week it looks like there could be 5 more milestones so if you'd like a mention during the run briefing please see the Run Director.

The first three home were Timmy Gedin from Arena 80 AC in 16.19, James Oliver from Brighton & Hove City AC in 17.22 and Matthew Berridge from Brighton Phoenix AC in 17.43 – well done guys, especially since you ALL got new PB's!! The first three women home were Sophie Coleman from Brighton Phoenix who came 10th in 18.55, Emily Budd from Brighton Phoenix who came 38th in 21.12 and Lorraine Hale from Arena 80 AC who came 45th in 21.45 – well done ladies!! Last but not least I'd like to mention the first 3 juniors home. Daniel Simpkin from Brighton Phoenix came 6th in 18.26, Leon Beale came 8th in 18.53 and Alex Thorn came 73rd in 22.47 – brilliant running!

39 people were unknown – either you forgot your barcode or haven't yet registered. It's free to register and means that you can work your way towards your free milestone shirts. Even if you don't have your barcode please collect a finish token – otherwise it messes up the results and takes the volunteers longer to get the results out! Please also remember to stay in line once over the finish line.

Last but not least I'd like to thank all the volunteers, without whom we wouldn't be able to go ahead each week:

Alison Porges, Amy Hausdoerfer, Andrew Brooks, Angela L Robinson, Ben Clifford, Brian Russell, Calum Salmons, Charlie Berlanga, Claire Giles, Derek Raven, Finlay Derry, Freya Mainprize, Ian Highland, Jane Roweth, John P Doherty, Kian Doyle, Llewellyn Curtis, Louis Maurice, Marina Bullivant, Mark Halls, Michael Howard, Paula Chessell, Peter Harwood, Phil Dixon, Richard Chessell, Rick Evans, Ronan Doyle, Ruth Farnell, Sam Harwood, Sarah Ann Hamilton, Sophia Hunnisett, Tegan Schafer, Toby Simpkin, Tracy Caroline Eaton, Valerie Poole.

Hope to see you all next week.



Sunny parkrun no 595, 23 Feb 2019

Today was one of those glorious spring mornings that make you glad to be alive.  When I left home in Steyning (about 7:30am) it was 4 degrees and very foggy, it felt really damp and cold and I worried that I hadn’t put enough layers on. But by the time I got past the Adur Valley and on the road to Hove Park, the sun was breaking through, the fog had lifted and the temperature had rocketed up to 9 degrees. And so began our morning at Hove Park. It was spectacular with many runners out in shorts and T-shirts. It’s not the kind of weather you expect on the 23rdof February but we weren’t complaining. Caroline spotted a tree creeper under the eaves of the toilet block and the woodpecker was busily hammering away in one of the tall trees near the finish. Daffs and crocuses are out, the sun shone and it was SO bright and sunny in the café after the run that we struggled to see the screen on the laptop while processing the results. What a good thing to complain about.

The run went smoothly with Caroline giving the pre-run briefing in a timely manner so we could have a prompt start. We had lots of visitors (partly because of Brighton Half Marathon the following day) including a lovely couple from London who will, I hope, come and run with us again when they are down this way (they visit Brighton regularly). I didn’t get their names (but from looking at the results I think I worked out she was Diane Sharrier, from Valentine’s parkrun) - she started running parkrun last summer and so far has only done her home parkrun in London. Her partner runs too but has yet to sign up officially to parkrun so I tried my best to persuade him to get himself a barcode. He says he’s not a runner really but I explained that you don’t have to be a ‘real’ runner to take part in parkrun, and everyone is welcome regardless of speed or fitness.

We had no really big milestones today apart from Junior Oliver Barrows reaching his 10th run. Well done Oliver. Lisa Atkins also reached her 200thrun (sadly there is no T-shirt for 200 but that’s a great achievement Lisa). However next week Steve Scott reaches 300 runs (no T-shirt), Andy Paterson will reach 250, and Yian Solomon of Lancing Eagles, Alli Willmore of Hove Hornets and Stephen King of Brighton and Hove FrontRunners will all reach 50 runs. Hopefully we’ll see you all next week.

Our first lady finisher today was the very speedy visitor, Heather Noone from Woodbridge Shufflers RRC. It was also her first ever parkrun and she followed that by coming a very respectable 6th female finisher in Sunday’s Brighton Half Marathon (1:22:28).

