Run Report Event No 847 – 16 October 2021

 Be More Forrest!

Despite the iron grey skies, this week's event remained dry for most of the event and featured the arrival of the volunteer milestone T shirts, the achievement of some significant run milestones and a "first time" visitor who may have looked rather familiar to film fans!

rob start


First time visitor Rob Pope (more details later) at the startline.

Arrival Of The New Volunteer Milestone T Shirts

Earlier this year,  Parkrun UK announced that it would be extending the Volunteer T-shirts, previously available to those that have volunteered 25 times, to include a  volunteering equivalent of all the existing walking, jogging, running milestone clubs, so we now have jv10, v50, v100, v250, v500 to recognize the stalwarts who make our wonderful events across the globe happen on a weekly basis. Six people in the world have already qualified for their V500 T-shirts and two of those hail from our very own Bushy Parkrun, Ray Coward and Ray Franks. Congratulations and many thanks to both of you, and many thanks to all those that volunteered today, efforts are very much appreciated!




Carol dons her V250 T shirt to add to her collection which includes a 500 club running milestone.

Out On The Course

Even under grey skies, our Royal Park was still displaying resplendent autumn colours, showcasing our cheerful participants and volunteers nicely...



2k 3andahalfk 4halfk 4k on course

Running Milestones!

Many congratulations to Matthew Carmody who was the only Bushy participant to join the 250 club today. Matthew has run each and every one of his 250 parkruns at Bushy and began his parkrun journey 8 years ago.

100 Club

Congratulations to this week's 3 new members who are

Joanne Usher (a first time Bushy visitor from Cambridgeshire)

Karen Wood (another first time Bushy visitor from Pembrokeshire)

Stella Hammond (Bushy regular and very active volunteer.


Stella Hammond celebrating her 100th Parkrun with Steve Miller who ran his 400th parkrun today

50 Club

Dave Buchner chose Bushy as the site to achieve a rather remarkable achievement; He joins the 50 club at his 50th different parkrun event (gaining what Parkrun tourists call the  "half cowell" badge). Dave started his parkrun journey nearly 3 years ago in South Africa, which is where 39 of his 50 events have been visited.

Other new joiners of the 50 club are:-

Matt Hester

Alex Egan (who celebrated with a PB)

Marc Kearney (first time Bushy visitor from Northern Ireland)

Anne Marie Williams

Joanna Callaby (first time Bushy visitor)


No junior runners joined the 10 club this week.


Forrest Gump Visits Bushy Parkrun!

Rob cafe

Bushy parkrun has been graced by numerous remarkable people over the years who have achieved incredible challenges over the years, but perhaps first-time Bushy visitor Rob Pope holds the title for taking on the craziest jaw-droppingly amazing running challenge I've ever heard of. 5 years ago, Rob began his bid to recreate the transcontinental run made famous by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks's character sets out on a marathon of epic proportions – for no particular reason – from his home in fictional Greenbow, Alabama. In 422 days of running, Rob traversed the US from Mobile to Santa Monica, onwards to Death Valley, Tennessee, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Boston, Maine, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oregon, San Francisco, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona and more, covering an incredible 15,621 miles whilst raising money for the World Wildlife fund and Peace Direct. Unsurprisingly, Rob is the only person who has ever achieved this feat. 

Last weekend, Rob was "at it" again, but this time taking on a Parkrun based challenge. Rob did 38 different parkruns from Blackpool to Bridlington in 41 hours, and decided that today would be a perfect time to visit the home of parkrun, where he was the 6th runner home, despite the previous weekend's exertions and donning Forrest's Nike Cortez leather trainers!

Rob's book, "Becoming Forrest" was published last week:- (  - should be an incredible read!


Rob meets a parkrunner whose son's favorite film is Forrest Gump.

Have a great week all, see you on Saturday.

Chris Brimacombe


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Run Report Event No 846 – 9 October 2021

Thick fog and wet shoes today at Bushy Park

The first volunteers arriving at the park today were greeted by Mr Fog and Mr Mist who had turned up overnight and refused to go away.  Deer were lurking nearby on the road and we were concerned they may be on the route.  And we wondered whether anyone would turn up given the visibility but, as always, as we got near the start time, people emerged and we ended up with 1,085 today, a bit less than last week.  Sadly, though, Mr Sun turned up rather late and missed the run altogether.

Following last week's anniversary celebrations, parkrun enters its 18th year and a brand new run director makes his first appearance on the rota.  Seen here below with Andy Howarth helping to set up a speaker at the right angle; however both look to be vertically challenged.



