Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill is cancelled on 2021-04-24 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 457 22nd February 2020

Everyone is welcome at parkrun, always. Well, maybe not that Ciara or Dennis. Thankfully though, there were no new storms visiting on Saturday. Instead, 450 people turned up to run, walk, jog and laugh in the face of high winds and drizzle, making Event 457 the 14th biggest parkrun at Brockwell of all time.

One of those 450 people was me. When I moved to South London, Brockwell nearly ended up my as my home event, but a coin toss took me to Burgess instead and it's taken me a whole four years to come and visit. Despite my apprehension about the hills (there's nothing undulating about Burgess), I managed to make it round running non-stop with the support of the marshals. I hope we don't go another four years without seeing each other again, Brockwell, you're lovely! Thanks so much for having me.


22 people ran, walked and jogged at parkrun for the first time ever. My fondest welcome to the below new members of the parkrun family:

Alice Hewetson, Asa Schonbach, Ben Murphy, Beth Williams, Diane Nash, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Ellie Taylor, Emily Arbis, James Welsh, Katy Cavanagh, Kerry Dawson, Lara Gray, Matt Oneill, Matthew Davenport, Matthew Heir, Mohammed Awad Ibrahim, Nicholas Crinnion, Rhys Stephens, Roland Streatfeild, Sam Cooklin Smith, Shelley Foord and Tim Orlik

No stranger to parkrun, experienced junior athlete Yuri Schmidt levelled up and completed his first ever 'big parkrun'. Well done, Yuri, terrific effort!


There were 62 first-time tourists from 36 different events, including four from Brockwell running on home turf for the first time. Welcome home Helen Gilmore, Claire Alderson, Matt Iskander and Grace Packard! Hope you enjoyed those hills, they're all yours!

The tourist with the most runs under his belt was Chris Beard with Brockwell his 511th parkrun and 155th different event. Hailing from Milton Keynes, Chris was one of 23 parkrunners representing just 19 different events from outside London.

In fact, the only parkrunners to visit Brockwell from the first time from outside of England were Teresa Fallon from Derry City, Aideen Murphy from Ormeau and Ciara Byrne from Oldbridge. I hope you enjoyed your London parkrun tourism!

More locally, there were 39 parkrunners from 17 different London parkruns. Burgess was the most represented with five people running at Brockwell for the first time and two people volunteering at Brockwell for the first time. That merits a shout out to my fellow Burgess tourists:

Philip Galloway, Lukas Wong, Hannah Mumby, Robert Crowston and Laura Hitchinson

Laura and I weren't the only first time voluntourists though, with Mae McCormack from Deepark juniors volunteering for the first time at any parkrun event and Gary Sherin from Stevenage snapping photos on the course. (The credit for all the pictures in this run report goes to Gary - his work was too good not to pinch!)

This week there were 16 different letters of the parkrun alphabet represented. With everyone visiting from the UK and Ireland (and thus limiting the number of potential letters), that was a pretty impressive collective effort.


Ros Fowler and Dee Clarkin have both completed the majority of their parkruns at Brockwell, so it was only fit they celebrated their latest parkrun milestones there. Many congratulations to Ros on her 100th parkrun and Dee on her 50th parkrun!

There were no other running milestones (or volunteer milestones) this week, so the spotlight is all yours.

Well done again to Ros and Dee!


The wind was blowing in the right direction for 59 parkrunners who all set new PBs at Brockwell. Amongst some of those fantastic new personal records were the following stories:

  • George Lowe not only finished in second place, but picked up an all-time PB for himself of 18:25. Very well done, George!
  • Hot on his heels, Jack Renner ticked off a third top 10 finish with a new PB of 18:30.
  • Joe Lane went under 20 minutes for the first time with a new best of 19:56 and his third PB.
  • Aaron Boardley picked up an all-time PB of 24:51, his first sub-25 time and fourth PB at Brockwell.
  • Fionnula Conway also smashed the sub-25 barrier with a new PB of 24:57. If that wasn't impressive enough, it was Fionnula's fourth ever parkrun and she's got faster and faster each time.
  • Setting her first sub-30 time on her second parkrun, Georgia Harrison dropped 4:29 with a new PB of exactly 26:00. What a difference a week makes!
  • Richard Lewis set himself not just a Brockwell PB but an all-time PB with a new personal record of 31:11, his fourth consecutive PB at Brockwell.
  • Chloe Chernenko returned for her third parkrun, and her second consecutive PB, with a new best time of 32:36. Top work, Chloe!

Congratulations to everyone who improved their time this week, whether that was measured in terms of knocking off seconds, running non-stop that bit further, or just having more fun. You all did an amazing job.


Event 457 was made possible by 25 volunteers, including Run Director Clare Sutherland, who was volunteering for the 246th time. Blimey! Many thanks to Clare for her outstanding commitment.

If you're inspired by Clare to help out too (and who wouldn't be?) just email with your athlete number and when you'd like to help out. You can see the current status of the roster for the coming weeks here:

There's plenty to choose from, whether it's clapping and cheering as loudly as you can, handing out finish tokens or even writing a run report!


Many thanks to everyone at Brockwell for being so welcoming. Have a fabulous week and enjoy your next parkrun adventure, whether that's at Brockwell or beyond.

Happy parkrunning,

Shona C Barker


Brockwell parkrun #452, 18 Jan 2020

A report from one of our visitors - many thanks Lucy!


