Run Report Event No 834 – 14 March 2020

Still Muddy


A glimpse of sunshine as Andy gives his run brief.


But out there, the course is still rather muddy and damp as beautifully illustrated on the legs of today's course checker!


Course checker is just one of the many volunteer positions that need filling each week. Please do check the roster and see if there is a job that you would like to do. If you are unsure, then email and Pat, our friendly Volunteer Coordinator will be happy to assist you.

Thank you to those of you who volunteered today: Rosanna BARTLETT, Jack BENNETT, Nick BLANCHARD, Allan BRAY, Lou COAKER, Alexander COLLIE, Julia CURLEY, Deirdre DOE, Fred William DRAPER, Zoe Alison FAIZ, Janice FRANKS, Ray FRANKS, Christine FRY, Sam FUTCHER, Amelia GOODWIN, Erin GOODWIN, Paige GOODWIN, Stella HAMMOND, Bianca HOLLIS, Emilie HOWES, Melanie HOWES, Trevor HUGGINS, Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS, Stephen IGGLESDEN, Iris JOHONSON, Robbie JONES, Jack KENNEDY, Keira KING, Amy KING-HALE, Katie KNOTT, Catelin LE FRANC, Courtney LE FRANC, Margaret LE FRANC, Rachael MACKLEARN, Susie MCNICOL, Sophia MONS, Grace MORENO-MASEY, Diane MULLEN, Megan PORTER, Kevin QUINN, Ian RILEY, Emily RIMMER, Abbie ROSS, Duncan SCOBLE, Toni SHEW, Carol SWAFFER, Charlotte THOMSON, Richard VAN DER LEEDEN, Heather WALLINGTON, Rowan WALSH, James Oliver WELCH, Dorrie WHITING, Katherine WILDE, Laura WILDE, Alice WILSON, Andrew John WINGATE, Maja WOSZCZAK

Two more volunteers, Jan and Carol ready to give out tokens to the 1,148 runners who took part today.


Some lovely photos out on the course taken by Brigid Hibberd













Ladies in tutus! Must be a celebration - all will be revealed!


Amongst the visitors today were Stacey Kite and three generations of her family who had travelled down from Leeds to run at Bushy parkrun.


Also joining us today were a group from Lordshill Road Runners (Southampton). Abbie was a member of the group and was celebrating her 100th run today, well done Abbie.


From Derbyshire, the Smalley Road Runners

Smalley Road Runners Derbyshire



Welcome to the 157 new visitors to Bushy Park.

94 Bushy PBs this week - many congratulations to you all. Worthy of a mention is PB regular David Gannon; 369 parkruns and still improving his PB. Jealous!

3 of this week's Bushy regulars have run over 1,500 times between them, and each achieved impressive age grades of over 80%. Congratulations to Ruth HUTTON  (87.15%), Polly ADAMS  (82.14%) and Jeremy PALMER (80.59%).



5 runners reached the 250 milestone. Many congratulations to Mark COOP, Graham LAND, Kishore DESAI, Shaun FRY and Lorraine DILLAMORE. Graham and Shaun were running Bushy for the first time - come back soon!.

Lorraine Dillamore, a Bushy parkrun regular, celebrated her 250th run in style wearing a very fetching coloured tutu. The supporting cast dressed to match and certainly brightened up the proceedings. Very well done Lorraine.

Photos courtesy of Wendy Stokes

9 athletes reached their 100 milestone. Congratulations to Jane WHITROW who topped it with a PB - come back again soon!. Also achieving the milestone were Christopher BEAVIS, Abbigail DENT, James TRUEMAN, Nyree STEWART-BEAVIS, Mandy RAMSDEN, David BRIGHT, Clive NAISH and Rachel GREGORY.

Just 3 athletes to have a 50 t-shirt in the post this week. Well done Lianne FLYNN, Alec BROOM and Catherine REAY

Receiving their 10 Milestone t-shirt: Jacob KEMP-POTTER (JM10), Alice KEMP-POTTER (JW10) and Iris WHITE (JW10), all with very impressive times. Many congratulations to you.

Final photo by Brigid - spring has sprung!


That's it for another week. I should finish by saying, that for the current position regarding COVID-19 and implications for parkrun events, please see and the parkrun social media pages below.

Stella Hammond

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Run Report Event No 833 – 7 March 2020

International Women's Day parkrun



IMG_3275This Girl Can

This week it was all about celebrating women at parkrun with a nationwide campaign to welcome as many women and girls as possible to parkrun on International Women's Day. 

At Bushy we chose to have an all female team of volunteers, and what a fantastic team they were! Not only did we have a record number of volunteers - 75 in total, we also fielded an all female team of pacers every minute from 21 to 35. It was the first time we have ever had double pacers, both odds and evens running at the same time.

IMG_1558Maria 21 minutes, Liz 22 minutes, Krysia 23 minutes, Justine 24 minutes, Brigid 25 minutes, Zoë 26 minutes, Wendy 27 minutes, Tracey 28 minutes, Eirwen 29 minutes, Carol 30 minutes, Helen 31 minutes, Linda 32 minutes, Carmen 33 minutes, Lorraine 34 minutes, Verity 35 minutes.