The funnel set up team always arrive early to place their poles (and as is now customary for others to come and move them about later). Carmen and Jeremy seen here below with Emma in the middle.


Andy Howarth gave the first timers briefing and welcomed tourists from Cheltenham, Cassiobury and Preston Park amongst other places.
In the crowd before the run a few were sporting their rather bright London Marathon shirts; well done to all of them, some of them doing first run today since last Sunday.  Here is Liza Houghton who did an impressive 3.38 in the LM.
A large group of Elmbridge Road Runners ventured out to Bushy on what was their first group outing to a parkrun since the pandemic.
We also welcomed Carla Molinaro who is a record breaking ultra runner and currently holds the world women's record for running Lands End to John O’Groats in an amazing 12 days 30 mins.
We also hear it was a special day for young Shirley who did a fantastic run today just shy of 84% age grading - Congratulations Shirley
download (1)
And finally Anna Savill, a very frequent Bushy volunteer, together with husband Nick (who also volunteers regularly) was running today with her daughters and brother from Australia who has not been able to come over for three years.  A lovely family reunion.
And so to the start
Jonathan confidently and clearly briefed us and set us on our way - you would never have guessed it was his first time!I. Well done and thank you Jonathan.  And they are off.
A big thank you to the volunteers
As always we would like to thank all the many volunteers here today, without whom none of this would have been possible.  Do consider whether you can help out as well in the future: Andrew ALLEN, Parmjit BAL, Chloe BAYLIS, Veronica BEANEY, Patrina BEVAN, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Daphne BOYLE, Mark BOYLE, Jonathan BURSON, Joshua BURSON, Megan COLLIER, Ruby COLQUHOUN, Ann COWARD, Phil DAVIES, Jonathan DICKINSON, Deirdre DOE, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Klaudia GALUCKA, Daisy GORDON, Sylvie HAINES, Samantha HANLEY, Cosmo HARRISON, David HOPPE, Andrew HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Isolde HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Stephen IGGLESDEN, Charlotte INGYON, Gareth JOHNS, Dave KAHN, Paul KEELER, Katie KNOTT, Margaret LE FRANC, Gert LINDEQUE, Denise MITCHELL, Marianne MORRIS, Diane MULLEN, Amelia NEWMAN, Jenny NICHOLSON, George NOBLE, Carmen PALMER, Jeremy PALMER, Nigel RATA, Peter REAY, Zach REID, David J RODGERS, Jo ROSE, Louise RUSSELL, Nick SAVILL, Fiona SCOTT, Julie SMITH, Chloe STEELE, David STEWART, Carol SWAFFER, Rohan TAYLOR-DAWSON, Alex TICKELL, Bev WILLIAMS, Andrew John WINGATE
Amongst the volunteers today were 14 young people working towards a Duke of Edinburgh award.   They do a variety of roles at the parkrun for a minimum of 13 weeks including scanning, timing, marshalling and funnel duty.  This is Katie (a gold D of E) at the finish helping David out with the timekeeping.
Daisy and Sylvie collecting tokens after the finish
And Chloe helping out on the funnel
One of our cheerful volunteer coordinators today Alex
Andy with our new welcome banner
Our friendly tail walkers
And at the funnel giving out tokens Ann and Carol
And now to the results.
Well done to the first five across the line but sadly no name for the first person across.  A timely reminder to remember your barcode each time as ‘No barcode, no time’.  Well done also to Will Cullen for getting a great PB.
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 19.48.04
The first five women across the line are below with Helen Hall coming in 6th place overall and also achieving a PB. Three other PBs as well and the Savill sisters and daughters of regular Bushy Park faces, Anna and Nick Savill, getting great results.
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.34.41
For the Juniors some great results as well with lots of PBs
Top Five Junior Boys JM10
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.51.15
Top Five Junior Boys 11-14
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.52.32
Top Five Junior Boys 15-17
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.53.30
Top Five Junior Girls JW10
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.54.26
Top Five Junior Girls 11-14
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.55.21
Top Five Junior Girls 15-17
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 11.56.31

Milestone time

Congratulations to all those achieving parkrun milestones and earning their new T shirts.  There were no additions to the 500 club today.   We had one new addition to the 250 club.
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 18.33.24
And four additions to the 100 club.
Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 18.29.59

And another six achieved 50 runs today.

