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What are (not)parkruns?

(not)parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run or 2k for junior parkrunners, on a route of your choosing, on a day and time of your choice, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based. You can record up to one activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in a weekly results table.

For more information on (not)parkrun and how to get involved, please visit our FAQs.

The data

  • (End)Date - the last date of the week by which (not)parkruns are grouped
  • parkrunners - the number of unique participants who have recorded a (not)parkrun.
  • (not)parkruns - the total number of (not)parkruns recorded for the given time period.

Results can be sorted and searched using the filters at the top of the table.