Brundall parkrun is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Cones and Corona.

I got a bit carried away this week and Brundall parkrun started ahead of time. Apologies to those caught unprepared for the word 'Go'! Although, I have to admit some of us volunteers did find it amusing watching those unprepared for their sprint start!

Considering the current corona outbreak, we were pleasantly surprised to see so many of you. We had 7 first timers- including 2 new parkrunners, lovely to see some new faces, we hope you enjoyed your time and come back soon.

Amongst the newbies was Rory and his mum Jenny.  They are regulars at Eaton parkrun but thought they'd give us a go. Please read this blog by Jenny which details the positive impact that parkrun has had on their lives.  Rory did his 203rd parkrun this week.

Michael Eccles completed Brundall in 16:20 this week, a new male course record. Well done! I wonder if anyone will challenge that soon?  We also had 11 other PBs this week, this is great and you must all feel fab.

We have introduced some cones up the travelator so that we can allow some of the muddier areas to recover. This is at the request of the Land Management Committee and Brundall Parish Council, who have also kindly cut back the scrub and will soon mow and strim the area so we have extra room to run. We would all greatly appreciate it if runners stay on the left side of the cones at this time.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out this week. No volunteers, no parkrun!.  If you didnt already know, once you have volunteered 25 times you get a FREE purple tshirt. Its truly lush, and reminds me of a certain brand of chocolate.  Its so easy to volunteer, there are lots of different roles to suit all tastes, just let us know what you might fancy!  AND you get first dibs at Yare Valley Church cakes!

Stay well, look after one another and keep an eye on our facebook page for parkrun updates and announcements regarding corona.





Get to Know your Run Directors (Stuart Harper)

A little about yourself

I am Stuart Harper, I am married, we have two boys, aged 13 & 9.  I live in Brundall and I work in IT for Aviva.  I am a new Brundall Run Director for 2020.  User of weather apps, Star Wars (I am a bit of a geek), lover of vinyl and music and a runner.

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When did you start parkrun and why did you start?

I started parkrun at Brundall number two, I had heard about the new run and wanted to give it a go, how hard could 5km be? and it was on my doorstep.  I did three further parkruns in 2015, but I did not get it or fall in love with it, I was cycling a lot and just did not see what the fuss was all about.

In 2016 I worked in Canada and did not cycle for six months and I came back a bit heavier.  Work then went fairly weird, and the work life balance was total wrong. After a break from work with stress I thought I would try running again, so in 2017 I turned up to the 100th event (13/5/2017). I ran at about 28:10 and the following week I was slower, but I kept turning up week after week, I joined the Aviva running club and somehow I could see a 50 shirt coming, I was getting fitter and a bit quicker. Once I got to 50, I could see a 100 shirt and in October 2019 I hit the magic number!  Now I want a 250!

What are your Park run stats

27th June 2015 was my first parkrun.  I started around the 28 minute time for 4 laps of Brundall

PB for Brundall is 22:22, completed on the 3rd October 2018.  I can’t break this!  But want to.  Need it to stop raining and for my legs to just run!

My overall PB is 22:19 I did this at Eaton parkrun on the 7th Dec 2019

Aim is to be under 22 mins at some point!

I have complete 115 parkruns and 2 test events (Yarmouth and Lingwood)

91 runs @ Brundall, Wilson index = 4, Most parkruns in a year 42 in 2019.  13 PB's. 10 digits short on stopwatch bingo.  I need a 14, 17, 21, 29, 32, 36, 39, 46, 47 & 50.  October is my favourite month to run, but an All Weather Runner

Why do you love Brundall parkrun?

I have lived in Brundall for over 20 years and I love the place, but parkrun is such a great thing, I know more people in the village then I have ever known, and people know me. Saturday mornings are now "a thing" and getting out to run is part of my weekend. I enjoy a 5k, followed by a coffee in the park with new and old friends its just a great way to start a weekend.  I think Brundall has a real community feel and feels good to run here.

What does parkrun mean to you?

Really hard to put into words.  But I am a parkrun advocate.  It opens up the community for you and makes running simple, in essence it is just a pair of shoes, shorts and t-shirts, it’s just running/jogging/walking and enjoying a coffee and cake.

But parkrun changes you.  Holidays now include a can we run a parkrun? Its such a simple thing, but it brings the community together people doing DOE awards, people running for the first time, people going to races because they found they were good at running, people connecting to their village and making new friends. The world has lots of issues, but parkrun is one of the solutions.

Where has parkrun taken you?

So I always said I hated running.  But something has changed in the last 2 years!  Saturday mornings are not stay in bed days, they are parkrun days. I have done a lot of 10 Km races, Run 5 miles races and completed half marathons, I've applied for London Marathon twice (but not being unsuccessful)  and I am part of the Aviva Run community and people always say I am a cheer leader for running.

