Notice Board – Concerns about the impact on the park

Dear parkrunners
The Royal Parks Commission have expressed some concerns about the size of Bushy parkrun and the potential impact we have on the park and its wider community. Obviously, we have a huge positive effect in so many ways, but there is an impact on the environment and on other people who use the park at the same time.

There are many different groups of people who use the park on a Saturday morning whether they are dog walking, doing BMF, cycling or whatever and so can we remind you all of the need to be considerate to all other park users. They have as much right to be in the park as we do and we need to make sure we continue to treat them and their wishes with respect.
Added to this, there are a couple of specific elements of Health and Safety that we need to put into action and would very much appreciate your support.
1. Crossing the road into the Diana Fountain carpark - at 8.55, as we walk across to the start-line there are usually other park users driving into the carpark and they are often stopped for a few minutes as our runners stream across. Could people try to keep off the road and on the grass as much as possible to keep the road clear and then cross in an orderly fashion at the most convenient position, so that we do not disrupt the flow of traffic any more than necessary.
2. Staying off the road at the Startline – As we gather for the start, we get people standing on the road above ‘Volunteer Verge’ – this then disrupts the traffic through the park, so again please can we keep off the bank so as to not impede traffic flow in the park.

Obviously, the chances of any incident occurring are small, but it would only take one accident to cause huge consequences. Similarly the perception of us creating a nuisance of ourselves or any health and safety issue is only going to add to any existing concerns people have about our impact, so please can we all take this into account.

Thanks for your help and see you on Saturday!

The Bushy team