Event Cancellation – October 2019


With regret we are cancelling Bushy Juniors' October Event owing to the rutting Stags creating a potential danger on the course.

We will see you all again in November!


Bushy Juniors parkrun Event Report – July 2019




Bushy junior parkrun Event #108


Following in the footsteps of Lucy, who wrote your last run report after visiting in March I am a visitor too. I have been volunteering at Lloyd junior parkrun (in Croydon) for over 2 years now, but due to a cancellation this week was able to undertake my first voluntourism visiting you all at Bushy. As I arrived just after 8am the weather was not the best, it was raining, however a heron I saw in the car park was just the start of my fun and interesting morning.

After helping with the set up as best I could I met some of the other lovely and friendly volunteers, mostly regulars who knew exactly what was needed. Children, parents and other supporters soon began to arrive in good numbers so by the time Trevor, assisted by Elizabeth, started the warm up there was a really good crowd, and the weather was not dampening the spirits of anyone.
The warm up looked fun and there was great participation by all including in the lunge walk to the start area.

Next Run Director Paul gave the run briefing and there was great participation here too with confirming answers to the important safety briefings shouted back by one and all. At this point I began to worry a little, I was back up timer and I could see that with such an enthusiastic crowd it was going to be busy and challenging timing all these runners.
There were loud cheers as half-marathon wristbands were awarded to Lily and Seth - Well done to them both! There were also friendly cheers for first timers, tourists (more about them later) and all the volunteers.

On the subject of volunteering no Parkrun can take place without volunteers and there are a number of different roles so do please sign up if you can.
If you'd like to volunteer, either speak to Peej or Nicki at the next run or email bushyjuniors@parkrun.com As well as ensuring the runs can take place it really is good fun encouraging the children, and seeing how much they enjoy themselves as they hop, skip jump and run around the course.

So soon after 9am Paul started the run jumping out of the way as the crowd of children and accompanying adults set off; I managed to get my timer started -phew first job done!
Bushy being an out and back course, rather than a 2 lap which I am used to meant everyone headed off in that straight line to the left of the avenue of trees disappearing into the distance, but so quickly the first finishers were back, running down the other side of that line of trees. It’s a really simple course, the main issue being avoiding, or perhaps not avoiding, the deer poo none of that on the course I’m used to!
This morning there were in fact 253 juniors, and I managed to click my timer as each of them headed into the finish funnel- phew second part of job done!
It really was a rather hectic 22 minutes or so as everyone finished. Thankfully Ann and Trevor who were managing the finish funnel ensured that only juniors were timed and that they stayed in the right order so that Carol and Wendy could give out the finish tokens in the correct order. I guess that Ray, Vijal and Ian would have been busy at the Barcode Scanning tables too, but honestly I did not have a chance to see, all my concentration was needed on that timer. I did notice a great variety in the running gear, even a little Spiderman scampered past me and best of all I noticed so many happy smiles, clearly as Paul had emphasised at the beginning you really were having fun.

So to the results in a little more detail, well done to Sonny the first finisher in a great time of 6:28 a PB for him too, and to Monica first girl finisher in a time of 8:16. There were a total of 84 PBs this week, well done to all of you, sorry but that really is too many for me to list all of you by name. We also welcomed 52 first timers to Bushy junior. A special welcome to the 44 who were on their first ever junior parkrun well done for turning out when the weather could have been better, we hope you had fun and will come back again soon. The results this week also show 54 unknown runners, probably a mixture of forgotten barcodes and unregistered runners. Please do remember to get a time and have the run recorded as yours you need to be registered, to bring a printed barcode with you, and to have it scanned at the end. To register you need to be at least 4 and no older than 14.

I must say that despite getting a little wet and ending up with rather cold hands I really did have a good time, everyone I met was friendly and smiling and a special thank you to the Mum I met in the coffee shop who insisted on buying me a much needed warming coffee, it was most welcome.
Finally, do remember there will be no event in August but I am sure you will all be back in September for more fun running.

Report by Susan Rogers A1283466



Bushy Junior parkrun – March 2019 – Event 104



Springing into Action with some Meteoric parkrunning!

Report and Photos by Lucy Marris

Wow! What an amazing fun factory Bushy junior parkrun is! You must all be very, very proud of your magnificent event. I normally volunteer at Graves junior parkrun up in Sheffield, but today, as I was staying in Teddington visiting family, I thought I’d join you all in Bushy park to do a bit of voluntourism and what fun it was! Thank you for your warm welcome.
Did you know that it was the first day of meteorological spring on Friday 1st March? Maybe that’s why all you fantastic parkrunners had such a spring in your step today, the first junior parkrun of meteorological spring.
Well done to the 189 amazing parkrunners who took part in this the 104th Bushy junior parkrun.
It was a blustery and drizzly morning, so special thanks to the high-vis heroes who made the event happen. They got an extra enthusiastic round of applause as thanks for their efforts at the run briefing this morning.

