Run number 311 – 7th July 2018

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Event number 311

358 Runners
Welcome to 11 First Timers
Well done on 44 Personal Bests



Burnley parkrun 311 07 July 2018  Enticott parkrun family


My parkrun family (by Ian Enticott)

There’s something about the camaraderie at parkrun that makes us feel like one big family. Familiar faces turn up regularly, and some healthy rivalries develop. We can even have a laugh over the announcements: “Remember it’s a race, not a run … I mean a run, not a race”. Well, maybe that was last week – the events begin to blur a little. The temperature was already climbing to 18° C by the time we got underway, rather too warm for running. It reminds me of some of the runs I have been on when working in East Africa – but there I would start before the sun came up to make sure I was finished well before the heat of the day. There was a welcome water station at the end, though - which spurred at least one runner on to the finish.

I guess like many people I got back in to running about seven years ago when the doctor tut-tutted over my cholesterol levels and high blood pressure combined with a bit of excess weight and told me to deal with it by diet and exercise or go on statins. Well, I had been a keen runner at school, especially once I found out I could do a six-mile cross-country run instead of standing around on a football field! I even got the school record for the 10,000 metres. So, running it was. It gets easier as you carry on, believe me – yes, even the First-timer who at the end of the run this week, when I asked them how they felt now said, “Awful”. It is the health benefits that keep me motivated to keep up with the running.  It isn’t that long since I was puffing along at the back of the group, so I usually try and offer some encouragement to those jogging and walking the route, especially those who are managing to stay just ahead of our Tail Walker Anthony Hudson.

I did my first parkrun in Leamington in 2013, but never really got into it until moving to Accrington four years ago and coming along to Burnley parkrun the week I arrived. I seem to have developed a bit of a rivalry with Zahir Mohammed – we both got a PB a few years ago, but his was one second ahead of mine. It has been a long time coming – but we finally spurred each other on to both set a new PB a few weeks ago, and I have a few seconds on him now as I also broke 22 minutes. He has passed me on the number of runs completed though. In my head I come every week – but it has taken me four years to get to my 100th parkrun today. 

The last few years have also seen my own parkrun family grow. My daughter, Mairi English comes along with husband Jonathan English, and now his brother Robert, mum, Susan, and more recently his dad, Andrew English. My sister-in-law Kate Wilson has also joined us on several occasions. The group at Hyndburn parkrun have tried to get me to transfer my allegiance there – it is closer after all, but Burnley still feels like my own parkrun family. I might not know many of you by name, but I do recognise many of the regulars.

Roll of honour

(Full results here)
This weeks rapid runners are -


  • 1st Danny Collinge (Burnley AC) 18:04
  • 2nd Daniel Bennett (Rochdale Harriers & AC) 18:06
  • 3rd Courtney Smyth (Unattached) 18:17



  • 1st Helana White (Clayton-le-Moors Harriers) 19:29 PB
  • 2nd April Thorpe (Unattached) 20:12
  • 3rd Helen Armitage (Sale Harriers Manchester) 20:42 1st Timer




Congratulations to junior parkrunner Euan Logue on completing 10 parkruns and to Jonty Taylor on reaching 50 runs.
Well done to Ian Enticott and Andy Quinn on becoming the latest Burnley parkrunners to join the 100 club.


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