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 18.36.59
And we managed to capture Tim Bruce today on his 50th who happens to be a Wimbledon supporter.
And last but not least one addition to the Juniors 10 club
And finally
Nice shot of father Mike and son Harry running together
Stewart turns up to collect the kit
F056EA3C-EC65-4C45-8D56-594286C7D738 (2)
 And the new RD surrounded by some very wise men puts together the results with a well earned coffee.

That's all for this week and thanks to Carol Dickinson for providing some great photos.

Andrew Allen

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Run Report Event No 845 – 2 October 2021

17 years and counting... Happy parkrun birthday!!


It was 17 years ago to the day that 13 intrepid runners and 5 volunteers set out on a journey that would lead to over 2,000 parkrun events in 22 countries around the globe. And here we are still going strong 844 events later, with 1,163 athletes taking part this week, supported by 72 fantastic volunteers.  Wow!

We had lots of visitors this week making the pilgrimage to Bushy. Some just to celebrate the 17th anniversary; others to do the London Marathon the following day. The heavy rain held off and the conditions were cool.

To help us celebrate we were privileged to have a visit from pakrun's founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt and his wife Joanne who marshalled. Paul and Jo can seen below with Eileen Jones, the author of the book about parkrun "how parkrun changed our lives".  The book was famously the subject of a 330 mile relay from the Lake District to Bushy Park in March before parkrun restarted.




Big shout to all the 72 volunteers who helped make it happen this week:


If you fancy a go, and it really is easy and very rewarding, just email us at:  You never know you might even get a piece of Carol's world-famous banana cake.



Our lovely run director this week was Zoë Faiz, and her young son was spotted in training for the very same role. Our future is secure.



There were spot prizes this week to help celebrate our 17th birthday. #parkrun17  Many thanks for the wonderful Lucy Thatcher for organising. Did you get one?


We had a top team on the funnel this week - just in case we received that massive influx that can happen on the anniversary event. In the end we only had slightly more than recent weeks, with numbers hovering around 1,000 since the restart. Here are: Anna, Mel, Diane, Jenny and Carol.


The Marshals

Lots of marshals out in force this week. What a team!









And then you are crossing the finish line and into the funnel, not stopping, and of course not spitting or blowing your nose - we have had complaints, so this is a polite please don't do it! A friendly chat with your neighbour - did you get a letter this week?? And before you know it, the friendly token-givers beckon - right hand out please! What number will you get and did you remember your barcode?? Where are those scanners? No phones please. No barcode, no result.

Jack & Michael on token giving - super efficient!

51542236103_a2cd85faac_k (1)The Start

Always an interesting part of Bushy parkrun and a sight to behold for bystanders and marshals. No ice cream van this week - maybe put off by the forecast...





Excellent compliance with the recent  course adjustment up Chestnut Avenue



Lots of visitors and 183 first timers this week. Martha was celebrating her birthday with sister Denise and visiting from Wolverhampton parkrun. What a colourful pair they were as they tail walked the course. Martha was doing the virtual London Marathon the following day.



Also making the pilgrimage were this very bubbly group of women from Maldon Prom parkrun in Essex.


Bryan and Michelle were visiting from Lochore Meadows parkrun near Cowdenbeath in Scotland. Bryan was also running the London Marathon the following day, but still managed 21:49 for his first visit to Bushy.



Also with us this day was James Russell, one of the 13 parkrun pioneers, here with his son Jaden.


Lucky winner of one of our anniversary spot prizes was Frances Rennie in position #845. There were prizes for first buggy, first dog, position #17 and even our first finisher, a young man from up north who hadn't brought his barcode.




No one reached the magic monkey this week (500).

Three people joined the 250 club this week - two of whom had made the special trip to Bushy running the butterfly course for the first time: Anna ASHTON from Marple Runners and Hilary ASKEW from Crewkerne RC. Meanwhile Chris MEARA, a regular at Bushy since 2012, invited family and friends to help celebrate his achievement. Chris ran the rather satisfying time of 20:00.

Here is Chris (second left) with friends David, daughter Louise, James and Elliott who was running his first parkrun



Lots of people joined the 100 and 50 Clubs this week. The parkrun knitters will be on overtime. Congrats to:

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 3.08.27 PMScreenshot 2021-10-04 at 3.09.13 PM

Special mention to young Thomas of the legendary parkrun family Melbourne. Spurred on by balloons, the prospect of his own red t-shirt and Mum's special cup cakes, Thomas managed a PB on his 50th run.



The results bit

Fast men

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.14.39 PMFast women

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.15.21 PMJunior boys - this week the top three 11-14s were faster than the 15-17s

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.16.59 PMScreenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.16.05 PM Junior girls

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.17.25 PM

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 5.17.48 PM


Hello, where is the kit person please??



