Happy 6th Birthday Bryn Bach Lake parkrun!!!

Tourist’s diary

“Oh oh, road ahead closed A465. Can you find an alternative on your phone sat nav?”

“No signal” my daughter replied.
“We’ll follow my nose then” What could possibly go wrong??.

That could have been the end of our excursion to Bryn Bach Lake parkrun. Fortunately with a little bit of good luck and a large nose, we made it with 10 minutes to spare. Well..... we got to the car park at 08:50. Forgot that we have to get half way around the lake to the start. No time to introduce ourselves to the run director. My daughter, Cat, and myself hot trotted around the lake.

We are both core volunteers from the newly fledged Gloucester City parkrun, which is on a 3 week hiatus due to the local fair. As soon as I read the parkrun email detailing 5 parkruns around lakes, I knew Bryn Bach was number 1 on my list to visit.

So back to run day, we made our way to the start line and sneaked our way into the throng of runners eager for the off. It was 1 minute past 9 but there were still a few stragglers. The run director decided to shame them. Quite right too ;)

Then after the briefest of briefings we were off. The day was getting warmer by the minute. The lake looked more and more inviting. Still we soldiered on, knowing that as it was our first time here we were guaranteed a PB. I was lolloping around after 1.5 laps when the leader overtook (lapped) me.... at a pace. You know you are getting old when juniors pass you as though you are going backwards. Then the 2nd lead runner passed me. Wait a minute that looked like the Run Director. Did the lead runner steal his wallet or something?? What is going on.?

Well I eventually crossed the finish line after giving as much encouragement to as many runners as possible. Who scanned my barcode? The run director!! Is he one of triplets? No it was superman Lee Aherne, run director supreme and master of all trades- Lee I salute you.
We had noticed that the run director was reliant on runners finishing and assisting after their run. If anyone would like to volunteer for future events please get in touch with the core team at

It was a wonderful run and a wonderful day out. We were even rewarded with free toast and shower after the run.
All parkrun events are different and carry something special, Bryn Bach being no exception. What we will take away from our visit is friendly community feel that was present in the café post run. We hope that we can recreate this when we start our parkrun in our hometown….to be continued.

Looking forward to next time we can return to Bryn Bach Lake...........when the A465 is open!

Cat and Nigel Lane