Run Report Event No. 548 – 13th December 2014


How I learned to stop worrying and love the cold!


1031 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun #548
1,031 parkrunners set off! (Photo taken by Sarah Finney)


It was another cold morning at Bushy parkrun, not as cold as the previous week, but cold enough! The wintry feel did not affect the attendance at all, as a field of 1,031 parkrunners – the 13th biggest field and largest ever December field, had assembled on Chestnut Avenue, boosted by a big turnout from Thames Turbo Triathlon and Ful-On Tri clubs for their mob match! This meant there were over a century of Bushy first timers – 113 in all, with 60 runners completely new to parkrun, welcome along!

The ground was ‘good, soft in places’ as there was only a light frost overnight, but apart from the muddy first corner just after 1km it was fine underfoot in road shoes. It was a stunning day to enjoy the parkrun course, as the low sun filtered through the trees and low mist.

Andy Wingate took the helm as Run Director this week, and during his announcements he declared it was Verity Riding’s turn this week to decorate the Bushy parkrun Advent Tree in front of the gathered masses on Chestnut Avenue, congratulations Verity! Whose turn will it be next Saturday? You’ll have to wait and see…


Bushy parkrun Advent Tree
The Bushy parkrun Advent Tree! (Photo by Suzan Baker)


RD Andy was ably assisted by Volunteer Co-ordinator Julie Papworth and a team of 31 volunteers ready to marshal, time and register your run, as well as setup, looking after the kit for a week and writing the run report! If you have ever considered volunteering, don’t be shy, give it a try! Do get in touch with Pat McGrath at and he’d be pleased to hear from you!


Full list of volunteers on the day:

Alex TICKELL  •  Allan BRAY  •  Andrew John WINGATE  •  Andy SIMMONDS  •  Anne WOODS  •  Caroline PERRY  •  Charles WORTH  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  David PAPWORTH  •  David WORTH  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Graham MORTIMER  •  Hayden MATTHEWS  •  James SELL  •  John A STEPHENS  •  John P WOODS  •  Joseph MOUNTSTEPHEN  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Margaret Anne LE FRANC  •  Merran SELL  •  Paul WOOD  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Richard BARMAN  •  Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH  •  Sheila FERGUSSON  •  Stephen PENPRAZE  •  Stuart RIGLEY  •  Suzan BAKER  •  Vicky GARDNER


Runners crossing the finish line
Funnel team encouraging runners through the funnel (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Mob match

The four figure field at Bushy was certainly boosted by the 77 Thames Turbo Triathlon runners, and 53 Ful-On Tri runners that took part in the mob match, a fantastic turnout! A big thanks to all of you for coming, we hoped you enjoyed your morning and see you again soon!

Thames Turbo Triathlon
Thames Turbo Triathlon and Ful On-Tri (left) pre-parkrun! (Photo courtesy of Roger Barr)



parkrun first timers on tour

As well as the mob match collective, we had plenty of other first timers at Bushy. 100 club member Alan Graham was making his Bushy debut on his 112th parkrun, with most of his previous runs at Southampton (58 runs) and Eastleigh (28 runs). Alan has also done plenty of parkrun tourism, with Bushy being his 18th different run! Thanks for coming!


Rory Murphy is Co-Event Director at Bedfont Lakes parkrun and he made his Bushy debut on his 95th parkrun. It was good to chat to Rory again, and I know he particularly enjoyed seeing the double funnel in action after he finished! Thanks for coming and especially for bringing the Ferrero Rocher sweets too, all cakes and sweets are always welcome here!


Rory Murphy and his Ferrero Rocher sweets!
Rory Murphy knows what the Bushy parkrunners want post parkrun!


North Down AC parkrunner Steve Wise was making his Bushy debut on his 85th parkrun. Steve has completed most of his runs at Victoria Park in Belfast with 52 there, while he has also run 11 times at Bedfont Lakes, although most of his recent runs have taken place at Bangor parkrun in Belfast. Kathleen Grundy (60 runs) and Ian Grundy (25 runs) had come from Darley parkrun in Derby, thanks for choosing to run with us at Bushy. Lordshill Road Runner Geoff Orme was another Bushy first timer on his 41st parkrun. Thanks to all you for running with us!


Horley Harriers club had brought along a group to Bushy – Fiona Montgomery set a new PB on her return here while Kevin Rice, Lisa Roberjot, Ben Short, Gary Andrews and Nicola Furness were all Bushy first timers! Their home run is Tilgate but they have already done plenty of touring so they clearly have the parkrun bug! Thanks for coming!


