Run Report Event No 834 – 14 March 2020

Still Muddy


A glimpse of sunshine as Andy gives his run brief.


But out there, the course is still rather muddy and damp as beautifully illustrated on the legs of today's course checker!


Course checker is just one of the many volunteer positions that need filling each week. Please do check the roster and see if there is a job that you would like to do. If you are unsure, then email and Pat, our friendly Volunteer Coordinator will be happy to assist you.

Thank you to those of you who volunteered today: Rosanna BARTLETT, Jack BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Allan BRAY, Lou COAKER, Alexander COLLIE, Julia CURLEY, Deirdre DOE, Fred William DRAPER, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Sam FUTCHER, Amelia GOODWIN, Erin GOODWIN, Paige GOODWIN, Stella HAMMOND, Bianca HOLLIS, Emilie HOWES, Melanie HOWES, Trevor HUGGINS, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Stephen IGGLESDEN, Iris JOHONSON, Robbie JONES, Jack KENNEDY, Keira KING, Amy KING-HALE, Katie KNOTT, Catelin LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Margaret LE FRANC, Rachael MACKLEARN, Susie MCNICOL, Sophia MONS, Grace MORENO-MASEY, Diane MULLEN, Megan PORTER, Kevin QUINN, Ian RILEY, Emily RIMMER, Abbie ROSS, Duncan SCOBLE, Toni SHEW, Carol SWAFFER, Charlotte THOMSON, Richard VAN DER LEEDEN, Heather WALLINGTON, Rowan WALSH, James Oliver WELCH, Dorrie WHITING, Katherine WILDE, Laura WILDE, Alice WILSON, Andrew John WINGATE, Maja WOSZCZAK

Two more volunteers, Jan and Carol ready to give out tokens to the 1,148 runners who took part today.


Some lovely photos out on the course taken by Brigid Hibberd













Ladies in tutus! Must be a celebration - all will be revealed!


Amongst the visitors today were Stacey Kite and three generations of her family who had travelled down from Leeds to run at Bushy parkrun.


Also joining us today were a group from Lordshill Road Runners (Southampton). Abbie was a member of the group and was celebrating her 100th run today, well done Abbie.


From Derbyshire, the Smalley Road Runners

Smalley Road Runners Derbyshire



Welcome to the 157 new visitors to Bushy Park.

94 Bushy PBs this week - many congratulations to you all. Worthy of a mention is PB regular David Gannon; 369 parkruns and still improving his PB. Jealous!

3 of this week's Bushy regulars have run over 1,500 times between them, and each achieved impressive age grades of over 80%. Congratulations to Ruth HUTTON  (87.15%), Polly ADAMS  (82.14%) and Jeremy PALMER (80.59%).



5 runners reached the 250 milestone. Many congratulations to Mark COOP, Graham LAND, Kishore DESAI, Shaun FRY and Lorraine DILLAMORE. Graham and Shaun were running Bushy for the first time - come back soon!.

Lorraine Dillamore, a Bushy parkrun regular, celebrated her 250th run in style wearing a very fetching coloured tutu. The supporting cast dressed to match and certainly brightened up the proceedings. Very well done Lorraine.

Photos courtesy of Wendy Stokes

9 athletes reached their 100 milestone. Congratulations to Jane WHITROW who topped it with a PB - come back again soon!. Also achieving the milestone were Christopher BEAVIS, Abbigail DENT, James TRUEMAN, Nyree STEWART-BEAVIS, Mandy RAMSDEN, David BRIGHT, Clive NAISH and Rachel GREGORY.

Just 3 athletes to have a 50 t-shirt in the post this week. Well done Lianne FLYNN, Alec BROOM and Catherine REAY

Receiving their 10 Milestone t-shirt: Jacob KEMP-POTTER (JM10), Alice KEMP-POTTER (JW10) and Iris WHITE (JW10), all with very impressive times. Many congratulations to you.

Final photo by Brigid - spring has sprung!


That's it for another week. I should finish by saying, that for the current position regarding COVID-19 and implications for parkrun events, please see and the parkrun social media pages below.

Stella Hammond

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