1,163 athletes

183 first timers

133 PBs

Umbrella Quotient - 1 out of 5

And finally a date for your diary. The social event of the year - the Bushy parkrun Christmas Party - yes party - is on Saturday 11 December. A new local venue has been secured and tickets will be going on sale this space.

Same time next week?


Andy Howarth

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Run Report Event No 844 – 25 September 2021

Last Knockings of Summer

The annual rut is in full swing which adds an element of spice - Old Spice perhaps - to Bushy parkrun at this time of year. The pre-event course check is as important as ever to check for stag activity. This week one had managed to get himself onto an island declaring his intentions in the usual fashion. If any appear near the finish we have to drop the funnel lines quickly to avoid snagging a beast. Not necessary this week, but it's as well for all of us to be on our guard in early Autumn. Bushy Junior parkrun is cancelled in October due to the rut. However, there are no plans to cancel Bushy parkrun.

thumbnail_IMG_2536This week, as well as stags to watch for, an ice cream van had invaded the pitch right at the start. The driver was no where to be seen, and the woman inside was only selling and wasn't able to drive it. It made for an interesting if fairly obvious obstacle to run around.

This week 1058 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 118 were first timers and 144 recorded new Personal Bests.

Conditions were clearly good for PBs, and no doubt lock down training is beginning to pay fruit. Here are the top nine PBs by number of parkruns:

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 6.33.51 PM

Noteworthy amongst them was Rodney McCulloch who ran sub 17mins for the first time (16:55) on his 280th parkrun for a sixth place finish. Well done Rodney!


The event was made possible by 60 volunteers. Many thanks to:

Ann COWARD • Carol DICKINSON • Ciaran MURPHY • Steve MILLER • Ray COWARD • David STEWART • Naomi JOHNS • Andy ANSTEY • Jeremy PALMER • Richard EVANS • Richard Michael BARKER • Mary Ellen WHITBY • Amelia GOODWIN • Lucy THATCHER • Robert JONES • Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH • Suzanne GREEN • Nick BLANCHARD • Julie PAPWORTH • Nick ROWE • Nigel TEASDALE • Joseph MURPHY • Jay TUCK • David NOBLE • Diane MULLEN • Susan HOWARTH • Andrew HOWARTH • Amelia NEWMAN • Ali KENNEDY • Martin NICHOLDS • Jenny NICHOLSON • Alison COLENSO • Margaret LE FRANC • Parmjit BAL • Chloe BAYLIS • Martin J SMITH • Evie EDWARDS • Michelle O'GORMAN • George NOBLE • Jessica TUCKMAN • Charlotte INGYON • Wendy STOKES • Emily RIMMER • Ruth COLE • Elena MACIA • Nicolette CRINALL • Robby HEDGES • Rohan TAYLOR-DAWSON • Chloe STEELE • Mark HEPBURN • Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS • Emma May MURPHY • Nicole MAGG • Nick NICHOLSON • Henry TYSON • Robbie JONES • Ruby COLQUHOUN • Isolde HUXLEY-JENNINGS • Maia JNAGAL • Cosmo HARRISON

We were a bit light on the funnel this week so special thanks to the four speedy Bushy regulars and members of local running club Shaef Shifters who stepped in at the last minute to don the pink bib and help out after their run -   many thanks to Rob Jones, Rodney McCulloch, Ciaran Murphy and Nick Rowe. The funnel team were very grateful. And not only that,  Ciaran was celebrating one of those "once in a decade" special birthdays. Happy birthday Ciaran!

Why not get involved yourself and volunteer?

Ciaran and son, leaning into parkrun



No-one reached the 500 or 250 milestones this week, but we had quite a number join the  100 and 50 Clubs. Congratulations to the following:

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 8.09.12 PMScreenshot 2021-09-27 at 8.21.28 PM

Hazel (2nd left) keeping a grip on  husband Graeme. They were visiting our very own Joy and Donald from beautiful Pollok parkrun in Glasgow. Hazel had just achieved the 250 and was proudly sporting the green shirt. 



Dog section

Strong finish!



Just a stroll for this athlete



Wish I had one of those - need a PB!

51518646897_a000d39fe1_hTop knot action


Volunteer section

Our fantastic pink bucket team with matching bibs



End of the funnel expert team - Nick, Suzanne and Ann 



Our RD for the week Ali with our timers Ray and David who was doing it for the first time



Ali shows Emma the ropes 



Front gate supremo Diane - helping to prevent runners backing up on the line. Keep moving!!