Special thanks to all our pacers, many of whom had never paced before. It's a daunting task trying to get an consistent pace amongst a field of over 1500 athletes, not to mention the mud and occasional losing of GPS when you go under trees, so really well done to you all, and to everyone who got PB's.  Andy who organises the pacing rota every month is always in need of people to step up so please contact us if you want to give it a go.  It's great fun and really rewarding to have runners approach you afterward to thank you for their PB's.

Thanks also to the fabulous pacers who stepped in at the last minute when it became clear there were going to be a few gaps in the roster.  An appeal was sent out on Facebook on Friday and all was sorted.  A special mention to Linda (32 mins) a tourist from Edinburgh, visiting Bushy for the first time, who kindly offered to help.

IMG_1772Brigid, Wendy, Lucy our RD, Carol, Linda, Lorraine and Verity

IMG_9985Julie had the task of co-ordinating our largest field of volunteers to date.  We had 75, which is more than some parkruns have runners!


IMG_0002Lucy was our Run Director

IMG_0021Rosanna, another hero who stepped in at the last minute as Lead Bike, especially impressive as little Teddy is only two weeks old

IMG_5825Christine sets up the funnel

IMG_2667Diane, Anna and Helene feeling the love for parkrun

IMG_2845Stella in mid flow at the pre run brief, with Sue holding the sign

Thanks to all the girls and women who made this event possible today.

Abbie ROSS  •  Alice WILSON  •  Amber JACKSON  •  Angela MACSON  • Ann COWARD  •  Anna SAVILL  •  Bianca HOLLIS  •  Brigid HIBBERD  •  Carmen PALMER  •  Carol DICKINSON  •  Carolyn COOPER-BURROWS  •  Catelin LE FRANC  •  Catherine HAUGHNEY  •  Catherine WHEATLEY  •  Charlotte THOMSON  •  Christine FRY  •  Colby WALLACE WATERSON  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Diane WESSON  •  Dorrie WHITING  •  Eirwen CAMPBELL  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Emily RIMMER  •  Emma DICKINSON  •  Emma WINGATE  •  Erin GOODWIN  •  Fran WYLDE  •  Grace MORENO-MASEY  •  Helen AYTON  •  Helen DAVIES  •  Helene HILL  •  Iris JOHONSON  •  Jeannie TAYLOR  •  Julia CURLEY  •  Julia HILL  •  Julie PAPWORTH  •  Justine ALBERT  •  Katherine BELL  •  Katherine JONES  •  Katie KNOTT  •  Keira KING  •  Krysia SMITH  •  Lia TYNAN  •  Linda ROBERTSON  •  Liz KILLIP  •  Lola DACHTLER  •  Lorna CURRY  •  Lorraine DILLAMORE  •  Lucy KATESMARK  •  Lucy THATCHER  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Maria JOVANI  •  Melanie HOWES  •  Paige GOODWIN  •  Patti CHADHA  •  Rachael MACKLEARN  •  Richard MOORE  •  Rosanna BARTLETT  •  Sarah Louise MARSHALL  •  Selma LEE  •  Sharon TEE  •  Shirley BUCKLEY  •  Sophia MONS  •  Stella HAMMOND  •  Sue GRAHAM-KAHN  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Susie MCNICOL  •  Suzanne GREEN  •  Tamsyn EVESON  •  Tracey LENTHALL  •  Verity RIDING  •  Victoria MANN  •  Wendy STOKES  •  Zoe Alison FAIZ

See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Bushy parkrun happen.

A brief history of International Women's Day

It’s difficult to say exactly when IWD began but it can be traced back to 1908, when women marched through New York City demanding voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours.

In 1910 the leader of the ‘women’s office’ for the Social Democratic Party in Germany tabled the idea of an International Women’s Day. She suggested that every country should celebrate women on one day every year to push for their demands.

A conference of more than 100 women from 17 countries agreed to her suggestion and IWD was formed. In 1911 it was celebrated for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19.

In 1913 it was decided to transfer IWD to March 8, and it has been celebrated on that day ever since. The day was only recognised by the United Nations in 1975.  The colour chosen to represent IWD is purple.  Maybe next year we should go one step further and all wear purple?

International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action, which explains why parkrun has chosen it as a tool to encourage the participation of as many women and girls as possible.

And yes before you ask there is an International Men's Day in November . . .


IMG_9930This is Runcorn Rowing Club who had come to London for the Women's Head of the River Race. Unfortunately the Thames was running was too fast, and it was cancelled, but happily they were able to take part in IWD parkrun instead!

The Run

Event number 833. We had a field of 1504 runners with 35 first time female runners and 17 first time men.  Conditions were a little slippery, but nothing compared to the swamp conditions of last week.


First Finishers

I think it's only fitting to start with the women and girls this week


1. Michelle Dillon 18:36

2. Amy Aronson 19:42

3. Liz Fraser 19:58 PB


1. Riona Stockley 20:04

2. Emiko Salvi 20:13

3. Leonie Kennedy 20:19 PB


1. Kurt Gibson 15:26

2. Luke Van Oudtshoorn 15:40

3. David Lewin 16:52 PB


1. Luke Van Oudtshoorn 15:40

2. Jacob Atwal 17:59

3. Declan Connolly 18:02

Age grading and PB's

These athletes all got over 80% age grade.  Congratulations to you all, especially Liz Killip (22 minute pacer) who no doubt helped a fair few runners around her to PB's!

