New Year

As we are having a parkrun at Bury on Christmas Day, we have decided not to hold an event on New Year's Day 2019.

There are of course many other local parkruns and I'm sure some of these will have NYD events so do look out for these .....


Bury parkrun ED


Festive Season Events

In addition to our scheduled Saturday runs, we will also be holding a Christmas Day event at 9am. We will not be holding an additional event on New Year's Day this year.



Festive Season extra parkruns!

Bury St Edmunds will be holding extra parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Both events will start at 9am as usual, and are in addition to our usual Saturday events.


Extra runs for the festive season!

Bury St Edmunds will be holding extra parkruns on Christmas day and New Year's day, Both will start at 9am as usual. Fancy dress optional for Christmas day (but take care that run in!)

As last year, these will be run as "parkrun lite" events, with no signage on course and the minimum number of volunteers. Many thanks to Alex and Mark for volunteering to RD on these days.

Of course we will be holding our normal Saturday runs over this period.




Bury St Edmunds parkrun News (Headlines: Essex researchers visiting again, Christmas events announced, Birthday volunteer challenge!)

Saturday 16th November - Researchers from the University of Essex will be visiting in the hope that you will participate in their research study (you must be at least 18 years old to take part). All you need to do is complete a 5 minute questionnaire before the run, and another 5 minute questionnaire after the run. Please arrive early enough to complete the first questionnaire in time for the run, which starts, as always, at 9a.m.

We are going to make the run on 21st December our first themed run. As befits the season, the theme will be "Festive". Those who wish to may wear costume or christmas decorations. All I ask is please ensure any costume you bring is safe for you to run in and also safe for your fellow runners.

parkrun allow us to hold additional events on Christmas Day and New Year's day. As Alex and Mark have kindly volunteered to RD these, we will be going ahead with them - at the usual time of 9am. These will be "parkrun lite" events, with just 3 or 4 volunteers. We will not be placing marshals or signage around the course. Results will be produced in the usual way and the run will count for your parkrun total.

We have only had 20 runs so far, yet we already have 799 people registered to our run - and 397 people "like" us on facebook. As a fairly new parkrun, we are still over-reliant on a small core of founding volunteers. It occurred to me that if everyone that is registered to us and/or likes us volunteered just once a year, we would have more volunteers than we would know what to do with! Of course it will not help if you all volunteer at the same time - so here is my cunning plan Volunteer on the Saturday nearest your birthday - give your legs a well earned rest for the day and join our volunteer team. Ideally let us know in advance through If you like, tell our Run Director about your birthday and we will announce it at the start of the run (then again perhaps you would prefer to keep it quiet!)

If you are expecting a parkrun Tee-shirt, HQ are assuring us they are getting 5000 any day now and hope to clear the order backlog by the end of the Month.


Steve Pretty, Event Director

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