No parkrun at Brockwell on 4 Sept

Due to festivals in Brockwell Park from 3-5 September we will have no parkrun here on the 4th. If you'd like to try some parkrun tourism that weekend there are plenty of options! The nearest ones are listed on our homepage under "Other parkruns nearby", or why not look at for others further afield that might take your interest? Other parkruns will be glad of volunteers too, so do contact them directly if you would like to be a tourist volunteer.


Welcome Back Run Report #463

Welcome back to all Parkrunners and thank you to the huge number of people who have volunteered over the past 3 weeks.  Your help has been absolutely excellent, especially this week when you were absolutely drenched.

Thank you to Parkrun tourist Eleanor for writing your account of this week, celebrating Suzi’s 100th Run. She has competed 100 runs at 61 different venues.

We would also like to celebrate Robert Smyth’s 100th Run. He has run 80 of them at Brockwell. He’s a wonderful volunteer who has helped at Brockwell on 47 occasions and has written the run report many times, earning the title Robert II after Robert I our previous writer moved away. He’s also done some touring round other runs. Locally he’s run at Tooting, Clapham and Dulwich, a little further away at Bushy and Littlehampton, 3 Parkruns in France, and 1 in Italy. He gets round 5km at considerable speed with a PB of 21:14, with age grade ranking of 80.33%. We look forward to clapping you over the line many more times. Well done Robert.

From Eleanor

I live in Oxfordshire now and have lived in many other places in the interim, but I was born in South London, and my late mother spent part of her childhood, in the 1940s, in Herne Hill, off Half Moon Lane. I’ve been to Brockwell Park many times, but probably not in the last 30 years, so I was very pleased when fellow parkrun tourist, London based, Suzi Brent decided to run her (delayed) 100th at this fabulous haunt of my youth, and that there would be a small gathering of us who have met through parkrun, to celebrate this momentous occasion.

I let home at 06.00 – drove to Shepherds Bush and then took the tube to Brixton (first time in 18 months!) Even emerging from the tube station is nostalgic for me, scene of many nights out in the days when I did not get up at dawn to go running. In my rose-tinted enthusiasm to embrace my past, however, I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to the weather forecast. All I can say is, it was sunny when I left Oxfordshire. I thought I’d travel light – you never really know if there’ll be somewhere to leave stuff, and I was meeting a friend for lunch afterwards, didn’t want to be dragging a load of extra weight with me. Umbrella? Waterproof coat? Poncho? Travel flood defence kit and pump? Naaa, how wet can it get? Well. This proved to be a tactical error. As did waiting out the first torrential downpour under a bus shelter on Effra Road. I was drenched from head to foot twice, by passing cars, in as many minutes. I decided to carry on walking. The rain had eased a bit when I arrived at the Brockwell Park Lido, near the event start. Everyone was very friendly. There was, after all, a spot to leave my soaked possessions. Soaked me, I took, squelching, to the start. After an efficient pre-run talk, we were off in well-organized anticipated finish time order, which must have worked well as I barely overtook anyone and barely anyone overtook me.

Coming from the sticks, with its mud and tree roots and howling gales half the year, it’s always lovely to run round an orderly London park. I had forgotten Brockwell is a bit hilly, but the up was more than compensated for by the delightful down to the bit of the park that is etched on my pre-verbal memory – the Herne Hill station entrance with its evocative railway bridge. Suddenly I was dreaming of Trumpton*. I was almost moved to stop and take a picture except that, at this moment, the clouds opened again and I was swept along once again in a monsoon. And it was still raining second time around. I shall just have to come again. I did feel for the valiant and incredibly cheerful volunteers. Surely double credits should be available for staying at your marshal post in conditions that scream ‘run for cover’?

I think there were ten of us in the Suzi Brent celebration gang. We all loved the Lido café afterwards, all the food and drink was excellent (and were very glad it had an awning since it continued to rain). Very much enjoyed the whole Brockwell Park parkrun experience, thanks so much for having us. And I came away with an unplanned souvenir…since the clothes I brought to change into were also soaked (running bag not waterproof), I’m now the proud owner of a Brockwell Lido Hoodie! (Available from Lido reception).

*Classic children’s TV show, for those who haven’t lived through the 1970s.

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill
Event number 463
7th August 2021

This week 118 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 31 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 20 volunteers:

Janina GODOWSKA • Katherine PRICE • Geraint PRICE • John KAZANTZIS • Martin EDWARDS • Laura VROOMEN • Graham LANE • Elin DAVIES • Peter DOYLE • Adrian STONES • Eleanor BAILEY • Robert SMYTH • Cal JONES • David HART • Neal COUGHLAN • Rachel MULVIHILL • Ros FOWLER • Jeremy TUCK • Mark DEWEY • Paul ARMITAGE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill Results Page.

The male record is held by Kevin QUINN who recorded a time of 15:16 on 20th August 2011 (event number 33).
The female record is held by Una ENGLISH who recorded a time of 17:12 on 3rd September 2011 (event number 35).
The Age Grade course record is held by Ros TABOR who recorded 93.85% (20:53) on 11th December 2010 (event number 1).

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill started on 11th December 2010. Since then 18,768 participants have completed 108,189 parkruns covering a total distance of 540,945 km, including 18,252 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,289 individuals have volunteered 7,565 times.




