Run Report Event No 814 – 9 November 2019

First Frost of the Season

A lovely crisp and rather chilly autumn day greeted us this morning.


Arriving at 8.30, the park was still shrouded in fog, but the sun threatened to break through. Thanks to Rodney McCulloch for the two beautifully taken photos.


Fifteen minutes later, and the fog melted away just in time for Nick to give his briefing to the first timers.



Meanwhile, back at the finish, Ray was giving funnel management instructions to two of our wonderful Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.


This week, we were all very fortunate that 19 lovely DofE young people got out of bed early on a Saturday morning to help ensure the smooth running of Bushy parkrun. Without their help, we would be struggling for volunteers some weeks. If you would like to help as a marshal or scanner or in one of the many other positions, please sign up as a volunteer. You don't have to help on a regular basis, just every now and then is fine, there is no commitment. Have a look at the volunteer rota which is available on the Bushy parkrun website under 'Volunteering' and see if there is anything you fancy. Drop an email to Pat at and he will add your name.

Many thanks to all the volunteers this week:



Some of you may have noticed Bushy parkrun regular Julie Papworth, stuffing coats into her boot this morning. This is because Julie has kindly volunteered to collect unwanted coats on behalf of the Wrap up London appeal. Coats are then distributed to homeless people who may be very much in need as the weather gets colder. If you are able to donate an unwanted coat to the appeal, Julie will again be collecting at Bushy parkrun on Saturday 16th November. You will be able to find Julie by the Volunteer Station (bin)! In case you are unsure who Julie is - see below.  Thank you for your support.



....and now to the run

A total of 1331 of us set off at 9.00am to enjoy what had become a lovely morning (of course, it's parkrun day).



Amongst our numbers were 32 First Timers - welcome to you all, hope you enjoyed it and will be back next week. One first timer who definitely had a good time was Georgina who was encouraged to come along to parkrun by her friend Neo.


Another First Timer to be congratulated is Sophie. She had been round before in a buggy, but this was the first time she had gone round on two feet - brilliant, especially as Sophie is only 5 years old, well done Sophie.





Junior runners who will be getting their 10 tee-shirts:

Isla, (JW 11-14) a Durham City Harrier, who was visiting today with her family and friends (you can see her picture in 'Today's Visitors'). Isla has completed 24 junior and 10 senior parkruns and today ran in an impressive time of 27:04, an age grade of 61.45%. Well done Isla.

Lexi (JW 10), a Bushy parkrun regular, is also to be congratulated today. Lexi has completed 16 junior and 10 Senior parkruns - fantastic achievement, well done Lexi.


Congratulations to:

Kate HOLMES (visiting Bushy Park for the first time today, from usual parkrun at Richmond - welcome Kate)
Charlotte FRAMPTON
Alex MAY

I spotted Alex proudly holding his '50' balloon at the start - well done Alex.


100 RUNS

Annabel CROUCH
Kelly BURKE (pictured below)


and Gavin SLATER (pictured below)



An amazing 104 of you achieved a PB this week - congratulations to you all. A special 'well done' should go to Ralph Blackbourn who has done nearly 300 runs and today achieved a PB. There is hope for us all! Well done also to Emma Poole and Georgina Lever who also achieved PBS and have both completed over 200 runs.


Well done to the runners below who managed to achieve an impressive age grade of 80% and above.

Simon BAINES 88.52%
Pamela WHITTER 87.68%
Laurence DUFFY 85.10%
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS 84.50%
Vincent RIVIERE 84.10%
Polly ADAMS 84.03%
Ross FRANKS 81.82%
Stephen JACKSON 81.31%
Patricia RONKSLEY 81.15%
Luke PIKETT 81.06%
Jonathan MAINWARING 80.88%
Szymon CHOJNACKI 80.75%
Shirley BUCKLEY 80.46%


Visiting us today from Guernsey - Francis


From Brisbane - Stuart


From Ryazan, Russia - Anna and Constantin

IMG_4039 (1)

From Splinters Running Group - Clare, Karen, Alice and Jenny


From Durham - 'Durham Mum's on the run', Abigail and Vics, Elvert Striders, Rory and Corrine, and from Durham City Harriers, Isla (10 Parkruns today) and Lewis who is one parkrun behind his sister having achieved 9 senior runs and a fantastic 30 junior parkruns. Today Lewis (JM10) also had a great run time of 24:10, and age grade of 67.66% - well done Lewis - 10 tee-shirt next week.


From 'Parkrun Laughs' a group of runners who met on Facebook and created a Group. Their group page states that they are a group dedicated to laughing along with parkrun - what could be better?! The group today hailed from across the country, and they all looked to be fulfilling their remit - lovely to meet you.


We also had a running champion in our midst today. Charlotte Purdue and her training group joined us for parkrun. Charlotte has an impressive career history and is the UK junior record holder for the 10,000 m with a time of 32:36.75 minutes (quicker than my 5K)! This year Charlotte was 10th in the London marathon in an amazing time of 2:25:38.



The last bar-code is scanned and the volunteers troop off for their well earned coffee at The Pheasantry


One lucky volunteer also gets to take home all the kit - and bring it back again next week!


A special thanks to Una who is with us whatever the weather to help collect and sort the tokens. Here she is on her way to The Pheasantry, ably assisted by Les.


The work isn't over yet. All the tokens, all 1331 of them, have to be sorted into groups of 50 ready for next week. This is mostly done over convivial conversation, a warm drink and frequently a sneaky bacon sarnie - well that's why we run isn't it?!


Finally, some shots of the Woodland Garden with beautiful Autumn trees, to remind us, as if we need it, how lucky we are to have such a beautiful park in which to run.




See you next week

Stella Hammond


Run Report Event No 813 – 2 November 2019

When shall we three meet thunder, lightning, or in rain?


The start at 08:45 – was anyone actually going to turn up today??

Well maybe no thunder or lightning, but plenty of excuses to stay at home this blustery morning and plenty of the wet stuff. The forecast had a squall arriving in Bushy Park at 9am – and yes, it duly arrived just as England were kicking off against South Africa. So everyone who made the decision to watch England were probably feeling very pleased with themselves, but let’s draw a veil over what happened next! (unless you happen to hail from South Africa, in which case congratulations!)

But back to our amazing day in Bushy. I think everyone agreed that the conditions for volunteering, running or walking were some of the worst in recent memory. At times the rain was very heavy and the wind was just ridiculous. PBs were going to be as rare as hen’s teeth, weren’t they?

Not surprisingly numbers were well down this week – to just 804. Numbers not seen since the Beast from East collided with Storm Emma on 3 March 2018 when only 739 braved the snowy conditions.

But spirits were high this morning and we had the usual band of happy tourists swollen by a coachload of very enthusiastic parkrunners from Billericay parkrun which was closed for the day due to the construction of an epic fireworks display in their park. They were delighted to have their First Timer’s Briefing presented by our very own Essex Girl, Stella HAMMOND, who wisely chose the shelter of the Lime trees to deliver her peroration.



The Billericay massive arrive en masse…




Hello Billericay!!!


