Burnham and Highbridge parkrun #242

Storm Dennis, you came, you saw, however you did not conquer!
by Becci Reeves

Those of you who are regulars to Burnham and Highbridge know all too well about the infamous breeze. This morning Storm Dennis had other ideas with his own 'breeze' which no doubt made it hard for our 15 pacers and 316 other runners!

The slight drizzle just before 9am cleared for what looked like a windy overcast run, however that was not the case! Heavy rain along with being blown sideways was on the cards for everyone along the estuary path and promenade.

The weather didn't dampen the mood with smiles and jumps from lots of you :)

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Our first finisher today was Kurtis Gibson in 15:48 (PB) followed by Adam Holland in 16:38, who is currently our course record holder. Just behind them having a closely fought battle for 3rd and 4th were Toby Norman in 17:48 and Hannah Taunton in 17:52.

Along with Kurtis we had another 30 personal bests today. Thank you to all the pacers who helped today and congratulations to the two of you who managed to get within two seconds of your bib time.
Pacers Award

We were joined by 60 first timers which included visitors from Taunton, Worcester, Pymnes Park (London), Ripon, Manchester, Cheltenham and Bridgwater Albion Rugby Club. Hopefully next time you visit the weather will be a bit nicer!

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It wouldn't be possible to hold the event without the help of our volunteers who today included some completing their 'Duke Of Edinburgh' award.

Vincent Reginald Huxtable • Ian Attwood • Stuart Anderson • Catherine Earl • Sue Nicholls • Tracey Benton • Mark Benton • Ranolph Yeung • Kathy Beard • Georgina Della Valle • Philip Hobbs • Allan Pendleton • Melanie Young • Adrian Smith • Colin Holdom • Samantha Smith • Melissa Fowler • Patricia Seabrook • Freddie Horwood • Hilary Bruce • Cecilia Young • Bill Monteith • Tony Gore • Helen Davis • Kelly Sherriff • Paul Tomlinson • Rebecca Reeves • Doug Ward • Katrina Bufton • Stephen Walker • Adrian Davis • Jonathan Williams • Vanetta Merrick • Paul Kuht • Tim Byrne • Alex Hamilton • Sue Baker • Caleb Andrews • Alan Beech • Tracy Smith • Emily Starling • Libbie Hall • Jake Poolton

If you would like to volunteer and get a snazzy purple t-shirt after helping 25 times, please see the roster attached the office window on a Saturday morning or pop us an email at burnhamandhighbridge@parkrun.com

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Today's full results can be found by clicking this link:

For those of you who don't know already, on 29th February we are going to be doing something different ... reversing the course! Please come and join in the with fun, as if its a leap year special we won't be doing it again until 2048.

Saving the best news from today's parkrun until last, we were joined by Sarah Flourentzou and massive group of #NoExcuses friends and family. For those who don't know Sarah for the last 18 months she's been going through chemo with her final treatment over the weekend. During this time she's completed all but 4 parkruns and has said "it's helped her to focus and keep going." You're such an inspiration and along with everyone else, I hope we continue to see you every week (unless your touristing at another event)

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The Female Record Is Held By Naomi Taschimowitz Who Recorded A Time Of 16:49 On 31st December 2016 (Event Number 81).
The Male Record Is Held By Adam Holland Who Recorded A Time Of 15:31 On 19th May 2018 (Event Number 151).
The Age Grade Course Record Is Held By Sue Nicholls Who Recorded 96.67% (23:02) On 5th September 2015 (Event Number 12).

Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started on 20th June 2015. Since then 9,887 participants have completed 61,847 parkruns covering a total distance of 309,235 km, including 11,092 new Personal Bests. A total of 573 individuals have volunteered 5,196 times.


Burnham and Highbridge parkrun #241 08.02.2020

The lull before the storm...

By the time you read this storm Ciara may have arrived or long gone depending on how keen you are to read our Run Reports that we produce weekly...unknown circulation!  Anyway, conditions at todays parkrun were unusually favourable, with a slight headwind running back along the seafront, which meant 68 PBs out of a total of 367 participants.

We had 26 First Timers today, 12 newbies to parkrun, and the rest visitors from various places including Norway (which has five parkruns if you are interested in some parkrun tourism!) Hope you enjoyed our parkrun experience.