Event 457 22nd February 2020

Everyone is welcome at parkrun, always. Well, maybe not that Ciara or Dennis. Thankfully though, there were no new storms visiting on Saturday. Instead, 450 people turned up to run, walk, jog and laugh in the face of high winds and drizzle, making Event 457 the 14th biggest parkrun at Brockwell of all time.

One of those 450 people was me. When I moved to South London, Brockwell nearly ended up my as my home event, but a coin toss took me to Burgess instead and it's taken me a whole four years to come and visit. Despite my apprehension about the hills (there's nothing undulating about Burgess), I managed to make it round running non-stop with the support of the marshals. I hope we don't go another four years without seeing each other again, Brockwell, you're lovely! Thanks so much for having me.


22 people ran, walked and jogged at parkrun for the first time ever. My fondest welcome to the below new members of the parkrun family:

Alice Hewetson, Asa Schonbach, Ben Murphy, Beth Williams, Diane Nash, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Ellie Taylor, Emily Arbis, James Welsh, Katy Cavanagh, Kerry Dawson, Lara Gray, Matt Oneill, Matthew Davenport, Matthew Heir, Mohammed Awad Ibrahim, Nicholas Crinnion, Rhys Stephens, Roland Streatfeild, Sam Cooklin Smith, Shelley Foord and Tim Orlik

No stranger to parkrun, experienced junior athlete Yuri Schmidt levelled up and completed his first ever 'big parkrun'. Well done, Yuri, terrific effort!


There were 62 first-time tourists from 36 different events, including four from Brockwell running on home turf for the first time. Welcome home Helen Gilmore, Claire Alderson, Matt Iskander and Grace Packard! Hope you enjoyed those hills, they're all yours!

The tourist with the most runs under his belt was Chris Beard with Brockwell his 511th parkrun and 155th different event. Hailing from Milton Keynes, Chris was one of 23 parkrunners representing just 19 different events from outside London.

In fact, the only parkrunners to visit Brockwell from the first time from outside of England were Teresa Fallon from Derry City, Aideen Murphy from Ormeau and Ciara Byrne from Oldbridge. I hope you enjoyed your London parkrun tourism!

More locally, there were 39 parkrunners from 17 different London parkruns. Burgess was the most represented with five people running at Brockwell for the first time and two people volunteering at Brockwell for the first time. That merits a shout out to my fellow Burgess tourists:

Philip Galloway, Lukas Wong, Hannah Mumby, Robert Crowston and Laura Hitchinson

Laura and I weren't the only first time voluntourists though, with Mae McCormack from Deepark juniors volunteering for the first time at any parkrun event and Gary Sherin from Stevenage snapping photos on the course. (The credit for all the pictures in this run report goes to Gary - his work was too good not to pinch!)

This week there were 16 different letters of the parkrun alphabet represented. With everyone visiting from the UK and Ireland (and thus limiting the number of potential letters), that was a pretty impressive collective effort.


Ros Fowler and Dee Clarkin have both completed the majority of their parkruns at Brockwell, so it was only fit they celebrated their latest parkrun milestones there. Many congratulations to Ros on her 100th parkrun and Dee on her 50th parkrun!

There were no other running milestones (or volunteer milestones) this week, so the spotlight is all yours.

Well done again to Ros and Dee!


The wind was blowing in the right direction for 59 parkrunners who all set new PBs at Brockwell. Amongst some of those fantastic new personal records were the following stories:

  • George Lowe not only finished in second place, but picked up an all-time PB for himself of 18:25. Very well done, George!
  • Hot on his heels, Jack Renner ticked off a third top 10 finish with a new PB of 18:30.
  • Joe Lane went under 20 minutes for the first time with a new best of 19:56 and his third PB.
  • Aaron Boardley picked up an all-time PB of 24:51, his first sub-25 time and fourth PB at Brockwell.
  • Fionnula Conway also smashed the sub-25 barrier with a new PB of 24:57. If that wasn't impressive enough, it was Fionnula's fourth ever parkrun and she's got faster and faster each time.
  • Setting her first sub-30 time on her second parkrun, Georgia Harrison dropped 4:29 with a new PB of exactly 26:00. What a difference a week makes!
  • Richard Lewis set himself not just a Brockwell PB but an all-time PB with a new personal record of 31:11, his fourth consecutive PB at Brockwell.
  • Chloe Chernenko returned for her third parkrun, and her second consecutive PB, with a new best time of 32:36. Top work, Chloe!

Congratulations to everyone who improved their time this week, whether that was measured in terms of knocking off seconds, running non-stop that bit further, or just having more fun. You all did an amazing job.


Event 457 was made possible by 25 volunteers, including Run Director Clare Sutherland, who was volunteering for the 246th time. Blimey! Many thanks to Clare for her outstanding commitment.

If you're inspired by Clare to help out too (and who wouldn't be?) just email with your athlete number and when you'd like to help out. You can see the current status of the roster for the coming weeks here:

There's plenty to choose from, whether it's clapping and cheering as loudly as you can, handing out finish tokens or even writing a run report!


Many thanks to everyone at Brockwell for being so welcoming. Have a fabulous week and enjoy your next parkrun adventure, whether that's at Brockwell or beyond.

Happy parkrunning,

Shona C Barker

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