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 13.36.48

A massive 191 of you got personal best times today, well done.  I hope at least some were down to the excellent pacing!


These athletes achieved the following milestones this week. Congratulations


Simon Wallwork


David Morley

Jonathan Stone

Charlotte Small

Glen Ridout

Paula Jones

Jennifer Stone

John Taylor


Akin Williams

Sam Coughlin

Lucy Taylor

Lucy Noble

Abigal Shackleton

Nick Spear


Joshua Allinson New PB!

edafe9ab-4b97-4fa5-9a2f-f0f8fad7c10aLucy scanning Ann, one of the tail walkers

123acb4b-0ab4-46cb-a68b-97c9a7c32d0cEmma packing away the funnel for another week

86b9e0e7-85b5-421d-ac96-2297f59022c6And then off to the Pheasantry for token sorting with Sue. I reckon there was some multi-tasking going on today . . ?

ea147e7b-3fd5-40e8-805d-cc7d376685e5Carol (30 mins) and Duncan demonstrating our new social distancing policy

That's it for this week.  What a fantastic morning we had.

Happy International Women's Day


See you Saturday

Wendy Stokes (27 mins)

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Run Report Event No 832 – 29 February 2020


“Oh you can’t say nothing to the pouring rain”


Weather/conditions: Soaking wet with paddy fields appearing at regular intervals

Apparently it’s now the meteorological spring and not only that, it’s been “a very wet winter”. I know it was wet at Bushy on Saturday but we still went ahead and down here we’ve had none of the floods we’ve seen in the west or further north. On Saturday it was wet and filthy but it was good fun. I think Ray and Ian were loving it as they set up the funnel and the scanners and I could see a people doing a few Gene Kelly moves on the way to the start. During the run itself it only took a few strides for everyone to give in and get sloshing around with the bog-snorkellers. By the time we got to the copse at 2k it was clear the going was very heavy and that if you weren’t an amphibian you’d be left behind. The last 800m were a bit tough mudder. If you wanted to avoid the worst of it a significant diversion was required so it was good to see that most people had given up and were happy to schlepp through the sloppy stuff. As we hit the camber and the last 200m some people were waving, others were drowning. The funnels were a welcome sight – if not exactly dry land.

Despite the dreadful weather, the Leap Day collection for the YMCA Foodbank in Hampton had plenty of donations – thanks to all. We’ll do it again!

832 1

Zoe and Duncan looking after the donations


Some Stats

1029 ran, jogged or walked on Saturday;

74 volunteers made it happen – what a turn out on a day like that - thanks to all.


Just 2 runners made it above the 80% WFA mark in the mire. Hats off and special swimming badges to-


10 Simon Bean 19:00 60-64 85.18
34 Mike Dennison 20:16 60-64 80.51


Milestones – congrats to all.


300: Glennis Pye

250: Mark Davies

200: Chris Dunn, Andy Morgan, Claire Seckington

100: Nick McNally, Gearoid Lavery, Jakub Czeczotka, Alex Dixon, David Jones, Tarekegn Abeku, Ray Ladwa, Tony J Mansfield, Samantha Parker

50: Daniel Hotten, Graham Wheeler, Oliver Morgan, Rob Henry, Jessica Hotten, Paul Harvey, Duncan Hyde, Stephen Maddock, Kate Trafford-Jones, Dave Kahn, Katie Clare, Wasana Boonpeng-Mackeown, Ellie Hyde, Mary Galashan


832 2


Wally’s back for no. 501 – good man


832 3

Jakub (r) came over from Hackney to do his 100th pr along with Bruce

832 4

It was that sort of morning

832 5

Fashion corner special – clockwise from top left
Graham’s hat caught my eye
Anne was down from Stoke and I apologise for ambushing her
Caroline was over from Norfolk with her friend, Heather from Banstead Woods
Henry Carter and his psychedelic leggings made a splash

832 6

Clockwise from top left-
Jennifer, Vicky and the speedy kids from Liverpool – great to see you
Run director and MC, Simon: “Parkrunners, I love you all”
Zoe, Lynn and Andrew down from Shepshed
Dave and Fiddy – the latter named after the famous malt

“We need a bigger boat.”

See you next Sat.

Kevin Quinn

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Run Report Event No 831 – 22 February 2020


Where's Wally?


Some of you may have noticed a scattering of Wallys and Wendas out there this week. We were there to pay tribute to the redoubtable Wally Garrod on reaching his 500 milestone. Wally is really what parkrun is all about - having done his first one aged 69, he has been a regular and consistent performer ever since and a Bushy man at heart with 479 runs at the cradle of parkrun and a few tourist trips thrown in. More of Wally later and the celebrations and why he is such a special guy.

22 Feb dawned with the aftermath of Storm Dennis still resonating round the country with rivers gaining some of the highest levels recorded. The Thames is high, the Severn higher still so spare a thought for all those frustrated parkrunners not getting their fix, let alone all the poor people suffering flooding events. Next up will be Storm Ellen... But at Bushy 1,478 peeps shook off any water drops and lined up at the start. 1,500 or so is now looking like our new normal. 257 were First Timers to Bushy - a healthy group of tourists given the time of year and 63 of those were doing their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the parkrun Club! Your life may not be the same again. Hats off too to the 59 volunteers who helped it all happen.


