Run Report Event No 725 – 10 March 2018


The Mild One




What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday 739 of us slipped and slided around the old course in a snowy -2 degrees whereas this week 1146 of us ran in a positively balmy 11 degrees. The course was muddy and wet in places but happily much firmer under foot than last week.
As always, many thanks to our volunteers who, I should imagine, took a long time cleaning mud from their footwear this weekend.

our altruistic legends are:

Niamh ALLERTON, Joy BELL, Phil BLUER, Lou COAKER, Ian CUNNINGHAM, Jonathan DICKINSON, Andrew FINCH, Niamh FINLAY, Carolyn FOSTER, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Ewen GIBSON, Sue GRAHAM-KAHN, Samantha HANLEY, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Christopher JOHNSON, Jonathan JONES, Samuel JONES, Lucy KATESMARK, Courtney LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Joseph MILLS, Robert MOREY, Carmen PALMER, Hannah PICKUP, Kit POWNEY, Edie PROUD, Anna SAVILL, Duncan SCOBLE, Ethan SCOTT, James SELL, Merran SELL, Daniel SHACKLETON, Wendy STOKES, Bethan STURDY, Carol SWAFFER, Malcolm J TAYLOR, Mark Anthony TRAVERS, Patrick TROUGHTON, Jessica TUCKMAN, Harry VAUGHAN, Andrew John WINGATE, Sophie Annabel WRIGHT, Gemma Olivia WRIGHT, Adam WRIGHT

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I know we're an energetic lot but I'd put me back out lifting one of those.



The funnel is prepped...



...and warm ups done.






Yvonne, Gordon and Catriona McAulay were visiting from Maldon prom and Hull. Gordon's Christmas present was to be brought to the home of parkrun. Hope you enjoyed your visit guys.



Ready for the off





RD Andy Wingate makes his pre event announcements.


Micheal and Janet approach the finish.


Damn those pesky kids with their super quick finishes!

Dog Legs


Maybe it was the milder weather but there seemed to be more of our furry friends around than usual...


Untitled    Untitled

Untitled    Untitled

Merran fully focused on her time keeping role.



Funnel of love



...officially spent.


Statistical Analysis


1146 of us ran or walked around the course for event number 725.


We had 76 PB's and four age grades over 80%

Those magnificent four were;

Jake Shelly.... 82.17%

Fran Kenden....81.17%

Andrius Jaksevicius....80.66%

Ramona Thevenet....80.46%




This winning smile belongs to Isabel who came agonisingly close to an 80% age grading with a score of 79.99%. How close is that! However, she made up for it with a PB of 22:39, nearly a minute quicker than her previous best. Well done Isobel.


First Finishers


1. Jake Shelley....15:42 first timer at Bushy

2. Andrius Jaksevicius....16:33

3. Samuel Shaw....17:34



1. Isabel Livesey....19:43

2. Jessica Earp....20.02  new PB

3. Helena Samarasinghe....20.16


Young men

1. Samuel Shaw....17:34

2. Mathew David Tyas....19:40

3. Nate Brazier....20:24


Young women

1. Isabel livesey....19:43

2. Helen Samarasinghe....20:16

3. Lucy Hoseason....21:34



Very well done to the ten of you who reached various milestones this week.

Perfect 10

Jamie Grose

Ella Patel


Fab 50

Zoe Birchenough

Nick Branch

Rachel Parkerson

Anna Price

Emma Norman

Trevor Grant



Anna Price before her 50th run


Hot 100

David William Lunn

David made his parkrun debut in December 2008 at Banstead Woods. he's run twice at Bushy, his first run being almost exactly four years ago.


Terrific 250

Tim Syrad

Tim started his parkrun career exactly ten years ago this week. he ran his PB of 25:18 in September 2009 and has run 236 times at Bushy. Tim has also run at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

Huge congratulations to all our Milestone runners this week.



Our very own Emma, Carol and Wendy ran the Big Half last weekend and proudly wore their finishers teeshirts on Saturday. Very well done, I know you worked hard for it.

Gratuitous Portraits


Just to finish off our earlier canine theme, here are a few portraits of some of our furry friends.






And Finally



By 10.30 you'd never know any of us had ever been there.


See you Saturday

Duncan Scoble


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