Run Report Event No 801 – 10 August 2019

A Blustery Bushy: Back to the Beginning

A joint run report this week with guest reporter Sharon Fox supporting our regular scribe Kevin Quinn.

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Twelve months ago I was introduced to parkrun in an attempt to spend more time with my parkrun mad brother Andy, visiting from Australia. As most of you will appreciate, Saturdays have never been the same since. Since then I’ve run 34 events, 28 different ones in 3 countries with 18 volunteer roles and have become a complete parkrun challenge geek.

This Saturday''s visit to Bushy, (The Pilgrimage!) I think was particularly memorable for many reasons.
The parkrun bug and it’s amazing philosophy has caught the attention of the family and inspired them to get involved. My London based cousin Rachel, who’d been seriously unwell for a while , decided she’d like to try it. Imagine mine and Andy’s amazement when she announced her 'local' event was Bushy. Photos appeared on our family Facebook page with a certain Paul Sinton-Hewitt in the background and Dame Kelly Holmes there as well chatting to runners - she was just pleased to be there and didn’t understand the significance. She does now.

This Saturday I met my cousin who proudly showed me round her local event, where, over the last few weeks she’s made friends and found a new motivation for keeping well and getting involved in her local community.

It was a day of challenging weather for the team that’s for sure.
There was plenty of water around and some interesting lumps and bumps at the start across the grass, but the sun came out (made it hot!) and then the gale force headwinds cooled you down, there were even a few spots of rain! Some fantastic marshalling made the run feel well supported too.

Afterwards I helped with token sorting. Una was doing a fab job, supported by Anand and Felix. The winds however were not helping and the moment the tokens starting flying off the table and across the field caused a brief panic for all, I can’t believe none were lost, mostly due to the perseverance of Anand and Felix chasing them across the grass.


Other wind related incidents were kept to a minimum I think although Rachel had a conker fall on her head while in the funnel.

Of course we enjoyed coffee at The Pheasantry where there was a lovely atmosphere and then walked over to Hampton Court Palace for some more tourism and lunch.

This weeks parkrun ticked all the boxes for me regarding what parkrun is about;
• Time with family in a lovely location
• Community spirit
• A great run/walk/volunteer
• Post run coffee and a catch up

And taking it all back to the (parkrun) beginning gives all that extra significance for me this week.

Sharon Fox

Kevin Quinn takes up the story:

So, despite the near-collapse of the National Grid on Friday, on we go towards 900 prs at Bushy Park. I imagine the world will end on a Friday and Ray will still have the funnel ready for us the following day.

It was a strange morning for August with rain, streaks of sunlight and a persistent wind. After last week’s landmark celebration the numbers were back to around 1200 of which 209 were BP first timers.



1194 runners (476 female; 645 male / 73 unknown runners)

51 volunteers (thanks, all)

209 BP first timers

39 brand new parkrunners

88 BP PBs


MILESTONES - congratulations

400– Wendy Robertson

250 – Tony Williams, Tim Godfray

200 – Colin Lovegrove, Philip John, Barry Pymont

100 – Matthew Eastall, Richard Eastall, Anthony Grover

50 – Alexandros Ouzounis, Peter Barnes, Hardy Giesler, Ian Towers, Carole Quigg, Stephen Lewis, Heather McCarthy, Sophie Coulson, Ben Morris

10 – Nate Brazier, Alexa Ashwood, Arthur Milles


Just 3 runners managed to defy the wind and make it over the 80% WFA mark – well done.


72 Arthur WHISTON 21:01 VM65-69 82.08%
47 Emma HARRIS 20:12 VW45-49 82.01%
79 Polly ADAMS 21:15 VW50-54 81.96%


Pics from the park


801 1
Come on, summer, make an effort. The vols get together under wet, blue skies.


801 2

Caroline, Nicola and Ollie were up from Tunbridge Wells

801 3

John came over from Chiswick

801 4

Stuart and Vicky were up from Chippenham and Denitsa and Marcin had come over from Fulham

801 5

Brian and Sandy were over from Reading

801 6

Colin was over from Malaysia where he is a run director. Having travelled all that way his wife, Caroline lost her barcode half an hour before the start while snapping the deer.
But a parkrun barcode is a hard thing to lose forever and it turned up in time.

801 7

Tim was up from Ilfracombe and I met him as he looked for the start and again as he was looking for the finish. Good work, Tim!

801 8

Alan and Andy were closely followed by Jo and Maria under brooding skies

801 9

Sarah ran round with the two most handsome runners on Saturday: Ripley and Big Bert

801 10

Happy faces from Tonbridge

801 11

The finish in sight

801 12

Time waits for no-one but the timers wait for everyone

801 13

Helen, Amanda, Natalie in the funnel

801 14

All go at the scanners

The Results Bit

For the men, the first three back to the big tree were:

1 Robert EVESON 16:42
2 Will CULLEN 17:34
3 James WALKER 17:57

For the women, the top three was

1 Niki DENSLEY 19:12
2 Jessica EARP 19:15
3 Aisling WALL 19:27

Due to the windy conditions I imagine, only three people managed to break the elusive 80% age grading barrier, so big congratulations to:

Arthur WHISTON 21:01 VM65-69 82.08%
Emma HARRIS 20:12 VW45-49 82.01%
Polly ADAMS 21:15 VW50-54 81.96%

And huge congratulations to the following who joined the various milestone clubs:

250 Club

100 Club

Anthony GROVER

50 Club

Alexandros OUZOUNIS
Carole QUIGG
Stephen P I LEWIS

And last, but not least, joining the junior 10 club



That's it for this week, see you next Saturday at 9am!

Kevin Quinn