Run Report Event No.715 – 1st January 2018

The Morning After the Night Before




Happy New Year one and all, I hope everyone had a suitably enjoyable evening either by embracing the whole 12 o'clock thing or by ignoring it completely. Personally I was tucked up in bed by 10 o'clock in my jimjams with a glass of warm milk and all my running stuff neatly laid out for event number 715.




So here we were again, not two days since the last time, welcomed back to the warm bosom of Bushy Park. 940 of us had nothing better to do than drag our sorry behinds out of bed and line up and listen to the laconic Ray Coward as he sent us on our merry way down Lime Avenue.


Setting Up



Any colour so long as it's bright.




Fiona gives the first timers' briefing.




Steve sets up the funnel.



Interesting Bit.




Now, this nice lady is called Abigail and she has a unique place is parkrun history. Abigail is the proud owner of the very first athlete number ever given out, athlete number A5 ( numbers A1 - A4 were set aside in case a very important person needed a number, like the Queen or Donald Trump perhaps ).

Back in July 2005 Abigail ran her first parkrun, event number 44 in the very quick time of 21:34. In October 2006 it was decided to give every athlete on the parkrun database an athlete number, at the time there were 2273 recorded athletes compared to about 4 million today. The numbers were allocated alphabetically according to first names, hence why Abigail was first and Zuzanna Lhotanova was last.

Ironically Abigail didn't record her first Bushy parkrun in over 12 years because she couldn't print out her barcode!


Groundhog Day


Here are some interesting facts about parkrun on New Years Day. Apparently over 105,000 parkruns were completed by 80,000 participants ( lots of us did the double ) supported by more than 7000 volunteers. That's more in one day than in the first six and a half years of parkrun.



You can never be over dressed at parkrun.





Be safe, be seen.





Turning into Warren Wood, so named because it was the site of official rabbit warrens during the Middle Ages.



Lorraine and our lovely Elizabeth.



The 4K mark on Cobbler's Walk




When you cross the bridge by Heron Pond spare a thought for how the water got here. It was by special command of Charles 1st who needed water for Hampton Court and so ordered the building of a river running from the River Colne 12 miles to the north. It enters the park by Hampton High Street, supplies the Water Gardens with its water, runs into the Diana fountain, into Heron Pond and Leg of Mutton pond ( the one by Cobbler's Walk where we sometimes get flooding ) and also finally to Hamton Court and the Thames by way of a culvert under the main road.








1. Craig Jarmen.....17:02

2. Nathan Janmohamed.....17:33  PB

3. Matt Price.....17:36



1. Isabel Clark.....18:08

2. Charlotte Matthews.....19:48

3. Isabel Livesey.....20:07


Young Men

1. Nathan Janmohamed.....17:33  PB

2. Alexander Weatherstone.....19:59

3. James Freeman.....19:59  PB


Young Women

1. Isabel Livesey.....20:07

2. Emily Coulson.....20:58

3. Imogen Parker-Elms.....21:54


Well done to Nathan Janmohamed who was 3rd overall, 1st junior male finisher, 10 milestone claimer and new PB runner all in one go!

Also to Isabel Livesey who was third female finisher overall and 1st junior female finisher too.

We also had 55 PB's today, so well done if you were one of those.




Nathan Janmohamed

Grace Blackshaw

Aaron Evans



Luke Mather

Sharon Tee

Susan Jelley



Jamie Cornuaud.....18:37  PB

David Bate

Kamela Prevett

Robert Elliott

Chris Ford




Rob and friends celebrate his 100.


Well done to all our milestone achievers.




Normally we hang about after our run or walk for coffee, breakfast and a chat, but no, not this time!

Nearly 350 of us either ran, biked or drove to Kingston or Crane park to complete the traditional New Years Day double. 171 to Kingston and 177 to Crane.



Heading over Kingston bridge towards Kingston parkrun at the Hawker Centre.




Waiting for the briefing at Kingston.



So there we are, happy New Year and see you Saturday.


Duncan Scoble

With thanks to Ann and Pat for historical athlete number information.


Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen:Nick BLANCHARD, Daphne BOYLE, Shirley BUCKLEY, Ray COWARD, Katherine CURTIS TYLER, Jane DAVIDSON, Lauren DAWBER, Lorraine DILLAMORE, Tamsyn EVESON, Suzanne FLUDE, Carolyn FOSTER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Sarah FRASER, Tracy FRASER, Christine FRY, Suzanne GREEN, Emma HALEY, Maggie HOAD, Ali KENNEDY, Colin LEA, Deon LOMBARD, Carolyn LOVEGROVE, Nicola LOVEGROVE, Ally MANOLE, Fiona MCANENA, Steve MILLER, Jeremy PALMER, Rob PHILLIPS, Rupert POSTLETHWAITE, Simon RAYNER, Andrew RONKSLEY, Duncan SCOBLE, Jacky SINCLAIR, Alex TICKELL, Pablo URDIALES ANTELO, Matthew WILDE, Fran WYLDE


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