Horley Harriers RC
Horley Harriers Running Club come to Bushy! (Photo courtesy of Ben Short)


We also had a group of junior parkrunners from Lady Eleanor Holles School Boat Club based in Hampton. Alice Snelling set a new PB on joining the 10 club for juniors, whilst Catherine King, Katie Benson, Gemma King, Alice Woodward-Smith, Charlotte Bowyer, Tara Broekhuizen, Jiyaraj Saggu and Celia Matthews were all making their parkrun debuts! We hope to see you back again soon!



parkrun tourists

250 club members Tim McIntyre and Sue McIntyre also returned for their first run at Bushy since the tenth anniversary run at the start of October. Their home run is Banstead Woods, but they have done plenty of parkrun tourism across the UK, as well as an overseas trip to Krakow parkun in Poland, thanks for coming!

Another 250 club member, tourist addict and former Bushy regular Becky Thurtell also returned to Bushy for her first run since the tenth anniversary – since then she has run at Panshanger, Harcourt Hill, Tring, Harlow, Harrow Lodge, Walthamstow, Bath Skyline and Brentwood – which was her 101st different parkrun!



250, 100, 50 and 10 clubs

There was another new member inducted into the 250 club yesterday, congratulations to Jonathan Melunsky! Jonathan made his parkrun debut back in March 2007 and has run here 217 times, with his other 33 runs at Richmond. Well done Jonathan, you can look forward to collecting your bling shirt very soon!


Four runners joined the 100 club this week – congrats to Stuart Amory, Ashutosh Sharma, Joy Bell and Donald Bell!


Cakes for Donald & Joy Bell's 100th runs
Donald and Joy Bell in their new 100 club tops!


Husband and wife Donald and Joy Bell have been Bushy regulars since 2011, although they have also done a bit of tourism at Crane Park, Pollok Park in Glasgow and overseas at Clermont Waterfront in Florida! They had planned to run their 100th run together, and had brought along some very tasty cakes, it was great to see you both cross the line and have one of your cakes, thank you and well done on your achievement!


Cakes for Donald & Joy Bell's 100th runs
100 club cakes!


Stuart Amory was buggy running in some festive gear as he joined the 100 club and he can replace red with black very soon!

Stuart Amory joins the 100 club!
Stuart Amory joins the 100 club!


A trio of runners are on 99 not out and could collect their ‘100’ black Adidas tees very soon – Andrew Shennan, Kim Langridge and Sara Shorey!

A quartet of runners joined the 50 club this week and could collect their ‘50’ red Adidas tees very soon – well done to George King, Gavin Emsden, Emma Hazou, and Catelin Le Franc! Another ten runners are just one away from joining this club – Anthony Whelan, David Noble, Chris Wyatt, Catherine Murray, Wayne Yerrell, Evangelina Perdoni, Kelly Cheney, Stuart Trigg, Karen Tester and Lisa Emerson!

Two new members of the junior 10 club this week, well done to: Luke Lawrence and Alice Snelling – who ran a new PB on her 10th run.


**parkrun club shirts update**

For more info on the parkrun clubs and how to qualify for a t-shirt, visit the parkrun support FAQ and read this week’s parkrun UK newsletter regarding the latest news on club t-shirt distribution plans for the future.

Suzan Baker was again giving out some of the backlog of t-shirts this week, which had not been previously claimed. If you are one of the people that were mentioned on the recent Facebook post and haven’t yet come to Bushy to collect your club shirt, Suzan will be giving them out again next Saturday (20th Dec). So if you are one of the lucky ones on the list then please come on down to Bushy if you can, and then you can get your top before Christmas!




New PBs

Of the 112 PBs set yesterday, just one was from a parkrunner with more than 100 Bushy parkruns under their belt, so well done to Darren Franks (127 runs at Bushy, 128 runs overall). Darren ran 21:14 to take 13 seconds off his previous best. He has set five PBs in his last 10 runs, taking off nearly a minute in the process.

Will Rawling was running his 98th parkrun here (123 runs overall) and ran 17:44, taking 25 seconds off his previous PB for his first ever sub 18 time. Tom Haworth gained a new PB on his 87th Bushy parkrun (98 runs overall) with a time of 18:14 to take two seconds off his PB set back in 2013! Susan Noone took 19 seconds off her previous best on her 78th parkrun here (89 runs overall). Colin Cockburn, Gavin Ryan and Isolde Goffey also managed new PBs having completed more than 50 Bushy parkruns, well done to you all!


parkrun christmas logo


Now That’s What I Call A Stat Attack!

