Brighton & Hove parkrun – Non parkrun report – #lockdown June 6th 2020


We are still here... looking forward to seeing you all soon ish....


So, today is week 12 of no parkrun L how are you all doing? what have you all been up to - to keep yourself fit, well, out of mischief! But more importantly keeping your mental health positive in these very strange and unprecedented times?

I know I (Claire) haven’t posted to our FB pages for a while, but also follow us on Twitter @brightonparkrun   I just wanted a personal break from social media for a mo, and normal services will resumes sometime soon :)

Please feel free to post on our pages, all your runs, walks, jogs, any training you are doing as it’s great to hear from you all. I follow some of you on Strava so I can see you have been running and being creative with your new parkrun home events!!! :)  as have I...

Just to say the Core Team have been virtually catching up over a coffee/chat over Zoom, infact we have a meet up this morning – prob around the time we are usually in the cafe processing the results!!

I just wanted to write this, as I don’t want you to feel we aren’t thinking of you all because we are, and we are all missing parkrun...

We are so looking forward to seeing you all face to face – whatever that how / may look like and when we can..

So keep positive, smiling, keep running, walking, jogging and achieving..

Stay safe, alert, social distance, and see you when we can :)

Lots of virtual hugs

Claire and the Core Team x





Saturday is parkrunday – but just temporary it isn’t… April 2nd 2020


Feeling lost without parkrun......... 

So, if you are anything like me you are missing parkrun, seeing your friends, enjoying banter, and catching up after the week you have had.

You enjoy running/walking, jogging, (or all three in one!) around Hove Park 2.5 laps round, playing cat and mouse with each other, aiming to beat your PB from the previous time, crossing that finish line, hitting stop and save, (obviously keeping moving, and staying in your positions in the finish funnel), getting your token and scanning them..

Just for now, as you know events have been cancelled, until the Government have given us all the go ahead to be able to start again.. We are all in this together, staying at home, saving lives, and helping the NHS. Coronavirus (Covid 19) is serious and it is happening. We just don’t know how things, our lives will be affected in the future after this...

This Saturday will be week 3, we have not had parkrun.. it is weird and probably feels like it did before parkrun started.. if you can think what you used to do on a Saturday morning - I can't... #habits.

The Core Team can’t wait to see you all again, – that’s going to be one exciting Saturday!!! #DFYB

So,keep well, active, and safe..

Let us know what you are doing to keep yourself active..

See you soonish – we will be back and hope you will be too :)

Claire x





Run report Brighton & Hove parkrun #650

It’s all about the women: Celebrating International Women’s Day

In anticipation of International Women’s Day on 8th March, Saturday 7th March 2020 saw
parkruns around the world join in a celebration of female participation, with as many women and girls as possible encouraged to join in by walking, jogging, running, volunteering, or simply coming along to watch.

Over 400 parkrun events in the UK hosted a special day. At our own Hove Park event,
Brighton & Hove Women’s Running Club (BHWRC) staged a parkrun ‘takeover’, with many of their members running, as well as filling the majority of the volunteer roles alongside our core team members and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers. They’d also been busy baking and set up a cake stall full of tempting cakes and biscuits to sell to runners and other park users with the proceeds going to the Chestnut Tree Trust (our local children’s hospice that cares for 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-shortening conditions). Rewarding ourselves for running by eating cake afterwards is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the stall raised a grand total of £247.47 for the Chestnut Tree Trust.

It was a chilly and cloudy (but compared to recent Saturdays relatively benign) morning and 467 runners took part, of whom 185 were female.

First home was Nicholas Airey, with a time of 17.31, followed by Jacob Househam who
raced home to a PB of 18.06. But to cut to the women on this special day, the first home was Charlotte Boden, at 20.57 and Clare Pirie was second at 21.36. Very impressively, Xanthe Cox, who came in third with a PB 21.48 is in the JW11-14 category, having completed only 7 previous parkruns (and seven junior events). Many congratulations Xanthe, we look forward to hopefully seeing you run with us again many more times in the future.

