Run Report Event No 807 – 21 September 2019

Summer’s still here


A beautiful warm and dry morning woke us on Saturday. Conditions were very good with just gentle breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Run Director Lucy Thatcher gave us the usual introductions, welcomes and rules and set us off on our way. There was a cloud of dust spread as we trundled up the path towards the cricket pitch and then back down Cobblers Walk. It certainly has been very dry recently and many of the parts of the course which will be mud in a few weeks time look more like a beach at the moment.




The Volunteers  As always the event couldn’t happen without them so a huge thank you to the 52 who helped us today -  John ALTMAN, Jack BENNETT, Phil BLUER, Shirley BUCKLEY, Shirley BUCKLEY, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Jackie DUNKLEY, Andrew FINCH, Ray FRANKS, Marianne FRYER, Amelia GOODWIN, Olivia HEATLEY, Marina HIPPLE, David HOPPE, Andrew HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Oliver HUME, Amber JACKSON, Lucy KATESMARK, Jacquie KIRK, Margaret LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Max LILLYWHITE, Ally MANOLE, Denise MITCHELL, Kate MOWATT, Diane MULLEN, Ronit NARAYAN, George NOBLE, David NOBLE, Zainab OSAMA, Jeremy PALMER, Eoin PARFITT, Lucy PORTER, Simon R, Keith RIDING, Verity RIDING, Ian RILEY, Jo ROSE, Nick ROWE, Sumita SARMA, Duncan SCOBLE, Julie SMITH, Jonty STEGMANN, Wendy STOKES, Andrew SWAFFER, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Tom WALSH, Marianne WELSH, Emma WINGATE

We have now had 1,983 individuals volunteer a total of 20,819 times. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give guidance about the roles.




The Runners


Despite the weather there were 1,388 runners (just 2 more than last week) and we have now seen 57,193  different runners take part in Bushy parkrun and these athletes have now completed 581,246 runs covering an amazing 2,906,230KM including 78,072 new personal bests.


We had 185 people running at Bushy for the first time with 171 runners getting PB’s in the sun.


We are very used to large attendances each week but did you know there are 8 other events in the UK which have seen over 1,000 runners. The records currently are:



Bushy Park 2011 25/12/2018
Southampton 1295 12/01/2019
Cardiff 1192 17/02/2018
Cannon Hill 1118 04/05/2019
Norwich 1104 25/12/2018
Milton Keynes 1075 31/08/2019
Poole 1039 12/01/2019
Clapham Common 1019 12/01/2019
Heaton Park 1001 02/03/2019
Tooting Common 953 05/01/2019
Nonsuch 949 04/05/2019
Bromley 942 31/08/2019
Eastville 941 01/01/2019
Chelmsford Central 912 01/06/2019
Coventry 904 12/01/2019
Sheffield Hallam 884 04/05/2019
Rising Sun 869 01/01/2019
Edinburgh 867 25/12/2018





This Saturday we had 2 new members of the 500 club – maybe a first for a couple to join the 500 club together? Congratulations to Jeremy PALMER and Carmen PALMER. Jeremy hit 499 a few weeks ago and being a gentleman kindly waited to scan his barcode for 500 until his wife joined him. Jeremy has a PB of 18.48 and has done 496 of his runs with us at Bushy. Also despite being in the VM55-59 age category he has gone sub 20 in every year since 2011. Carmen has done 497 of her runs with us with a PB of 27.40.


We had no new members of the 250 club.   Joining the 100 club were Emma MOORE, Louise RUSSELL and Leonard GRAINGER.   New to the 50 club were Iain M DUNN, Nicola PERRIN, Stacey WATSON and Brian ROBINSON.   In the juniors 10 club we welcomed Franci LYNES.




The Results Bit

First male finishers were Eoin PIERCE of Newham & Essex Beagles AC in 15:22 with our 2nd and 3rd finishers not having their barcodes! Next was Will STOCKLEY of Belgrave Harriers in 15:59 and Rocco ZAMAN-BROWNE of Manchester Harriers & AC in 16:25.

First woman home was Juliet HODDER of Wirral AC in 18:11, ahead of Abigal JONES of Poole Runners in 19:00 with Jenna MULLETT of Clapham Chasers RC  third home in 20:02

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379). The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422). The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).