This edition of Stat Attack looks at a Bushy parkrun record which has stood since December 2013 and looked like it would last for a long time, but just 12 months on it is now looking perilous! That record is for most consecutive parkruns at Bushy, which is currently 84 by Stewart Rose, which he completed between 26th May 2012 (event 412) and 21st December 2013 (event 495).

However, John Woods ran his 83rd consecutive Bushy parkrun yesterday, a span which dates back to 1st June 2013 (event 466). Barring anything dramatic happening during the week, John will equal Stewart’s record on Saturday, and is set to take the record on Christmas Day! This level of dedication does require some planning, making sure holidays don’t get in the way of Saturday morning plans whilst staying healthy and fit! Should John wish to set a longer record (which I think he does), he would reach the milestone of 100 consecutive Bushy runs on March 28th.

It should be noted Stewart may be already be planning on a long consecutive run of his own again, as he hasn’t missed a Bushy parkrun since 5th April 2014 (event 512), a sequence of 37 runs!

Ramona Thevenet is also on a long streak of consecutive runs at Bushy parkrun. Saturday's event was her 40th in a row since event 509 on 15th March 2014! Ramona has missed only one of the last 66 Bushy parkruns dating back to event 483 on 28th September 2013!


So those were some of the headline makers and record breakers, but how did the rest of you do?

Barcode scanners
Barcode scanners ready to register runners (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


The results bit

Drum roll… for the second time in a fortnight, the first finisher was… Unknown Athlete! Don’t forget your barcode next time please – no barcode, no time! The first registered runner to cross the line was Straggler Paul Lowe, who ran 16:11 (80.64%) on his 109th parkrun (81 runs at Bushy), and he was closely followed by another Bushy regular – Andrius Jaksevicius, as he ran 16:17 (80.31%) on his 109th parkrun (93 at Bushy), just two seconds outside his PB which he set last week. Completing the sub 17 finishers were two runners from the Ful-On Tri club, as they were competing with Thames Turbo Triathlon in a mob match on the day. The first of these was Bushy first timer Charlie Elliot running 16:44 (78.39%) on his fourth parkrun, and he was followed by fellow Ful-On Tri club member and another Bushy first timer Johan Olivier in 16:59 (76.55%) for his third parkrun.

Three junior boys achieved sub 20 times, led by St Mary’s Richmond AC athlete and experienced parkrunner Jamie Millbank, who ran 18:17 (73.84%) on his 185th parkrun (167 at Bushy). Thames Turbo Triathlon runner Alfie Crews ran a new PB of 19:33 (74.17%) on his 11th parkrun (6 at Bushy), while George King also gained a new PB to join the 50 club in style, running 19:38 (70.88%) on his second parkrun here (24 runs at Kingston, 24 runs at Richmond).


First female finisher Joanna Rodriguez
First female finisher Joanna Rodriguez (Photo taken by Julie Papworth)


Joanna Rodriguez of Woking AC was the first female finisher, crossing the line in 18:54 (84.01%) on her 52nd parkrun (42 at Bushy). The next lady home was Straggler Liz Killip, running 20:20 to earn the highest age grading score of the day with 85.66% in the VW50-54 category on her 75th parkrun (47 at Bushy), and she was closely followed by Bushy first timer and Denbigh Harrier, Emma Collins, running 20:24 (84.23%) on her fourth parkrun. Natalie Creswick (20:35), Isabel Hessey (20:47), Michele Richards (20:56) and Pamela Whitter (20:58) all secured sub 21 minute times as well.

The first junior girl to cross the line was Kathryn Bartle in 21:55 (72.85%) for Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers on her 22nd parkrun (all at Bushy); next was Caitlin Wheeler, running 22:21 (70.32%) on her 46th parkrun (44 at Bushy) and she was closely followed by Gabrielle Icmat, who ran 22:23 (71.33%) for Thames Turbo Triathlon on her 23rd parkrun (6 at Bushy). The following junior girls also broke 23 minutes, well done to: Megan Fisher (22:06), Isolde Goffey (22:37), Holly Turner (22:40) and Catherine King (22:44).


Highest age grading scorers

Eight runners achieved 80 plus age grading percentages on Saturday, led by the ladies this week as Straggler Liz Killip earned the highest score of the day with 85.66%, running 20:20 in the VW50-54 category. Fellow Straggler Pamela Whitter was next with 85.21% in the VW55-59 category and ran 20:58. Denbigh Harrier and Bushy first timer Emma Collins gained 84.23% from her time of 20:24 in the VW50-54 category, while Neil Scammell recorded the highest male percentage of the day as he ran 17:45 to earn 81.13% in the VM45-49 category. Congrats also to Michele Richards (81.05%), Liz Zass (80.91%), Paul Lowe (80.61%) and Andrius Jaksevicius (80.14%).