Where's Wenda?

If you want a look at the start of our parkrun, Keith Riding has put together a little video. Catch it here. Best moment for me is when Ray COWARD presents Wally with his 500 Club shirt - you don't know the strings that had to be pulled to make that happen...


10 Club

Four juniors this week: Rebecca JONES, Isaac ROXBURGH, Rachel HAMMETT and Florence VICKERS will be receiving their pristine white shirts soon.

50 Club

Five this week. Congratulations to Julie REYNOLDS, Tom WATERSON, Clare TURNER, Christina MERRYFIELD and Jenny GILBERT.

100 Club

Just two this week: Ken WILSON and Edward CHUCK  who made the pilgrimage to do his 100th run.

250 Club

Two also this week. Step forward Peter DUNKLEY and Mark WHITELING. Green shirts being knitted now.

500 Club

Just one this week - some chap called Wally GARROD (VM80-84)



Ray and Jan guide Wally home

Wally did his first parkrun in event #6 aged 69 on 6 November 2004. He finished 15th in a time of 24:38. He managed to secure his only Bushy PB some 13 weeks later in event #19 in 2005 - in a time of 24:13. But we all know parkrun is not about PBs. It's about being part of a global community. Doing your best yes, but also taking part whether that be a runner, walker or volunteering or a mixture of all three. Wally is certainly part of the Bushy community and much loved and respected by those that know him. Indeed Wally has now become the 111th member of the worldwide 500 Club.

Wally Garrod in his new 250 top!

Here is Wally in March 2014 sporting his new 250 top (old style)

Wally came to parkrun late in his running career. But he has had a long career as a runner with Ranelagh Harriers before 2004. He has a 10 mile PB of 59:49 and a Marathon PB of 3 hours 1 min 52 secs. One thing we noticed running with him on Saturday was his competitive instinct is unbowed. At the 4km mark, looking behind him, he was asking Ray, "Where's John - must beat John". John being his friend and fellow Ranelagh Harrier John Hanscombe who is also now a legend at Bushy and an octogenarian member of the 500 Club. And Wally is such a tough competitor. Despite suffering pancreatic cancer and having a double heart bypass operation, he was determined to reach his 500 milestone. Indeed only a few weeks ago Wally had a bad chest infection and did not look at all well, but despite the cold and damp conditions, he still got off his sick bed to run/walk to ensure he made his milestone this week.

I think it only leaves us to post a few photos of day which capture the celebrations perfectly.




Wally with Anne who baked this superb celebratory cake


Some right Wallys and John


Wally obviously had to get the letter "W" - well done Diane! John looks suitably impressed


Some of Wally's achievements


29 Feb - Leap into Action Day

Just a quick reminder that as next week's parkrunday is 29 Feb - Leap Day - and this won't happen again until 2048, we have a special Leap into Action Day - we’re asking parkrunners to donate to our local foodbank.

On the poster below, items above the line are especially useful whilst items below the line are always welcome.

Please bring your donations to the volunteer station before 9am on Saturday morning.

Many thanks!



See you Saturday!

Andrew Howarth

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Food Bank Collection on 29th February

On Saturday 29th February, to celebrate the only Leap Day until 2048, we are 'leaping' into action at Bushy parkrun.

We'll be collecting for the YMCA White House Foodbank in Hampton. Details of what they have asked for are listed below, the items above the line are the ones that are needed most urgently.

If you can donate, that really would be lovely. We will be collecting items at the volunteer meet point which is situated at the far end of car park from the fountain, near the finish area.

If anyone has any questions, please contact Rob via



Run Report Event No 830 – 15 February 2020


Anyone for Dennis?


It was parkrun eve (otherwise known as a Friday) and I was nervously watching the weather reports hearing about the imminent arrival of Storm Dennis. I was planning my Bushy Pilgrimage for parkrun day this weekend and as I watched the list of cancellations grow due to the imminent storm and parkruns which were already flooded, began to wonder if it would be able to go ahead. As a parkrun ambassador in South Africa, a bit of wind, rain and mud were not going to stop me but this weekend was my only chance on this trip to go back to where it all began and as I was also bringing my youngest Granddaughter (age 8) along for her very first parkrun, I really wanted her to have Bushy parkrun as her first one.

Barcode ready!

Barcode ready!

parkrun day arrives, and I’m up bright and early and with some trepidation I check yet again to make sure Bushy is not on the casualty list for today. With spare trainers, dry socks and extra jackets all packed I go and grab my Granddaughter and we make our way from the middle of Kent to Bushy parkrun. As we arrive the wind starts to pick up, but we find a happy bunch of volunteers setting up and are greeted with huge smiles and introduced to the RD for the day. We also met a very special young man Wally and Craig. Wally had some of his family with him today to mark his 499th parkrun which really was special as they are not able to be there next week for his 500th. Craig came from Scotland with a very large bag of treats for the volunteers as he was doing his 150th parkrun today.