A family affair


In another special first-time achievement, three generations of the Jackson family women ran together. For Elizabeth Jackson (JW10), who has run over 50 junior parkruns, this was her first senior event. She ran alongside her mum, Cath, and granny Mary who was taking part for the first time ever in any parkrun. Congratulations Mary, not just for being such a good sport and getting involved, but also for coming in first in your age category (VW75 – 79). Go girls!

Forty-four of this week’s participants were first time park runners, of whom two thirds were female.

Note for next year: If every (or even most) females who ran this week had brought along a
female friend, the number of women participants would have outnumbered the men. Game on?

With hearty thanks to this week’s volunteers: Dawn ALBERY, Sarah ARJUN, Sharon

Lucille Weinberger


Run report Brighton & Hove parkrun 649

The one where you should have popped the question
Well done, all 388 of you who this week ran, jogged and walked the course here at Brighton & Hove, thereby contributing to parkrun history at this, our first ever 29th February parkrun.   If you were planning to propose to somebody at parkrun but you just forgot or you couldn’t catch up with them during the run, don’t worry, there’ll be another Saturday 29th February coming along - in 2048.  So those of you who are advanced planners, get it in your diary now, and start training for that PB.  You will, of course, have the advantage of being in an older age category, and your beloved, astounded by your extraordinary age grading, will surely say yes.

25 of you joined us as first timers today, undeterred by the threat of storm Jorge, which followed hot on the heels of Storms Ciara and Dennis.  By the way, does anyone know what happened to storms E.., F.., G.., H.., and I..?  Surely they should have joined us ahead of Jorge?



Some of today’s first timers, briefed by Run Director Shawn, and eager to get on the course

19 people recorded new Personal Bests today.  Well done, all of you, for such a splendid achievement.  One PB particular struck me today, among the frontrunners: Jade Elphick, on her 149th parkrun, smashed it today, taking over a minute and a half off her previous best time to finish in 19.26 with an age grading of 76%.

This week, the valiant volunteers who laughed in the face of Storm Jorge to bring you your parkrun fix were:

Nigel SARJUDEEN • Bernadette KIRRANE • Paula CHESSELL • David KEMP • Claire GILES • Rosanna RAVEN • Carol KENNEDY • Lucy SELWOOD • Fred DICKINSON • Joel Adam LUSCOMBE • Bernard NARESSI • Keavey DOYLE • Richard CHESSELL • Shawn BUCK • Rose LERNER • Derek RAVEN • Nick CULLISS • Janice ROCKWELL • Matthew ROCKWELL WOLF • Charlotte SIMPSON • Katie GUNNELL • Mike MILLER • Dean BIBBY • Edwyn WILSON-VERRALL • Milo HODLER • Daniel HOLLAND • Veronika SABOLOVA

It was celebration time today and a welcome to the 50 club for Fay Jones, Ian Winston and Jeremy Connor, who each completed their 50th parkrun today.  And among our junior runners, Dylan White and Amelie Parker each completed their 10th parkrun today - both Amelie and Dylan did their first parkrun in 2016, and they’ve come back to parkrun again recently, each achieving a raft of PBs along the way.    Well done, all of you, and we hope to see you soon, this time sporting your 10 or 50 t-shirt with pride, and a well-deserved sense of achievement.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Only another 1461 weeks to go until the next Saturday February 29th.  See you then.

Bernie Kirrane

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Brighton & Hove parkrun #648 22nd February 2020

The one where it was not actually raining!


Thank you all for bearing with us and being super-quiet for the pre-run announcements – it wasn’t easy without the megaphone, but Richard did an admirable job.  I’m wondering if we could hire him out for other events and parties?  Hopefully, by next Saturday we will have a new megaphone and you will be able to hear all the important info loud and clear.