This week’s event was made possible by 49 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Mark HALLS • Nigel SARJUDEEN • Caroline WOOD • Mark STEPHENSON • Steve WOOD • Peter GOLTON • Susie LLEWELYN • Sean GIBSON • David KEMP • Tracy Caroline EATON • Gareth WHITE • Joan LENNON • Peter JOHNSTONE • Steve WALKER • Michael HOWARD • Claire GILES • Julie MCGUINNESS • Brian RUSSELL • Colin KNIGHT • Kevin WALKER • David MASKELL • Michelle BLACKWELL • Rosanna RAVEN • Carol KENNEDY • Kevin DAY • Georgie ANDERSON • Carmel O'MALLEY • Kayleigh MOAKES • Sarah BURNETT • Richard CHESSELL • Shawn BUCK • Toby SIMPKIN • Chris COULL • Lisa ELBOURNE • Harry RANSLEY • Clare EVERETT • Debbie SAINT • Jessamy HIBBERD • Guy TIPTON • Ben BROOKE-TAYLOR • Simeon MILES • Matthew KING • Leigh SANDERS • Mike MILLER • Ed RICHARDSON • Calum SALMONS • Llewellyn CURTIS • Tegan SCHAFER

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

This week 400 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 52 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 19,390 participants have completed 192,056 parkruns covering a total distance of 960,280 km, including 32,168 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,608 individuals have volunteered 13,451 times.

Enjoy this week of lovely weather and see you back at Hove Park very soon.



Brighton& Hove parkrun #593, 9th Feb 2019

Having been a parkrun tourist for quite some time now, there have been a cluster of parkruns I’ve wanted to ‘strike off’ for a good number of months, all lying in a concentrated area within the boundaries of Brighton city centre.

During the past few weeks, including today, I’ve completed three of the five Brighton based parkruns, leaving just two to fulfil, Preston Park and East Brighton. On January 19th, my fellow tourist, Matthew HANLON, and I visited Bevendean Down, where I achieved my best ever finishing place of 4th, along with my second ever 1st in age category. Last weekend, another fellow tourist, Neil GODDARD, joined me to visit Hove Promenade, so it only seemed right to visit Brighton and Hove this morning.
Unfortunately, Matthew couldn’t make it so it was with Neil that I set off from the Havant area at around 07:20, to make sure we arrived in good time at Hove Park.

Today’s trip, despite there being no post code stated on the official Brighton and Hove parkrun website, was stress-free, with a journey time of about an hour. There were ample places to park along Goldstone Crescent, all of which allow three hours of parking with no return in an hour. We headed towards to the Park, safe in the knowledge we’d be finished within the requisite three hours. For peace of mind, we asked several people whether we were in the right spot. Reassured, we made our way down to the start and did the usual half a mile warm-up along some of the course. Every single marshal we came in to contact with was exceptionally helpful and friendly. We quickly realised that their years of experience showed, after all, Brighton and Hove parkrun was the sixth ever parkrun to start. Today was their 593th event with slightly spooky 493 participants —if only it had been 593 participants! More about spookiness later...

Hove Park, where Brighton and Hove parkrun is held, is a public park covering 40 acres.
Facilities within the park include a fenced-off playground, a football pitch, a basketball court, a climbing boulder and several tennis courts. A paved path, approximately 1.89km in length, is the main route of the parkrun and is often used by walkers, dog walkers and runners, outside of the free, weekly, timed 5km parkrun which takes place every Saturday at 09:00. There are also several paved paths that traverse sections of the park at various points, one of which, affectionately known as, ‘Wiggly Path to Finish Go Go Go’, is part of the first smaller loop of the parkrun.

In addition to some of the interesting facts I’ve already mentioned; Premier League’s Brighton and Hove Albion’s traditional home, the Goldstone Ground, once stood on Old Shoreham Road, opposite Hove Park, up until being demolished in the late 1990s. Its two biggest claims to fame (if you’re a general sports fan) was that on the 23rd September 1992, David Beckham made his professional début, coming on as a substitute for Manchester United in a League Cup second round tie. The other claim is that the ground hosted some of the football matches for the 1948 Olympic Games.
In the southwest corner of Hove Park lies a rock called The Goldstone (hence the name of Brighton and Hove Albion’s former football ground). Legend has it that the devil threw the 20-ton rock there while excavating Devil’s Dyke, a 100m deep V-shaped valley on the South Downs Way. Towards the north of the Park is a sculpture by environmentalist artist, Chris Drury, called
Fingermaze; a labyrinth-like design based on a fingerprint which consists of stones set into the turf. By now, you’re probably thinking how can so much be crammed into what would appear to be a small space? The answer? Everything within is brilliantly set out... I may as well quickly mention the 2,000ft long miniature railway which operates on occasional weekends and bank holidays throughout spring, summer and autumn, which is run by the Brighton and Hove Society of Miniature Locomotive Engineers!

