Report Event No 881 – 18 June 2022

Summer heat

Weather/ conditions: Scorchio!


1027 runners

144 first timers at Bushy parkrun– 120 visitors and 24 brand new parkrunners

58 new PBs (in that heat!)

77 volunteers

It's a big old start line

It's a big old start lineMore of the start line


This week's Run Director, Zoe 

Today's run director, Zoe


Lots of visitors this week!  Nick welcomes them all 

Yet more visitors

First timers briefingMore visitors at the briefing

Thanks to this week's volunteers:

John ALTMAN, Andy ATKINSON, Nick BLANCHARD, Phil BLUER, Lauren BURKE, Jonathan BURSON, Eirwen CAMPBELL, Aaron CHAI, Louise CHAI, Jocelyn COLLIE, Sian COOLEY, Margot COOPER, Ann COWARD, Ray COWARD, Joanna DAVIS, Julian DIAMOND, Jonathan DICKINSON, Jack EDWARDS, Sam EDWARDS, Sadie EVANS, Robert EVESON, Mohammed FAIZ, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Jake FOX, Ian FULLEN, Fernando GONI, Erin GOODWIN, Sue GRAHAM-KAHN, Suzanne GREEN, Stella HAMMOND, Robby HEDGES, Brigid HIBBERD, Susan HOWARTH, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Dewi JAMES, Naomi JOHNS, Gemma JONES, Maria JOVANI, Tom LAY, Catelin LE FRANC, Margaret LE FRANC, Mike LIGHTFOOT, Janet LIVESEY, Elena MACIA, Sarah Louise MARSHALL, Fiona MCANENA, Rodney Howard MCCULLOCH, Fergus MCGUIGGAN, Susie MCNICOL, Steve MILLER, Marianne MORRIS, Sian MULLEN, Amanda MUNRO, Emma May MURPHY, Joseph MURPHY, Isaac NOVELL, Keara-Valentine O'BRIEN, Jeremy PALMER, Richard PATIENT, Simon R, Nigel RATA, David REY, Fiona SCOTT, Harvey SHACKLETON, David STEWART, Phoebe STOKES, Ben STRADLING, Carol SWAFFER, Alexander SWEETING, Alex TICKELL, Michael TROTT, Alexa TYNAN, Simon WALLWORK, Rhiannon WILLIAMS, Rhys Thomas WILLIAMS, Andrew John WINGATE, Emma WINGATE

Fiona with bells to cheer us all on 

Fiona with bells to cheer us all on


Phyllis and Shawn from Rushcliff parkrun, Nottingham 

Phyllis and Shawn from Rushcliff parkrun, Nottingham


Helen doing her first ever parkrun 

Helen doing her first ever parkrun


Jenny and Llewellyn visiting from South Africa 

Jenny and Llewellyn visiting from South Africa


Aussie visitors from Varsity Lakes, Bunyaville, Forest Lake and Studley parkruns

Aussie visitors from Varsity Lakes, Bunyaville, Forest Lake and Student Park

Andrea and Dave visiting from Belfast 

Andrea and Dave visiting from Belfast

Tom's birthday visit from Salisbury 

 Tom's birthday visit from Salisbury

Sam and Karen, off to do a marathon at Denbies afterwards 

Sam and Karen, off to do a marathon at Denbies afterwards

A full pacer team. Many thanks Shaef Shifters and friends! 



14 official milestones today, with a really big one for Suzie LONGSTAFF (500), below.


Suzie doing her 500th parkrun


Green t shirts(250) for Paul HILLMAN and Zoe LAWRENCE

Black t shirts (100) for Richard SAUNDERS, Nicholas MARTIN, Kirsty SANDERS, Antoinette CARSTENS and Caron CRAWFORD.

Red tees (50) for Alice COCHRANE, Stephen LEE and Kerrie WOODS.

Four junior parkrunners get their white tee for 10 runs: Keir TOLLAN, Sammy WRIGHT, Logan DAPORTA-SHORE and Alex DAPORTA-SHORE.


Unofficial milestones for Stephen SAINSBURY (400), Breda MCGREE (300), Paul CASTLEDINE (200) and Nick BURNSIDE (200)

Want a faster route to milestone t shirts? Have you considered guide-running? You get a run credit and a volunteer credit, and you feel like a hero. Email if you’re interested.


Speedy runners 

Fastest men 

fastest men 881

Fastest women 

fastest women 881

Fastest junior girls

77   Poppy MARTIN JW15-17    75.92% age grade 20:25  First Timer!

86   Gabriella CECCHERINI JW15-17  74.15% age grade  20:38

96   Jasmine GILKES JW11-14  77.85% age grade  20:55  New PB!


Fastest junior boys

15   Peter LOWTHER  JM15-17 74.31% age grade 18:10   First Timer!

46   George NOBLE JM15-17  70.23% age grade  19:49  New PB!

48    Alfie PIKE  JM15-17  70.17% age grade  19:50


Top age grades

14 people ran over 80% age graded times today. Judy and Simon were over 91%. Don’t they feel the heat?!




See you all next week.


Fiona McAnena

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