The FTB revealed at least two people running parkrun for the very first time – what a day to choose! In fact we had an amazing 17 people doing their first parkrun. As well as visitors from Finland (“what’s all this fuss about the weather?”) there were people from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Newcastle, Leicestershire, Wiltshire and Russia.
Here are some of our wonderful visitors ….


A group of guys from the Garda who had run the Dublin Marathon last week and were revelling in the Irish conditions – “Just like home!”



Ksenia was visiting from Moscow’s parkrun Butovo – enjoying the delights of the Pheasantry with Fiona and Michael.




The photo frame is always a hit



Making his solo Run Director debut this week was Tim Bowden. What a week to take the reins with lots of challenges presented by the conditions, but Tim did a great job supported as ever by a fantastic team of volunteers. Also hats off to the brilliant marshals and funnel managers, exposed as they were to the British weather. The scanning devices struggled in the rain - but they all worked! And frankly token sorting was postponed to allow them to dry out – thanks Jan and Ray!



Tim Bowden on his RD debut with fellow debutante DoE volunteer Meera



Sue nearly gets blown away




Signage is all important


A first-time volunteer said something surprising to me last week – they were nervous about doing it and had hesitated about putting their name forward for fear of doing it wrong. But having done it they were so pleased and felt so rewarded. If you have any doubts about volunteering, all all I can say is – just do it, and you won’t regret it. All the roles are very straightforward and for things like scanning there is always someone to show you the ropes. There is a hugely supportive bunch of people and contrary to the impression, we do need people to step forward. It’s also scientifically proved to be good for you as the research conducted for parkrun found that those people who volunteer at parkrun reported an 84% improvement to their happiness. This compared to 79% for all parkrunners. What are you waiting for?

If you fancy it, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll put you on the list for that week.



Tourists and other First timers

We had an amazing 183 visitors doing Bushy for the first time with 17 of those doing their first ever parkrun – certainly it will be one they remember. We also had a host of milestones including one 250, four 100s and seven 50s.



10 Club
Well done to Jake WELLS who was the only junior to complete their 10th run to claim the pristine white shirt. High fives to you.
50 Club
Seven runners reached the milestone of 50 this week. Well done to:

Andrew COLEY SM25-29 23:40
Sue KNOX VW50-54 24:40
George-Lewis SHAW SM20-24 25:37
Alex DUMBRELL VW45-49 31:05
Tara FAIRBAIRN VW40-44 33:29
Jadie STONE VW45-49 33:34
Philip STONE VM45-49 33:35


100 club
Four runners joined the 100 club this week - well done to Mark OSTEN, Cecilia DE CHAVEZ, Rebecca McALEES and Charlie LLOYD. The much revered black t-shirts are on their way!

Untitled Untitled


Rebecca celebrated her 100th run in style, braving the conditions.


250 club
Just one runner reached the magical 250 milestone this week – congratulations to Anthony WHELAN. Anthony started his parkrun journey on 12 January 2013 and has run 118 times at Bushy, with 43 at Greenwich parkrun and 29 at Kingston.
500 club
No 500 clubbers this week. But on the verge of greatness is volunteer supremo Pat McGrath on 496…..



The results bit


Personal Bests


An amazing 41 runners achieved a PB today, which was no mean feat given the strength of the wind. Well done to:

Alex DUMBRELL VW45-49 31:05
Andy THOMAS VM50-54 22:33
Cath SWAN SW30-34 29:47
Clayton BEVAS SM20-24 29:46
Clive KITSON VM65-69 29:16
Darcie BATEMAN JW11-14 27:30
Dmitry SELEMIR VM40-44 19:18
Dylan ASKEW JM10 39:57
Emily FARR JW11-14 23:24
Ethan SHAFFELBURG JM15-17 22:29
Evelyn TRUEMAN JW10 31:58
Gareth JAMES SM25-29 29:24
Heather JONES VW50-54 28:26
Huong LE VM80-84 01:00:07
Isaac MANZ JM11-14 27:38
Jacob HORNER SM20-24 23:07
James WRIGHT SM25-29 19:45
Joshua WATSON-EVANS SM30-34 24:46
Kate BROCKLESBY VW45-49 33:26
Katie MCCARTHY JW15-17 23:20
Law CLARK VW45-49 46:28
Lily HEDLEY SW18-19 29:57
Linda ALLEN VW65-69 42:14
Mandy LANCY VW45-49 37:11
Marc BURROWS SM30-34 19:48
Maria DE LIMA SW30-34 31:35
Marta WATSON-EVANS SW25-29 28:38
Matt BROEKHUIZEN VM45-49 25:34
Millie MACEACHARN JW15-17 25:36
Ned THOMAS JM11-14 21:15
Rhodri MASON VM40-44 30:39
Russell CLARK VM45-49 25:44
Sandra GILMORE VW70-74 45:33
Sarah Louise BELL VW50-54 33:21
Stefan MEIER VM50-54 31:29
Stephen FLETCHER-GREEN VM45-49 28:45
Sue DENNISON VW50-54 30:57
Tessa STANIER JW11-14 30:41
Thomas KENNEDY VM65-69 34:16
Timothy BROOME VM35-39 25:07
William DUMBRELL JM10 31:11



 Just nine people achieved 80% age grading - awesome work by:


Justn REID VM50-54   84.85% 17:23
Pamela WHITTER VW55-59   83.30% 22:39
Alexa JOEL VW35-39   82.72% 18:08
Sonny MAUND JM11-14   82.54% 17:11
Andrius JAKSEVICIUS VM35-39   82.01% 16:24
Mike DENNISON VM60-64   80.45% 20:07
Martin JONES VM65-69   80.42% 20:51
Philip PEARSON VM50-54   80.39% 18:57
Polly ADAMS VW50-54   80.33% 21:57


 First finishers


1 Andrius JAKSEVICIUS VM35-39 16:24
2 Ciaran FORDE SM25-29 16:51
3 Szymon CHOJNACKI VM35-39 16:59
4 Sonny MAUND JM11-14 17:11


7 Alexa JOEL VW35-39 18:08
21 Sarah WORLEY SW25-29 19:13
27 Victoria HASLAM SW30-34 19:32
30 Kiara VALKENBURG JW15-17 19:38



Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #813

804 parkrunners – 755 identified, 49 unknown (DFYB!) (6% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 755 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 71 Juniors aged under 18 (9%)
• 114 Seniors aged 18-34 (19%)
• 570 Vets aged 35-89 (72%)
• 341 females (45%) and 414 males (55%)
NB men were slightly lower % than normal….

Weather conditions

• Umbrella quotient: 5 out of 5!!
• Temperature: 10˚C, stormy, squally conditions

And finally, just to mention that the young woman who fell near the cricket pitches is fine. Thank you to those who helped her on the day – the parkrun community again showing its great support and human spirit. If anyone does have a problem during the run, every marshal has the Mobile No for the Run Director and the defibrillator, which is kept at the finish, can be despatched in minutes if necessary.

Many thanks to Wendy Stokes and Duncan Scoble for a number of the photos.

See you next week!

Andrew Howarth

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Run Report Event No 812 – 26 October 2019

Shhhh - Don't Tell Me The Score!