This week 434 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 51 were first timers and 50 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 40 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Cathy FALL • Richard STADDEN • Christine GIBBONS • Cliff EVANS • Sean GIBSON • Paula CHESSELL • Justin DOBBS • Paul STRATTON • Kelvin MACDONALD • David KEMP • John R HARDING • Roger SMITH • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Andrew BROOKS • David MASKELL • Michelle BLACKWELL • Kevin DAY • John ELBOURNE • Richard CHESSELL • Derek RAVEN • Cal CHESTER • Lisa ELBOURNE • Vanessa KNIGHT • Ben BROOKE-TAYLOR • Alex SAWBRIDGE • Leigh SANDERS • Becky DICKINSON • Darren PRUCE • Toby PRUCE • Olivia PAVLIDES • Milo HODLER • Joseph HOLLAND • Daniel HOLLAND • Konstantinos MYTAFIDIS • Veronika SABOLOVA

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Congratulations to those celebrating milestones (in parkruns, not age) this week:

Mike Fox - 300

Lloyd Hooper and Tania Tinsley – 250

Pocket rocket of the core team Alison Porges – 200

Alexander Rawlinson and David Freestone – 150

Timothy Corbett – 100

Sophie Knight (junior runner) – 10


Well done to all who volunteered, ran and supported at the Brighton Half Marathon.

Have a flipping good time on pancake day, and we’ll see you on Saturday!


Lisa Elbourne


Event #647 – Dennis the Menace

Earlier in the week it looked like we could be cancelling due to the imminent storm. Luckily however, Dennis was a bit late arriving, so although it was a bit breezy, the rain stayed away and we were able to go ahead. This was fortunate given that several nearby parkruns had been cancelled for obvious reasons. John gave a good runners briefing under difficult circumstances given that our megaphone had gone missing! Even more reason to stay quiet and listen.

A special mention goes to Jim and Helen Braithwaite, Run Directors from Northampton, who were on holiday in Brighton and gave up their lie-in to come and volunteer. They did a fantastic job being time keepers – thanks very much, hope you enjoyed your break (despite the weather) and please do come again. The other brilliant volunteers are listed here:

Ali Lewis, Alison Porges, Andrew Brooks, Bernie Kiranne, Brian Russell, Cheryl Costello, Cliff Evans, Dave Harvey, Derek Raven, Finley Kaye, Fred Dickinson, Henry Coppard, John Doherty, Karen Clinton, Konstantinos Mytafidis, Matthew Rockwell Wolf, Max Prescott, Michael Howard, Milo Hodler, Nigel Sarjudeen, Olivia Pavlides, Paul Rawlinson, Toby Pruce and Tracy Eaton.

We welcomed 583 people this week, swelled by several regulars from Hove Prom!! First male this week was Toby Meanwell (Lewes AC) in 16.13, followed by Graham Godden (Run Academy Worthing) in 17.24 and Stuart Mills (Charles Derby Vitality Club) in 17.32.

First female home was Martha Coyle (Brighton and Hove City AC) in 18.56, followed by Sophie Coleman (Arena AC) in 19.26 and Chelsey Hallam (Brighton Phoenix) in 19.47 (plus a new PB!).

Eight of you completed your first parkrun and there were several noticeable milestones this week – Kate Turnbull did her 50th run, and Barry Pearson, Paul Hughes and Stefanie Ransley all did their 100th runs. Well done all of you – looking forward to seeing you in your new milestone t-shirts very soon. An amazing 80 runners achieved a new PB too!!

As you know, we had an incident where a runner fell near the playground. They were quickly attended to by some of the Core Team and some doctors and nurses. Luckily the ambulance arrived quickly and they were taken to hospital. The good news is that they are now well and left hospital the same day. I would like to thank all the medical staff who selflessly stopped half way through their run to help and to all the Core Team volunteering on Saturday for staying calm under the pressure. the community spirit is one thing that makes parkrun such an amazing weekly event. The person involved has given their permission to mention this and also sends their thanks to everyone who helped them.

We had a special guest on Saturday too – Rosie Swale-Pope stopped off at Hove Park for a quick 5K run before heading back to Istanbul. At an inspirational age of 73, Rosie is running from the UK to Kathmandu in Nepal and has already reached Istanbul, but was back in the UK for a break. Go Rosie!!! It was lovely to meet you.

That just leaves me to thank everyone for coming on Saturday and hope that the weather starts to get better soon,



Event 646

The turbocharged parkrun
Ah, what to report this week? Well mainly that it was great to see 488 of you arriving in time to run, walk, jog, stroll, buggy-push, dog-pull, hop, skip, jump, cartwheel (ok, I made that last bit up) around the beautiful 5k that constitutes our parkrun. Well done, you wonderful athletes, and especially well done to those of you who poked your head above the duvet and thought “should I bother? before hauling yourself up, downing your cuppa or your energy drink or whatever is your thing, and getting on down to where it’s all at on a Saturday morning – Brighton & Hove’s very own parkrun!

