Event 92


"What's the most important thing?" - "To have fun!"



RD Peej's question and the anticipated chorus answer echo in my mind. I assume this was the final part of today's pre-run brief, but I wasn't there to hear it this time; I participated in most of the warm up, then it was time to jog half way down the Avenue to take up my marshalling spot.

But I did have fun. I was in a great place to observe the parkrunners on the way out, and again on the home straight. I watched as first-placed boy, resplendent in red and yellow Middlesex colours passed me. He was followed by the first-placed girl, who made it look effortless. It must have been a lonely run for both, being so far ahead of the main body of parkrunners.

Most of you looked like you were having fun. 239 parkrunners, plus loads of enthusiastic parents and supporters joining in the warm up and run, made it a sizeable event. This was by no means a record for Bushy juniors, but certainly far larger than any other junior event I've visited.

The weather was kind to us today. Yes, there were cold fingers, but at least it was dry and there was even a bit of sun. Yesterday's miserable rain had left its mark, in the form of muddy patches. The Park looked as wonderful as ever - I love the vast, open feel, punctuated by ponds and channels, and at this time of year the bareness of the trees and bracken.

This is a lovely junior parkrun; the Park is delightful, and the EDs are great to work with. I'm already looking forward to the March event, to see the early spring changes, and to seeing the run from a different vantage
point, and of course having fun.