Some safety advice for runners and spectators

Runners should ensure they are medically fit for a 5k run and make every effort to warm up before the event.

No water is supplied. Runners are responsible for their own hydration needs. There is a drinking fountain near the play park (approx. 4k).

Runners may request to use the Bushy parkrun first aid kit for minor injuries (cuts, grazes, etc). We will, of course, contact the emergency services should the need arise.

If running with dogs please keep them on a short lead.

There are deer roaming freely in the park. Please be sensitive to them. They may behave erratically if anxious. Some dog walkers allow their dogs off the lead, please also be aware of them.

The route is multi-terrain. Please take extra care in wet or icy conditions.

The run starts and finishes near a car park. Children should be closely supervised.

To ensure everyone's safety, spectators, please supervise children closely and keep dogs on leads near the start and finish areas.