Event 79

For the first time since 2010 we were forced to cancel the event.
We apologise for the disappointment but appreciate that everyone we talked to on the morning agreed it was the right decision.

The deer are so much more agitated and aggressive than I can ever recall in all my years of using the park, and with four stags duelling across the course there was no way we could guarantee safety.
Even if you drove into the park on Sunday morning you were not completely safe as Nicki, one of the Run Directors found out, as a stag butted her vehicle causing considerable damage. There is an image on the bushy junior Face Book page of the damage her car sustained, just from a light head butt by the stag, which demonstrates the shear force they apply when in combat.

The stags are incredible majestic animals at this time of year, but they must be given absolute respect as they are also wild and dangerous.