parkrun report – 16th February 2019 by Sandra Boot

Brueton parkrun
Event number 448
16th February 2019


Every journey begins with the first step
What a beautiful morning for a run in the park. Even this reluctant runner was up &
out of bed with no thoughts of excuses this week. And what finer day to be taking
part in your first parkrun. A very warm welcome to all 49 first timers to Brueton
parkrun & a particular shout out to the 17 Knowle & Dorridge Running Club 0-3
graduates completing their first parkrun today.
I caught up with Jo Tork who organises the 0-3 mile challenge at K&D to find out
more about what our graduates had been up to in preparation for their first parkrun.
This is what she had to say.

“On Wednesday 7th January 2019, Knowle and Dorridge Running Club welcomed
23 participants to this year’s 0 - 3 mile challenge which is in its 5th successful year. 
Their journey started out with a 20 minute session combining running for 1
minute/walking for 1 minute, with the length of time spent running gradually
increasing over 5 weeks, culminating in their first parkrun today.

IMG_3437 (2)
This year’s group was made up of all ages and levels of fitness, with a lot not even
able to run for the bus but they all committed to their 3 sessions a week led by
qualified K&D run leaders with the goal of completing a 5k run in their sights.  We
have unfortunately lost a number due to injury but 17 completed today’s event, with
another lady running last week and another 2 running in a couple of weeks when
they are back from holidays.
They have all showed tremendous commitment, encouraging each other through the
challenge and spurring each other on when they have found it difficult. These guys
are my personal heroes as they have taken themselves way, way out of their own
comfort zone and absolutely nailed it today. When they had finished you could see
from their faces how proud they were of what they had achieved both individually but
more so as a group and that is what running, and parkrun, is all about.
There are 20 new members of the Brueton parkrun family today and that makes me
very happy” 

Thanks for these words, Jo. And well done to you all, you were fabulous. Be proud of
yourselves for this is a great achievement. This is the start of your running journey &
every journey begins with that first step.
Last month Amanda wrote a run report about the benefits of running with a club (26th
Jan) & the parkrun newsletter a week later also featured an article by coach, Andy
Hobdell, about running with a club or group. Getting out for a run on your own can
really test your motivation, especially when it’s dark, cold & wet but committing to go
with others is more likely to get you out there, whether it’s at a club with coaches &
organised training sessions or meeting up with friends to do a run that you wouldn’t
have done on your own.
I am a reluctant runner & not at all motivated to run on my own (& the rate at which I
fall over means I am a liability on my own!) but running regularly with friends & with
K&D has given me more confidence to run further & try harder & to actually get out &
run at all.
Whatever reason has brought you to running, I hope you achieve your goals. But like
many things in life, it’s much more fun to do it with someone else than on your own.

Many thanks to Jo Tork for her contribution & for the photograph.

5 Random numbers

This was event 448.
In 448 th place was Jake Andrews with a new PB of 34.36. Well done, Jake.
Event 448 was brought to you by 41 volunteers, the majority of whom are members
of Knowle & Dorridge Running Club. Thank you to everyone who volunteered today.
You are all amazing.
In 41 st place was Dan Kinsella with a new PB of 21.25. Well done, Dan.
Margaret Smith has set another course record VW85-89 in a time of 42min 11 sec.
This is 19 sec faster than last week’s record. On 26 th Jan 2019 Margaret became the
first lady to set this record & she has beaten it every week, smashing 1 min 27 sec
off her time in just 4 weeks! Awesome stuff.
Margaret has done an impressive 301 runs.
In position 301 was Sabrina Reehall in a time of 29.14, a new PB. Well done,
There were an amazing 83 PBs this week. Very well done to you all
In 83 rd place was Jon Beech in a time of 22.52.
Jon has done an impressive 201 parkruns.
In 201 st place was Jake Murphy in a time of 26.32.

New run club members
10 - Georgie WATKINS
50 - Tony MURRELL
250 - Michael Neil REES

New volunteer club members
25 - Katie PRICE

Your volunteer team this week

Alison LONNON • Andy JOHNSON • Anita BLAND • Ben BROOKS • Ben WHITTAKER • Bhavya KAPADIA • Brian STEELE • Caroline EDWARDS • Chris ATKINS • Chris RAW • Colin RICKWOOD • David PARTRIDGE • Elizabeth POMFRET • Emily KING • Gail PARTRIDGE • Georgia AMEER-BEG • Graham EDWARDS • John A COOPER • John MINIHAN • John WILLIAMS • Julie BROOKS • Karen RATCLIFFE • Kate MARSH • Katie PRICE • Kay ADENIPEKUN • Lianne LE SWANN • Lissy CALVERT • Lucia EGUIGUREN WRAY • Monica GREEN • Oliver SWANN • Owen LONNON • Peter THOMAS • Phil WOOD • Poppy BAMFORD • Robert STEWART • Sandra BOOT • Shubhangini CHIKERMANE • Sian DAVIES • Smita DESHPANDE • Stephen BLAND • Subhash AGARWALLA • Zak CHOHAN

Official report

This week 564 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 49 were first timers and 84 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 43 volunteers:

Monica GREEN • Karen RATCLIFFE • Andrew LUCAS • Brian STEELE • Subhash AGARWALLA • Zak CHOHAN • Peter THOMAS • Andy JOHNSON • Julie BROOKS • Ben BROOKS • John A COOPER • Lissy CALVERT • Oliver SWANN • Sandra BOOT • John MINIHAN • Graham EDWARDS • Caroline EDWARDS • Emily KING • Kate MARSH • Smita DESHPANDE • Chris RAW • Katie PRICE • Kay ADENIPEKUN • Phil WOOD • Colin RICKWOOD • Poppy BAMFORD • Robert STEWART • Sian DAVIES • Anita BLAND • Lianne LE SWANN • John WILLIAMS • Chris ATKINS • Gail PARTRIDGE • Ben WHITTAKER • David PARTRIDGE • Stephen BLAND • Elizabeth POMFRET • Alison LONNON • Lucia EGUIGUREN WRAY • Owen LONNON • Bhavya KAPADIA • Shubhangini CHIKERMANE • Georgia AMEER-BEG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brueton parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 14:39 on 19th October 2013 (event number 168).
The female record is held by Katrina WOOTTON who recorded a time of 16:20 on 12th August 2017 (event number 371).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sheila CAREY who recorded 97.16% (21:06) on 18th September 2010 (event number 9).

Brueton parkrun started on 24th July 2010. Since then 13,795 participants have completed 129,863 parkruns covering a total distance of 649,315 km, including 21,369 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,089 individuals have volunteered 11,266 times.