Two questions sprung to mind on the way to this week's event:-

Would today be our lowest attended event of the year given the pull of a world cup semi final between our national side and the rugby gods of New Zealand?

Would I be able to complete my run report gathering duties and another obligation that will enable me to watch the recording of the above 4 hours late without knowing the result?


The answer to both questions turned out to be not quite! Whilst the field was over 220 lighter than last week's event, and only the 2nd event this year with fewer than 1000 runners, the 897 attendees this week still outstripped the 840 strong field that endured the downpour on the 27th July.

As to the 2nd question, despite keeping the car radio off and resisting the temptation to look at my phone, and disappearing to a desert island to walk some dogs (OK not a desert island, Desborough Island), even this remote spot couldn't protect me from picking up an inkling that something miraculous had indeed occurred in Tokyo.

High winds and slate grey (not all black) skies were countered by our Run Director,  Ray "Of Sunshine" Coward, whose briefing included the news that Polly Adams was set to become the 3rd woman in the world to complete her 600th parkrun today (the first member of this exclusive club, Ramona Thevenet was also on the start line. Kirsty Bangham being the second).


A quick reminder that our Parkrun events are totally dependent on securing a team of volunteers; there’s a wide range of roles to choose from, it’s great fun and you get to meet lots of great people and the gratitude from the participants makes it an incredibly uplifting experience. So, to the uninitiated, I would strongly urge you to Send Pat an email at Big thanks to this week's magnificent team of 51:-






runner pram2 dog

Of the 897, 109 chose this blustery day to run their first Bushy parkrun and 20 of these were undertaking their first ever parkrun.


John & Amanda Wilson from Derby after their first trip to the cradle


Tourists from Southampton

IMG_0866Katherine Lea from Pakapakanthi Parkrun in Adelaide


Jeremy Burey-Abraham and Lucy Hacking - Lucy completes her 1st Bushy Pilgrimage, her 50th different event and her 100th parkrun!


Darren & Amanda Francis from Paignton


Claire, Darryl & Gail from Hilly Fields & Nonsuch parkruns


Visitors from Towcester & Southampton


More Devonians! Parkrunners visiting from Exeter


Visitors from Eastleigh parkrun

Personal Bests

Ridiculously, given the high winds, 52 of you managed a PB today.


Duncan Scoble (above) snaffled his 5th consecutive PB on his 244th parkrun!


Stealing the show yet again, Peellie the rabbit, in her Halloween costume, surrounded by admirers.

Many thanks to Zainab Osama and Carol Dickinson for some of the photos.

See you soon...

Chris Brimacombe

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Christmas and New Year

We're pleased to let everyone know that as in previous years, we will be hosting a parkrun at Bushy on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day, both will start at 9am.

On Christmas Day we'll be providing minced pies and mulled wine and as usual we'll be encouraging everyone to dress up in Fancy Dress!

On New Year's Day, if you're looking to do a double, please check the Christmas Compendium for other local parkruns that are starting at a time later than 9am.


Run Report Event No 811 – 19 October 2019

 An even paced event




The deadly accurate Even Pacers


This week at Bushy, we had even numbered pacers to help park runners target a specific time. The pacers aimed to complete the 5k at the target time they had been assigned, starting at 20 minutes and going up to 34 minutes. There were eight in total: Stefan Krueger, Krysia Smith, Rob Phillips, David Morley, Andrew Howarth, Jack Kennedy, Richard Gray and Timothy Jacob with daughter Grace.





We had two runners join the 250 Club this week. Step forward Richard BAGGOTT and Angela MACSON to claim your pristine green shirts.

Huge congratulations this week to Brett VAN GELDER, Christine SHACKLADY, Rachel SMITH and Rhiannon BOTHA for completing their 100th parkrun.

Well done also to Jessica TUCKMAN, Sally Jane CARY, Katie BARTHOLOMEW, Neil RYAN, Alan PONSFORD, Simon NOTTAGE, and Pauline PARFITT for doing their 50th event and finally to James DERRICK for completing his 10th parkrun.


Sally celebrates her 50 parkruns in the usual manner

Start of parkrun

Runners beginning the 5k


Parkrun Visitors


First Timers and Visitors Briefing


The ASL Eagles, (The American School of London team) made the trip to parkrun this week for the first time with 17 of their athletes.


There were also visitors from as far afield as Australia, South Africa and Portrush in Northern Ireland.


Closer to home there were also runners visiting from other parts of the country, such as Lancashire.


Parkrun visitors (1) Parkrun visitor from Australia

Parkrun visitor from Northern Ireland


Bushy Park local deer


The Bushy Park locals ensured that they were there to cheer the runners on


Highest place finishers


First finisher this week went to a first timer at Bushy, junior parkrunner James KINGSTON, who is a member of Tonbridge Athletics club.


Finishing second was Harry SMITH of Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC and rounding off the top three was Ben HOWARD. Both these runners also ran personal bests, achieving impressive times of 16:16 and 16:30 respectively.


Second junior was also a first timer at Bushy Park, Max DUCKWORTH of Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, who was fifth overall with a time of 16:52!


The first female finisher meanwhile was Maddy WHITMAN of Belgrave Harriers in a time of 18:19, just 17 seconds outside her personal best.


Maddy Whitman first female finisher




Runners finishing off the 5k


Huge thanks must also go to this week’s volunteers; there were 59 in total and were led by the Run Director, Andy Wingate.



Andrew John Wingate Run Director

Barcode Scanners


Finally thank you to all the 1,123 runners who took part, we look forward to seeing you all next Saturday – same time, same place!

 Adam Stephens

Finishers funnel

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Run Report Event No 810 – 12 October 2019


A tourist's perspective...


Like lemmings, many parkrunners get the urge to go on a journey.  Scientists (probably) can’t explain this drive, this urge to head back to where it all started. Bushy Park was the birthplace of parkrun 15 years and one week ago. Since those small beginnings parkrun has grown into the global phenomenon it is today, and Bushy has always been the big one in the UK. And we do mean big, setting attendance record after attendance record. It has previously broken the 2000 barrier but slightly suspect weather meant that numbers were down for their 810th event. Well I say down, it’s still the biggest with a mere 1096 athletes running, jogging or walking the 5k course.


As well as the regular attendees there were over 130 of us who were visiting Bushy for the first time. These tourists came from all corners of the UK and as far afield as South Africa and Japan. There were also 36 folk who were running their first ever parkrun event, and everyone made sure that  these new additions to the family were given a warm welcome and a big round of applause at the pre-event briefing.

Although it’s a famous place, in all honesty we didn’t really know what to expect as we headed down the M1. We were pretty sure it would be busier than anything we’d experienced before but there was a lot we didn’t know.



We didn’t know the start would be incredible, with 1000+ people charging up a wide, tree lined avenue.

We also didn’t know we’d be keeping an eye out for deer wandering about on the course.

We didn’t know the route would be almost perfect either. There was the odd puddle about but wet feet are part of the fun. The whole is nothing short of brilliant, and perfect for athletes of all abilities being flat and twisty so you never got bored, and never quite knew what was coming next. Especially if “what was coming next” was a stag having a swim in a lake.