Remember, this event needs lots of volunteers to happen safely each month, but I’ll let you into a secret - volunteering at junior parkrun is the best fun you can ever have on a Sunday morning, so don’t miss out. If you’d like to volunteer just contact the team by sending an email to bushyjuniors@parkrun.com or post a message on the Facebook page. You’ll be warmly welcomed. None of the jobs are very difficult, as the Run Director said today at the briefing, even he can do all the different jobs, so it can’t be that hard! Plus you get to wear high vis and maybe even carry a clipboard - You don’t often get to look as busy and important as that!

The volunteers gathered from about 8am to get the course set up. It was a bit slippery under foot, and there were a few deer on the course, and some deer poo too, but nothing to put off today’s brilliant parkrunners.
The Run Director gave a lovely welcome to everyone, and explained the most important rules. The main one is … and I think everyone knows this one already …. to HAVE FUN! Here he is – stepping up to the role (can you see what I did there?) and good to see all the juniors listening carefully.


After the Run Director’s briefing, there was the traditional pre junior parkrun warm up. You are hard core at Bushy junior parkrun! We always have a warm up at Graves junior parkrun too, but shhh, don’t tell, I think your warm up was quite a lot longer than ours usually is. No wonder you all participated so brilliantly. I’m quite glad they don’t make me do that before I do the 5k parkrun, I’d be too worn out to run it afterwards. The juniors today were inspirational though, so maybe I should start trying to do a bit of a warm up before I run next time.


After all the arm rotations and jumping up and down and running on the spot, there was a group lunge walk towards super star volunteer Duncan. It looks like he was having as much fun in the warm up as all the junior parkrunners! Great lunges everyone. I tried to join in, but thought I might fall over. I wouldn’t have been much use on the finish funnel if I was still lying spread-eagled in the mud when the junior parkrunners were all finishing.


Everyone made their way excitedly to the start line and, once the line-up was complete, it was 'Ready, GO!' You looked magnificent charging off down Chestnut Avenue. No wonder Peej the Run Director had to move out of the way pretty sharpish!


At the back, as at every parkrun the world over, a hi-vis Tail Walker was following to keep an eye on things. This is one of the most fun volunteering roles, you get to high five all the marshals on the way round, and hear amazing stories from the rear of the pack as well. Also, as the marshals stand down from their posts as you pass them, they often end up walking back with you, so you feel really popular gathering new friends on the way round.


While the juniors were walking, jogging, strolling and running down the Avenue, the volunteers were getting into position to cheer everyone home. It’s strange to see the finish tunnel empty, but fun to see it start to fill up as the runners all return. Here are the time keepers on high alert, ready for action! You can see the terrific token trio in the back of the shot, primed and ready too. What an awesome team.


There wasn’t long to wait before the first finishers started coming into view. There were some juniors coming in at meteoric speed today. I was on the finish funnel and it was wonderful seeing you all fly through. Still smiling at the end, that’s how it should be. Lots of sprint finishes. Wow.


The token team were kept on their toes today, but nothing they couldn’t handle. Wendy and Carol are brilliant. I think they’ve done this job a fair few times before, they were like a well-oiled machine, very efficient.


It all seemed to happen so quickly. Just over twenty-two minutes later everybody was safely through the funnel. What a lot of fun had been compressed into such a brief period of time!
Firstly, a warm welcome to those juniors who were attending their FIRST EVER parkrun. I’m so happy you have found junior parkrun, though I think you may find your Sundays are never quite the same again. You did brilliantly to turn up and take part, and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did cheering you all round. Especially well done for finding the right start line! There was a 10k happening in Bushy park that was setting up at the same time as the junior parkrun, so if you’d accidentally joined the wrong queue you’d have had to run a very long way indeed, that would have been very impressive, but might not have been quite so much fun! Congratulations to all 37 first timers, yes that’s 37 juniors at their first ever parkrun, wow! We hope you’ll all be back again soon.

Some juniors have been running an awful lot, and today a few of them achieved their half marathon and marathon milestones. That’s a lot of running. In case you didn’t know, junior parkrun club rewards those who have completed a certain number of runs and participation rewards are as follows:

• Half marathon club (11 runs): blue wristband and certificate
• Marathon club (21 runs): green wristband and certificate
• Ultra marathon club (50 runs): orange wristband and certificate
• 100 junior parkruns: certificate only

Ask the Run Director if you think you are eligible for a wrist band – the certificates you can print off yourselves from your parkrun profile once you’ve done the right number of runs.
Today, the half marathon club welcomed 7 new members, and one runner joined the marathon club.
Lots and lots of you ran personal bests. Can you guess how many? You can’t? I’ll tell you, it was 44 of you running at meteoric speeds to smash your times. Well done to you all!
As today was the 104th Bushy junior parkrun, let’s also have a special shout out to Sorrel, who was 104th finisher today. But the main message is, wherever you finished, however you took part, just by being part of the junior parkrun experience you are ALL magnificent. Go you!