We had lots of milestones today, but few people let us know for a shout out at the Run Briefing, and a personal round of applause... you deserve it!  So I have to look you all up later on the results, and applaud your achievements:

Completing 50 parkruns today were Chris Townsend, Michelle Townsend (inseperable), Jean Bailey and Dawn Bowles (or Goddard as she is presumably called now)

Completing 100 parkruns were Steve Clarke and Nicola Fulstow. 

Completing an unofficial parkrun milestone of 200 was Adrian Smith, most of these at Burnham and Highbridge parkrun.

Our volunteers today were wearing the new parkrun colours of a sort of raspberry colour... not sure why the change, but they all looked great, and performed a great job as usual (more applause).  A special Thank You to Reg, Tracey and Mark Benton who set up the course before you all arrive...  every week!


Todays volunteers were:

Vincent Reginald HUXTABLE • Jason WOODS • Clive DICKER • Stuart ANDERSON • Tracey BENTON • Mark BENTON • Matt POWELL • Kathy BEARD • Philip HOBBS • Tracey THOMAS • Jonathan WICKENS • Claire WOOD • Allan PENDLETON • Robert JENNER • Samantha SMITH • Colin WOOD • Colin LINTERN • Lorraine LINTERN • Cecilia YOUNG • Bill MONTEITH • Karen OLDCORN • Ethan RYLES • Mary CLOTHIER • Nick HEMMINGS • Katrina BUFTON • Stephen WALKER • Alex HAMILTON • Caleb ANDREWS

We are always in need of volunteers, so if you can volunteer every so often then everyone can run as well. Check out our future rota and send us an email.


Talking of volunteers, on 7th March 2020, parkrun is celebrating International Womens Day by encouraging women to participate in sporting activities. We are having a women volunteer takeover day, so if you would like to volunteer on that day let us know (if you are female).  It is also a day to wear purple.

Another special event is 29th February 2020, that extra day to catch up our planet earths rotation (365 plus a quarter day) around the sun every 4 years.  This is the first ever leap year parkrun day, and the next will be in 2048, so we are marking this special occasion by running our course in reverse. It has not been tried before, and you may have to wait another 28 years before we do it again.  We are also encouraging marriage proposals in true leap year tradition, so come and celebrate with us...

Todays results:

Todays results finally appeared after a short delay due to national parkrun IT issues.

First over the line was David Searle in 17:23 with a PB.


First lady over the line was Ella Hansen in 21:17


Martin Smith was our best age grade today with 80.98%, also with a PB of 20:09 in the VM (60-64 age group)

Timothy Jones was our most accomplished parkrunner with 346 parkruns, also with a PB of 20:43.

Well done to all those taking part today.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Burnham and Highbridge parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 16:49 on 31st December 2016 (event number 81).
The male record is held by Adam HOLLAND who recorded a time of 15:31 on 19th May 2018 (event number 151).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sue NICHOLLS who recorded 96.67% (23:02) on 5th September 2015 (event number 12).

Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started on 20th June 2015. Since then 9,827 participants have completed 61,516 parkruns covering a total distance of 307,580 km, including 11,060 new Personal Bests. A total of 572 individuals have volunteered 5,154 times.

A big Thank You to Alex Hamilton for some great photos today, which can be seen on our facebook page.  His children enjoyed a more leisurely parkrun being pushed by Nicola Hamilton rather than their more frantic father.


The aeroplane mode of running (or take a picture of me looking like Phil Johnson, who should have taken out copyright)


seems to be catching on.


Hope the storm isn't/wasn't too bad, and see you next week

Stuart Anderson



International Women’s Day parkrun

Burnham and Highbridge parkrun will be supporting International Womens Day (IWD) on the 7th March. IWD is actually on Sunday 8th March, but parkrun's, who have opted in to this concept, are celebrating on the Saturday.

We are being encouraged to celebrate International Women’s Day, as research shows that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating. IWD parkrun is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world.

So lets get recruiting and find as many ladies and girls to come along and run, jog or walk on the 7th.

Guys, you are not left out and we want to see as many of you as possible to come along and take part in support of the IWD initiative.


Burnham And Highbridge parkrun # 240 1st February 2020

Should we stay or should we go?..


They say that getting out the door is the hardest part of exercise and joking aside it always amazes us at parkrun just how many people turn up without fail every Saturday and put so much effort into the challenge. Seeing so many new faces is always great and another large group today gave us all added enjoyment that someone else has joined the community!