As we know parkrun is always about much more than who was the quickest. While Eliud Kipchoge was off in Vienna dropping the fastest ever Marathon time below the near mythical 2 hour mark, in London’s leafy suburb a visitor was the first finisher, with Rob McTaggart getting round in 16:35. Lots of personal targets beaten too, well done to the 100+ athletes who bagged themselves a nice new PB time.

You’d think the scale of the event would not be without its problems, but the majestic, sweeping start and wide paths meant that there weren’t any holdups there. The double funnel that the team have implemented to handle the numbers also worked a treat, and there wasn’t really much delay in getting through and getting our barcodes scanned either.

The Bushy volunteers are, as you’d expect, awesome with plenty of support out on the course, and every twist and turned marshalled to make sure no one got lost. Although we were first timers here, one marshal did look slightly familiar. We checked the list of volunteers on the website after the event and, yes, that was actor (and parkrun regular) John Altman looking resplendent in his hi-viz cheering us on.


Its place in the history of parkrun aside, Bushy is a fantastic event that is as close to a “must do” as any we’ve visited. Add to that the fact there’s no better place for a post parkrun coffee and chat than the Pheasantry Café and, well, what more do you need?

Thank you Bushy, we’ll definitely see you again.

Iain Hawkins

The results from Event No 810


PB and over 100 runs


Bianca HOLLIS 21:37 VW45-49 73.48% F UK parkrun tourists 356
Louise DUFFY 24:33:00 VW50-54 68.30% F Border Reiver Runners 271
Bethany DUFFY 22:10 SW20-24 66.77% F Border Reiver Runners 253
Mark COOP 20:57 VM40-44 67.14% M 229
Emma POOLE 23:02 VW45-49 71.92% F Runnymede Runners 225
David CARTWRIGHT FORBES 23:46 VM35-39 56.59% M Farnham Runners 110

80% +


Emma HARRIS 19:56 VW45-49 83.11% Ranelagh Harriers
Polly ADAMS 21:15 VW50-54 82.98%
Shirley BUCKLEY 22:53 VW55-59 81.28% Stragglers

100 Club


Max Dylan Zorba ZAJDLER 20:23 SM20-24 M PB stays at 00:18:50
Сергей КИСЛЕНКО 20:41 VM50-54 M First Timer!
Eduardo SATO 22:22 VM40-44 M PB stays at 00:21:45
Bizzy WATSON 28:24:00 SW20-24 F Stragglers PB stays at 00:23:53
Jacquie KIRK 36:06:00 VW55-59 F Riverside Rebels PB stays at 00:32:21
Jan PRINCE 50:29:00 VW80-84 F Stragglers PB stays at 00:31:09


50 club


Samuel INGHAM 23:15 VM45-49 M PB stays at 00:21:29
Robert FREY 26:08:00 VM60-64 M PB stays at 00:22:31
Gareth LEWIS 29:07:00 VM50-54 M Cornelly Striders AC First Timer!
Sam WHATLEY 36:31:00 SM30-34 M PB stays at 00:23:19

10 club


Joshua PARFITT 27:41:00 JM15-17 48.77% M PB stays at 00:27:33 10
Caiden PALMER 28:03:00 JM11-14 51.69% M PB stays at 00:27:59 10
Maggie LAWRENCE 43:02:00 JW11-14 36.52% F PB stays at 00:34:42 10


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #810

1,096 parkrunners – 1,033 identified, 63 unknown (DFYB!) (6% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1,033 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 94 Juniors aged under 18 (9%)
• 145 Seniors aged 18-34 (19%)
• 793 Vets aged 35-89 (72%)
• 445 females (43%) and 588 males (57%)

Weather conditions

• Umbrella quotient: 2 out of 5
• Temperature: 15˚C, mild and drizzly.

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Run Report Event No 809 – 5 October 2019

Big Birthday Bash


Bushy parkrun turned 15 this Saturday with a huge outpouring of goodwill, love and general positivity.

IMG_6888Paul Sinton-Hewitt was on hand for the obligatory balloon photo. How proud he must be of the community that has grown up from his original concept back in 2004.

IMG_6926The real star of the show was of course Elisabeth Marris who came to the start (and finish) line for the first time ever, and had the most wonderful morning meeting many friends and visitors who just wanted to say hello to her.  This touching moment is our favourite photo of the day as it sums up the love and support that parkrun provides.

IMG_6932Elisabeth with the three Pauls: good friend Paul Killick and member of the 500 club; Paul Sinton-Hewitt parkrun founder; Paul Graham founder of junior parkrun.  Talk about friends in high places!

And really that is what parkrun is all about.  It started with Paul wanting to spend more time with his friends, and in the intervening 15 years it has created many long lasting friendships and communities.  The event itself is very important but it certainly isn't the only reason that people come back week after week.  We said it before and we'll say it again; parkrun has changed our lives forever, and for the better!  So thank you Paul and thank you to all the athletes and volunteers who have turned up over the years.

IMG_7074Carol Dickinson, Lorraine Dillamore, me (Wendy Stokes), Julie Papworth, Elisabeth Marris and daughter Lucy Marris, who have all become friends through parkrun.


Every year the Bushy core team give award to athletes and volunteers who have been outstanding in different ways.

IMG_6945The core team from left to right; Lucy Thatcher, Alex Tickell, Zoe Faiz, Duncan Scoble, Andy Howarth and Event Director Rob Phillips. Thanks to Wendy Scott who was signing proceedings.

IMG_6947 IMG_6949

Our guest of honour was former Olympic GB athlete David Moorcroft OBE, who was on hand to dish out the awards.  In 1982 David famously broke the world 5000m record with a time of 13:00:41 at the Bislett Games in Oslo.  Rob our Event Director encouraged us all to look at our watches during the run when we got to 13 minutes to see where we were on the course, and to give us a sense of how fast he ran that day.  I admit to watching David's run when I got home, and if you haven't already done so have a look, it's a truly impressive achievement. He held the British record for the 3000m from 1982 until 2016 when it was broken by Sir Mo Farah. He also won two Commonwealth Gold Medals. He is currently the Chair pf parkrun UK and a keen advocate of all things parkrun. His local run is Coventry.



IMG_7888Most attended junior athlete went to Leah Patel who has run 48 times at Bushy

IMG_7889Most improved runner went to Steve Lorde who got 16 PB's


IMG_6960Bushy parkrun Family of the Year went to the Ronaldsons

IMG_7892Special award for our Duke of Edinburgh volunteer of the year went to Jack Bennett


IMG_7893Volunteer of the Year went to Ian Riley

IMG_6971IMG_6974And lastly the Spirit of parkrun award went to Elisabeth Marris, who Event Director Rob described as even more famous than Paul Sinton-Hewitt. When she lifted the award aloft with such obvious joy there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Pioneers and visitors

IMG_6942James Russell was one of the original 13 runners back in 2004. Then he finished in 8th position, whilst this week he was 192nd with a quicker time of 21:03.  There was definitely more room on the start line back then!


