Event 26 – Heather and Mackenzie

These days, when I arrive on a Saturday morning, the question most people ask me is ‘where is Mackenzie?’ and my response is usually ‘he’s in the park.’ You see, it’s become a rarity that I manage to run at parkrun on my own, I have a sidekick – my 9 year old, soon to be 10, son Mackenzie. We first ran at Brixworth Country parkrun on 11/1/2020. My fiancé is a golfer and on this particular Saturday, needed to tee off early which meant if I wanted to run, Mackenzie needed to come with me. Since Brixworth is an out and back course, with no stress of being overlapped and having walked the entire circuit, just the week before, we gave it a go. That Saturday, we made it round in 43.52 in a mixture of running and walking up the hills. After that, we returned twice to tail walk and me to run solo 3 times. Unfortunately, lockdown hit, leaving me stranded on 99 parkruns. During the lockdown period, it became a regular feature that Mackenzie and I would go out together for our daily exercise. What started off as walking, gradually built up to weekly 5km runs and when finally, parkrun could resume, there was no question that he would join me on the start line for my 100th run. That Saturday, we finished in 38.58 and times have been coming down ever since, if you don’t include our 3 tailwalking experiences. I’ve only been allowed out twice on my own as someone is really disappointed if he doesn’t get to come.


So how did this Saturday go? Well, what a gorgeous morning for a run! We always arrive early so that Mackenzie can go on the zipline and I can try to stretch out the legs before we start. Thanks to volunteering, we now know several people so it’s always lovely to catch up with familiar faces. During the briefing, the RD always tells adults to keep their under 11’s within arm’s reach. All I can do is promise to try during the first km as Mackenzie goes off very quickly and it takes me longer to get up to his speed. Thankfully, we then settle into a steady pace and enjoy the views on the way out to turnaround point. Unfortunately, Mackenzie experienced a stitch just past turnaround point meaning he was pulling some strange faces as we met the tailwalkers, but he kept running. Meeting fellow runners and walkers and being able to say hello or hear/offer encouragement on the out and back is definitely a highlight of this course. Having run off the stitch by the time we turned right into the country park bit, Mackenzie once again has the bragging rights for running up all the hills – I can’t quite manage the second one. Maybe one day soon! Having caught him again on the flat, we stay together until he decides it’s time for a sprint finish where once again, he has bragging rights! I could tell you, I let him finish first but I’m not sure that’s true anymore. Another PB this week in 35.34 and a very proud mummy! Eric who regularly gives the first timers briefing has set us the challenge of going under 35 minutes by Christmas. I said 34.30. Let’s see who’s right!


This week 81 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers. A huge welcome to the 6 people doing their first ever parkrun – I hope you’ve caught the bug and will join the Parkrun family every Saturday morning. To those running at Brixworth for the first time, I hope you’ll visit us again. 17 recorded new Personal Bests (including Mackenzie). Well done to you all.

Each week, parkrun can’t take place without our wonderful volunteers – Anne COKAYNE • Dave JAY • Elisabeth GRAVESTOCK • Eric SYMONS • Gary WOOD • Gillian BRUNTON • Heather THOMPSON • Julian ROGERS • Miranda PARRY • Nicholas WILSON • Richard MONK • Robin SCHUMACHER • Shaun MACKEN • Theresa HAWORTH • Tom ELMORE • Vicky NICHOLAS • Warren BEATTIE

If you’d like to volunteer, please take a look at the Brixworth Country parkrun future roster for opportunities available over the next few weeks.
future roster | Brixworth Country parkrun

Heather Thompson


Event #23 Voluntourist run report (18 Sep 21)

Thanks to our voluntourist Saffy Walton for this week's run report.

It was foggy today at Brixworth Country parkrun - and the promised beautiful views were hidden by a blanket of grey, but in any case it’s a lovely location and the volunteers and runners were sunny - a welcoming and friendly community.