Runners with age grades over 80% were

Steve WINDER 16:32 VM45-49 87.80 % Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Laurence DUFFY 18:30 VM55-59 85.95 % Stragglers
Eoin PIERCE 15:22 SM30-34 84.16 % Newham & Essex Beagles AC
Polly ADAMS 20:52 VW50-54 83.47 %
Zachary BOWLES 19:41 JM10 83.07 % Berkshire Youth Athletics Club
Dan DOMENICONI 16:51 VM40-44 82.20 % SHAEF Shifters
Juliet HODDER 18:11 SW18-19 81.67 % Wirral AC
Will STOCKLEY 15:59 SM20-24 81.54 % Belgrave Harriers
Rocco ZAMAN-BROWNE 16:25 SM18-19 81.22 % Manchester Harriers & AC
Merran SELL 29:53 VW75-79 81.15 % Stragglers
Jonathan MAINWARING 19:05 VM55-59 80.52 %
Mitchel COX 16:26 SM18-19 80.22 % Basildon AC

Special mention to Zachary BOWLES running 19:41 at just 10 years old – remember that name for the future.


The Random Number Generator


We now look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.


This week was event 807 at Bushy so claiming token 807 was Gary BRADSHAW running 28:48 on his 85th event


The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 27:07 and closest to this were Caroline Juliet MACMILLAN (94th run) and Anna Claire DEAKIN (71st run)


As today is 21/9 ……... in position 219 was Ellie MORGAN on her 28th run.


There have now been 581 thousand runs in our events at Bushy so in 581 was Danica MCGUINNESS on her 57th parkrun.


Well done to all.


The Giant Squirrel

You may have been a bit surprised to see a giant squirrel joining the masses at 9am this morning. This was Caitlin Limmer who runs the BEARCAT running club.   Caitlin kindly explained “I am the Royal Parks mascot for their Half Marathon on 13th October and am of course running it too with a couple of "body guard squirrels" too as my vision in the CHESTER costume is virtually non existent and also it is exceptionally hot.  I have done a marathon in a Fullers beer bottle before but I have to say this is proving just as challenging if not more (especially as I had to give up running 2 years ago due to ill health!).  Anyway it is a complete honour to be chosen to be their mascot and I will be I believe helping open the race too - I am raising money and awareness of MDS Patient Support Group (for people with blood cancer - I am the patron of the charity) and also for the wonderful Royal Parks Foundation who are in great needs of funds - of course so many of us use the Royal Parks and never get to donate back so I am very happy to play my part in this.  I shall be attending Richmond Parkrun next weekend too to try and raise awareness about all of this.  I am not asking people to dig too deep, I am trying to ask for everyone I come across in the next few weeks to donate me £1 and to see how high that total goes” -



15th Birthday

In 2 weeks it will be the 15th birthday of our favourite Saturday morning event. Make a note in your diaries and try to get down early that morning for the annual Bushy awards and celebration.

Want to be in the Club

Club membership is a big part of parkrun. This can have two different meanings with many people qualifying to become part of the 50, 100, 250 and even 500 clubs. To give free t-shirts is an amazing thing that parkrun manages to maintain, especially when you look at the numbers that have been issued in the past and continue to be issued each week.

50 Club (50 to 99 runs)       136,742         (1,313 new members last week)

100 Club (100 to 249 runs)  77,091          (585 new members last week)

250 Club (250 to 499 runs)  6,926            (96 new members last week)

500 Club (500 + runs)        74                (1 new member last week)

As well as parkrun's own clubs there are many members of running clubs and groups who are running each week. Whilst running clubs were once seen as elite organisations this has all changed with most clubs welcoming members of all levels. At Bushy we usually have hundreds of runners each week with a club name next to them in the results. We have had an incredible 2,190 different clubs who have run with us at the home of parkrun.

The club with the most parkrunners at Bushy is Stragglers with 730 runners who have run 42,592 runs between them.

Most Runners

Number of parkrunners  
Stragglers 730
Thames Turbo Triathlon 448
Ranelagh Harriers 423
26.2 RRC 264
ACS Cobham 210
Riverside Rebels 200
St Mary's Richmond AC 193
Clapham Chasers RC 188
Ful-On Tri 177
Ealing Eagles Running Club 164

Most Runs

Number of Runs  
Stragglers 42669
Ranelagh Harriers 8564
Thames Turbo Triathlon 7404
26.2 RRC 7064
St Mary's Richmond AC 5300
SHAEF Shifters 4517
Teddington Rugby Running Club 3909
Team Bushy 3620
Elmbridge RRC 2883
Sweatshop Running Community 2615


There’s always next week

The joy of parkrun is, no matter how your run went today, good or bad, you always have the chance to have another go next week … same time, same place – just make sure you remember that barcode.

Have a good week and see you by the fountain next week.

Nick Rowe

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