The Annual Points Competition

As the awards were given out on Saturday I found myself wondering how many of those present understood how the points competition works or indeed whether they knew it existed in the first place. So here is a bit of an explanation.

Initially the points system was designed to encourage running but it was later extended to include volunteers. This was to make it possible for those who want to run every week of the year to not be disadvantaged when they volunteered and to encourage people to volunteer at least 3 times a year.

Runners are divided by genders and points awarded based on their finishing position. The maximum of 100 points go to the first male and female runners, 99 to second and so on down the list. If there are over 100 male or female runners then everyone from position 100 downwards gets 1 point. The fastest runners may not accumulate the most points unless they are loyal to one event as each event has it's own competition.

Volunteers are rewarded with 100 points up to 3 times a year. If they volunteer and run on the same (e.g. event set up) they only get one set of points, 100 points the first 3 times but run points after that.

The points year starts on the anniversary week and runs until the week before the next anniversary.