The first ever run report written by Paul Sinton-Hewitt back in 2004. John Kipps and Karen Broadbent / Weir were also at Bushy again this week to celebrate their 250th runs.

IMG_6919Darren Wood has run more parkruns than anyone else.  This week was run number 741. He missed the first event but ran at the second and has only missed 68 runs in 15 years. Carol Dickinson started on the second birthday in October 2006 and has a very impressive athlete number of A299.

IMG_6920Of course both are members of the 500 club!

IMG_7076Jonny Dickinson was sporting his t-shirt from the 5th anniversary.  Apparently he wasn't keen on the idea of painting on a 1 in Tipex.

IMG_6943Norman Harris was visiting from Eastbourne for his 100th run.  Last year he was seriously ill with flu and credits parkrun with saving his life.

IMG_6633These happy chaps are the Ugandan Crew from Burgess parkrun in Camberwell.  You may recognise them from the parkrun Heroes series with Jessica Ennis-Hill.  Next Saturday is Ugandan Independence Day and they were very keen for us to go along and sample the dancing and positivity they bring to their home parkrun.


As ever we couldn't manage an event of this magnitude without our trusted team of volunteers.  Please say a huge thank you to the following people:

Donald BELL, Joy BELL, Jack BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Ted BRAMPTON, Shirley BUCKLEY, Ann COWARD, Lucas CURTIS, Dana ELFRING, Samantha FAGG, Carolyn FOSTER, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Paige GOODWIN, Amelia GOODWIN, Suzanne GREEN, Simon GREENHILL, Kate HAYWARD, Olivia HEATLEY, Helene HILL, Tom HONE, Susan HOWARTH, Andrew HOWARTH, Melanie HOWES, Amber JACKSON, Lucy KATESMARK, Sacha KENNEDY, Ali KENNEDY, Leonie KENNEDY, Anne KIRBY, Jacquie KIRK, Simon LANE, Margaret LE FRANC, Catelin LE FRANC, Max LILLYWHITE, Anne MASON, Hayden MATTHEWS, Andrew MAYALL, Gavin MEGAW, Toby MEGAW, Steve MILLER, Linda MOORCROFT, Diane MULLEN, Victoria MUSKET, Eleanor O'NEILL, Zainab OSAMA, David PAPWORTH, Rob PHILLIPS, Lucy PORTER, Simon R, Verity RIDING, Ian RILEY, Grace ROBERTSON, Hannah ROBERTSON, Wendy SCOTT, Alicia SMITH, Eva SMITH-MARTIN, Andrew STENT, Wendy STOKES, Hannah STURROCK, Carol SWAFFER, Debbie TANTON, Sharon TEE, Peter David THOMPSON, Andrew John WINGATE, Emma WINGATE

Why not get involved and volunteer? Trust me you'll love it!

IMG_6898Sue and Andy explaining the course.

The Run

This is such an epic run report that we've only just got to the running part!

We had a field of 1838 athletes, some 1825 more than 15 years ago.  It was a bit grey with a few puddles but we took it in our stride.

IMG_6980Andy Wingate was our Run Director, with Wendy Scott signing.

IMG_6983 IMG_6988 IMG_6991 IMG_6992Emma Dickinson in the red Bushy Park Time Trial t-shirt that was handed out at Christmas 2006.  There were only 150 made, so it only gets worn on very special occasions.

IMG_7004Norman on his 100th run.

IMG_7009This runner was heading off for a spot of badminton after she finished.

IMG_7015 IMG_7032 IMG_7036

IMG_7056Thank you marshals!

IMG_7124Hope he remembered his barcode!

IMG_7059Linda Moorcroft was marshalling, along with Ian Riley our Volunteer of the Year.

IMG_7067Elisabeth had a new position at the finish and got plenty of hellos, and high fives.

First Finishers


1. Andrius Jaksevicius 15:52

2. Aedan O'Brien 16:30

3. Jonny Brook 16:32


1. Emma Davis 18:10

2. Alice Tozer 19:13

3. Emma Headley 19:15


1. Jonny Brook 16:32

2. Fintan Kavanagh 16:40

3. Miguel Caeiro 17:31


1. Juilet Drury 19:36

2. Imogen Deakin 19:38

3. Lily O'Neill 19:53

80% age grading

The following runners achieved the coveted 80% and above age grading.  Well done!

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 13.30.55



Congratulations to the following athletes on their achievements.


Karen Weir and John Kipps were in the original 13 runners on 2nd October 2004, and both celebrated their 250th run back at Bushy for the 15th birthday.

Back in 2004 Karen finished 10th with time of 24:56. This week she was in 443rd place with a time of 23:58.

John Kipps ran a time of 19:15 back in 2004 and came 3rd.  This week he ran 28:22 and finished in 791st position.

Joy Bell

Roger Lown

David Pope

Peter Weir

Darren Foreman


Cathi Hepworth  New PB

Jie Edwards

Victoria Seaman

Wendy Scott

Kathy Gargan

Norman John Harris

Johann Le Roux

Mike Pope


Amy Thompson

Jason Day

Emma Durnford

Alison Taylor

Rory Porter

Nicola Morris

Mark Williams


Hannah Norman

Sophie Chew New PB

Harriet Wiltshire

George Bloch New PB

Pleasantries in the Pheasantry

IMG_3786This is an illustrious table full of winners of the Volunteer of the Year award over the years. From left to right Rodney McCulloch 2014, Ray Franks 2010, Pat McGrath 2013, Jan Franks 2012, Ian Riley 2019

IMG_3788The award is known as the Timothy Bennet award. It is named after the cobbler who took on the Earl of Halifax in 1754 to keep a public foothpath in the park open after the enclosure act.  The tarmac path which is part of our current parkrun route is called Cobbler's Walk.

IMG_7215Volunteer of the Year in 2011 was Simon Lane (on the left)  sitting with his 'deer' friend Sean.

We had the absolute pleasure of sharing a coffee and a chat with David and Linda Moorcroft in the Pheasantry afterwards.  I asked him if it hurt to run 5km in 13 minutes and he replied that it was one of those rare occasions that you feel as if you're flying and could achieve anything.  Fingers crossed we all get to experience that feeling one day!

IMG_7150Left to right, Duncan Scoble, Carol Dickinson, David Moorcroft, Linda Moorcroft, Catherine Scoble, Wendy Stokes. Huge thanks to David and Linda for coming down from Coventry to be our guests of honour.



Well that's it until Saturday.  Hopefully this report goes someway to capturing the warm atmosphere of the morning and the huge outpouring of love for parkrun.  Here's to the next 15 years!

Wendy Stokes

with thanks to Carol, Linda and Stella for the extra photos.

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Run Report Event No 808 – 28 September 2019

Bushy park and the blustery day


Weather/conditions: Blustery and dry underfoot


It was a blowy day down at Bushy Park on Saturday. From deeper in the park you could hear the seasonal bellowing of the deer – mind you, there’s a lot of bellowing going on these days.