Unseasonable mild conditions today favouring a healthy turnout today of 396 people all hot-footing their way around the course with as much vigour and enthusiasm as Nigel Farage legging it out of Brussels.

Not just ANY volunteer
As most are aware, we have a huge number of volunteers who basically "put the show on" every week but did you know that in addition to the regular high-viz heroes we also have several that partake in association and as part of the Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme? For those who don't know what this brilliant scheme is, the D of E charity works with organisations across the UK to help young people gain essential skills, experience, confidence and resilience to successfully navigate adult life. As part of the process, awards are given upon completion of various tasks and several young people have come to support parkrun as part of their chosen community volunteer project.
Today Ria May Tilley added another role to her impressive tally and has completed her task  - well done Ria and congratulations from all of us here!
For more details of this great scheme and to see more of what they do take a look here: DofE

It's a bit of a squeeze
With success comes increased numbers of participants and whilst we commend everyone who comes this does put an increased strain on the infrastructure and facilities not least the toilet queue!
One area a lot of you will have noticed the strain is the parking - in particular during the winter months when we loose a large grassed overflow area which for obvious reasons (and a request from the council) is placed out-of-bounds. This means the car park is full very early and those arriving later have to find alternative spaces nearby.
Please can we ask that those parking outside of the park are mindful that the local residential roads, in particular the one to the rear of the houses next to the Fire station are left clear for residents. It has been reported to us that in some instances, private driveways and spaces have been occupied thus causing issues with residents.
Whilst we are confident this is a simple misunderstanding, we do not want to create unnecessary problems and would like to think we are good neighbors to all.

The pics
Fantastic views across the riverbank and bay today, once again highlighting the beautiful location we have! 
All of today's fantastic photos were taken by Paul Smith and more can be seen over on our Flickr page.



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The Milestones
Congratulations to Lee Wood who completed his 100th today and celebrated by bagging a PB too!

The Stats
This week 396 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 16 were first timers and 24 vistors attending for their first visit to B&H
43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 40 different clubs took part.
New visitor or seasoned regular, we hope you all enjoyed our fantastic route, be sure to tell your friends all about us!

The results
Scoring a hat-trick of top results today with first overal position, first female AND top age-grading of 83.77% was Hannah Taunton with a time of 17:40
1st female
First male home was regular Chris Walker with a time of 17:46 
1st male
Most accomplished runner was Marie Malloy who today completed her 351st Parkrun.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Burnham and Highbridge parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 16:49 on 31st December 2016 (event number 81). The male record is held by Adam HOLLAND who recorded a time of 15:31 on 19th May 2018 (event number 151). The Age Grade course record is held by Sue NICHOLLS who recorded 96.67% (23:02) on 5th September 2015 (event number 12).

The Team
A big shout out and round of applause goes to our volunteers. Each and every one of the Hi-Viz heroes giving their free-time so this event can take place every week.  

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The event was made possible by 24 volunteers  -this weeks roll of honour:

Vincent Reginald HUXTABLE • Mike HORWOOD • Sue NICHOLLS • Tracey BENTON • Mark BENTON • Kathy BEARD • Philip HOBBS • Allan PENDLETON • Ria May TILLEY • Adrian SMITH • Samantha SMITH • Michael REEP • Paul TOMLINSON • Sarah REEP • Paul SMITH • Alison OATEN • Rachel SEARLE • Sue BAKER • John DAVIS • Trevor HOLLINGSBEE • Harry PETHERAM • Alan BEECH • Libbie HALL • Jake POOLTON

Please consider joining the volunteer team by checking out the rota on our volunteer page and send us a message. It's really fun & not a difficult role. Remember - No volunteers, No parkrun :-(   

Did you know?
Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started on 20th June 2015. Since then 9,801 participants have completed 61,149 parkruns covering a total distance of 305,745 km, including 10,991 new Personal Bests. A total of 569 individuals have volunteered 5,126 times.

On behalf of all the team here at Burnham & Highbridge Parkrun have a great week and see you next Saturday!

Phil  Hobbs


Burnham And Highbridge parkrun # 239 25th January 2020

Image may contain: sky, ocean, boat, bridge, outdoor, water and nature

A very dark and damp river for our runners

Well done everyone who attended our Parkrun today, and a big hello to all our visitors. A really good attendance, albeit, dark, murky and damp, but great for running nevertheless.


