Brundall #196 parkrun birthay eve!

A cool an overcast morning greeted us all at the park to welcome 104 runners with 6 Brundall first timers including 2 people partaking in their premier parkrun perambulation!

Despite Met Office predictions of heavy rain arriving at 10am the fabulous parkrun weather fairies kept it dry not just until the tailwalker had finished but also almost until the last bit of post parkrun prattle had passed our lips.

The running conditions were actually pretty perfect as proved by almost 1/3 of our runners who are enjoying a lovely new PB (possibly whilst simultaneously wondering how on earth they will be able to go faster). In no particular order, huge congratulations to Morgan TAYLOR-SMITH; Paul QUADLING; Ed WEST; Mark QUADLING; Stephanie HARRISON; Gemma SNAPE; Christopher HAGG; Chris JOHNSON; Stephen KENWORTHY; Russell HEATH; Paul MAGEE; Joshua HOLMES; Chantelle HOLMES; Kieran DAVIS; David BRYAN; Steve BALDWIN; Sam KENT; Alistair HALLS; Andrew RICHARDSON; Scott WILLIAMS; Ella WHARTON; Ralph LAMBERT-JOHN; Rachel FULLER; Maddie TYE; John CHAPMAN; Teresa SOLOMON; Tracy CHAPMAN; Graham EDMOND; Cathy CONNELL; Nicky TALBOT; Tallulah CANFOR-WOOD
Massive thanks to all of the High-Vis heroes who turned up on Saturday so that our runners could start their weekends in the best way possible and a proper Brundall welcome to Livia who is going complete the volunteering part of her DofE award with us at parkrun

Don’t forget to dust of your bandanas/buffs/muffs/snoods/scarfs to help us celebrate our 4th Birthday in honour of our ex ED “Captain” Phil Henry who went on permanent shore leave from HMS Brundall to start up Lingwood parkrun and become a parkrun ambassador.


Phil probably owns nearly enough bandanas to outfit almost everyone running at Brundall in any given week but still hasn't spoiled us with a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher!

See you all next week on parkrunday for a bountiful bonanza of bandanas, some fabulous cakes, event number 197 and our 4th Birthday.



Brundall parkrun #195 – The one with the sun!

I had a slight panic Saturday morning as my husband had to pop in to work which meant I could not rope him in to help me set up the parkrun course. I was all alone getting the equipment out of the shed, but no sooner had I started to worry, I was rescued by lots of volunteers all at once! The Westmoreland family set up the finish funnel, Lis Ashman took care of the signs, Nick Eley put up the parking fence, Stephen Dye put out the cones and my darling children put up the flags. Ten minutes later and we had a parkrun course! If anyone can spare time to pitch up at 8.30 on parkrundays to help set up, you can earn a volunteer credit and still get to run. This can also be done by staying behind after the run to help take the course down. Speaking of which, a shout-out to David Spring who has been driving up the road in his van each Saturday to bring the cones back.

On a very hot day, we welcomed visitors from Southampton, Ely, Newark and Huntingdon and three brand new parkrunners; it's always lovely to see new people at Brundall.

We congratulated Tommy Davies on his 100th parkrun - thank you for the cake Tommy! A huge well done also to Gemma Latham for running her 100th parkrun - thank you for more cake Gemma! A big thank you to Julie Jardine who volunteered for the 25th time!


Despite the heat there were 15 new PBs! Well done to: Gemma LATHAM 30:19, Tony WOOD 24:51, Andrew MULLIGAN 18:27, Rick HERDMAN 28:00, Shona MACKIE 36:33, Shane STRATFORD 27:44, Darren MATTHEWSON 23:11, Kilian ENGELHARD 25:50, Robert BUTLER 24:48, Aidan ENGELHARD 27:01, Niall BROOMFIELD 23:12, Arthur BALLS 33:12, Lorraine SYDER 39:19.

Our first three male finishers were Andy Mulligan 18:27 and new PB! 2nd was Chris Merrylees in 19:33 and 3rd was young Ciaran Burke, a first timer at Brundall from Huntingdonshire in 19:56 - fantastic!

Our first three female finishers were young Evie Hood in 22:41, followed by Lisa-Marie Quinton in 22:59 and young Lottie Hood on 23:10 matching her PB!

Our exciting news is that we have a new toy! Michael Briggs (husband of Run Director Vanja) has made us a fantastic token sorting board!


From what I have heard, the board worked really well on Saturday so thank you all for your cooperation. All we ask is that after your token has been scanned, please hang it on the appropriate hook with the number facing upwards - then we can sort them back onto their holders much quicker.

Please don't forget that we are holding our 4th birthday parkrun on Saturday 15th June and the theme is BANDANAS (not bananas). This is in honour of Phil Henry who is stepping down as Brundall Event and Run Director.

Lastly, we could do with some volunteers over the next few weeks. If we don't get enough volunteers then there is no parkrun - and we don't want that, do we? Please take a look at our roster and let us know if you can help by emailing


Lift off for littlelifts at Brundall parkrun #194

Those of you who are regulars at Brundall parkrun will be aware of Barbara Button's fundraising efforts on behalf of littlelifts - a charity that supports women with primary breast cancer by offering them a littlelifts comfort box at the start of their chemotherapy treatment.
Barbara's fundraising efforts have far exceeded expectations and there was a further boost on Saturday when husband Neil took up the challenge of running a new Brundall parkrun PB that was set after a few too many beers on a recent group curry night!
Neil's PB before Saturday was already a speedy 19:52 and it was no surprise that he was looking a tad nervous before the start, knowing that he had to make it 4 times up the travelator faster than he had ever done before.
As the run started it was clear that Neil had the support of everyone there, including the super speedy trio of Leigh Nixon, James Howlett and Chris Merrylees acting as his pacers.
Neil completed the first 2 laps in around 9:45, so was well on target, but still faced the mental challenge of keeping it up over laps 3 and 4. There was a nervous wait at the finish as timekeepers Roger and Joan had their fingers poised over the split time button on their timers when Neil finally hoved into view around the last corner of the last lap. The timers bleeped as buttons were pressed in tandem and he had done it! A new PB of 19:50 beating his old time by 2 seconds!
Congratulations Neil and kudos to James, Chris and Leigh for excellent pacing.
Those of us who were with Neil at the curry night when he accepted the challenge / was put on the spot (delete as applicable) were only too happy to pay up as Barbara's fundraising received a further boost north of £150.

