Run Report Event No 804 – 31 August 2019




It was all about the sound this week.  We had fancy new bigger, better and louder speakers for Run Director Ray to impart his wisdom upon the 1583 athletes assembled at the start line.  Turns out some of you would rather talk louder than listen to Ray!  But if you could hear him at the back please let us know, we'd like the feedback (no pun intended).




As ever folk flocked from all around the country (and world) to run at Bushy

IMG_5885This jolly bunch are visiting from Parklands in Northampton.  We had already met once this year at Zielona Gora in Poland, so it was nice to meet up again.


IMG_5894This fit looking bunch are from Harrogate. They came to do their Bushy pilgrimage and then were off to spend a lovely day at Hampton Court Palace.


IMG_5896Every 10 weeks or so the couch to 5km ladies from Walton come with an new group to run at Bushy.  For a few runners this was their first ever parkrun. Welcome and hope you enjoyed it.


IMG_5906This happy lot are from Queens Park Harriers.  You certainly won't lose them in crowd with their 'Where's Wally' stripes.


IMG_5960Suzanne and Russell win the award for the furthest away parkrun.  They're from Mount Ainslie in Canberra, Australia.  It's a beautiful trail course, but fraught with dangers; during the inaugural run an athlete was taken out by a kangaroo and ended up with a punctured lung and broken rib. They also have deadly snakes.  Apart from that it's well worth a visit.


IMG_5955Rob (in the middle) is running 30 different parkruns for charity, this was run number 25. He's also run at Swansea, Ludlow, Crewe and Peterborough to name a few. The other four were running their first ever parkrun.



As ever our 51 fantastic volunteers are the backbone of the run.  It was an especially good and jolly team this week, so please say an enormous thank you to the following people.

Helen AYTON, Jude BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Christopher BOX, Luca CERASALE, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Ray COWARD, Matthew CUNLIFFE, Christine FRY, Paige GOODWIN, Richard GRAY, George HARRIS, Robby HEDGES, Jamie HEPWORTH, Heather HODGE, Andrew HOWARTH, Susan HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Emilie HOWES, Ann JACHMICH, Amber JACKSON, Jack KENNEDY, Bert KIDWELL, Margaret LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Paul LEVENE, Max LILLYWHITE, Janet LIVESEY, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Paul MOORE, Laura Helen MOSLEY, Lucy NOBLE, David NOBLE, Michelle O'GORMAN, Zainab OSAMA, Zaid OSAMA, Carmen PALMER, Michael POMFRET, Lucy PORTER, Simon R, Ian RILEY, Hannah ROBERTSON, Nick SAVILL, Anna SAVILL, Duncan SCOBLE, Kerry SCOTT, Jonty STEGMANN, Adam STEPHENS, Wendy STOKES, Carol SWAFFER

Why not get involved and volunteer?  You won't regret it. It's fun and free.

IMG_5888Ray was our vocal RD


IMG_5887 Duncan, one of the VC's was assigning a role to every volunteer.


IMG_5890Max was on nose picking duty


IMG_5900Andy needed a speaker to address the vast crowd at his First Timer Briefing


The Run

It was a glorious blue sky sunny day with temperatures of 17ºc, no wind and good conditions underfoot.  In fact it was a perfect day to be a parkrunner at Bushy.

IMG_5901Hands up if you're completely new to parkrun.  Welcome to all new runners, your Saturday mornings will never be the same again.


IMG_5902IMG_5904Pre-run preparations and limbering up


IMG_5909Marcus may only be 5 weeks old but he's already on his 5th parkrun with mum Erica.


IMG_5914Dan doing his level best to resemble the Diana fountain


IMG_5919Helen and one of the new louder speakers


IMG_5922And they're off!


IMG_59231583 of you ran, jogged, or walked this week.


IMG_5926 IMG_5933 IMG_5934Duncan said it last week, but it's true.  The parkrun love for Elisabeth is a wonderful thing. I stood there for a few minutes and don't mind admitting I had a tear in my eye.  Try it sometime, it reinforces everything that's good about parkrun.


IMG_5940Max removed his finger from his nose to clap, along with dad Chris.


First finishers


1. Dylan EVANS 15:37

2. Scott O'Connor 16:24

3. Robert Eveson 16:32


1.  Karima Harris 19:14

2. Laura Thomas 19:29

3. Cordelia Parker 19:34


1. Miguel Caeiro 17:54

2. William Stark 18:48

3.Vishal Madhan 19:02 New PB


1.Juliet Drury 20:42

2. Alice Roberts 21:27

3. Francesca Bird 22:04


80% age grading

Very impressive stats this week especially to the amazing Jane Davies with 95.43%.  Three of these athletes also got PB's: Andrew Edge, Dan Domeniconi and Szymon CHOJNACKI.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 18.37.09


 We love to queue

IMG_5946The famous Bushy double funnel is always an impressive sight.





Congratulations to the following athletes who achieved these milestones:


None this week, but bubbling under are Nigel Poole and David Worth both on 499.  Call me mystic Meg but I predict cake and fizz next week . . .


Gemma Brierley-Rutter who got a PB to boot!

Anne Woods


Simon Petrou

Jem Srai.  She was the most improved runner last year with 20 PB's and managed one today as well!

Georgina Scutt

Julian Fairley

Justin Read


Nadine Way

David Kennedy

Joanna Huxley

Lauren Haines

Stewart Horne

Joe Silbery

Dominic Marchant


Gregory Bowers


IMG_5954 IMG_5959Richard made sure he was adequately protected for token sorting.  He was also on lead bike.


IMG_5957Thank you once again to our trusty volunteers!


IMG_5893Now it's all be-hind you, we deerly hope to see you next week.


Wendy Stokes

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