For more info on what age grading percentages mean and how they are calculated, visit the parkrun support FAQ


1031 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun #548
1,031 parkrunners set off on Bushy parkrun (Photo taken by Sarah Finney)


Stats of the day

There were 1,031 runners – 954 identified, 77 unidentified (7% of field).


How many?

  • Of the 954 identified runners, there were:
  • 112 PBs (12% of field) of which 1 were runners with 100 Bushy parkruns or more
  • 113 Bushy first timers (12% of field) of which 60 were parkrun first timers (6% of field)
  • 133 Juniors aged under 18 (14%) and 155 Seniors aged 19-34 (16%)
  • 666 Vets (70%) of which 105 are 35-39, 280 are 40-49, 206 are 50-59, 75 are 60+
  • 576 males (60%) and 378 females (40%)
  • Most common male age group was 45-49 (98 runners – 17% of all males),
  • Most common female age group was 45-49 (56 runners – 15% of all females)
  • 314 club runners (32% of field) from 57 different clubs and 640 unattached (68%)
  • Top 5 clubs: Thames Turbo Triathlon (77 runners), Stragglers (59), Ful-On Tri (53), St Mary’s Richmond AC (10), Lady Eleanor Holles School Boat Club (9)


How fast?

  • Of the 1031 finishers, there were:
  • 73 runners sub 20 mins (7%), 713 between 20:00-29:59 (69%), 245 over 30 mins (24%)
  • Top 10% time: 20:33, Midpoint time: 26:10
  • Number of finishers per minute: 20-29 mins: 55, 66, 79, 81, 71, 74, 72, 71, 85, 59
  • 369 finishers between 23:00 and 27:59, average of 73.8 per minute
  • 85 finishers in the 28th minute and 81 in the 23rd minute


How many parkruns?

  • 62852 total parkruns completed from the identified field of 954, averaging 65.88 parkruns each
  • 402 parkrunners completed at least 50 parkruns (42% of identified field), of which
  • 172 members of the 50 club (18%)
  • 191 members of the 100 club (20%)
  • 39 members of the 250 club (4% of field) – Richard Fletcher (421 runs), Paul Killick (403), Simon Greenhill (372), John Woods (371), Ramona Thevenet (371), Ciaran Murphy (342), Stewart Rose (342), Derek Blackmore (338), Liz Collison (330), David Tyas (327), Stewart Holmes (326), Walter Cormack (322), Dale Durrans (308), Bernie Mulvany (307) Mark Gratton (302), Malcolm Taylor (294), Carol Dickinson (287), Becky Thurtell (285), Wally Garrod (284), Dave Griffiths (283), Neil Davies (281), Jeremy Palmer (281), Carmen Palmer (279), Ken Pearson (278), Phillip Bearman Snr (276), Roy Reeder (276), Jeremy Langdon (276), Rory Waddell (270), Pat McGrath (266), Tim McIntyre (265), Duncan Grant (261), Sue McIntrye (261), Suzie Longstaff (260), Helen Gardiner (258), Malcolm Dickson (254), Richard Barker (253), Julie Melotte (253), Graham Titcombe (251) and Jonathan Melunsky (250).


And finally…

parkrun christmas logo

Christmas Compendium

As per usual there will be a Bushy parkrun on Christmas Day at the regular time of 9am, fancy dress is optional, but is actively encouraged! There will also be a New Year’s Day parkrun at 9am at Bushy, and this is the only day of the year where you can register two parkruns – and as nearby Kingston (10am) and Crane Park (10:30am) have later start times, there is the potential for a parkrun double! If you are away for the festive period, do check out the Christmas Compendium to avoid disappointment!



Next Saturday is pacer day! Odd numbered pacers this time, between 21 and 35 minutes as the fairy godmother pacers are set to return, hoping to sprinkle some magic on your PBs!


I’ll leave you with this excellent photo captured by Suzan Baker of parkrun founder PSH CBE enjoying his morning, spectating at Bushy. Thanks also to Julie Papworth and Sarah Finney for their photos in this report too.


PSH CBE enjoying the early morning sun at Bushy (Photo taken by Suzan Baker)



Be Seeing You,

Rodney McCulloch



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