At the front of the field we had one of our closest tussles to finish first with Andy Mulligan and Kevin Vaughan swapping places during the run. It was Kevin who eventually prevailed with Andy having the consolation of running a new PB of 18:43. Great running guys and it was nice to see you shaking hands afterwards.
For the ladies our first finisher was Nicola Lambert-John, who had an excellent run to set a new PB of 20:37. Nicola's son Ralph also ran a new PB of 29:52 on what was his 7th Birthday.
Congratulations Nicola and Ralph and kudos to James for pacing Ralph round our 4 lap course.
There was another parkrun Birthday with Max Westmoreland celebrating becoming a teenager. Happy Birthday to you too Max!
In total 34 runners achieved new PBs on Saturday. Congratulations to all of you.
Well done also to Ivan Block and Rebecca Westmoreland, who both ran their 150th parkrun on Saturday.
Saturday also saw a healthy number of first timers with 20 completing their first parkrun at Brundall Countryside Park. Hope to see you again soon.
Well done to everybody else who took part and thanks as ever to Yare Valley Churches for providing the post parkrun coffee and cake.

Finally this week it's well worth a mention that this event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

Simon HAGG • Phil HENRY • Jason CORNER • Georgia CORNER • Lisa TAYLOR • Andy FOREMAN • Gerlinde DIEHL • Pat LAYTON • Julie JARDINE • Julian JARDINE • Nick ELEY • Alan PARSONS • Jennifer NORRIS • Nicky GALWEY-WOOLSTON • Joan WOODS • Roger WILTSHIRE • Mia EDMOND

Roger Wiltshire has now volunteered on 25 separate occasions at Brundall and will soon be the proud owner of a volunteer 25 milestone shirt. Thank you Roger.
If you would like to join the ranks of the high viz heroes please check the volunteer roster here and send an email to and we will add you to it for your preferred role and date.
See you next week as we creep ever closer to our 4th Birthday parkrun on 15th June!


Cool Steve

We were launched worldwide (well almost) this week by hipster Steve! Steve called Radio 6 to let the nation know he was on his way to Brundall parkrun! Nice one Steve and Happy Birthday too!
Run director Vikki Harper came with cake baked by her daughter Maisie to celebrate her 100th parkrun. The cake looked epic and tasted great. Josh Mullander did his 50th and young Lola ran her 10th! Well done all, dont forget to tell your classmates Lola.
We had an amazing 23 new PB's and 21 first timers. Cameron Panting not only visited for the first time but came first too, great running.

Thanks to all our volunteers on Saturday who were brilliant.



Breaking News ! – Nick Eley has body guards at Brundall Parkrun 192-11/05/2019

On a fresh May morning it was great to celebrate Maisie (of baking fantastic cake fame) Harpers 100th parkrun, she has promised (ok I have on her behalf) ,that she'll be bringing along some of her homemade delights in the not too distant future...Thanks Maisie ! xx

As the heading of this run reports states, Nick Eley (he has his own emoji don't you know) ran with his body guards this morning. Nick says that he was looking after them , as their 'responsible adult'. However , I can now confirm they were his new pacers, and didn't they do a fab job of getting him round, well done boys !.

We had some marvellous running and pacing this morning and PB's a plenty. Take a deep breath here goes, - Shane Bidle, Chris Hagg, Stephen Dye, Sam and Ben Westmoreland ( re-named as Nick Eley's bodyguards ! ), Rebecca Westmoreland, Myles Gibbons, Steve Thompson, Emily Howlett, Georg Engelhard, Stuart Wardrope, Robert Butler, Daniel Crawford, Samantha Gosnold, Kilian and Aidan Engelhard, Amanda Leftley, Kamal Aryal, Pieter Leech, Paul Appleton, Philip Halley, Justin Jarrett, Alan Markwell and Cathy Connell. You're all my favourites....ok, I have actually missed out my favourite. A special shout out to Rachel Martell she of London Marathon fame and in 2 week's will be taking on the Liverpool Marathon. It's not easy running a new parkrun PB (I should know) especially on tired marathon legs, well done R xx

To the 102 of you who took on our course with your usual good humour and determination we thank you for joining us here at Brundall. I especially enjoyed our young first timer Edward heckling me during my pre run waffle (I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner !). We wish Good Luck to our visitor from Newark, Gemma who is running the Dereham 10 mile tomorrow, I think we all fell in love just a little bit with her companion Gizmo xx

To our wonderful volunteers we can't thank you enough for giving up your time. And to those like the Ashman's who combine helping us set up and close down the course with running as well, it is much appreciated xx To our young helpers this morning, high fives all round. We warmly welcome Mia who will be spending many Saturday mornings with us whilst completing her Duke of Edinburgh.

And that's it folks, look after yourselves
and Good Luck in any events you will be taking part in . #loveparkrun

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