Daniel Cook’s D of E report

This Saturday, Daniel Cook completed his Gold D of E volunteering with us. He has been a great asset to the volunteer team and did a fine job as our run director this Saturday. We wish him all the best for his future. Dan has been kind enough to write a short report on his time with us. We thought we would share it with you, as Dan so clearly gets what we are all about!

Over the year and a half that I have been volunteering at Parkrun, I have learnt that Parkrun is not just a run in a park. It is a group of amazing and dedicated people. Parkrun means many things to many people; some see it is as a way of improving their fitness, to become healthier, some see it as a social event to talk and meet new people, and some use it as a way of visiting different places across the country, and even globally! Parkrun has helped me in many ways, it gets me to wake up on those cold and dark Saturday mornings with a smile on my face, boosting my confidence significantly, from being worried on that first week to now speaking in front of over 250 people, and it has ultimately inspired me through the many stories that I hear every week. I would like to thank all the participants, volunteers and run directors, as well Claire Hoblyn and Steve Pretty for coordinating my scheduling and making me feel welcome into this amazing community.