parkrun report – 2nd February 2019 by Sandra Boot

Brueton parkrun
Event number 446
2nd February 2019


An extensive database of good excuses…..

Well, I must confess, when I looked out of the window at 6 o’clock on Saturday morning & saw the amount of frost I was pretty certain parkrun would be cancelled. To be honest, I felt a sense of relief as I snuggled back into bed. I had slipped on the ice the previous Thursday, not Wednesday, the very icy day, no, the day after, when there was no ice anywhere in Solihull….except for on my drive, & only in the exact spot where I planted my foot. My run that morning lasted all of 3 steps before I skidded & fell smack, hands, knees & bumped-my-face-y on the pavement. If you follow me on Strava you will see my magnificent effort, a 9 sec run, moving time 4 sec! I tell you, I am actually a clown. And I did not want a repeat of Thursday.

Then began the tense wait for course inspection & the Facebook announcement, repeatedly checking my phone with hope in my heart that I’d be staying in bed. Suddenly there it was, the post I’d been dreading
‘Course inspection currently fine with a couple of cones to highlight the small areas to watch out for. Listen to the brief and as long as you're not running for a PB and there's no massive change in conditions then we'll be fine’
Not running for a PB? I wasn’t sure if I was even running at all & if I was my sole aim was simply to try & stay upright for a change. I mentally flicked through my extensive database of good excuses to get out of running (it is really extensive!) because I just knew I would find the only patch of previously undiscovered ice in Brueton Park. To quote Russell, the wilderness explorer in the film UP! ‘I'm tired! My knee hurts! Which knee? ...My elbow hurts!’ This is me. Every time I am supposed to be going running. I really should be ashamed of myself….

But all my pathetic procrastinations were over ruled when I thought about all the wonderful volunteers who had committed to standing in the freezing cold so we could run, the wonderful volunteers who had got up early to check the course, the wonderful volunteers who had sacrificed their chance to run today. That was my motivation to haul myself out of bed.

And I am so glad I did. It was such a beautiful sunny morning; yes, there was ice but it was carefully marked out with cones &, thankfully, despite my clown-ish tendencies, I somehow managed to stay upright for the whole 5k. Those who know me (& possibly those who don’t) will know that I am a chatterbox & for me, the reluctant runner, the best bit of parkrun is talking to people after the pain is over & I’ve finally got my breath back. This week I had a particular treat when I bumped into an old friend who had recently started coming to parkrun with her lovely daughter. It was so nice to catch up & I headed home with a spring in my step & a smile of my face, glad to have such a fabulous parkrun on my doorstep.

5 Random numbers

Some numbers….

461 brave souls participated in event 446.
In position 446 was Shirley Atkinson with a time of 41.43, a shiny new PB. Well done, Shirley.
Despite the ice, there were an astonishing 73 PBs Very well done to you all.
In 73rd place was Cornelius Grobler in a time of 23.21.
There were 23 unknowns. #DFYB
In 23rd place was Sean Lynch in a time of 20.45.
38 amazing volunteers enabled parkrun to take place. Thank you all so much.
In position 38 was one of those 23 unknowns. Seriously, #DFYB

New run club members

50 - Gail LAWSON
100 - John BRADLEY

Your volunteer team this week

Poppy BAMFORD, Daniel BATTERBEE, Abigail BEDNALL, Paul BENTLEY, Rachel BIGGS, Anita BLAND, Stephen BLAND, Sandra BOOT, Chris BROCKBANK, Karis CAPELIN, Sarah CATTELL, Zak CHOHAN, John A COOPER, Lucia EGUIGUREN WRAY, Zara JOHAL, Bhavya KAPADIA, Lianne LE SWANN, Alison LONNON, Owen LONNON, Sean LYNCH, William MAIDMENT, Simone MASON, Aaron MCCRONE, John MINIHAN, Mandy MOORE, Suna OZSOY, Brett Daniel PATTEN, Viv PAYNE, Joseph PEDLEY, Richard PRICE, Katie PRICE, Chris RAW, Stephen RAY, Colin RICKWOOD, Brian STEELE, Oliver SWANN, Peter THOMAS, Jane WRIGHT