The fog didn’t seem to put anyone off (as far as I could tell) as 75 of us ran, walked and jogged the course while 17 volunteers (who of course are the bestest people on the planet) helped to make this all possible. It should go without saying that the volunteers at Brixworth Country are the most beautiful, handsome, and cheerful. Thank you Sean WILKINSON  • Eric SYMONS • Vicky NICHOLAS • Tom SYMONS • David REITH • Heather THOMPSON • Mackenzie WILSON • Sarah PECK • Gary WOOD • Warren BEATTIE • Gillian BRUNTON • Caroline MONK • Shelby BEATTIE • Jo BAILEY • Benjamin BAILEY • Kayleigh WILKINSON

It was also a day of record-breaking as a new Age Grade course record was set by Angela Copson, who recorded 94.26% (in a time of 25:16) and improved on the previous record (also hers) set just 3 weeks ago. I had the privilege of chatting very briefly with Angela today (before the event and before I realised she is somewhat famous for her running). She was already inspiring, casually mentioning that she ran to today’s event, and would be running around the reservoir afterwards. Check her age category in the results. Amazing.

Andy Green topped the age grade for male parkrunners today with 82.94% (in a time of 18:51 - which also made him first finisher overall).
Another 22 people were busy breaking records too, by setting new Brixworth Country personal bests. Well done to Jon BYRNE • Abigail GOODHART • Sam STAWARZ • Christy ROBINSON • Mark MAY • Luke ROBERTSON • Marco VAN DE WATER • William PARSONS • Sidney BOUTLE • Helen PEGRAM • Sharon MARSH • Zac PAINTIN • Emma PAINTIN • Angela COPSON • David WOOTLIFF • Andy GLENN • Louise GURNEY •  Kate YORK • Paul HAMPTON • Chris LEGGETT • Gary PAINTIN • Eric SYMONS

Chris Pegram, Daniel Otoole, and Isaac Tipler recorded their first ever parkrun results today, while another 14 were visiting this event for the first time.

Well done Sean Wilkinson for reaching parkrun 50 today and joining the 50 club.


As a “tourist” what can I add? I found Brixworth Country parkrun a friendly and cheerful community. Volunteers are fantastic and the organisation top notch and as good as I’ve seen anywhere, thank you team! And what a location - I did manage to see some of the promised views later as the fog cleared just as I finished my coffee. I can imagine it’s quite a view running alongside Pitsford Water.

The paths are not muddy at all, being a mix of packed gravel and tarmac and should be good in all weathers. Yes there is an undulation, but it’s not too steep or too long compared to some, and adds a challenge. Even if it is towards the end!

The location was easy to find, there’s plenty of parking, public toilets, and a good cafe - what’s not to like? If you’ve been then you already know, and if you haven’t then come along and see for yourself.

parkrun is so inspiring, and Brixworth Country is no exception to this with parkrunners setting personal records, coming along week after week and sticking with it, showing that it really is never too late change the habits of a lifetime, or volunteering time to make this wonderful event possible. You may never really how much of an inspiration to others you are.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brixworth Country parkrun Results Page and an explanation of age grades can be found on the “What is Age Grading?” parkrun page.



Event 20 – 28th August 2021

An overcast bank holiday Saturday saw our 20th Event.

We were joined by 77 runners/joggers.walkers in the country park. Pete Clements completed his 100th parkrun; this impressive achievement was celebrated at the end with some sweet treats including cake and some chocolate.

Our youngest volunteer Florence at just 5 years old handed out chocolates and balloons to those who had just finished to earn her first volunteering credit although she’s been helping out since our inauguration!

Conditions were ideal, it was dry, despite the cloudy sky, and it was surprisingly warm and the sun came out later on. There were 24 people running the course for their first time and 20 recorded new PB’s.

Thanks from myself and everyone who took part go to all 21 volunteers who helped out on Saturday

Alex WRIGHT • Catherine WRIGHT • Sean WILKINSON • Alan MOULD • Wendy BRADFORD • Eric SYMONS • Vicky NICHOLAS • Tom SYMONS • Joshua INGLES • Peter INGLES • Heather THOMPSON • Paul AYTON • Alison AYTON • Hannah BRUNTON • Mackenzie WILSON • Peter DUFFY • Gillian BRUNTON • Florence CHADWICK-NORTH • Kayleigh WILKINSON • David ROBERTS • Jeannet ROBERTS

Thank you to all volunteers who made the event possible and see you next week

Joshua Ingles


Event 18 – Love is in the air

On Saturday morning we welcomed 90 parkrunners to the country park. Hayley and Stephen Grey were fresh from their wedding at Sedgebrook Hall on Friday; both keen parkrunners from Birmingham, they had asked any of their wedding guests who were in a fit state to join them. We were very pleased that they agreed to start the event for us.