I wondered about you 488 runners, walkers, joggers, strollers, buggy-pushers, dog-pullers, hoppers, skippers, jumpers, cartwheelers and wanted to find out more, so I put “488” into Professor Google to see what she had to say – and all became clear. It turns out that Ferrari has a super-fancy low-slung supercar called the 488 Pista which gave me some insight into how truly impressive you 488 are. The first clue to your running, walking, jogging, etc. prowess is in the name …. Pista is an Italian word meaning track, course, runway, speedway. Secondly, I found that you are also “ultra-focused, track ready, turbocharged, guided by aerodynamics, agile, responsive, with fast lap times, passion on the track, totally geared towards performance” and that you “go from zero to 62.5mph in 2.85 seconds, and lap the track in 1 minute 21 seconds” … which explains how you all managed to get to the end with such speed and elegance. Unfortunately, I also discovered that you have “no luxuries, a low centre of gravity, a shortened nose, and hot air directed to the underbody” which doesn’t sound so appealing, but you’ve clearly not let it get in your way.

A big thank you goes to today’s volunteers who made the run possible. They were:
John P DOHERTY • Paul RAWLINSON • Nigel SARJUDEEN • Steve SCOTT • Caroline WOOD • Mark STEPHENSON • Peter GOLTON • Bernadette KIRRANE • Cliff EVANS • Tracy Caroline EATON • Joanna HOLLAND • Andrea Elizabeth POTTER • Gary TIMMS • Kevin DAY • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Derek RAVEN • Fred DICKINSON • Darcy WHITE • Keavey DOYLE • Max PRESCOTT • Henry COPPARD • Finley KAYE • Matthew ROCKWELL WOLF • Xander TAI • Katie GUNNELL • David GUNNELL • Leigh SANDERS • Freya MAINPRIZE • Toby PRUCE • Olivia PAVLIDES • Milo HODLER • Joseph HOLLAND • Daniel HOLLAND • Marie GILL • Konstantinos MYTAFIDIS • Xiang CHEUNG

A few of you passed notable milestones today. Helen Page completed her 200th parkrun today, while the figure for Matt Wingfield was 150. Amaliya Coburn, Mike Miller, and Robin Fegan each hit their 100th, and joining the 50 club today were Uros Marolt, David Butler and Tony Denman. Big congratulations to each of you for showing such commitment to running and to parkrun.

The highest age-gradings today were at the front of the pack: the first two finishers,Ross Brocklehurst and Ferdie Parsons, each got PBs, and achieved age-gradings of 80% and 82% respectively. A further 67 of today’s runners also achieved that New PB! symbol which is always a great start to a weekend. Well done, all of you, and best of luck as you start the chase to shave off those seconds - or milliseconds - for your next PB.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

Bye for now, and see you next week for your next parkrun fix.
Bernie Kirrane


parkrun, 300 runs, and lost and found barcodes

On Saturday when we were all assembled in Hove Park for our weekly fix of parkrun, the weather was overcast and dull and it made me wish for a bit of sunshine to dry out the exceptionally muddy ground. Move forward an hour and a half to sorting out results over post-run coffee and we were treated to sun, so much in fact that John D was having difficulty seeing the screen of the laptop while grappling with the results, and I could feel the heat warming my back while checking for missing tokens after the event. Summer will eventually come I know, but I really appreciated just a little bit of winter sun today as it has been rather dreary recently.

Hove Park numbers were still pretty high today, as they have been throughout January. We had 500 finishers and to be honest it looked like even more. There seemed to be a lot of other people using the park this morning (perhaps because it wasn’t raining for once) and we had a few near-misses with dogs off leads (NOT parkrunners’ dogs, I hasten to add) and people wandering aimlessly across the mouth of the finishing chute without watching out for runners. It’s timely to remind you all that we do share the park every Saturday morning for an hour or so, and it is really important to be mindful of all other park users, and also of other parkrunners who are still running even though you may have finished.