1329 runners (560 female; 700 male / 69 unknown runners)

52 volunteers (thanks, all)

203 BP first timers

30 brand new parkrunners

115 BP PBs



Milestones - congratulations

400 – Ruth HUTTON

300 – Matthew SEARLE

250 – Martin POWELL, Phil REAY

200 – Jim BUCKLE

100 – Richard SMITH, Keith BALDWIN, Mike LIGHTFOOT

50 – Stuart MANNERING, Callum STEWART, Ben DOWNE, Mark VCIKERY, Rosalind BATE, Natalie RUDLEY, Paul ENTICKNAP

10 – Sebastian ALLEN, Vivian OUZOUNIS



The following runners came back with WFAs above 80% - hats off


323 Jane DAVIES 24:09 VW70-74 93.72%
7 Gillian SANDERS 18:05 VW35-39 83.23%
1 Jonny BROOK 16:52 JM15-17 82.51%
99 Polly ADAMS 21:10 VW50-54 82.28%
3 Sam NESBITT 17:32 JM11-14 80.89%
563 Julie DRUMMOND 26:46 VW65-69 80.51%


Pics from the park – thanks to Verity for looking after the phone.


808 1

There were a few Robert DeNiro’s out on Saturday morning – armed with cameras


808 2

Stephen back at BP fresh from romping home in his category at Oxford the previous week


808 3

Martin (on the left) was doing his 250th run along with friends from Bristol: Claire, Tony, Steve


808 4

Marian, Sharon and Philip were over for the weekend from Castletown, Co. Kildare in Ireland. They regularly get 200+ there


808 5

David was over for work from Belfast (Stormont pr) and stayed around to run BP


808 6

The Dnata company were having their global “Dnata4good” day


808 7

parkrun’s birthday next week, Hannah’s birthday this week


808 8

This is Jo’s rabbit called Piellie – Hebrew for “my elephant”. He’s been down before and seemed at home among the legs and leaves


808 9

There was a coach-load of runners from the Midlands including Kelly, Kat and Tim from Dudley, Sandwell Valley and Redditch


808 10

The ticker…


808 11

PB for Dermot – great effort


808 12

Nigel and Anthony Madden from Naas parkrun – they’ve completed 47 out of the 90 parkruns in Ireland (thanks, Julie)


808 13

The indomitable Wally Garrod – 484 parkruns


Next Saturday is parkrun’s 15th birthday – still only a teenager but growing fast.

See you there.


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Run Report Event No 807 – 21 September 2019

Summer’s still here


A beautiful warm and dry morning woke us on Saturday. Conditions were very good with just gentle breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Run Director Lucy Thatcher gave us the usual introductions, welcomes and rules and set us off on our way. There was a cloud of dust spread as we trundled up the path towards the cricket pitch and then back down Cobblers Walk. It certainly has been very dry recently and many of the parts of the course which will be mud in a few weeks time look more like a beach at the moment.




The Volunteers  As always the event couldn’t happen without them so a huge thank you to the 52 who helped us today -  John ALTMAN, Jack BENNETT, Phil BLUER, Shirley BUCKLEY, Shirley BUCKLEY, Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS, Jackie DUNKLEY, Andrew FINCH, Ray FRANKS, Marianne FRYER, Amelia GOODWIN, Olivia HEATLEY, Marina HIPPLE, David HOPPE, Andrew HOWARTH, Emilie HOWES, Oliver HUME, Amber JACKSON, Lucy KATESMARK, Jacquie KIRK, Margaret LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Max LILLYWHITE, Ally MANOLE, Denise MITCHELL, Kate MOWATT, Diane MULLEN, Ronit NARAYAN, George NOBLE, David NOBLE, Zainab OSAMA, Jeremy PALMER, Eoin PARFITT, Lucy PORTER, Simon R, Keith RIDING, Verity RIDING, Ian RILEY, Jo ROSE, Nick ROWE, Sumita SARMA, Duncan SCOBLE, Julie SMITH, Jonty STEGMANN, Wendy STOKES, Andrew SWAFFER, Beth TEMPEST, Lucy THATCHER, Tom WALSH, Marianne WELSH, Emma WINGATE

We have now had 1,983 individuals volunteer a total of 20,819 times. If you have ever thought about volunteering I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, there are many varied roles available each week and newcomers are especially welcomed. E-mail Pat McGrath at and he can give guidance about the roles.




The Runners


Despite the weather there were 1,388 runners (just 2 more than last week) and we have now seen 57,193  different runners take part in Bushy parkrun and these athletes have now completed 581,246 runs covering an amazing 2,906,230KM including 78,072 new personal bests.


We had 185 people running at Bushy for the first time with 171 runners getting PB’s in the sun.


We are very used to large attendances each week but did you know there are 8 other events in the UK which have seen over 1,000 runners. The records currently are:



Bushy Park 2011 25/12/2018
Southampton 1295 12/01/2019
Cardiff 1192 17/02/2018
Cannon Hill 1118 04/05/2019
Norwich 1104 25/12/2018
Milton Keynes 1075 31/08/2019
Poole 1039 12/01/2019
Clapham Common 1019 12/01/2019
Heaton Park 1001 02/03/2019
Tooting Common 953 05/01/2019
Nonsuch 949 04/05/2019
Bromley 942 31/08/2019
Eastville 941 01/01/2019
Chelmsford Central 912 01/06/2019
Coventry 904 12/01/2019
Sheffield Hallam 884 04/05/2019
Rising Sun 869 01/01/2019
Edinburgh 867 25/12/2018





This Saturday we had 2 new members of the 500 club – maybe a first for a couple to join the 500 club together? Congratulations to Jeremy PALMER and Carmen PALMER. Jeremy hit 499 a few weeks ago and being a gentleman kindly waited to scan his barcode for 500 until his wife joined him. Jeremy has a PB of 18.48 and has done 496 of his runs with us at Bushy. Also despite being in the VM55-59 age category he has gone sub 20 in every year since 2011. Carmen has done 497 of her runs with us with a PB of 27.40.


We had no new members of the 250 club.   Joining the 100 club were Emma MOORE, Louise RUSSELL and Leonard GRAINGER.   New to the 50 club were Iain M DUNN, Nicola PERRIN, Stacey WATSON and Brian ROBINSON.   In the juniors 10 club we welcomed Franci LYNES.




The Results Bit

First male finishers were Eoin PIERCE of Newham & Essex Beagles AC in 15:22 with our 2nd and 3rd finishers not having their barcodes! Next was Will STOCKLEY of Belgrave Harriers in 15:59 and Rocco ZAMAN-BROWNE of Manchester Harriers & AC in 16:25.

First woman home was Juliet HODDER of Wirral AC in 18:11, ahead of Abigal JONES of Poole Runners in 19:00 with Jenna MULLETT of Clapham Chasers RC  third home in 20:02

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 15:58 on 22nd October 2011 (event number 379). The male record is held by Andrew BADDELEY who recorded a time of 13:48 on 11th August 2012 (event number 422). The Age Grade course record is held by Jane DAVIES who recorded 100.23% (21:30) on 24th September 2016 (event number 645).