As I ran in an amber weather warning at a half marathon in Lowestoft, I thought what have you become!  But did manage 1:53:04.  It then dawned on me I had started to love running.

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Why did you take the Run Director Role?

I got asked by Liz before Christmas and thought it was a bit of a joke. Then Vanja asked again in January as I scanned my barcode. I have known a lot of the RD’s over the last 5 years and though I wanted to give a little something back to parkrun and Brundall.  After a quick think I said Yes.

The job was described as a couple of hours every week its actually a lot more and, but I am really enjoying it! In my last two RD stints I have tried to bring a bit of fun to the park, number 3 is a charm I promise!


Wearing the RD bibs is brilliant and getting a successful parkrun from volunteers, to the run, to the clearing up and sending the race report, gives you a great deal of satisfaction.

One funny fact about yourself.

I said I was a geek and I’ve met a lot of the cast of Star Wars, including a Jedi, a Scoundrel, a Wookie, a Princess, 2 droids and Darth Vader, plus a lot more of the cast.

Describe yourself in five word

Runner, Geek, Nerd, Tech, Music




Interview conducted by Jane Moneypenny (SIS)



Brundall Rapper’s Delight

"Now, what you hear is not a test I'm rappin' to the beat,
And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet"

Thats the start of rappers delight released in 1979 by the Sugar Hill Gang and in essence the birth of Rap.

Just how did we get to here and why did I think this might be a good idea?

Last Saturday after the Liverpool football game, I was a bit frustrated, so I sat down and was listening to music, Dr Dre song - Still DRE came on and the line went:-
I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world
and I wrote it down like this

"I'm representing all the parkruns across the world."

and something clicked!


Within an hour I had a rough draft for a RD speech and over the week I tuned it. But with all these things and just like parkrun its a confidence thing and come Friday I nearly ditched the rap and went for a normal RD speech. My internal monologue went like this, you know they will laugh at you, no one will like it, you're just being stupid and I came very close to a rewrite, if it had not been a crazy day at work I may have ditched it, even on Saturday morning I thought about it.
But within this story its 100% a parkrun story, we do this with running all the time, not fast enough, going to be last, whats the point if you don't win, people will laugh etc etc. We place barriers in to everything we do and sometimes we just have to do it. As Nike say "Just Do It".
I've heard lots of people say they can't run as they won't be fast enough. But parkrun is not about this at all, it's about the challange of yourself and coming back the next week and doing it again, the community we build and getting out and seeing people. At Brundall we want to see people running and enjoying themselves.

I heard a great quote on the radio which links both stories "You have to change the narrative, if you do what has always gone before you will get the same results" this was A A Dhand on Radio 2 this morning.

So if the rap or the quote hit a nerve, just think that you can do anything, you can run, jog or walk parkrun and everyone is welcome at Brundall.

So back to Saturday, 80 people joined us for a run around the countryside park with 9 first timers, 8 tourists and 1 new to parkrun, they must have wondered what was happening when I stepped up to do the RD talk! But welcome and hopefully you come back, or spread the word.

We had two people join milestone clubs, welcome Jonathan to the 100 club and Andy to the unofficial 150 club. Looking forward to seeing all the new 100 shirts round the park, seeing Jonathan in his black shirt will be great.

The park is holding up well with all the random weather we are being thrown, we have some improvement coming, but still work to do from the core team to land this. It does feel like our most popular apps are weather related and we are slowly becoming meteorologists. But it was lovely to see the sun shining over Brundall on Saturday morning.

Next week is our leap year run and for the number lovers out there, this will be our 229th run, falling in the 2 month on the 29th day so 229 on the 2/29. It's also pacing week! We have shirts from 22 to 38 minutes, 14 people are taking shirts and we need runners to take up the challenge.
We also have our first Jeffing pacer.

Kati will be Running 60 seconds and walking 30 seconds. This is a technique she uses and will be pleased to help you if you're interested.

We do the pacing to try and help runners, even if you try and don't get the PB, at least you tried and there is always the next month. There are also prizes for finishers 29, 58, 87, 116, 145, 174 ;-). We are also going to grab some photos at the start line, as our group photos on Facebook are a little old.

We also raised £30 from the cakes and flapjack, this was a lot more then expected.  I did not really know what to do with it, but in the end it seemed fitting to donated this to Phil Henry and his London Marathon fund raising for The National Autistic Society. Many will know Phil from Lingwood and Brundall and you can read his blog here.  Every little helps when fund raising.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week, Yare Valley are back from their holidays, so please come along, run, jog, walk, or jog and walk.


#loveparkrun #dfyb


Oh what a Card!

Saturday was our Valentine parkrun, but as with the previous week we had a 3rd cog in our love affair with parkrun. This cog was windy and wet and called Dennis. We had a few days of checking weather apps, and checking the park and worrying about what could happen, but most of all I was concerned that both my fancy dress and ode would be lost to a storm! But fate was on our side and early on Saturday morning Barbara, Nick and myself made the right decision and Brundall #227 was on.