Conditions were good; the weather and course were dry though it was surprisingly warm. Adam Eales from Corby was first finisher with a time of 18:56 and local lad Jack Gray was second and also sub 20 minutes. There were 37 running our course for the first time (41% of the field) and of those, 6 were new to parkrun. Welcome Raffaello Oliveti, Jess Rice, Victoria Oliveti, Hazel Spain, Polly Bright and Aurora Monk who was tailwalking with her mum and gran; we hope to see you all again soon. At the other end of the scale, we had a visit by 3 members of the 500 club with their distinctive blue t-shirts. Of those who had run the course before, 14 (35% of the field excluding first timers and unknowns) recorded new personal bests. Well done to you and all who completed our course.

Our thanks and those of all our walkers, joggers and runners go to the 18 volunteers who made the event happen

Rhiannon TURNER • Karen EKE • Wendy BRADFORD • Richard MONK • Nicholas WILSON • Eric SYMONS • Vicky NICHOLAS • Tom SYMONS • Peter INGLES • Dave JAY • Hannah BRUNTON • Gary WOOD • Tom BERRY • Peter DUFFY • Warren BEATTIE • Gillian BRUNTON • Caroline MONK • Shelby BEATTIE

Whether you were a first time volunteer like Shelby Beattie or well on your way to one of the new volunteer clubs, thank you.  And a special mention goes to Hannah Brunton who as volunteer coordinator encouraged and cajoled most of you to join the roster.

We will be back on Saturday with Vicky Nicholas as run director; if you’d like to help, please let her know. And have a great week!

Nick Wilson


Event #17 – Run Report – The Sun Even Came Out!

Considering the wet weather of the last few days it wasn’t looking too hopeful for Brixworth Country parkrun’s 17th event but the rain kindly held off and the sun even came out for a while.

Brixworth Country parkrun joined Salcey Forest and Irchester Country as three new additions to Northamptonshire’s parkrun family back at the end of 2019, making 9 different events across the county.   Now returning back after a long pause along with most other England parkruns it was a chance for me to visit one of these new local events and it certainly wasn’t disappointing.  This week we were looked after by Run Director Hannah BRUNTON who made sure the parkrunners and the course were safe and ready for us to set off.

Looking at the results it seems that today’s 128 parkrunners were made up of 6 people brand new to parkrun (a warm hello to you all starting your parkrun journey) and a whooping 50 first time tourists likely enhanced by the cancellation over at nearby Northampton but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if many of them look to return to such a picturesque setting next to Pitsford Water.

The event would not however have been possible though without 16 wonderful volunteers including one of the cheeriest and supportive finish funnels I’ve passed through:  Gillian BRUNTON, Damian BAKER, Hannah BRUNTON, Anne COKAYNE, Sarah COOPER, Mike FULCHER, Shaun MACKEN, Ian MILLER, Vicky NICHOLAS, Beverley RENWICK, David ROBERTS, Glenn ROBERTSON, Eric SYMONS, Tom SYMONS, Nicholas WILSON and Gary WOOD.

Thank-you to you all and if you are reading this and want to get involved in future weeks then all details can be found at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brixworthcountry/futureroster/.  There are lots of different roles to choose from.

Today’s first finisher was Jason WILLIAMS in a speedy time of 17:52, this result was also today’s highest age grade at just shy of 80%.  He was followed in second place by Jack DIAMOND.  First female finisher was Alice THOMAS in a time of 22:38.  First junior finisher was Harvey POYNTON.  

In third place today was Matthew EVERETT.  His time of 19:03 was a new course record for the SM18-19 category.  This comes just a week after Bob EMMERSON set the VM85-89 record at the other end of the age spectrum, once again showing how universal parkrun really is.

Congratulations to all of the above but also to everyone who came along today and completed the course.

Full results can be found at http://www.parkrun.org.uk/brixworthcountry/results/latestresults/.

There were also a couple of milestones this week, both Hayley CASSIDY and the aforementioned first finisher, Jason WILLIAMS, completed their 50th parkrun.  Well done to you both.  There is also a special mention to uber-tourist Stephen CROCKETT completing his 200th parkrun (amazingly his 176th different parkrun location). 

Personally, I completed a really enjoyable morning with a coffee and catch up with friends and end my report by wishing Brixworth Country parkrun good luck for the months and years ahead.

Damian BAKER, a tourist from Daventry, signing off.


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