Pic 9Untitled
Craig with his goodies from Scotland

Mike TIVNEN did the first timers briefing this morning and greeted not just myself from South Africa, but also parkrunners from Vancouver and Brisbane along with 41 first timers and 116 parkrunners visiting Bushy for the first time. Despite the wind he still managed to put smiles on everyone’s faces, firstly telling us how he had been invited to attend that very first time trial and didn’t go because it was a day just like today (and now regrets it LOL), explaining their double funnel and also telling my Granddaughter where the best puddles and mud for jumping in were, even though she only had trainers on and not welly boots – Thanks Mike ‼

Now it was time to parkrun. Ray COWARD RD for the day got the crowd assembled, and went through the pre-run briefing for today, including the pacers that they had today. Then we were ready to go. This was quite a sight, I’ve seen parkruns with this many parkrunners before in South Africa plenty of times, so the large number was not anything new for me, but to see this crowd so spread out with such a beautiful wide starting area and everyone had so much space really was a spectacle.



Very soon with the field thinned out and as we mostly walked our way around this beautiful parkrun we were greeted by very friendly marshals (all wrapped up in nice big warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves) all of whom were clapping, congratulating everyone and giving them warm smiles as they passed by them. As we went by we decided all these heroes needed to be in our pictures for the day after all there is no parkrun without volunteers, and they made everyone feel so welcome. Every marshal took the time to tell my Granddaughter how well she was doing and some giving her high 5’s along the way. To see the way that made her smile was heart-warming.

Pic 7

Pic 10

Pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 15

Pic 20

Pic 21


We were also lucky enough to come across a herd of deer, mostly sheltering under some trees but we were lucky to have one stag in close proximity on one side of the path and 4 deer walking towards us on the other side. Then as we were on the final stretch two swans were close to the bank of the pond, yet another spectacle.

Pic 18The finish at Bushy was a very warm welcome even on a cold windy day. We passed the timekeeper to yet more congratulations, collected our finish tokens and couldn’t resist the photo of my Granddaughter with one of the scanners just before she had her barcode scanned for the first time.

Pic 22

Pic 23

Pic 1Although it’s true you can be certain of a warm welcome to any parkrun you attend, Bushy has to be on every parkrunner's bucket list. You not only get the very warm welcome, but you get a magnificent park, the wildlife roaming close by and you get to see just where parkrun all began, it’s a “wow” combination. Today there were 70 volunteers who turned out on a cold, windy day to allow 1295 parkrunners to do parkrun – I would like to personally thank each and every one of them for their time and commitment, and also those behind scenes who we rarely see on the volunteer rosters yet spend their time during the week answering emails, looking after social media and doing all those other tasks which need to happen behind the scenes every week in order for parkrun to take place.


 Some results & Pacers


parkrun First Timer and Colombian running champion Muriel Coneo looking strong and finishing fourth overall in 17:31


Third week of the month means pacers. This week the crack team was Stefan, Rob, Jeremy, Kevin, Krysia, Andy, Adrian and Tim

Did we ever say that pacing drives you slightly mad...

And finally... here are a couple of running taps...


Cat & Sam - blowing hot and cold in the funnel - he is running the London Marathon for Water Aid

and finally, finally... meet Sanka - Marshal point 2 at Church Grove Gate is his favourite spot...


Same time next week...

Nickie Sale (with additional material from Andrew Howarth).

Thanks also to Wendy Stokes for some of the photos.

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Run Report Event No 829 – 8 February 2020

The calm before the storm

Weather/ conditions: cool and dry, a bit muddy underfoot, no wind. (Next day, Bushy Park was closed because of high winds)



1480 runners

54 volunteers

171 first timers at Bushy parkrun – 124 visitors and 47 brand new parkrunners

148 new PBs


A common question put to us Bushy parkrunners when we go on the road is, how do you manage so many runners? I suppose the answer is that, funnel aside, we largely manage ourselves. The start line is getting ever wider. Yet almost 1500 runners (and walkers) seem to converge onto the path by the cricket pitch at 1km with no friction at all. I’ve seen more argybargy in the Pheasantry coffee queue. Even accidental tumbles are rare. Today was splashy in places, slippery in others, but a huge field of 1480 runners got round in just over an hour, with results processed less than an hour later. It is truly impressive.



Steve AXBEY and Martin SMITH ran their 250th today. Steve’s first parkrun was at Bushy park in 2006, when it was still Bushy Park Time Trial. To record your time you sauntered up to a person with an excel printout and gave your name and finish position. Steve describes how it worked:

“Back in those days the marshals had a paper printout of everyone who was registered - so about 2000 names - in alphabetical order. We arrived at the marshal, announced our name "PLEASE GIVE YOUR SURNAME FIRST, THEN FIRST NAME" they used to say in the announcements pre-run (I think it might even have been Ray, even that long ago). The marshal would find you on the list and then you would then announce your position, which they noted down against your name.

Later they had a laptop, but it was still the same process - announce name and then position.

Then eventually they got scanners.”

Can you imagine the queue there’d be if we did that now? (Yes you can. Did I mention the Pheasantry?).