Within 30 minutes the gear was up, the marshals deployed and everyone was starting their warming up.

Then I remembered that I had created my fancy dress out of a large piece of card, and actually had created a huge king of hearts kite! I could end up in the next village if the wind gets up higher.


But all was OK and the Ode to running/parkrun got a few laughs, not quite sure that was the reaction I wanted.

This week 56 people ran and the park was a sea of red we had one first timer, this was Alastair who was from Tooting in London, I spoke with him as he grabbed his breath and he enjoyed the course and liked the low numbers and the community feel to the run.

We also had 6 new PB's on the course, so some people are thanking Brian for the windy bursts.

As you have seen the core team of Run Directors has been changing recently, this is both a challenging time and a great opportunity for Brundall, I'd like to thank all the previous Run directors past and present for the help and support and the legacy that has been built.
After the race the Brundall core team got together to walk through the next few months. This was really nice and we have lots of ideas, keep an eye on facebook and the news!

Brundall is fast approaching its 5th birthday and we want to get stronger, more volunteers, slower average times!, improvements to the park and more people attending.

Slower times you say!! Yup our average time to run Brundall is 29 minutes and 42 seconds, and while we love to see the people go fast, its more satisfying to see someone who has never attempted a parkrun to complete the course and then come back and do it again and again and again! We want people to come to Brundall and enjoy the community feel, drink coffee, walk the course, or run it, jog it, jeff it, or walk and run. However you do it and what ever speed you do it at, we just want to see people out and enjoying the course.
Remember you never come last we have a special team of tail-walkers who will support you around the course and they love being the tail of park.


So please pass the word on Brundall, bring your friend, bring your mum, bring your dad, bring your lover, bring your dog. But please come along and support us. We would love to break the 30 minute average time

See you all next week, I have the RD shirt again next week and after the Ode inspired introduction I will try something new next week! Don't miss out! I am positive I could Rap the Park run introduction! See now I said it! Sure you don't want to miss that sort of fun!


The calm before the storm!

With the news full of horror stories about approaching storm Ciara it was with great relief that I arrived at a dry Brundall parkrun to set up for my first solo Run Director stint. I will confess that I was slightly nervous, especially about how I would get everything ready for a 9am (ish!) start but these worries quickly disappeared with the arrival of some wonderfully supportive runners and volunteers.

So, I'd like to start my run report with a huge thank you to all our volunteers, without you parkrun truly wouldn't be possible! This week we were assisted by Liz Clues, Kevin M, Donna Monk, Maisie Harper, Ivan Block, Suzanne O'Halloran, Oliver Wardrope , Emily Monk, Rebecca Monk, Benjamin Polley, Robert Dye, Roger Wiltshire and Jai Gatie.  An extra special thank you goes to Gerlinde Diehl who completed her 25th volunteering stint - can't wait to see your purple t shirt! I was also able to enjoy a delicious piece of flapjack whilst you all did the hard work during the run so a big thank you to Yare Valley Churches for providing the cakes and hot drinks. This week we also had a visit from some members of Good Gym, it was great to see the volunteering they went on to do after finishing parkrun - great job guys!

On to the run itself - we had visitors from far and wide, including a gentleman from Fort William, it is always lovely to hear where people have travelled from. There were 12 people running at Brundall for the first time including 2 people completing their very first parkrun - welcome to the family! Thomas Butler reached his 50th parkrun milestone and Susan Pollock made the unofficial (but very impressive) 150th parkrun.

We had a huge 20 runners recording a personal best - congratulations to James Baxter, Esther Gatie, Simon Burrows, Ben Wilson, Emily Nudd, Erid Pombeiro-Dias, Sarah Harris, Isaac Cheongvee, Simon Gatie, Martin Howard, Jonathan Dingle, Mark Hand, Connor Davis, Thomas Burns, Chris O'Connor, Niall Broomfield, Craig Davies, Jack Guzewich, Dan Amador-Clarke and Kevin Wright!  Phew, what a brilliant bunch - well done!

Gary Crush was the first runner through the finish funnel - but one of the last to leave the park after a quick trip home to retrieve his barcode (#dfybc!!) - followed by Kevin Wright and James Williams. Sarah Harris led the ladies with Liz Clues and Amanda Leftley completing the first 3 finishers.

If you know anyone who would like to begin running some of the run directors are starting a new, free, couch to 5k course on the 29th February so please encourage them to come along! We are a supportive and encouraging bunch! Booking is at:

Next week will be our Valentines themed parkrun and I for one can not wait to see new Run Director Stuart in his costume! It would be great to see as many of you as possible in red, hearts or any fancy dress of your liking - there will be prizes!

Looking forward to seeing you next week #loveparkrun #dfybc


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