Today Hove Park parkrun stalwart Brian Friend completed his 300th run, accompanied by his trusty friend Butch (who also completed his 300th run and has undoubtedly run MORE miles than Brian over the years). Brian has run 274 of his parkruns at Hove Park, another 12 shared between Preston Park, Hove Prom and Bevendean Down, and the remainder at a range of venues including Workington, Bushy Park, Worcester, Bradford and Fell Foot parkrun at Newby Bridge. His first parkrun was on 24th April 2010 and he set his PB of 19:22 on 28th January 2012. He has volunteered every year since he started parkrunnning and has amassed 40 volunteering duties. So well done to Brian and Butch and may you enjoy your next 200 runs as you head towards your 500 t-shirt!!

Our top guys today were Andy McCaskill (16:24), Nicholas Airey (17:23) and Kieran Fuller (18:10). (Andy will need to knock off another 39 seconds to match Charlotte Arter’s new women’s parkrun world record, set today at Cardiff parkrun – she clocked an amazing time of 15:49.) Back in Hove Park our top three women were Sophie Coleman, Charlotte Boden and Leah Aplin in 19:40, 21:16 and 21:59 respectively. In position 100 today we had Dave Atherall, coming over the line in 23:19 on his 61st parkrun. Andy Bond, on his 14th parkrun finished in position 200 in a PB time of 25:57, and in position 300 we cheered in Jennifer Else, third time parkrunner with a time of 28:37. In 400th position was Anthony Michael – 92 parkruns under his belt and his time was 31:46. And finally, at position 500 was our lovely Tail Walker Kay Whitcroft, accompanying Brighton and Hove Women’s Running Club member Nikki Kentish across the line. Well done to all today’s finishers and I hope we have a dry day next Saturday.

Have you lost your barcode? If so, come and check with one of the Run Directors next week to see if we have it. We have a collection of athlete barcodes that have been found and handed in to us over the last few months. Here is the list of runners’ names (not alphabetical) whose barcodes are in our possession (in the laptop bag!):

Kirsty Lawton
Fiona Vincer
Corinna Safeio
Sally Beamish
Gary Ettridge
Rachel Pinker
Luke Bailey
Leila Swansborough
Ivy Musson
Aimee Neil
Richard Ede
Maddie Auckland
Noah Mason
Laura Vellacott
Ronnie Smith
Annie Marley
Chloe Griffin
Mark Pappenheim

And on the subject of barcodes, we are missing lots of our lovely new finisher tokens and would like them back. We won’t be cross with you if you come up to us and return one that you may have taken home in error – we just want to replenish our stocks. So check your bags and pockets and if you find a parkrun finish token, bring it back to us please.

Right, that’s it for this week. Happy February and may the sun shine on you next Saturday.



Brighton & Hove parkrun Event number 644 25th January 2020

It's official - we've had a great January - the best on record in fact.

We've been noticing that far from the typical "parkrun bulge" that lasts for a couple of weeks after Christmas - numbers at Hove park have been above 500 throughout the month. Not bad - considering the average weekly attendance for the whole of 2019 was about 425.  I'm sure you'd love to see a graph of how the January total has changed since we started in 2007. Ah, there's one below! Each point represents the 4 weeks after 1st Jan because we haven't always done the New Year's Day double with Hove Prom. It would be amazing if we stay at over 500 throughout February! Let's try :-)


5k Your Way visited Hove park on Saturday and you will have heard Jez Connor describing the aims of the group at the run briefing.  We received this message from Jenny Wilson after the run.