Black tees on the way for six new members of the 100 club: Khurram KHAN, Philip GODDEN, Peter FAN, John HOOKWAY, Michelle NOURSE and Mary ESTALL. Peter and John were both making the Bushy pilgrimage for the first time. Peter’s home parkrun is Ellenbrook Fields, which sounds rather lovely: “a privately-owned nature reserve adjacent to the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village outdoor pitches on de Havilland Campus, Hatfield.” John’s a peripatetic runner, with roots at Kingsway parkrun in Gloucester.


Red 50 tees for Mark FRAMPTON, Chris WOOLLEY, Jon HARPER, Jenny THORNE, Colin LEA, Sharon MORTASSAGNE, and Angela MILLS visiting from Lee-on-the-Solent/ Southampton.

Unofficial milestones for Allan BRAY running his 400th parkrun, Paul SIMON on 300, Jane LILLYWHITE, Merran SELL and Andrew DAVIDSON on 150.


Thanks to the volunteers



Speedy runners

Fastest men

Ryan KEANE                17:11                SM25-29           75.07%

Jonathan STONE          17:55                SM30-34           72.56%

Will RAWLING               17:57                VM40-44           77.16%


Fastest women

Isabel CLARK                17:29                SW30-34           85.03%

Michelle DILLON           18:26                VW45-49           86.98

Cordelia PARKER         18:32                SW25-29           79.86%


Fastest junior girls

Monica DEAKIN            JW11-14           71.60%            21:57

Harriet WILTSHIRE        JW11-14           68.93%             22:48

Sabina MERT                JW11-14           70.63%             23:33    New PB!


Fastest junior boys

Adam Y CONWAY         JM15-17            72.04%             19:01

Felix ALLEN                  JM11-14            75.39%             19:14

Zach HORN                   JM11-14            73.98%             19:36


Top age grades

Liz KILLIP                     VW55-59           90.07%            20:39

Michelle DILLON           VW45-49           86.98%             18:26

Judy M. NUTTING          VW80-84           85.42%             31:12    New PB! Again!

Isabel CLARK                SW30-34           85.03%             17:29

Laurence DUFFY          VM55-59           82.53%             19:16

Cordelia PARKER         SW25-29           79.86%             18:32

Andrew DELL'ANNO      VM55-59           79.56%             19:39

Stephen HIRD               VM50-54           79.23%             18:37    New PB!


Jackie from Footscray
Jackie from Footscray

Liz, event director for Victoria juniors in Glasgow
Liz is Event Director of Victoria junior parkrun in Glasgow

Margaret from Tasmania
Margaret was visiting from Tasmania

Alan from Yeovil Montacute
Alan was visiting from Yeovil Montecute parkrun

First timers Maya, who's now old enough, and her mum Adele
First timers Maya with mum Adele

Mark from Black Park in Slough
Mark from Black Park parkrun near Slough

Mary, who is back at parkrun after a 15 year absence. Welcome back, Mary!
Mary who is back at parkrun after a 15 year absence. Last time Mary came to parkrun the whole barcode thing was rather informal, so she’s not in the results this week. Please come again Mary.

Christine, visiting from Woodhouse Moor in Leeds
Christine from Woodhouse Moor parkrun, near Leeds

A group of friends, Molly, Gerry and Jackie, meeting up at Bushy
Friends Molly, Gerry and Jackie meet up at Bushy

JB, Julie, Charlotte and John, here for John's 100th, and his 50th different location
JB, Julie, Charlotte and John, here for John's 100th and JB's 50th

Richard, Cameron, Louise and Georgia, all first timers, inspired by Richard's new year resolution (he says)
Richard, Cameron, Louise and Georgia, all first timers, all inspired by Richard's New Year's resolution (he says)

Richard, Event Director at Footscray
Richard is Event Director at Footscray, which he started when he thought Bexley was getting a bit busy. He is also a regional ambassador for parkrun UK. He came to Bushy today with a group of Footscray volunteers.

Token sorting is a big job at Bushy
Token sorting is a major task these days. In some places they run a parkrun with a team this size.

Fiona McAnena

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Run Report Event No 828 – 1 February 2020

We've not left


Weather/conditions: Breezy, chilly, brightening up / Drying ground for the most part


(Photo (c) Maarten D'Haese)

It’s great to have something for everyone that will last down the ages and the generations. Who knows how many will be parkrunning in 47 years time but I imagine that it will still be at least as popular here, in the rest of Europe and far beyond as it is now - getting people together for 1 hour every Saturday for a run, a chat and a coffee.



Some Stats

1474 ran, jogged or walked on Saturday; 48 were first timers

51 volunteers made it happen – thanks to all.


The following hit 80%+ in the WFA grading – hats off to all. And especially to Judy who now seems to appear on this table every time I put it together.


8 Justin Reid 17:10 50-54 85.92%
1 Andrew Douglas 15:25 30-34 84.65%
1061 Judy Nutting 32:01 80-84 84.65%
35 Laurence Duffy 19:19 55-59 84.65%
133 Brigid Hibberd 21:43 55-59 82.27%
28 Peter Moysey 18:54 55-59 82.01%
7 Jonty Stegman 16:47 15-17 80.44%
65 Steve Low 20:17 60-64 80.44%
3 Edward Mallet 16:04 20-24 80.29%
14 Joshua Low 17:48 45-49 80.24%


Milestones – congrats to all.