Our top team of scanners at the ready. Everything went really smoothly this week



High fashion in the funnel



A rare visitor to Heron pond - a black swan - did you spot it this week?



The results bit

Fast men Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.13.26 PM

Fast women

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.14.28 PM

Junior boys 11-14 - brilliant time by Elliott Manning

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.18.37 PM

JM 15-17Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.19.03 PMJW 15-17

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.19.36 PM

JW 11-14

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 10.20.02 PM

And finally...

Next week, 2 October, is our 17th anniversary. It was on 2 October 2004, that 13 intrepid athletes ran a timed 5k in Bushy Park with the support of 5 volunteers. Now there are over 2,000 events across 22 countries of the world. Whilst Covid is limiting our celebrations next week, we are inviting all athletes and volunteers to don their milestone, apricot or volunteer shirts. Let's make it a special occasion...


Andy Howarth

Many thanks to @Wendy Stokes and @Carol Dickinson for contributing photos

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Run Report Event No 843 – 18th September 2021

Beautiful Bushy


It was quite the most perfect Autumnal morning for event number 843. The sky was spectacular, the stags were bellowing, the mist was rising. Bushy was looking beautiful.

7FE440A1-C7B7-438D-A867-5149331CE556     8A4B65ED-C604-4F07-8A46-8BE063B81CD2



Even the poor old oak tree at the finish was looking good bathed in morning light, despite losing another limb


The pre event set up is quite a sight to behold.  The building of the funnel and finish line is a serious affair



And it requires all hands (or should that be paws) on deck


Mel and Emilie. Emilie was post knee surgery but still on her game as timekeeper.  She's off to uni this week and won't be around to volunteer so much. She joined us on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme back in 2015 and liked it so much she stayed on, and has now volunteered over 175 times. Good luck Emilie.


Duncan and Joy were co-ordinating the many volunteers who helped out this week

Whilst we're on the subject of volunteers we always need people to help so please drop us an email if you want to give it a go  Huge thanks to all our volunteers this week

Parmjit BAL, Chloe BAYLIS, Joy BELL, Nick BLANCHARD, Mark BLYTHE, Jonathan BURSON, Joshua BURSON, Alison COLENSO, Liz COLLISON, Ruby COLQUHOUN, Ann COWARD, Jonathan DICKINSON, Sally DONOVAN, Jackie DUNKLEY, Evie EDWARDS, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Amelia GOODWIN, Anna GRAY, Suzanne GREEN, Lizzie GREENBERG, Stella HAMMOND, Julie HAWORTH, Emilie HOWES, Melanie HOWES, Charlotte INGYON, Maia JNAGAL, Robbie JONES, Maxine KELLY, Katie KNOTT, Margaret LE FRANC, Heather LOCKWOOD, Patch Pik-Yan LUK, Roanna LYNCH, Nicole MAGG, Steve MILLER, Diane MULLEN, Ryan MULLEN, Emma May MURPHY, Rory Joseph MURPHY, Amelia NEWMAN, Jenny NICHOLSON, George NOBLE, Paula NORMAN, Graham PERRYMAN, Becky POSTLETHWAITE, Zach REID, Luke ROACH, Jo ROSE, Duncan SCOBLE, Chloe STEELE, David STEWART, Wendy STOKES, Alex TICKELL, Joanna TURNBULL, Henry TYSON, Dorrie WHITING, Ken WILSON


Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Jones


Rob and Rachel are both regular runners at Bushy and met through Bushy parkrun.  After courting strongly for 5 years they got married on Thursday, and were back at Bushy today to run together and of course celebrate with cake.  Much happiness and joy to you both and many many years of parkrunning together.



The Run

The weather was a touch humid but otherwise ideal. We had a field of 1094 athletes. The first finisher ran a speedy 15:54 and the tailwalkers clocked in at 56:37.

Brothers James and Daniel from Aldershot wore their PB vests in the hope of beating their times.  Neither of them quite managed it but they did come 2nd and 5th respectively so not too bad at all, and both ran their fastest times at Bushy.  You can see the results here


Zoe was our Run Director this week.



We had 57 fabulous volunteers to cover around 15 different roles including marshaling, scanning, managing the funnel and handing out finish tokens. These two definitely got the best seats in the house!

