parkrun report – 9th March 2019 by Amanda Crees

Brueton parkrun
Event number 451
9th March 2019


Well done one and all 570 of you who ran this week. The sunny but breezy start gave way to quite brutal windy and rainy conditions out on the course. Thankfully there was a little sun afterwards to make up for eye watering experience.

Congratulations to couple, Eric and Jeanette Robathan who completed their 250th Parkrun today. Well done to all our new club members, especially the volunteers John Garside and Chris Raw. Well done also to a group of teachers from St. Peter’s Catholic School who graduated from a 0-5K running programme by completing Brueton parkrun. Led by Amanda Crees, Chemistry teacher and member of Knowle and Dorridge Running Club, the group have trained 3 times per week as a group and solo to reach the 5K goal in just 7 weeks. Well done to Kate Fleming (Physics) and Lorraine Pearce (Business Studies) who are both new to running, for completing their first parkrun. Congratulations to Simon Palin (Maths) who got a PB and Gloria Fuentes (Spanish) for coming back to running after a few months off. Thank you as well to Matt Horsfield (Maths) for supporting the group sessions and being there to cheerlead. And thanks to Jamie Allen and Alex Eden (both Physics) for coming along to run and support team St. Peter’s. This is the second year that a group of staff have committed to the challenge, which is an achievement in itself but especially so in cold weather, dark evenings and in the midst of a very busy half term. The group have committed to continuing their runs every Monday, so we hope to see them again at Brueton soon.

PHOTO-2019-03-09-11-05-57 (2)

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5 Random numbers

This was event 451, in 451st place was an unknown runner - DFYB!
There were 40 first timers today. In 40th place, Joe Wilkie who ran 20:21
103 people recorded PBs, in 103rd place Conrad Basson in 23:32
Peter Collins ran his 371st Parkrun in 23:29, in 371st place Alison Giblin in 30:53 running her 311th parkrun.
In 311th place, Paul Cornock in 29:18.

New run club members

10 - Jake ANDREWS
10 - Ruby LEE
50 - Alan DODDS
50 - Richard HALTON
100 - Gail KEITH
100 - Leonardo TURTURICI
250 - Andy MANNING
250 - Eric John ROBATHAN
250 - Jeanette ROBATHAN

New volunteer club members

Chris RAW

Your volunteer team this week

Thank you to this week’s volunteer team, particularly in such harsh weather conditions!

Aaron MCCRONE • Abigail BEDNALL • Adam HAYES • Amanda CREES • Andrew LUCAS • Andy JOHNSON • Anika VAIRAVARAJA • Ben WHITTAKER • Bhavya KAPADIA • Brett Daniel PATTEN • Brian STEELE • Caroline EDWARDS • Chris ATKINS • Chris BROCKBANK • Chris RAW • Colin RICKWOOD • Darren JOHN • David HAYES • Dominic COOK • Elizabeth POMFRET • Elspeth PARKIN • Emily KING • George SPANN • Georgia AMEER-BEG • Graham EDWARDS • John A COOPER • John GARSIDE • John MINIHAN • Joseph PEDLEY • Karis CAPELIN • Lianne LE SWANN • Lucia EGUIGUREN WRAY • Malcolm GRIFFIN • Oliver SWANN • Paul BENTLEY • Peter THOMAS • Poppy BAMFORD • Raja VAIRAVARAJA • William MAIDMENT • Zak CHOHAN • Zara JOHAL

Official report

Brueton parkrun
Event number 451
9th March 2019
This week 570 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 103 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 41 volunteers:

Brett Daniel PATTEN • John GARSIDE • George SPANN • Andrew LUCAS • Malcolm GRIFFIN • Brian STEELE • Zak CHOHAN • Peter THOMAS • Andy JOHNSON • William MAIDMENT • Chris BROCKBANK • Darren JOHN • John A COOPER • Oliver SWANN • John MINIHAN • Graham EDWARDS • Zara JOHAL • Caroline EDWARDS • Emily KING • Chris RAW • Colin RICKWOOD • Poppy BAMFORD • Amanda CREES • Paul BENTLEY • Dominic COOK • Aaron MCCRONE • Raja VAIRAVARAJA • Anika VAIRAVARAJA • Lianne LE SWANN • Abigail BEDNALL • Chris ATKINS • Elspeth PARKIN • Ben WHITTAKER • Karis CAPELIN • David HAYES • Adam HAYES • Elizabeth POMFRET • Lucia EGUIGUREN WRAY • Joseph PEDLEY • Bhavya KAPADIA • Georgia AMEER-BEG

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Brueton parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Unknown ATHLETE who recorded a time of 14:39 on 19th October 2013 (event number 168).
The female record is held by Katrina WOOTTON who recorded a time of 16:20 on 12th August 2017 (event number 371).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sheila CAREY who recorded 97.16% (21:06) on 18th September 2010 (event number 9).

Brueton parkrun started on 24th July 2010. Since then 13,955 participants have completed 131,686 parkruns covering a total distance of 658,430 km, including 21,665 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,092 individuals have volunteered 11,388 times.