Run Report Event No 832 – 29 February 2020


“Oh you can’t say nothing to the pouring rain”


Weather/conditions: Soaking wet with paddy fields appearing at regular intervals

Apparently it’s now the meteorological spring and not only that, it’s been “a very wet winter”. I know it was wet at Bushy on Saturday but we still went ahead and down here we’ve had none of the floods we’ve seen in the west or further north. On Saturday it was wet and filthy but it was good fun. I think Ray and Ian were loving it as they set up the funnel and the scanners and I could see a people doing a few Gene Kelly moves on the way to the start. During the run itself it only took a few strides for everyone to give in and get sloshing around with the bog-snorkellers. By the time we got to the copse at 2k it was clear the going was very heavy and that if you weren’t an amphibian you’d be left behind. The last 800m were a bit tough mudder. If you wanted to avoid the worst of it a significant diversion was required so it was good to see that most people had given up and were happy to schlepp through the sloppy stuff. As we hit the camber and the last 200m some people were waving, others were drowning. The funnels were a welcome sight – if not exactly dry land.

Despite the dreadful weather, the Leap Day collection for the YMCA Foodbank in Hampton had plenty of donations – thanks to all. We’ll do it again!

832 1

Zoe and Duncan looking after the donations


Some Stats

1029 ran, jogged or walked on Saturday;

74 volunteers made it happen – what a turn out on a day like that - thanks to all.


Just 2 runners made it above the 80% WFA mark in the mire. Hats off and special swimming badges to-


10 Simon Bean 19:00 60-64 85.18
34 Mike Dennison 20:16 60-64 80.51


Milestones – congrats to all.


300: Glennis Pye

250: Mark Davies

200: Chris Dunn, Andy Morgan, Claire Seckington

100: Nick McNally, Gearoid Lavery, Jakub Czeczotka, Alex Dixon, David Jones, Tarekegn Abeku, Ray Ladwa, Tony J Mansfield, Samantha Parker

50: Daniel Hotten, Graham Wheeler, Oliver Morgan, Rob Henry, Jessica Hotten, Paul Harvey, Duncan Hyde, Stephen Maddock, Kate Trafford-Jones, Dave Kahn, Katie Clare, Wasana Boonpeng-Mackeown, Ellie Hyde, Mary Galashan


832 2


Wally’s back for no. 501 – good man


832 3

Jakub (r) came over from Hackney to do his 100th pr along with Bruce

832 4

It was that sort of morning

832 5

Fashion corner special – clockwise from top left
Graham’s hat caught my eye
Anne was down from Stoke and I apologise for ambushing her
Caroline was over from Norfolk with her friend, Heather from Banstead Woods
Henry Carter and his psychedelic leggings made a splash

832 6

Clockwise from top left-
Jennifer, Vicky and the speedy kids from Liverpool – great to see you
Run director and MC, Simon: “Parkrunners, I love you all”
Zoe, Lynn and Andrew down from Shepshed
Dave and Fiddy – the latter named after the famous malt

“We need a bigger boat.”

See you next Sat.

Kevin Quinn

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