Burnham and Highbridge parkrun Event #243 22nd February 2020

The storm with no name…

Whilst thankfully the rain stayed away this week, the wind was definitely an unwelcome visitor to Burnham and Highbridge today making for some tricky running conditions.

Having battled the winds along the coast, there were a lot less smiles, waves and aeroplanes on the way back into the park than usual:

parkrun 2202 1

parkrun 2202 2

parkrun 2202 3

parkrun 2202 4

parkrun 2202 5

parkrun 2202 6

parkrun 2202 7

However, our fabulous photographer did manage to capture lots of flying feet:

parkrun 2202 ff1

parkrun 2202 ff2

parkrun 2202 ff3

parkrun 2202 ff4

parkrun 2202 ff5

parkrun 2202 ff6

parkrun 2202 ff7

parkrun 2202 ff8

parkrun 2202 ff9

parkrun 2202 ff10

This week, we had 67 first timers join us including a fantastic 18 people who completed their first ever parkrun today! Welcome to the parkrun family Jordan Moate, Ian Manners, George Russ, Steve Bayliss, Jon Burt, Finley Mayo, Dominic Mayo, Wendy Andrews, Jainika Drenkhan, Louis Clarke, Freddie Willis, Beau Bryant, Julie Mayo, Jon Mayo, Sarah Nutley, Jay Foster, Rachel Hill, and Zia Smith – your Saturday mornings will never be the same again!

We also had 5 participants choose Burnham and Highbridge to celebrate a parkrun milestone – congratulations to Finbar Hurley celebrating his 10th parkrun, and to Paul Flint, Lorraine Lintern and Jessica Francis all celebrating their 50th events – we look forward to seeing those t-shirts soon!

The ‘Burnham Breeze’ helped 26 people record a new personal best today. Our first male finisher today was Peter Morton with a time of 18:05, closely followed by Chris Walker in 18:18 and William Gandy in 19:04. Our first female finisher was Emma Kiernan with a time of 19:48 followed by India Porter in 21:00 and Helen Faubel in 21:12.

Our most ‘parkrunniest’ participant this week was Sorrel Judith Langley Hobbs completing her 346th parkrun this morning.

A full list of today’s results can be found on the website: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/burnhamandhighbridge/results/latestresults/.

Today’s event was made possible by 30 superheroes who volunteered their time. A massive thank you to Vincent Reginald Huxtable, Chris Day, Laura Piper, Jason Woods, Clive Dicker, Stuart Anderson, Sue Nicholls, Tracey Benton, Edwin Gaines, Steven Dorrall, Mark Benton, John Piper, Matt Powell, Kathy Beard, Georgina Della Valle, Philip Hobbs, Len Horlock, Allan Pendleton, Cecilia Young, Ian Booth, Amy Badman, Stephen Walker, Georgina Hainsby, Sue Baker, Ed Moll, Phil Cooke, Alan Beech, Libbie Hall, Jake Poolton, and Katie Boobyer.

If you would like to volunteer at a future event, please email burnhamandhighbridgehelpers@parkrun.com.

Next week our event is a leap day special, and so we look forward to a Burnham and Highbridge first - running our event in reverse! Please come and join us, you won’t have another opportunity to take part in a parkrun on February 29th until 2048! #dontforgetyourbarcode

parkrun 2202 tailwalker