This week four hundred and six (406) people ran, jogged and walked the course. In summary of this number, thirty nine (39) were first timers to Burnham and Highbridge Parkrun, sixty three (63) recorded new Personal Bests, two hundred and forty two (242) are previous runners and twenty six (26) were unknown without Barcodes. Well done everyone!

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

We appeal to all Athletes and Volunteers, regardless of which parkrun you are registered, who have not updated their ICE information on their personal profile please do so. Access to your profile may be made from your results E-mail or you may login to parkrun.com/signin. Once into your profile, “my links”, click on update and enter your data.

Our HiViz Team

The hero’s of the day our volunteer team. So as you are running, spare a thought to the marshals, the finish people, the scanners, the samplers, the results processors and all who before and after, put out and collect the kit.

This event is totally and utterly dependent on these dedicated people, offering their time and talents to parkrun each week. Our run requires twenty to thirty volunteers per week. 

Many of the volunteers are runners who have helped today, so if you are a regular, consider helping once in a while and allow our volunteers to have a run.

Our thanks to twenty five (25) volunteers this week in first name order: -

Allan Pendleton, Cecilia Young, Clive Baker, Dawn Angela Bowles, Ethan Ryles, Gwen Froment, Ian Booth, Jake Poolton, Julie Gilfoyle, Kathy Beard, Libbie Hall, Mark Benton, Mary Clothier, Nikki Woodland, Paul Chorley, Peter Morton, Philip Hobbs, Rachel Chorley, Samantha Smith, Stephen Walker, Stuart Anderson, Sue Baker, Sue Nicholls, Tracey Benton, Vincent Reginald Huxtable


To all our visitors, we hope you all enjoyed our parkrun and please visit us again. 

The Serious Stuff: Statistics

Male placings:

Alfie Hocking was first over the line in 15:38

Ben Maliphant was second over the line in 16:01

Ben Hamblin was third over the line in 16:26

Female placings:

Joanna Rich was first over the line in 21:36

Helen Jenkins was second over the line in 22:31

Ellie Steer was third over the line in 22:46

The three highest age grades were recorded by:

Alfie Hocking at 87.63%

Chris Walker at 83.76%

Ben Hamblin at 83.37%

Current Records:

The female record is held by Naomi TASCHIMOWITZ who recorded a time of 16:49 on 31st December 2016 (event number 81).
The male record is held by Adam HOLLAND who recorded a time of 15:31 on 19th May 2018 (event number 151).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sue NICHOLLS who recorded 96.67% (23:02) on 5th September 2015 (event number 12).


This week 406 people ran, jogged, pushed buggies and walked the course, of whom 39 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. 

Representatives of thirty six (36) different clubs took part.

Of special mention are those runners who notched another finish adding to their parkrun achievement club totals, one hundred and twenty eight (128) from the parkrun 10-club, seventy four (74) from the parkrun 50-club, sixty six (66) from the parkrun 100-club and five from the Parkrun 250-club. 

Susan Harvey leading the way on 339 parkrun's. 

From the results, achieving 10 runs were Ryan Davies, Isaac Partridge, David Harris, Peter Strong, Gemma Denman, Maria Doyle, Mark Price and Phil Cooke, whilst Bev Gore and Colin Lintern achieved 50 runs.

Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started on 20th June 2015. Since then 9,761 participants have completed 60,753 parkruns covering a total distance of 303,765 km, including 10,948 new Personal Bests. A total of 566 individuals have volunteered 5,102 times.

parkrun photos

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Alfie Hocking was first over the line in 15:38, seven seconds off the record

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, sky, grass, plant, outdoor and nature

Joanna Rich was first over the line in 21:36


Burnham and Highbridge parkrun couldn’t happen without the enthusiastic support of our volunteers. Many thanks to the wonderful people who created this week’s event and if you’d like to join the volunteer team, we’d love to have you. Please opt in to receive volunteer emails (via ‘manage my profile’ on any result or newsletter email) and contact burnhamandhighbridgehelpers@parkrun.com  to offer help. Please take a look at the available slots on the roster and let us know if and when you can help out, and the role that you fancy doing. If everyone volunteered once in every five runs they do, this would help us to ensure that parkrun is fully staffed each week

Don’t forget to follow us on these news pages or on Facebook (Burnham and Highbridge parkrun) for the latest news and information.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Burnham and Highbridge parkrun website Burnham and Highbridge parkrun Results Page.


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