Runners with age grades over 80% were

Steve WINDER 16:32 VM45-49 87.80 % Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Laurence DUFFY 18:30 VM55-59 85.95 % Stragglers
Eoin PIERCE 15:22 SM30-34 84.16 % Newham & Essex Beagles AC
Polly ADAMS 20:52 VW50-54 83.47 %
Zachary BOWLES 19:41 JM10 83.07 % Berkshire Youth Athletics Club
Dan DOMENICONI 16:51 VM40-44 82.20 % SHAEF Shifters
Juliet HODDER 18:11 SW18-19 81.67 % Wirral AC
Will STOCKLEY 15:59 SM20-24 81.54 % Belgrave Harriers
Rocco ZAMAN-BROWNE 16:25 SM18-19 81.22 % Manchester Harriers & AC
Merran SELL 29:53 VW75-79 81.15 % Stragglers
Jonathan MAINWARING 19:05 VM55-59 80.52 %
Mitchel COX 16:26 SM18-19 80.22 % Basildon AC

Special mention to Zachary BOWLES running 19:41 at just 10 years old – remember that name for the future.


The Random Number Generator


We now look at a few random numbers to give some coverage to those who otherwise may not have got a mention.


This week was event 807 at Bushy so claiming token 807 was Gary BRADSHAW running 28:48 on his 85th event


The average finish time of all Bushy parkrun is 27:07 and closest to this were Caroline Juliet MACMILLAN (94th run) and Anna Claire DEAKIN (71st run)


As today is 21/9 ……... in position 219 was Ellie MORGAN on her 28th run.


There have now been 581 thousand runs in our events at Bushy so in 581 was Danica MCGUINNESS on her 57th parkrun.


Well done to all.


The Giant Squirrel

You may have been a bit surprised to see a giant squirrel joining the masses at 9am this morning. This was Caitlin Limmer who runs the BEARCAT running club.   Caitlin kindly explained “I am the Royal Parks mascot for their Half Marathon on 13th October and am of course running it too with a couple of "body guard squirrels" too as my vision in the CHESTER costume is virtually non existent and also it is exceptionally hot.  I have done a marathon in a Fullers beer bottle before but I have to say this is proving just as challenging if not more (especially as I had to give up running 2 years ago due to ill health!).  Anyway it is a complete honour to be chosen to be their mascot and I will be I believe helping open the race too - I am raising money and awareness of MDS Patient Support Group (for people with blood cancer - I am the patron of the charity) and also for the wonderful Royal Parks Foundation who are in great needs of funds - of course so many of us use the Royal Parks and never get to donate back so I am very happy to play my part in this.  I shall be attending Richmond Parkrun next weekend too to try and raise awareness about all of this.  I am not asking people to dig too deep, I am trying to ask for everyone I come across in the next few weeks to donate me £1 and to see how high that total goes” -



15th Birthday

In 2 weeks it will be the 15th birthday of our favourite Saturday morning event. Make a note in your diaries and try to get down early that morning for the annual Bushy awards and celebration.

Want to be in the Club

Club membership is a big part of parkrun. This can have two different meanings with many people qualifying to become part of the 50, 100, 250 and even 500 clubs. To give free t-shirts is an amazing thing that parkrun manages to maintain, especially when you look at the numbers that have been issued in the past and continue to be issued each week.

50 Club (50 to 99 runs)       136,742         (1,313 new members last week)

100 Club (100 to 249 runs)  77,091          (585 new members last week)

250 Club (250 to 499 runs)  6,926            (96 new members last week)

500 Club (500 + runs)        74                (1 new member last week)

As well as parkrun's own clubs there are many members of running clubs and groups who are running each week. Whilst running clubs were once seen as elite organisations this has all changed with most clubs welcoming members of all levels. At Bushy we usually have hundreds of runners each week with a club name next to them in the results. We have had an incredible 2,190 different clubs who have run with us at the home of parkrun.

The club with the most parkrunners at Bushy is Stragglers with 730 runners who have run 42,592 runs between them.

Most Runners

Number of parkrunners  
Stragglers 730
Thames Turbo Triathlon 448
Ranelagh Harriers 423
26.2 RRC 264
ACS Cobham 210
Riverside Rebels 200
St Mary's Richmond AC 193
Clapham Chasers RC 188
Ful-On Tri 177
Ealing Eagles Running Club 164

Most Runs

Number of Runs  
Stragglers 42669
Ranelagh Harriers 8564
Thames Turbo Triathlon 7404
26.2 RRC 7064
St Mary's Richmond AC 5300
SHAEF Shifters 4517
Teddington Rugby Running Club 3909
Team Bushy 3620
Elmbridge RRC 2883
Sweatshop Running Community 2615


There’s always next week

The joy of parkrun is, no matter how your run went today, good or bad, you always have the chance to have another go next week … same time, same place – just make sure you remember that barcode.

Have a good week and see you by the fountain next week.

Nick Rowe

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Run Report Event No 806 – 14 September 2019


Can you hear me at the back??



A cool misty morning gave way to a glorious one for the 1,386 of us who completed Bushy parkrun #806 this fine September day. With so many runners gathered on the start, spread in a long line across the course, the core team decided more powerful speakers were needed for the RD’s briefing. What a fine piece of kit they are, standing some 6ft tall. You really have to shout now to talk over them.

Untitled Untitled


Rob & Lucy get to grips with the new speaker. “It's that button there!”



The outer reaches of the start line – we’ll soon be in the playground




Runners listening attentively


The old speakers have gone to good use with one being used for the First Timer’s Briefing this week led by David Papworth. Listening in I could hear we had visitors from Australia, Gloucester and Grimsby amongst other places.

Supporting us all in our run we had a fabulous 56 volunteers, including the invaluable contribution of a number of Duke of Edinburgh volunteers who help every week. I wonder how many of the Royal Family have done parkrun – answers on a postcard pls.
We had 180 people doing Bushy for the first time with 62 of those doing their first ever parkrun. 36 people were doing their 2nd parkrun – well done for coming back! We had a host of milestones including two 250s, four 100s and three 50s.

Thanks marshal!

We had two people called Marshall running this week - Sarah Louise and Gary. We also had plenty of other marshals.


Nick and Sanka at Kingston Gate


Untitled Untitled

Phil was giving high fives – his hand was getting a little sore by this stage…




The kissing point at 2km



Elisabeth’s corner – John joined her again this week.


David, Matthew and Tom at Teddington Gate.



Carolyn and Rory on Chestnut Avenue.



Take it to the bridge – Stuart, Sam & Eva with more high fives



We had a total of 56 volunteers out in force this week, making everything possible. Many thanks to:


Bushy parkrun always needs volunteers and it’s a great way to give something back. If you fancy it, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGrath at and he’ll put you on the list for that week.



Tourists and other First timers

We had 180 first timers this week of whom 62 were doing their first ever parkrun which is another great addition to the parkrun community.

Karl was with his family and friends visiting from Gloucester


These guys are members of “Running for Time” a club based in Yeovil, some returning, some on their first visit to Bushy


The Bushy photoframe proves a popular prop. Here’s Georgia, Hannah and Paul on Hannah’s first parkrun


Riverside rebels get in the mood for Strictly


Dog section

We had our usual crop of wonderful pooches this week, with some assisting their owners and others not being quite so helpful.
First Dog this week was Goldie in a time of 21:21 – obviously falling into the former category with her assistant, Aaron Israel trailing in her wake.


