Run for Josie, Saturday July 20th

On our 300th edition of Brighton & Hove parkrun on Saturday July 20th we will be having a Charity collection. Over the last 5 years we have had various collections for a number of charities close to our hearts.

The cause we have decided to support this time is the Royal Marsden Teenage Cancer Trust. (

David Kemp (a parkrunner with 130 runs) recently told me about his daughter’s dilemma, Josie (pictured on justgiving link) was suffering from Cancer and under went treatment. She used parkrun (now 11 runs) as part of her recovery programme. Her condition now is ‘stable’ and this is allowing her, pro-actively, to take steps towards a healthy state to improve her chances. She is very thankful of the help and support from the Trust and would love the work of the Trust to continue and flourish.

To donate you can use the justgiving page We will also have loose change collection boxes, and to put things into perspective a fun run would normally be a minimum of a fiver (last week £15!) to enter and as this event is always free, use the opportunity to give generously to a very good cause. The Just Giving site expands on Josie’s story and there will be someone at the event (Jade) who will explain briefly what the TCT is all about.

It can be seen as a way of putting something back as a thank you. As a thank you to the big organisation of parkrun, to the originators of Brighton parkrun, to the Management team who provide all the Run Directors who organise the on-the-day volunteers, results production and many other aspects of parkrun and finally as a thank you to the many, many volunteers who enable the parkrun to take place each week.

So that Saturday July 20th or if you have run at a parkrun near you recently you could use the justgiving donation site to donate your appreciation.

Run for Josie


John Doherty (E.D.)


Christmas /New Year runs

Happy Christmas to all parkrunners.

Here at Brighton & Hove we will be running the Saturday parkruns. December 24th and December 31st will be normal (although if you see last Christmas Day's run -  normal it wasn't)

As an addition there will be a 'FREEDOM' run on January 2nd at 9am.that John Jaap is 'organising'.

A 'FREEDOM' run is any number of people running a recoginised parkrun but at a different time to the normal 9am. It is self timed and you load the date/time on to the System and will be on your record with all your other parkruns. See link below (may have to cut and paste it)

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