Run Report Event No. 591 – 26th September 2015

This week was the last run in the Bushy parkrun year and the sun shone on a beautiful morning.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

I was up early and so got to the park early to do a long run tacked on before parkrun and it was stunning – sometimes the world juts gives you a little reminder of how blessed you are! I started my run just after 7:30 when the park was pretty empty and the sun was just starting to creep above the trees. It was interesting as until about 8, I was a little chilly in just t-shirt and shorts and so I wonder how much longer it will be before longer sleeves appear on the masses. Well before parkrun started though the sun has worked its magic and it was a lovely temperature to run in and I ticked off the miles quite happily – in fact it went perfectly for me as I arrived on the startline at exactly 16.1km and about 20 seconds before Ray said go! It meant that I had a chance to say a quick hello to a couple of people, but not long enough for my knees to get stiff and then we were off again and at the end my watch clicked over to full half marathon distance bout 10m from our finish line! Perfection!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
Sometimes it is just magical

The 591st Bushy parkrun

1,062 runners who completed the course which is the fourth time in a row we have had over a thousand runners – our second longest streak! I looked at the numbers to see if we are still growing and to be honest it is inconclusive.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
I was doing laps of the roundabout to keep going, so this is what 1,062 people look like on the start line

If you look at the standard graphs then we do appear to have hit a plateau – the 12 week average currently sits at 1,015 and has been within 50 of this since about March time.

Chart 1

Equally, we can see that this year the total number of runs is more than 54,000 creating an average attendance of 1,012 for the 54 runs this Bushy year. That is more than 100 more than the 2014 annual average (901).

Chart 2

So my guess is that we have roughly evened out at just over a thousand, but who knows! In a few years’ time we could be printing tokens up to 2,500! Although hopefully not!


Anyway, getting back on track…

This week we saw Taras Telkovsky (16:01) first back to the big tree with Andrew Lawrence (16:10) and Mike Trees (16:14) in charge of keeping him running to the final yards.

Amongst the ladies, we had Annette Chase (19:39) finish ahead of the field, just ahead of Stacy Fairhead (19:41) with Francesca Wright (20:00) not far behind!

The juniors event was led home by Oscar Crowe (17:45) with Joshua Poncia (18:48) and Lucas Allinson Rodrigues (19:29) following him home. Isabel Atkins (20:13), Lucy Marquand (20:54) and Helena Samarasinghe (21:53) made up the final podium.

Well done everyone!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
I was way behind the leaders, so don't have a photo of them - I do have this one of some deer though

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept
These people were some way behind the leaders, but did well too! ;O)


PBs, T-shirts and amazing runs

It was great running conditions and that was shown by the huge number of PBs this week – 181 people recording a new best time. That included 18 runners with over 50 parkruns to their name! They were led by Ted Fraser and Trevor Morris who were both running their 257th parkrun – but big congratulations also goes to Jonathan ORMEROD, David GRIMA, Danny CONYNGHAM, Chris HUMPHRIS, Julian DIAMOND, Ralph BLACKBOURN, James MORRIS, Greg MACE, Daniel CLARK, Patrick O'SULLIVAN, John RAMSAY, ,Clare JULYAN, Francesca THOMAS, Cathy BLAND, Martin J SMITH and David PORTER

I am going to give a special shout out to Ralph Blackbourn who ran a PB on his 170th parkrun – he gets a special mention as he is a friend of mine. When we chatted after the run he didn’t mention for a second that he had just run his third PB in four weeks and a big one at that!

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

New T-shirts

No new 250 club T-shirts were earned at Bushy this week, but Janyce Holmers did qualify for a hundred top!

A whole bunch of people ran their 50th - Aaron ISRAEL, Fergus TOWNSEND, David MYERS, Nick GOODCHILD, Ellen FRASER, James GREENSTREET, Nichola MURPHY, Anna HAMPSHIRE and Hazel FLATLEY.

And amongst the juniors Samuel Taylor, Josh Mayer and Lara Symmons will be sporting new 10 shirts next time they run parkrun!

WAVA Age Gradings

The good running conditions allowed eleven people to break the magic 80% threshold. Thye were led by the amazing Mike Trees who recorded a 93.1% rating for his 16:14. But congratulations also goes to Taras TELKOVSKY, Laurence DUFFY, Bernie MULVANY, Lucas James ALLINSON RODRIGUES, Francesca WRIGHT, Polly ADAMS, Michele RICHARDS, Ramona THEVENET, Julie HAWORTH and Jan FIDLER.

Mike’s WAVA grading would put him third in the all-time Age Grading league at Bushy – but he is already in second, so I guess that won’t worry him!

Anyway, that’ll do for this week.

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept

I am now away for the next three weekends sunning myself in Hawaii – so expect to see me a few shades pinker next time I run at Bushy and whilst Emma will be trying to brave the cold and show some skin just to show her golden tan!

Have a good few weeks and see you soon

Take care

Andy W

Bushy Park - Early run and parkrun - 26th Sept


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