On to today’s parkrun... I’ve already mentioned it was event #593 and that 493 people ran,
jogged or walked the course, and what a fantastic course it is. It ‘flows’ throughout the course, no sharp turns, no out and backs and it has plenty of space to accommodate a high volume of runners. Many of today’s 33 volunteers braved the remnants of Storm Erik, encouraging everyone who was taking part. It’s always essential to thank every single one of them, after all, some are forsaking a run for our benefit. Despite the fact that many parkrunners within the month of January may well have been sticking to a New Year’s Resolution, today’s parkrun still saw 49 first timers, 16 of which were running
their first ever parkrun. That’s a phenomenal figure for this time of year, so a huge well done and welcome to the parkrun family!

Statistics today saw Adam Oliver WHITMEE cross the line as first male finisher in a time of 17:50, recording a new PB in the process. Bethan MALE was first female finisher, also gaining a new PB in a time of 19:43, so a massive well done to the both of you. Huge congratulations go to both Kevin WALKER and Gordon LUNAN for hitting the 50 parkruns milestone. For any of you who have begun to stalk my run reports, you’ll know that I always include other notable finish times, so here they are... Mark STEPHENSON finished in a perfectly rounded 22:22, whereas Zoe OAKMAN finished in an aesthetically pleasing 29:29 as did Natasha WALKER in 34:34 and Yao HU in 48:48. There were a handful of palindromic finish times too... both Alexandra SUTTON and John ELBOURNE in 30:03 and Richard A CARTER in 34:43.
Once Neil and I had finished our spot of tourism, we headed off to Hove Park Café for a hot drink. It has to be the trendiest post-parkrun café I’ve ever visited... even though I have experienced ‘The Bevy’, an excellent community-run pub which has become part of the Bevendean Down parkrun culture in Brighton. Hove Park Café serves a huge array of sweet and savoury snacks, a plethora of hot drinks and a multitude of healthy alternative food, including (so as not to be gender specific) gingerbread people. I must also mention the the fantastic plastic figure of Godzilla devouring a felt-made Pink Panther, which stands on top of the counters as you walk in, coupled with the magnificent helping of ambient dance music pounding within the café.
Finally, I mentioned spooky earlier... and a lot of today’s statistics, particularly mine, were
spooky... today was my 69th different event... there were 69 PBs recorded at today’s parkrun. Last week, at Hove Promenade, I finished in a time of 23:23, in 85th place overall and was 10th in my age category. Today, I finished in a time of 23:22, in 84th place and was 9th in my age category. You may have suggested that I should have bought at least one Lottery ticket tonight. I would have done, only I wanted to write this Run Report, so I’ll never know whether my spooky luck would have continued!


Brighton & Hove parkrun 

Event number 591

26th January 2019

New Year’s Day resolutions are still flying high and we continued to see great numbers at this week’s run. A glorious 412 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers. Despite pretty damp and chilly conditions, 55 people recorded new Personal Bests including Emma Navesey, who was the first woman home shaving a further 14 seconds off her time to achieve an extremely impressive 18:21.

Congratulations also go to Dave Dunstall who completed the course in 18:48 taking just 2 seconds off his PB but racing home with an age-rating of 83.16%. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part and we welcomed Sarah Lloyd from Wakefield Triathlon Club, David Lewis from Newport Harriers and Rebecca Dunnell from the inimitable Mornington Chasers – a running club created in 1986 by post-office workers in the sorting office in Camden!

The event was made possible by 32 volunteers who are all worth their weight in gold. Without them, the run would simply not take place! Please take time to thank at least one marshal next week, particularly some of the younger marshals who are volunteering to complete their Duke of Edinburgh award. They would really appreciate it!

Thank you to John P DOHERTY • Neil WALFORD • Kevin BUSH • Mark STEPHENSON • Bernadette KIRRANE • Tracy Caroline EATON • Joan LENNON • Peter HARWOOD • Karen CLINTON • Ian WILDING • Brian RUSSELL • Michelle BLACKWELL • Kian DOYLE • Ronan DOYLE • Carol KENNEDY • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Linus TURNER • Toby SIMPKIN • Charlie BERLANGA • Leo BERLANGA • Daniel PORGES • Finlay DERRY • Sam HARWOOD • Julie ZHU • Yao HU • Freya MAINPRIZE • Katie HOFFELNER • Louis MAURICE • Ben CLIFFORD • Llewellyn CURTIS • Tegan SCHAFER

Without wanting to sound too ‘health and safety’, given that a large number of people are currently suffering with coughs and colds, could we please ask that if you need to ‘get rid of some excess mucus’, (i.e. spit!) on the way round the course, can you please, please, PLEASE step onto the grass to do so. In the last couple of weeks, there have been a number of near-misses, including myself trying to dodge flying spit with the runner being completely unaware. Thank you!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84). The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528). The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Have a good week running and remember to dig out hats and gloves for next week’s run – it’s going to be chilly.


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