Goldie basking in her glory post run


Jade takes a dip (cool down??) before her run


Love in the funnel – Delilah & Rocky check each other out


Bushy welcomes all well behaved dogs – especially dotty ones

Personal Bests

197 runners achieved a PB today. 17 of those had run over 100 parkruns. Well done to:

Emma POOLE 23:05 VW45-49 Runnymede Runners 221
Jack CLOTWORTHY 21:56 VM45-49 Running for Time 209
David NOLAN 19:45 VM45-49                               205
Michael WADDINGTON 15:37 SM25-29 Ware Joggers 191
Jenna WHISTLER 25:20 SW25-29 186
Sandra STOCKFORD 27:22 VW55-59 Running for Time 186
Andrew JOHNSON 20:38 VM40-44 163
Michele RAYNER 26:14 VW55-59 151
Tim BARTHOLOMEW 17:30 VM35-39 26.2 RRC 143
Rufus KING 18:00 SM18-19 126
Simon GALLANT 20:50 VM40-44 125
Lee TAYLOR 19:33 VM40-44 120
Richard GRAY 23:33 VM55-59 Stragglers 114
Abigail CARTER 23:38 SW20-24 112
Andrew MERRIMAN 20:24 SM30-34 110
Emma HAWKEY 23:01 VW40-44 Bournville Harriers 107
Jordan SMITH 22:52 SM25-29 106


We had 21 amazing people who achieved 80% age grading or more. Well done to:

Justn REID 17:00 VM45-49 86.08% Hercules Wimbledon AC
Polly ADAMS 20:31 VW50-54 84.89%
Sam NESBITT 16:50 JM11-14 84.26% Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers
Ellis CROSS 15:19 SM20-24 84.22% Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Andrew EDGE 17:31 VM50-54 84.21% Thames Hare & Hounds
Ellen WEIR 18:30 JW15-17 83.78% Hercules Wimbledon AC
David COALES 17:32 VM45-49 83.46% Team Bath AC
Michael WADDINGTON 15:37 SM25-29 82.71% Ware Joggers
Peter GINGELL 18:50 VM55-59 82.30%
Ted MOCKETT 16:46 VM40-44 82.01% Ranelagh Harriers
Declan CONNOLLY 16:43 JM15-17 81.95% Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC
Julie DRUMMOND 26:25 VW65-69 81.58% Ranelagh Harriers
Sam DYKES 15:49 SM25-29 81.56% Loughborough Students AC
Peter WOODBURN 18:23 VM50-54 81.50% Thames Hare & Hounds
Merran SELL 29:47 VW75-79 81.42% Stragglers
Steve BOWRAN 18:09 VM50-54 81.27% Harpenden Arrows Running Club
Shirley BUCKLEY 22:36 VW55-59 81.19% Stragglers
Andy WEIR 18:31 VM50-54 80.92% Thames Hare & Hounds
Miguel CAEIRO 17:14 JM15-17 80.75%
Will BOWRAN 16:32 SM18-19 80.65% St Albans AC
Mark HARRIS 19:41 VM55-59 80.10%



10 Club
Four juniors completed their 10th run to claim the pristine white shirt: well done to:

Joe LAVIN 25:17 JM15-17 M PB stays at 00:19:32
Alec LEABACK 28:21 JM11-14 M PB stays at 00:22:49
Leo BROWN 34:29 JM10 M PB stays at 00:32:47
Alexi PALMER 41:48 JW11-14 F PB stays at 00:33:12

50 Club
Three runners reached the milestone of 50 this week. Well done to:

Marlon RICHARDSON 20:39 VM45-49 M PB stays at 00:20:29
Aron DAVIES 21:45 SM18-19 M PB stays at 00:20:07
Roy GLEW 24:51 VM65-69 M PB stays at 00:24:07

100 club
Four runners celebrated 100 runs this week. Congratulations to;

Ian LAWSON 21:04 VM45-49 M First Timer!
Will SAUNDERS 22:14 VM35-39 M First Timer!
Naomi JOHNS 23:26 VW45-49 F PB stays at 00:22:30
Jackie WILLIAMS 30:28 VW65-69 F PB stays at 00:29:51


250 club
Just two runners reached the magical 250 milestone this week – congratulations to Andy FAIRBURN and Denys LYONS. Andy started his parkrun journey on 12 January 2013 and has run 245 times at Bushy, only venturing to Kingston 3 times and Sheringham twice.
Denys meanwhile did his first way back on 25 March 2006 in Bushy parkrun #80. Denys has also done 245 runs at Bushy with 4 runs at Crane Park and 1 at Richmond.

500 club
No 500 clubbers this week. But on the verge of greatness are Carmen and Jeremy PALMER on 499 each – get set for next week…..

Cowell club
Latest entrant to the so-called “Cowell Club”, which is doing 100 different parkruns is Bushy regular Jason NOURSE, Jason has run at Bushy 214 times and has 320 runs under his belt. Not sure what challenge Jason will now set himself (see parkrun challenges at but I hear stopwatch bingo still awaits…




Jason at Squerryes Winery parkrun in Kent this week

The Results – first finishers


Ellis CROSS 15:19 SM20-24 84.22% Aldershot, Farnham & District AC First Timer!
Michael WADDINGTON 15:37 SM25-29 82.71% Ware Joggers New PB!
Sam DYKES 15:49 SM25-29 81.56% Loughborough Students AC PB stays at 00:15:49


Ellen WEIR 18:30 JW15-17 83.78% Hercules Wimbledon AC First Timer!
Isabel HESSEY 19:06 SW25-29 77.49% Lordshill Road Runners PB stays at 00:19:03
Rebecca SLEAP 19:30 SW30-34 75.90% Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC New PB!


Ellen WEIR 18:30 JW15-17 83.78% Hercules Wimbledon AC First Timer!
Isabel MELBOURNE 24:04 JW10 72.92% PB stays at 00:22:04
Lyla BAKER 25:21 JW11-14 65.61% PB stays at 00:23:47


Declan CONNOLLY 16:43 JM15-17 81.95% Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC New PB!
Sam NESBITT 16:50 JM11-14 84.26% Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers New PB!
Miguel CAEIRO 17:14 JM15-17 80.75% New PB!


Stats of the day Bushy parkrun #806

1,386 parkrunners – 1,305 identified, 81 unknown (DFYB!) (6% of the field).

How many?
• Of the 1,305 identified parkrunners, there were:
• 108 Juniors aged under 18 (9%)
• 237 Seniors aged 18-34 (19%)
• 959 Vets aged 35-89 (72%)
• 542 females (42%) and 763 males (58%)

Weather conditions

• Umbrella quotient: 0 out of 5
• Temperature: 13˚C, mild and sunny.


And finally, can I just thank the very kind person that found my bank card and handed it to the Run Director Rob. I was panicking at the start having lost it when using my phone to take photos, but perhaps I should not have worried, as if you are going to drop your bank card perhaps the parkrun community is the best place to do it.

See you next week!

Andrew Howarth

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