Thank you for your great welcome this morning. We really enjoyed being with you. We form part of a virtual (international now) group of doctors who have or have had cancer. We felt that Brighton was a good place to have a weekend away. I (Jenny) am a keen parkrunner and RD in Bedford. On realising that this was 5K Your Way weekend (and as an ambassador for this movement) I was keen to involve the rest of the group and was put in contact with Jez your local ambassador. Science is increasingly showing that moving whilst having cancer treatment is beneficial. 5K Your Way has been set up as an alternative coffee morning to encourage those affected by cancer, including family and friends to move more. The great advantage of Brighton and Hove is that as a multi lap event it is possible to build up, starting with a single lap. This morning I just cheered people on, one person did 1 lap, some walked the whole thing and some ran it. If you want to find out more about the initiative then go to

[5k Your Way meets on the last Saturday of each month at Hove park. Meet by the basketball courts at 8.50am just before the run]

And finally...
This week 541 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 98 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Peter GOLTON • Cliff EVANS • Paula CHESSELL • Claire GILES • Brian RUSSELL • Rosanna RAVEN • Sharon KILLICK • Amy HAUSDOERFER • Fred DICKINSON • Louis WHITE • Diarmuid (Dee) O'HARE • Joel Adam LUSCOMBE • Darcy WHITE • Carmel O'MALLEY • Lisa ATKINS • Alison PORGES • Keavey DOYLE • Richard CHESSELL • Derek RAVEN • Henry COPPARD • Finley KAYE • Matthew ROCKWELL WOLF • Emma WHITE • Isaac WEINER • Katie GUNNELL • James TICEHURST • Pete SALKELD • Toby PRUCE • Edwyn WILSON-VERRALL • Olivia PAVLIDES • Milo HODLER • Joseph HOLLAND • Daniel HOLLAND

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Caroline HOYTE who recorded a time of 16:43 on 30th May 2009 (event number 84).
The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 14:46 on 28th September 2013 (event number 310).
The male record is held by Charlie Maxwell GRICE who recorded a time of 14:25 on 25th November 2017 (event number 528).
The Age Grade course record is held by Karen BOWLER who recorded 94.00% (20:51) on 20th August 2011 (event number 200).

Brighton & Hove parkrun started on 3rd November 2007. Since then 21,369 participants have completed 213,599 parkruns covering a total distance of 1,067,995 km, including 34,785 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,759 individuals have volunteered 15,081 times.

Pete Golton


Brighton & Hove parkrun #642 January 11th 2020

Big numbers today  569 of you. Lots of living up to those New Year resolutions, well done and keep it up.

The pre course check was particularly useful this week as it is the first time we have had to remove a Christmas trees from the course.

We also had to sweep up some glass from the path, thanks to eagle eyed Ollie Pendlington for spotting that.

Only one milestone today, Mike. Ball ran his 250th, he did this in an understated style, wearing only a few balloons to mark the occasion.

Impressively over 11% of our runners achieved a new PB today, including 2 out of our first 3 runners, well done to all of you.

36 were first timers and 65 recorded new PB's. 39 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:

John P DOHERTY • Nick DRY • Cliff EVANS • Paula CHESSELL • Kelvin MACDONALD • Joan LENNON • Steve COURT • Brian RUSSELL • Rosanna RAVEN • Fred DICKINSON • Louis WHITE • Joel Adam LUSCOMBE • Darcy WHITE • Carmel O'MALLEY • Sue DUNKLEY • Keavey DOYLE • Richard CHESSELL • Matthew DUFFELL • Max PRESCOTT • Derek RAVEN • Eben RODDIS • James CORNFORD • Henry COPPARD • Frederick GEORGE • Finley KAYE • Matthew ROCKWELL WOLF • Lisa ELBOURNE • Emma WHITE • Koryn GEORGE • Isaac WEINER • Katie GUNNELL • Freya MAINPRIZE • Mathias PAVLIDES • Edwyn WILSON-VERRALL • Olivia PAVLIDES • Milo HODLER • Joseph HOLLAND • Daniel HOLLAND

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brighton & Hove parkrun Results Page.

We had a few pacers out on the course today and it was really great to hear them encouraging the runners around them.  If you are trying to achieve a specific time or a PB they are a great support to egg you on.  Or if you want to volunteer but still want to run consider pacing, there are runners that will benefit from it at every level and you could help someone a personal goal.

Today there were quite a large number of finish tokens not returned at the end, we do need a full set each week so if they go missing each one has to be replaced. If you have accidentally taken one home and find it later in a pocket, or in the wash please return it to one of the team next week.

Good news! We have now raised enough to buy our own defibrillator. A huge THANK YOU to all of you who so generously donated either online or in person. We hope to have our own available by the end of the month.

See you all at the start line next week.


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