My name is Lucy and I am a regular runner at Gloucester City parkrun, some 123 miles or just under 40 parkruns away. Like many other participants, parkrun has become a huge part of my weekends, and for 2020 I wanted to set myself a goal within parkrun, after some thought I had settled on trying to reach a total of 20 different parkruns attended.
I was amongst good company at Brockwell Park on this frosty morning, runners, joggers and walkers from 28 different clubs were in attendance. And I was one of 107 first timers, some were tourists like myself and others were completely new to the parkrun family! I want to extend a huge welcome to every single one of you, and I hope you enjoyed today’s event and will come back again!
The course at Brockwell is made up of 2 laps, the first lap is slightly longer going out and around the children’s play area, and the second lap is slightly shorter - a far cry from my 4 lap home course. The park was beautiful and the scenery was varied, I especially enjoyed the ducks in the pond which were a great distraction from the, how should I put it? Upwards flat sections of the course!
As a back of the pack runner, I had lots of time to thank all of the marshals and other volunteers, a brilliant 27 of you stepped up to make sure this event went ahead, all of the volunteer roles are easy and if you’d like to give one a try please do get in touch with the team, they’ll provide all the kit and training and I promise it will give you a great feeling to start your weekend. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered this weekend:
Thomas WILLS • Lara MIFSUD-BONICI • Katherine PRICE • Geraint PRICE • Angus FARR • Wim HAAK • James BENJAMIN • Diane NASH • Paul GILBERTSON • Chloe SELLWOOD • Julie LE VOIR • Ruth MCPHERSON • Kamran PRADHAN • Luke BAKER • Mel ALLWOOD • Martin WAGNER • Sophie THOMSON • Nick CHRISTIAN • Lucy PRESTON • Kirstie BOYD • Jeremy TUCK • Bethan CHAPLIN DEWEY • Theo BOARDMAN-PRETTY • Amelia SUTCLIFF • Evelyn BIDDULPH • Thomas BRYANS • Imogen HOLROYDE • Ben DUNCAN
The January enthusiasm was clear in the results and an impressive 96 new personal best times were logged! If you didn’t get one this week the team would love to have you back to try again another week.
Brockwell is the 2nd new parkrun I’ve visited in 2020 and I really enjoyed my morning here, everyone I spoke to from the core team, the volunteers and the other runners were so warm, friendly and welcoming, and though the course had some points I found tough, I really enjoyed it! I will definitely be back to try and improve on the time I set today.
If you’re reading this as someone who is thinking of visiting I can promise you’ll have a warm welcome and it’s a great course. On the other hand if you’re a regular at Brockwell, maybe I can encourage you to think about touring yourself this year? If nothing else I’d love to welcome any of you to my home parkrun if you’re ever in the area!

Journalist Report, 04 Jan 2020

Some great stats from today’s run...

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill. Event number 450, 4th January 2020

This week 570 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 89 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:
Michael MANN • Eddie JACKSON • Clare SUTHERLAND • Katherine PRICE • Geraint PRICE • Wim HAAK • Mae Rose MCCORMACK • Paul GILBERTSON • Chloe SELLWOOD • Elin DAVIES • Francine HUDSON • Steph WOODWORTH • Ned CRADDOCK • Kamran PRADHAN • Max TOLLEMACHE • Adrian STONES • Tom WITHEROW • Robert SMYTH • Emily HALSTEAD • Ros FOWLER • Jeremy TUCK • Heather GLASS • Evelyn BIDDULPH • Imogen HOLROYDE • Ben LILLISTONE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:16 on 20th August 2011 (event number 33).
The female record is held by Una ENGLISH who recorded a time of 17:12 on 3rd September 2011 (event number 35).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 93.85% (20:53) on 11th December 2010 (event number 1).

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill started on 11th December 2010. Since then 17,748 participants have completed 102,786 parkruns covering a total distance of 513,930 km, including 17,497 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,242 individuals have volunteered 7,266 times.


End of year report 31/12/19


You might be interested in some of the statistics for Brockwell Park’s 2019 parkruns.

Total participation (weekly runners/walkers each week, totalled over the year) was 9% up on 2018, for the same number of events – 17353 up from 15923. On every Saturday bar 11, more ran, jogged or walked than in the same week in 2018.

Three new age category records were set in 2019 -

  • Andrew Inglis set a new VM40-44 record of 15m58 (87%) on 22nd June. This was quite an achievement, 22 runs and nearly 2 years since his last PB.
  • Eloise O’Shaughnessy set a new SW18-19 record of 19m29 (77%) on 13th April.
  • Elena Oliphant set a new JW10 record of 20m19 (84%) on 14th September.

Age grade statistics allow us to compare equitably across age and gender -

  • On this basis Lucy Pickering (VW50-54) was the top consistent runner of the year – she finished first by age grade on 10 occasions, at up to 84.3%. And it is remarkable that she produced a couple more Personal Best times as well - I’m all too aware how our times tend to deteriorate as we get older!
  • Andrew Inglis finished first 7 times, but was also top by age-grade each time.
  • Mary Burke (VW60-64) finished with the best age-graded time on 6 occasions, up to 81.6%.


Looking at raw times/positions, Andrew Inglis was top male finisher 7 times; Julia Noble was top female finisher 5 times and Natalie Waugh 4 times.

Happy New Year!


And we are very grateful to all the volunteers who made Brockwell Parkrun happen all year. Include parkrun volunteering in your New Year resolutions!

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