You have a wonderful parkrun in a beautiful park. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your friendly and happy parkrun club. I hope one day some of you will be able to come and visit me in Sheffield at Graves Junior parkrun -we don’t have wild deer on our course, but you will get to run through an animal park and maybe see a donkey or a llama as you pass!

Here’s me with some of the other volunteers at the end, wave if you see me out and about at another parkrun someday. That’s me on the left, looking the wrong way – I think I was just dizzy with the excitement of it all.



Happy parkrunning ‘til next time.
Lucy Marris, parkrunner A448776



Bushy Junior parkrun Event Report – 3rd February 2019


Invasion of the TpoTs

2 bushy sun-2

It was a wonderful parkrun-filled weekend visiting the home of parkrun. Many of us had made the “Bushy Pilgrimage” last year – but this year it was unanimously decided that when we returned, we would come when Bushy juniors was taking place. They hold their events usually on the first weekend of every month.

I contacted Nicki the Volunteer Co-Ordinator more than six months ago, asking her permission for us to “Takeover” the volunteering roles. Our juniors were very excited about this trip and many of them received it as a Christmas present. It was a first time visit to Bushy for most of our juniors and they were not disappointed.

8 peej and caroline Arriving in Bushy Park at 8am we were greeted warmly by Paul Graham ("Peej") Event Director, for Bushy juniors and Nicki Clark, Volunteer Co-Ordinator. It was a gorgeous sunny, cold February morning and Bushy Park looked so beautiful, with the sun coming up and the famous deer were stunning in the distance with the sun shining down on them like a halo. 1 bushy  deer


4 beanies Very soon, a sea of Orange beanies could be seen in the distance and the Tralee juniors started to arrive for their 2k run in this iconic location of parkruns. The orange beanies were a real talking point for people and it started lots of conversations over the weekend! We got these beanies made up especially in time for our trip to Bushy – but also because Tralee parkrunners embrace parkrun tourism very regularly, and it’s lovely to have something that’s unique to us! (In case anyone was wondering what “TpoT” stands for... it's “Tralee parkrunners on Tour” – which is written on our orange beanies!)

9 nicki cora john W      Nicki with volunteers Cora and John

Nicki instructed all the volunteers their roles and Peej was approached by parents advising of children who were due their milestone wristbands. We rewarded 2 children their green full marathon wristbands. One of our own Tralee juniors – Ruairi, ran his 100th junior parkrun at Bushy juniors, but we will reward him next Sunday – as is always the case at junior events to acknowledge the week following an achievement – but what a lovely memory for Ruairi!

7 martina Majella and Martina, along with LOTS of Tralee juniors did an Irish-themed warm up, teaching our new English friends some Irish vocab along the way! We made Trevor, who normally does the warm up, somewhat redundant – but he enthusiastically cheered on the runners.

It wasn’t long before over 200 excited juniors lined up at the start line and I was honoured to start the run. There was so much encouragement from everyone and it was noted by many of our gang how fantastic everyone was, at high fives and general positivity.


3 bushy bakersWe were very impressed by all the baking that appeared. We are very familiar with Carol and Ann’s baking delights having sampled them on different visits to UK parkruns – we affectionately refer to these two legends as “The Bushy Bakers”. Thank you to everyone who fed us!


6 tralee kids
“Thank you” seems so inadequate but please know that our visit to your wonderful event was very special and we have many wonderful memories of a weekend filled with so many junior parkrun memories. Our children are the future of parkrun and this visit to Bushy, will hopefully be the first of many for them... and us too!

We would love to be able to repay the hospitality and any Bushy junior runners (or volunteers!) will get a great welcome if they ever come to visit us at Tralee junior parkrun!

Caroline Lynch
Event Director, Tralee juniors

(Photos: Oisin Murray, Cathal Lynch)


Event 92


"What's the most important thing?" - "To have fun!"



RD Peej's question and the anticipated chorus answer echo in my mind. I assume this was the final part of today's pre-run brief, but I wasn't there to hear it this time; I participated in most of the warm up, then it was time to jog half way down the Avenue to take up my marshalling spot.

But I did have fun. I was in a great place to observe the parkrunners on the way out, and again on the home straight. I watched as first-placed boy, resplendent in red and yellow Middlesex colours passed me. He was followed by the first-placed girl, who made it look effortless. It must have been a lonely run for both, being so far ahead of the main body of parkrunners.

Most of you looked like you were having fun. 239 parkrunners, plus loads of enthusiastic parents and supporters joining in the warm up and run, made it a sizeable event. This was by no means a record for Bushy juniors, but certainly far larger than any other junior event I've visited.

The weather was kind to us today. Yes, there were cold fingers, but at least it was dry and there was even a bit of sun. Yesterday's miserable rain had left its mark, in the form of muddy patches. The Park looked as wonderful as ever - I love the vast, open feel, punctuated by ponds and channels, and at this time of year the bareness of the trees and bracken.

This is a lovely junior parkrun; the Park is delightful, and the EDs are great to work with. I'm already looking forward to the March event, to see the early spring changes, and to seeing the run from a different vantage
point, and of course having fun.


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