400: Julie MELOTTE

250: Kris DENHAM

200: Christopher BOX, Rupert BOLE, Julia SNEDDEN, Sandra REED

100: Adrian MUNNS, Catherine GREENSTREET, Michael GREEN, Stephanie JAMES, Rachel FINN, Marisa BILLETT

50: Sarah SANDERS, Ian PATERSON , Alison STAIN, Avone KEEN, Caroline BUSBY, Sue DENARO, Paul LYNES,  Ali SHEARS, Kate CHEETHAM, Joanne PITT, Hazel BRUNT , Sarah CHEETHAM, Gert LINDEQUE

J10: Tess FLACK, Oliver HUME 




828 1

Lorraine and Darren came up from Brighton for the morning.

828 2

Howard made the short trip from Hampton to do his very first parkrun. He had registered when the barcode number was around 3.8m and now it’s close to 7m. I caught up with him on the way round – he was doing great.

828 3

Jane and David were down from Melton Mowbray – minus any porkpies. They had a good run but disappointment lay ahead for Jane as Scotland went down in Dublin.

828 4

Oliver and Thomas were over from Brockwell Park. Lovely park but with three sets of hills if you ever find yourself doing parkrun there. They’re getting married in the spring in West Cork and they’re already familiar with the parkrun scene in Clonakilty and Castlehaven. Best wishes to both for May and beyond.

828 5

This is Betsy (left) with her son Charlie. Unfortunately the husband had lost the car keys during the walk so steps had to be retraced. I hope they found them.

828 6
Susan and Andy showing the way to the newbies

828 7

Kate and Mike were over from Jo’burg. Mike has done 105 different parkruns in South Africa alone. And I think Kate said she had done 99 different ones. Needless to be say, they were delighted to be visiting BP. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

828 8

Craig Lawrence was visiting BP, the UK and Europe for the first time for his honeymoon. He’s over from Rockingham in Western Australia. He Go-Pros all his parkruns and loads them up on his Youtube channel. He said he would have Saturday’s run edited and up when he gets home in 6 weeks or so. Enjoy the rest of the trip, Craig. Watch our FB page.

828 9

Marisa (badged up) was celebrating her 100th pr with a gang of her friends and a fabulous looking cake baked by her pal, Donna.
Marisa is pictured with Nicola getting the cake ready. It was well on the way to being demolished by the time I left!

828 10

I bumped into John who’s a BP regular and hails from Stockton-on-Tees. His sport used to be ice hockey but he’s a runner now. At least he will be again soon once he gets over his Achilles injury. He can’t wait to get back but said he loves coming down to BP anyway for the chat and the atmosphere. Best wishes for the recovery, John and hope you’re back in action before long.

828 11
My favourite part of the run/course

828 12

We’ll be back again next week.

Kevin Quinn

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Run Report Event No 827 – 25 January 2020

Starting Young?

Rosanna 50th parkrun 8 months pregnant

We begin this week’s run report by featuring Rosanna Bartlett and her husband Andy who was on buggy duty. Rosanna was able to complete the 5k route this week while being eight months pregnant, this also marked her 50th parkrun.



First Timers Briefing
We had a wide range of visitors this week


Australian Parkrun tourists
This couple on the right from Australia have now completed 125 different parkruns and Bushy Park was the last stop on their parkrun tour of the British Isles.


Parkrun tourists from Lincolnshire

There were also visitors from closer to home coming from the county of Lincolnshire.


Many thanks to all of our volunteers this week:


Bushy is always in need of volunteers. If you fancy it, just drop an e-mail to Pat McGRATH at and he’ll put you on the list for that week.



Start of Parkrun (1)


Overall, 1527 took part in the 827th Bushy parkrun this week in what was another brisk and cold morning in South West London.


On your marks go

On your marks, get set, Go!

Lead Bike

Lead Bike David this week had to get his skates on...

First finisher

Rowan Axe of Cardiff Athletics club was the first runner home with an impressive time of 15:30.

Top 10 finishers at bushy parkrun 827

The Top 10

First female finisher

The first female finisher was Michelle Dillon coming in with a time of 18:26.

Leading Buggy

Lead Buggy


Rosanna finishing off her 50th parkrun
Into the last KM

Into the last km


Congratulations to all those who have completed milestones in parkrun this week.


Rosanna and her husband

Rosanna in the funnel

250 - George Longstaff

100 - Richard Boyes, Helen Mol and Claire Leonard

50 - Christopher Evans, Ali Gregory, Simeon Cary, Guy Snowden, Luke Tayler, James Johnson, Victoria Musket, Rosanna Bartlett and Andri Johnson

10 - Ella Bhattachary-Kebell




Victoria celebrates 50 runs whilst Emma celebrates 55 years with well-earned celebratory drinks

Look forward to seeing you all next week, cheers!

Adam Stephens

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Run Report Event No 826 – 18 January 2020

The Cold and Crispy One



It was one of those rare and precious winter Saturdays when we turned up to the park and saw it bathed in early morning sun and shrouded in mist and crisp with frost. As we all know, our park is a beautiful place that looks at its best on mornings like these.





