Burnham and Highbridge parkrun #242

Storm Dennis, you came, you saw, however you did not conquer!
by Becci Reeves

Those of you who are regulars to Burnham and Highbridge know all too well about the infamous breeze. This morning Storm Dennis had other ideas with his own 'breeze' which no doubt made it hard for our 15 pacers and 316 other runners!

The slight drizzle just before 9am cleared for what looked like a windy overcast run, however that was not the case! Heavy rain along with being blown sideways was on the cards for everyone along the estuary path and promenade.

The weather didn't dampen the mood with smiles and jumps from lots of you :)

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Our first finisher today was Kurtis Gibson in 15:48 (PB) followed by Adam Holland in 16:38, who is currently our course record holder. Just behind them having a closely fought battle for 3rd and 4th were Toby Norman in 17:48 and Hannah Taunton in 17:52.

Along with Kurtis we had another 30 personal bests today. Thank you to all the pacers who helped today and congratulations to the two of you who managed to get within two seconds of your bib time.
Pacers Award

We were joined by 60 first timers which included visitors from Taunton, Worcester, Pymnes Park (London), Ripon, Manchester, Cheltenham and Bridgwater Albion Rugby Club. Hopefully next time you visit the weather will be a bit nicer!

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It wouldn't be possible to hold the event without the help of our volunteers who today included some completing their 'Duke Of Edinburgh' award.

Vincent Reginald Huxtable • Ian Attwood • Stuart Anderson • Catherine Earl • Sue Nicholls • Tracey Benton • Mark Benton • Ranolph Yeung • Kathy Beard • Georgina Della Valle • Philip Hobbs • Allan Pendleton • Melanie Young • Adrian Smith • Colin Holdom • Samantha Smith • Melissa Fowler • Patricia Seabrook • Freddie Horwood • Hilary Bruce • Cecilia Young • Bill Monteith • Tony Gore • Helen Davis • Kelly Sherriff • Paul Tomlinson • Rebecca Reeves • Doug Ward • Katrina Bufton • Stephen Walker • Adrian Davis • Jonathan Williams • Vanetta Merrick • Paul Kuht • Tim Byrne • Alex Hamilton • Sue Baker • Caleb Andrews • Alan Beech • Tracy Smith • Emily Starling • Libbie Hall • Jake Poolton

If you would like to volunteer and get a snazzy purple t-shirt after helping 25 times, please see the roster attached the office window on a Saturday morning or pop us an email at burnhamandhighbridge@parkrun.com

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Today's full results can be found by clicking this link:

For those of you who don't know already, on 29th February we are going to be doing something different ... reversing the course! Please come and join in the with fun, as if its a leap year special we won't be doing it again until 2048.

Saving the best news from today's parkrun until last, we were joined by Sarah Flourentzou and massive group of #NoExcuses friends and family. For those who don't know Sarah for the last 18 months she's been going through chemo with her final treatment over the weekend. During this time she's completed all but 4 parkruns and has said "it's helped her to focus and keep going." You're such an inspiration and along with everyone else, I hope we continue to see you every week (unless your touristing at another event)

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The Female Record Is Held By Naomi Taschimowitz Who Recorded A Time Of 16:49 On 31st December 2016 (Event Number 81).
The Male Record Is Held By Adam Holland Who Recorded A Time Of 15:31 On 19th May 2018 (Event Number 151).
The Age Grade Course Record Is Held By Sue Nicholls Who Recorded 96.67% (23:02) On 5th September 2015 (Event Number 12).

Burnham and Highbridge parkrun started on 20th June 2015. Since then 9,887 participants have completed 61,847 parkruns covering a total distance of 309,235 km, including 11,092 new Personal Bests. A total of 573 individuals have volunteered 5,196 times.