C8A82F9F-2E02-47E9-82A0-9FFD21CC4342 91A2F07E-2CB5-4638-B49E-689D19168F45 58CBE673-D87F-4D0B-91C6-7BA71B414528 15697CBF-1BD4-4ABF-BD5D-A9E9AA4EA348 38FD3BF9-1193-4B14-BCE0-3154A38D0A1B B6A21467-7E02-4856-B656-8C34549B4770 4959A231-61C7-41D8-B675-D9872E0F6F38

We always need VI guides, and it's a great way to run and volunteer at the same time

5168D4E6-672D-4E7B-9C8A-C2319FB29078 31F44C78-C942-4060-B599-B26C1D21125A B84B5B90-CD5B-4DC4-ADBD-079B6C56E22E 88B8CC56-E06A-498C-BD5A-EBFCD16CA4DC 6C96675C-5C16-444A-8B07-B4F63DCCF46A 6B5E789C-BF3C-45F6-BA36-3CADA4A2D8FF 4842BC58-632D-4E77-BE89-70B433DF9A50 10B2477A-A2FD-4239-BA49-FEA218EE73C9

Great to see so many happy runners out on the course today.



First finishers - men

Well done to Liam Stone for being the first finisher on his first visit to Bushy and for appearing twice in our results

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 18.52.51

First finishers - women

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 18.53.23

First finishers - boys

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 18.53.44

First finishers - girls

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 18.55.08 Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 18.55.26



These athletes achieved their milestone runs this week, special praise goes to Kate Brown who was the fastest overall woman on her 50th run. Congratulations to you all!

Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 19.03.40Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 19.04.09Screenshot 2021-09-18 at 19.04.40

I couldn't help noticing how many dogs we had today and how happy they all looked to be out and about.  This is Tommy - what a cutie.



On the subject of dogs we've been asked by The Royal Parks to remind all dog owners that dogs aren't allowed in the Pheasantry Woodland Gardens. Please can you walk around the outside on your way to and from the run.


This is Grizz with her people - Simon, Louise, Peter and Paul. Simon started parkrun during the year it began and has clocked up 16 years of parkrunning. Not long after him his brother Peter joined him in 2007, followed by his sister Louise in 2008 and her partner Paul in 2010. Between them they've got  a total of 54 years parkrunning and some pretty low barcode numbers.


We had vistors from Gorleston parkrun in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk) here to run The Hampton Court Half Marathon.  Gorleston Cliffs parkrun sounds like it might be a good one to visit; the course is along the top, middle and bottom of the scenic cliffs. Potentially a tad more hilly than Bushy

F760EFFC-AAE0-4110-9655-25DB557D9D4A 25528312-CE53-40F0-8DC9-AA492035CC7B 0D79DF6D-6813-428E-B1A7-3A2AA5F3BE20

And that's it for another week.  Thank you to beautiful Bushy and our all weekly participants


See you on Saturday

Wendy Stokes


parkrun Covid-19 Framework

Please note that there are one or two changes in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic on how parkrun is operating. Check out the parkrun COVID-19 Framework which has been supporting 5k and junior events around the world for some time now. parkrun will continue to operate under these guidelines until we are confident that it is appropriate to remove them permanently. In addition, have a look at the  COVID-19 Walker & Runner Code and the COVID-19 Volunteer Code for more information.

Access to Bushy Park

We encourage you to walk, jog or cycle to Bushy parkrun where possible. If you are driving, please note you can no longer drive through the park from Teddington Gate to the Lion Gate at Hampton Court or vice versa. Therefore, the Diana Fountain Car Park is only accessible via the Lion Gate on the Hampton Court side of the park and the Pheasantry car park is only accessible via Teddington Gate. 

In addition please note that the Pheasantry Gardens pedestrian gates now do not get unlocked until 9am, so if you plan to park in The Pheasantry car park please give yourself extra time to walk the long way around to the volunteer meeting point. In addition dogs are not allowed in the Woodland Gardens, and until 4 August all dogs are required to be on a lead in Bushy Park. Dogs need to be on a short lead at all parkruns.


Please be aware that the scanning process is now undertaken on volunteer’s own smart phones using the Virtual Volunteer App. Please hold your personal barcode and finish token at arms length for them to scan and put the token in the bucket yourself so they don’t have to touch either. If you do not have a barcode, we cannot give you a time, just return your finish token to the volunteers collecting them. We cannot scan barcodes on phones. No barcode, no result.

Finally if you are thinking of visiting Bushy from afar as a tourist, please note that the parkrun COVID-19 framework notes that participants should be encouraged, where possible, to attend their local events and avoid unnecessary travel to non-local parkrun events.

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