I combined my usual warm up run with photographic duties and may potentially have got carried away with the beautiful light and frosty conditions. It makes a lovely change from the usual grey and drab skies we normally get at this time of year.




And just to show how dedicated our wonderful volunteers are, here we have Nick, Anna and Sanka the dog walking to their marshalling point about half an hour before we all set off from the start.



Talking of volunteering, Joy and Sue were the volunteer coordinators this week. If you fancy having a go, please do. It's great fun and we'd love to have you along to help. Please email us using the link below. Many thanks to our volunteers this week;


Abbie ROSS  •  Amelia GOODWIN  •  Andrew HOWARTH  •  Anna SAVILL  •  Bert KIDWELL  •  Carol SWAFFER  •  Caroline ASHLEY  •  Carolyn FOSTER  •  Catelin LE FRANC  •  Colby WALLACE WATERSON  •  Courtney LE FRANC  •  David HOPPE  •  Diane MULLEN  •  Dorrie WHITING  •  Duncan SCOBLE  •  Emilie HOWES  •  Erin GOODWIN  •  Gabriel HUXLEY-JENNINGS  •  Grace MORENO-MASEY  •  Ian RILEY  •  Iris JOHONSON  •  Jack KENNEDY  •  James Oliver WELCH  •  Jim KINROSS  •  Jo SMITH  •  Joy BELL  •  Karen WALLACE  •  Katie KNOTT  •  Keira KING  •  Lia TYNAN  •  Lola DACHTLER  •  Margaret LE FRANC  •  Mary ESTALL  •  Meera PANCHARATNAM  •  Michael TROTT  •  Nick BLANCHARD  •  Nick SAVILL  •  Paige GOODWIN  •  Phil BLUER  •  Ravi LOBO  •  Ray COWARD  •  Ray FRANKS  •  Ray O'NEILL  •  Ronit NARAYAN  •  Rosie RENDALL  •  Rowena STENT  •  Samantha HANLEY  •  Selma LEE  •  Sharon TEE  •  Simon GREENHILL  •  Sofia HAWKINS  •  Sophia MONS  •  Steve MILLER  •  Susan HOWARTH  •  Tamsyn EVESON  •  Ted BRAMPTON  •  Wally GARROD

See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Bushy parkrun happen.



Ray Franks was setting up the funnel.



Andy gave the first timer's briefing.



And Ray Coward was Run Director.




As usual we had lots of folk visiting from near and far, including;



Sally from Taunton who was combining a visit for her granddaughter's first birthday with a run at Bushy.



Members of Worthing Harriers on their Bushy pilgrimage...



...and members of Selby Striders also on their Bushy pilgrimage. They were proud to tell me that Selby parkrun is officially the flatest in the world!



The Event

1620 athletes and 57 volunteers took part in event number 826. The weather was cold and crisp and beautiful but the conditions were a little slippery underfoot in places. We had 16 members of the 500 club running and 175 from the 250 club and at the other end of the scale we had 64 first timers. The first finisher stopped the clock at 16:00 and the tailwalker finished in 1:01:46.



Ray speaks to the masses.



Our crack team of pacers; Alex, Maria, Andy, Tim, Charlie, Richard, Adrian and Andy.



Waiting for the off.



Running over that lumpy bit near the start.



Settling into an even pace.


IMG_1666 2IMG_2262IMG_4607

Around the cricket pitch.



Along Cobbler's Walk



We'll take any help we can get!



Wally offering words of encouragement at the bridge 400 metres from the finish.



Our fabled triple funnel was brought into action this week. I'm not saying it took a long time or anything but if we get the same number of runners next week I'm bringing a packed lunch.


Number Crunching


First finishers;


1......Ben Chown 16:00 PB!

2.....Chis Dyson 16:52

3.....Cameron Forest 16:54



1.....Poppy Craig-McFeely 18:40

2.....Tia Chitty 19:23

3.....Mae Thompson 19:27 PB!



1.....Ross Hyde 18:04 PB!

2.....Marcus Solomon 18:12 PB!

3.....Freddie Bate 18:27 PB!



1.....Poppy Craig-Mcfeely 18:40

2.....Tia Chitty 19:23

3.....Lily O'Neil 20:38



Age Grading


Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 18.11.25

Eight of our athletes managed the fantastic achievement of an age grading of 80% or over. It really is a very difficult thing to do. Very well done to you guys especially Marcus Solomon who managed an age grading of 86.72% and a new PB of 18:12. Marcus runs in the JM10 age group.






Peter Medlicott

Peter has done most of his running at Pennington Flash parkrun but has also run at 35 other parkrun locations including Bushy for his 250th.



Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 18.35.13



Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 18.36.13



Mark and his 50 ballon.



Tom Wear

Ada Wyatt



Post Match



Mel was celebrating her 50th birthday and her 150th run!



These handsome devils are David, John, Stewart, Jeremy and Malcom. They have been Bushy regulars for 12 years and always go for tea and a chat after their run. Although they didn't know each other initially they gradually became mates as they all ran at roughly the same time and shared a passion for football. If my maths is correct they have a combined run total of 2,878. That's a lot of cups of tea!




With cold hands and 1620 tokens to sort through it helps to have a sense of humour!


The End



Well there we are, all done for another week.

See you on Saturday,

Duncan Scoble


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