Run number 304 – 19th May 2018

Event number 304

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A spectators view

One of the joys of parkrun is the positive support and encouragement our runners get from the spectators. The spectators and volunteers help create the special atmosphere that keep our runners motivated and coming back week after week. We often get reports and stories from our runners but this week we have a report from one of our regular spectators Rachel Hollas. Rachel is at Burnley parkrun most weeks supporting her husband Andrew and daughter Chloe, and of course everyone else who runs.

Chloe Hollas
Notching up her 141st run



When my husband announced 6 years ago, that he was going to go to Towneley for a parkrun, at 9am on Saturday morning, I was not particularly enthusiastic. I’ve watched Andy running for many years but races ususally start at about 11am (messing up the whole day!) The first few times he went I stayed in bed but he kept coming home raving about this ‘parkrun.’ Of course – in true Andy style – part of his enthusiasm was due to the fact that it was free! The rest, he insisted, was due to the atmosphere, camaraderie and organisation – all of which was coordinated by volunteers. So I went down to see what the fuss was about.
In six years, the parkrun has grown immensely with more and more people taking part, including our daughter Chloe. I myself have never actually done a parkrun. I know that this is probably the wrong forum to admit this but running just isn’t for me! I have done a few Race For Life runs in my time but I never got the ‘buzz’ that everyone talks about from running. I never got that urge to go for a run – and worse still – I never lost weight from running. In fact, when the consultant looking at my knee announced that there must be no impact sports, I’m not going to lie, I sent up a quick prayer of thanks!
However, what I do get a buzz from is being a parkrun spectator. Each Saturday, I stand at the bottom of the avenue. Us spectators have our own little routines which most of you runners are completely unaware of. We generally start by commenting on the weather, then we squint up the avenue and speculate about how many runners there are and whether or not the attendance record will be broken. As the runners swarm towards us, we look to see who is running this week and who is in an early lead. Then I start scanning the hordes of runners to spot Chloe and Andy. Of course, there is a strict rule, set by Gary Moore, that you can’t say ‘Well done’ to people at this point of the run, as they have only just started!
Once all the participants have passed through this first stage, the comedy duo that is Andy Bradley and Gary Moore, spring into action to undertake the task of setting out the cones. Gary is meticulous in his duty of putting the cones in an extremely straight line, often stopping part way through to crouch down and check they are in the correct position. This task is complicated by Andy, who follows behind nudging the cones out of line. Well, we’ve got to entertain ourselves somehow whilst we’re waiting for you runners to emerge from behind the changing rooms.
Then the real fun begins. As crowds of runners pass, we begin cheering, clapping, congratulating and encouraging people on their effort so far. Some people say thank you, some give a thumbs up, some smile and some grimace – which I like to think of as a smile! Then I start taking note of who is actually passing and judging from them when Chloe and Andy will be coming through. There is an exchange of banter as they pass and then more shouts of congratulations and encouragement to everyone else.
Watching 400 plus people running through the beautiful setting of Towneley Park is quite a sight to behold. The effort, enthusiasm and determination from everyone involved is fab.
I might never have run a parkrun but I still love it!


Roll of honour

(Full results here)
This weeks rapid runners are -


  • 1st Callum Holmes (Clayton Harriers) 17:33 PB
  • 2nd Ryan Bradshaw (Clayton Harriers) 17:52 PB
  • 3rd Jonathan Pye (Worsthorne Runners) 18:09



  • 1st April Thorpe (Unattached) 20:01 PB
  • 2nd Rebecca James (Todmorden Harriers) 22:58 PB
  • 3rd Amelia Halstead (Clayton Harriers) 23:08 PB




Congratulations to junior parkrunner Sam Guest on completing 10 parkruns and to Mark Walsh and Gabrielle Feltell on reaching 50 runs.
Well done to Neil Worthington on becoming the latest Burnley parkrunner to join the 100 club.

Whilst not strictly a milestone, a special mention goes to junior runner Annabel Wilcock on recently completing her 200th parkrun, all of them at Burnley.


Annabel Wilcock - then and now!

Run number 1 in 2013 (left)
Run number 200 in 2018 (right)



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